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  1. rickboot

    FS FM3 for sale

    That seems like a fair price. You've only had it listed for a few days. Ignore the crazy Reverb asking prices. There is a reason you still see them listed. They aren't selling at those prices.
  2. rickboot

    Tonewood is BULLS*T!!!!

    Tonewood of course.
  3. rickboot

    FS Axe-FX III (US) - Optional Rack Case and Patch Bay

    Here’s a pic. It’s been in the racks since day 1 and fastened with nylon washers. The VAFAM panel and case are not included. I might need them for the Axe-FX IV.
  4. rickboot

    Johnny Marr 9 pickup strat

    So it’s an HHHHHHHHH and not just SSSSSSSSS? I prefer HSSSSSSSH but I can see why he might need more tonal flexibility.
  5. rickboot

    Waitlist Email

    Yep. Done that plus Standard, Ultra, and MFC. It is usually a bit longer than we'd but it is worth the wait. I just make sure I have other Fractal gear to play in the meantime. :)
  6. rickboot

    All Distorted Amps Sound like Fuzzboxed

    And try a different guitar and cable if you haven't already.
  7. rickboot

    Favorite Drop D Songs

    Everlong - Foo Fighters Monkey Wrench - Foo Fighters Outshined - Soundgarden Spoonman - Soundgarden Shine - Collective Soul The Middle - Jimmy Eat World A Praise Chorus - Jimmy Eat World Forty Six & 2 - Tool The Beautiful People - Marilyn Manson Hey Man, Nice Shot - Filter Unchained - Van Halen...
  8. rickboot

    FM9 in action

    That sonic candy is so tasty.
  9. rickboot

    Need Help Deciding On Guitar. Overwhelming GAS!

    If you're favoring the Suhr, get it. About the dead note issue: I think the phenomenon is not purely wood species. I have a lot of mahogany guitars (PRS Cu24, Ibanez Prestige/J-Custom RG and S, Gibson Les Pauls) that do not have dead notes. My Suhr has a deadish note that is annoying but I...
  10. rickboot

    NGD - Suhr Modern Custom

    Agreed. I like the back as much as the top.
  11. rickboot

    Announcing the New FM9 Amp Modeler/FX Processor

    As it is written, so shall it be: https://wiki.fractalaudio.com/wiki/index.php?title=Soon
  12. rickboot

    Announcing the New FM9 Amp Modeler/FX Processor

    "Soon" is always the correct answer.
  13. rickboot

    FS Axe-FX III (US) - Optional Rack Case and Patch Bay

    I am selling my Axe-FX III MKI. It's been racked since birth and is in excellent condition. It will be shipped in the original box complete with the cord, sticker, and sheet of paper telling you to download the manual. :) $1850 shipped to the continental US. $1975 for the Axe-FX III + SKB rack...
  14. rickboot

    Up To Boston

    I was never a Rockman fan but I liked the Boston so I appreciate your non-Rockman take on the original album sounds.
  15. rickboot

    Waitlist Email

    First time at the waitlist rodeo?
  16. rickboot

    Thornbucker pickups - odd high end?

    My Suhr Modern has a mahogany body with a 510 tremelo. It currently has Aldrich pickups that replaced an SSH/SSH+ set that I thought was really bright. The guitar is bright with both sets. I considered switching to Thornbuckers but I doubt that will help much. I still suspect the circuit but...
  17. rickboot

    Liquid Foot drivers Windows 10 won't install

    I nominate GotMetalBoy as the defacto owner of FAMC now. He's done more to support the LF line in the last few years than FAMC. :)
  18. rickboot

    Thornbucker pickups - odd high end?

    I have a Suhr Modern HSH and also find to bright. I have to turn down the tone control to tame it. I don’t think it is the SS frets. Other SS fret guitars I have owned art not that sizzle harsh. I have Thornbuckers in a Gibson Les Paul. Sound like PAFs. Not harsh like the Suhr Modern. Maybe...
  19. rickboot

    Motörhead Official - "The Ace of Spades" on Church Bells

    Does anyone have the bell patch?
  20. rickboot

    Welcome John Mayer

    Cool to hear that John used the Axe-FX. I guess the Axe-FX firmware upgrades have added the elusive "whapoosh"!
  21. rickboot

    Friedman ASM-12 or ASM-10 - Which FRFR Should I Buy?

    I did not bond with it. I found it a little on the dark side (recessed high-end) compared to my CLR and the PA. I don't want an FR to shaped the tone too much. If I want my sound darked I'll just turn down the treble, choose a different IR, or use some EQ. YMMV. Some like it...
  22. rickboot

    Mozart…sense of humor

    I heard about that but this is the first time I heard the piece itself. There’s more. https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/55247/3-dirty-songs-mozart
  23. rickboot

    "throught" the worst word to pronounce in English for an Italian😅😂

    It is proof that “Through” is the hardest word to spell for an Italian.
  24. rickboot

    "throught" the worst word to pronounce in English for an Italian😅😂

    Typical blues rock cliches… Obviously kidding. :) That was deliciously quirky yet musical.
  25. rickboot

    Gap between neck and body on j custom.

    Ibanez RG-style guitars (and other brands too) can develop paint cracks at the neck joint if the pocket is too tight and the neck is stressed. Although the paint cracks is harmless, it probably results in returns and warranty issues so that small gap may be a good thing and possibly intentional...
  26. rickboot

    UPS is the worst carrier

    My current UPS guy is awesome. The last one not so much. My pet peeve now is carriers like Amazon that leave packages in the middle of the porch instead of putting it 2 feet to the left behind a plant where they would be out of view.
  27. rickboot

    New FM3 and I’m unhappy somehow...

    Get the Adams! I also had an ASC-10. Compared to my CLR and Dynaudio studio monitors the ASC was dark, like playing a real cab off axis. I don’t like the idea of having the ASC not representing the sound of the true audio going to the PA or recordings. If I want that darker sound I’ll EQ in the...
  28. rickboot

    FM3 Fail While Playing

    I carry the same FlyRig backup in my guitar my dual gigbag for the same reasons. Luckily, I’ve never had my Fractal rig fail. Well, except the time I stepped on and pulled out the AC cable.
  29. rickboot

    New Firmware 4.0 Factory Presets Not Loading

    I was having the same issue. The presets were on the FM3 but I need to refresh the editor before I could see them in the editor.
  30. rickboot

    SOLVED. HELP. Just loaded new patches for CYGNUS on my FM3. It crashed. Can't get past Startup

    Did you try: https://support.fractalaudio.com/article/28-axe-fx-iii-recovery-steps or https://wiki.fractalaudio.com/wiki/index.php?title=Reset_system_parameters: If a problematic system parameter prevents the Axe-Fx III or FM3 from booting, holding EDIT on startup bypasses non-default system...
  31. rickboot

    FM3 Firmware Version 4.00 beta 5

    Just tested Output 2 with Copy Output 1 enabled. I get sound and visual meters on the FM3 and in FM-Edit.
  32. rickboot

    FM3 Firmware Version 4.00 beta 5

    The phone remembers commonly typed words. :)
  33. rickboot

    FM3 Cygnus Factory Preset Banks A, B, and C - Preview 1

    These are so good, I am compelled to chime in. I've never used any stock or third-party presets as-is but I do plan to use these. The Marshall presets are SO good.
  34. rickboot

    The old Axe-FX Forum is dead

    Remember when there was no official editor. We owe LarsB a few beers for building and supporting an editor.
  35. rickboot

    FM3 Firmware Version 4.00 beta 1

    1. Buy XLR cables or adapters 2. Wait, play guitar on non-beta firmware Not unforgivable things but probable more effective than yelling at clouds.
  36. rickboot

    Why Your Amp Doesn't Sound Like Our Amp

    If I can't see if the knobs are in the correct position how will I know when it sounds good?
  37. rickboot


    Cali Leggy The list of amps is here: https://wiki.fractalaudio.com/wiki/index.php?title=Amplifier_models_list
  38. rickboot

    Celestion F12-X200 speaker

    I think this is it. http://www.jobst-audio.de/files/index.php?dir=plaene/Celestion/&file=Celestion_12CX-Kit_CKT-FM-FTX1225%20Kit%20System.pdf
  39. rickboot

    Wish Auto Check for FW Public Beta

    My fingers auto check I just the forum on Friday.
  40. rickboot

    You guys are in for another treat.

    How about 'axe-gravy'?
  41. rickboot

    Adrian Smith and Richie Kotzen collaboration

    Yes. Adrian Smith from Iron Maiden. Yeah. Kotzen’s left hand legato is scary even back in his Shrapnel days.
  42. rickboot

    Adrian Smith and Richie Kotzen collaboration

    I knew Richie was an amazing singer. I didn't know that Adrian Smith was a great singer, too.
  43. rickboot

    What's the Blinking Red Light Under the Fan Mount on the Motherboard of my Axe III MkII?

    The LED was put there as a self-reporting mechanism for users that open the unit and invalidate their warranty.
  44. rickboot

    NGD - well, sort of

    New Guitar Day
  45. rickboot

    Swedish Chef presets (sound effects)

    Swedish Chef has a YouTube channel that demos a number of his creations on AFII. Sadly, the missing muppet has not updated the channel in a while: https://youtube.com/channel/UCx6OqM2lVDwZA5tL0BpUoHw
  46. rickboot

    Free preset of the week and backing track

    Made me smile in amazement again. Thanks for the vid and preset. Thanks to @Valhallir, too.
  47. rickboot

    Conspiracy theorists are crazy

    Finally, a chip that delivers that mic-in-the-room, voices-in-my-head sound.
  48. rickboot

    Electric Guitarist of the Year 2020 winner is Igor Paspalj

    Congrats! We knew you before you were famous.
  49. rickboot

    Friedman ASM/ASC: Stage volume question

    Maybe the problem is frequency response. I had an ASC-10 for a while. Although it was full-range it didn't have a flat response throughout the frequency range. It sounded much darker than my CLR. Maybe an EQ block just for the output to the Friedman will help.
  50. rickboot

    Quickly adjust EQ at the gig

    But it would be cool if it did have presets. A long time wish. :)
  51. rickboot

    New Suhr has "dead" notes :(

    My Modern has a Gotoh 510 with the default block which I think is steel. I went with titanium to lighten the weight but it made the dead note more dead. I admit I have not tried the titanium block since Suhr swapped out the neck.
  52. rickboot

    New Suhr has "dead" notes :(

    I've had 20* guitars (probably more :) ) with Edge and Lo-Pro trems. Loved all of them. FWIW I tried a titanium block in my Modern and actually made the resonance issue worse. YMMV of course. Maybe a heavier block is the answer.
  53. rickboot

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 15.00

    So... do you like it? ;)
  54. rickboot

    Starship SN8

    Triple-redundancy is used in aircraft flight systems and also for your car's driver-assistance features. I don't think it is too compute-intensive for modern processors. You could probably run on your phone. :)
  55. rickboot


    It's a little plain. :) I have a few Jem's (FP, BFP, 10th) so I know the Pia probably plays and sounds great.
  56. rickboot

    Has anyone found new rubber feet?

    You can also check McMaster Carr. https://www.mcmaster.com/rubber-feet/bumpers-4/
  57. rickboot

    Connecting to power amp

    The amp 'send (sends output from the amp). You want to You should connect AX8 output 1 to the amp's 'return' (not 'send');
  58. rickboot

    My wife passed away today

    I am sorry to hear your wife passed away. I don't know what to say, except lean on friends and family during this sad time.
  59. rickboot

    Mac OS Big Sur Compatibility

    Best support ever.
  60. rickboot

    Powered cab users: What are you using?

    Atomic CLR, the ideal FRFR for some, but not everyone. You find lots of suggestions and opinions in the amps and cabs area. https://forum.fractalaudio.com/forums/amps-and-cabs.37/
  61. rickboot

    A couple of my stage presets

    Thanks, Burgs. I tend to gravitate toward your presets so I can't wait to try these out.
  62. rickboot

    Ordered my FM3! Now what?

    The FM3 is pretty deep and there are many ways you can use it. It is a room of gear in a box. I suggesting skimming the official manual to get a rough idea of what the FM3 can do, and then carefully read the sections that are relevant to your needs. https://www.fractalaudio.com/fm3-downloads/
  63. rickboot

    Riff Station alternative?

    Also, I sometimes use a Chrome plugin to slow down or transpose youtube videos. The sound quality isn't as good, but it does the job when I don't feel like hunting for the mp3...
  64. rickboot

    Riff Station alternative?

    Transcribe! is the best I've found for Windows. I use it on my mac as well, although I am sure Anytune is good (I use it on iOS). https://www.seventhstring.com/
  65. rickboot

    New Fractal Merch

    Good call. I had a nice metal zipper hoodie and scratched up a new PRS. I've avoided metal zipper hoodies ever since. I'd also like a non-black tee like the rust orange one I've seen you wear.
  66. rickboot

    Worth getting AXE iii in 2020?

    I am psychic. Wait for the IV, you'll love it.
  67. rickboot

    FRFR cab or studio monitors, for bedroom playing?

    For bedroom get studio monitors. For that budget you could get a really nice set of monitors like the Adam A7x.
  68. rickboot

    Line 6 POD Go vs FM3

    I don't have a Pod Go and only tried Helix Native years ago so I can't comment on its sound. However, I can tell you that the speakers will make a huge difference in your perception of how it sounds and feels. What are you listening through? And at what volume?
  69. rickboot

    Another Head Rush 108 or 112 vs QSC k10.2 speaker debate

    Maybe the dual Headrush speakers will work. Let us know what eventually works for you.
  70. rickboot


    Steve is making a lot more money on YouTube than he would touring with DragonForce.
  71. rickboot

    Another Head Rush 108 or 112 vs QSC k10.2 speaker debate

    I can only comment on the FR108. I play in a rock band with another guitar player and bassist who play tube amps, a hard hitting drummer. I play through the PA and use a CLR monitor . I tried a 108 because I was hoping lighten setup. It sounded good at home, and even decently loud while I demo'd...
  72. rickboot

    80s Synthwave/Retrowave track

    You sent me back in time. In was cheesy back then, but I'll take it over 2020. I'll love to hear or see how you created it.
  73. rickboot

    Expression pedal Soldering

    I did! But remember you have to use red, black and green wires. Blue and yellow wire won't work. ;)
  74. rickboot

    Expression pedal Soldering

    Tip goes to middle. And I think: Sleeve to farthest Ring to closest If that doesn't work, swap the outer wires.
  75. rickboot

    Any twanging/popping/hot rodded country guitar presets around?

    In the youtube comments, Eric Woolard said he used a Kemper with a Fender Twin profile and the kemper compressor and boost in front.
  76. rickboot

    A FM3, Kemper and HeadRush Walk Into a Room.... (live video)...

    Sounded really good. Tight!
  77. rickboot

    Where did you purchase your Suhr?

    They gave me a good deal on a Suhr Modern. Recommended.
  78. rickboot

    Liquid Foot - FAMC Music Website Notice

    GotMetalBoy, did you get real-time sync working with the Axe-FX III? I had it working but I some issue which I’ve forgotten what it was. I need to give it another try.
  79. rickboot

    EMG Bonebreakers vs EMG Het Set

    Batteries? Tone control?
  80. rickboot

    A good affordable, modern guitar for some fun!

    I think a Charvel is a good choice. Maybe their Pro-Mod So-Cal, San Dimas or DK24 models. Another good option are the Ibanez AZ242 models.
  81. rickboot

    OK...This is just crazy---Yes the little Asian girl again

    Now she is playing electric. She needs to develop her vibrato but I am impressed watching her little fingers play.
  82. rickboot

    Anyone else gigging again?

    We can’t play out in California although a few band mates suggested booking a private club and practicing together before our drummer moves out of state. My problem is different. I have been running and working out more at home so I am I better shape. However, I haven’t been playing guitar...
  83. rickboot

    Steve Stevens presets

    I always loved Steve's creative playing and sounds. Made me smile hearing him play those legendary guitar parts.
  84. rickboot

    Friedman ASC-10 initial review

    I had one for a while. It was a bit dark so I thought there was something wrong with it because I was expecting FRFR response like my CLR or desktop monitors. I get how some players used to playing through standard guitar cabs off-axis might like the lower-end filtering off the high-end...
  85. rickboot

    Ip Man

    I really like the first Ip Man movie. The Ip Man 2 was OK but didn't have the same magic for me. I haven't checked out Ip Man 3 to 51.
  86. rickboot

    OK...This is just crazy---Yes the little Asian girl again

    What is funny and cute is that she is Doing typical 6 year old girl things (wearing a princess crown and watching cartoons in a kiddie case iPad) while speaking, teaching and playing like someone far older. :)
  87. rickboot

    Tips for a realistic Spring Reverb sound?

    My personal experience is with spring reverb in combo amps which puts the reverb before the power stage, and of course, the speaker. When I think of spring reverb, I think surf. One of the kings of surf, Dick Dale, ran original Fender reverb units BEFORE the amp. It had more controls to shape...
  88. rickboot

    Swapping out a Dimarzio Super Distortion for a Duncan JB

    If is almost certainly 500K. That is pretty standard for a passive humbucker. The pot should be marked and you can Google search for a wiring diagram for the guitar.
  89. rickboot

    Axe-Fx II Mark 2 price?

    If you do a search on reverb you can see the transaction history of purchase prices. Same on eBay if you filter on "Sold" items. A Mk II is probably $1000-1100 in the US.
  90. rickboot

    Little lady must practice endlessly......6 yrs old? Hmmm!

    My favorite is her playing Fly Me to the Moon: And her explaining how to play it. It's in Mandarin but the ending is adorable.
  91. rickboot

    Little lady must practice endlessly......6 yrs old? Hmmm!

    I wish I could play like that but my fingers are too small... erm.
  92. rickboot

    Cliff's Reviews

    Apparently we need a warning for jokes. :)
  93. rickboot

    Cliff's Reviews

    I live in California. We have a warning for everything. Next label: Warning - Living may cause cancer.
  94. rickboot

    Pete Thorn FM3 Demo

    Agreed. Pete is awesome and generous with his knowledge and presets. Kind of like that Leon fella. :)
  95. rickboot

    Anyone know how to turn a 4x12 4ohm into an 8ohm or 16ohm?

    To get 16 ohms, wire the 4 4-ohm speakers in series like the first example here: http://www.colomar.com/Shavano/4x12wiring.html
  96. rickboot

    New Suhr has "dead" notes :(

    It is cool that John himself is working on it. I look forward to seeing what he can do although I may be past the warranty period.
  97. rickboot

    Confined Bad Horsie

    And trems, too. :) My phone tried to autocorrect to terms, too. :)
  98. rickboot

    12.08 Pitch shifter latency - tremendous improvement

    Of course if you play led the pitch block though the cab it would be 16ms. I can live with that. A high improvement from before.
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