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    Yehaaa! (Country bass solo)

    I don't normally like bass solos. thanks Pauly
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    Wish Galilean Kruger 800RB amp

    Now Cygnus has landed, I feel the Axe FX now can do Bass very very well. I wish I wish for a Gallien Kruger 800RB amplifier (yes a double wish) - this would be a challenge I assume as it can bi-amp, but what a sensational beast to have in the unit! I would so love to create the Bass sound I...
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    SOLVED: USB Driver, or some other conflict keeps screwing with Win 10 sound.

    Hi All, I'm at a bit of a loss here, but will explain the situation and my observations with the hope that someone has some clue. I use an X32 as a sound card via firewire and it's been working great for years - except - Once I fire up the Axe FX (with USB plugged in), I experience 'glitches'...
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    No guitars but very cool

    What goes through these guys heads? do they have lives, wives, kids, etc etc... Wow.
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    AES to my X32?

    Hi, For the last 14 years or so, I’ve used the analogue outputs of my fractal gear, into a mixing desk, to the pc. Always been happy with the results, and being a windows user, I don’t have the luxury of using multiple sound sources without resorting to potentially unstable 3rd party software...
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    Rule the world

    These guys are different, and have some pretty good recordings. Not guitar centric though :-) Thanks Pauly
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    Just because

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    www.guitarbackingtrack.com - What happened?

    HI All, For the last few days I have been unable to connect to www.guitarbackingtrack.com Are they gone now, or is this my end? Thanks Pauly
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    Anybody replaced an X32 with MIdas M32?

    Hi, I'm thinking of replacing the X32 with a Midas M32. Has anyone here done that? I'd love to hear what to expect. I've done the usual searches and youtube videos. All goo but would like to hear untainted opinions. Thanks Pauly
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    More cowbell

    HI All, I'm sure most of you have seen the SNL 'More cowbell' sketch on YouTube. I was going to show it to a friend and can no longer find it!... There's all these 'versions' from people that are trying to capitalise on it's great work by slicing and dicing it, putting new music over it etc...
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    What fender strat model is this?

    Hi, I’ve had this strat hanging round for more than ten years and played it only a couple of times. It’s mint so I thought I’d sell it. Problem is, I cannot remember what model it was - purchased in 2010 I thing - any of you experts know the model and value please? Thanks Pauly
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    Tip of the hat to FracTool

    Hi all, Just thought I'd give a big shout out to @AlGrenadine for his wonderful Fractool. With all the Cygnus updates, one of the tedious chores is loading a preset, looking at the amp setting, trying to remember them, then resetting the amp, then settign the (authentic) controls back to what...
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    Wish Wish JTM50 amplifier

    Hi, I was surprised that a search didn’t show a wish for this amp. Please model a JTM50 if possible as they certainly have a certain appeal! Thanks Pauly
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    Wish Wish - select multiple presets in cab manager or preset selector, and apply color.

    Hi, Think I’m getting a little needy lately. 2 wishes in a week! This is for axe edit. I use preset colors to indicate whether it’s good, a bass amp etc etc. sometimes I want to make a whole bunch of presets one colour. For example, I may have just bought 25 bass presets and I want to colour...
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    Wish Wish - Lasoo amp parameters, copy & paste

    Hi, (Edit) using axe edit (/) With the latest beta, I’ve found the need to look at existing (authentic) amp preset parameters, reset the amp, and enter the parameters manually again. It’d be nice to be able to lasoo (using the left mouse button) authentic amp parameters (like you would select...
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    RIP Michael Gudinski

    All us Aussies already know, but just thought I’d post for our is friends. A very strong identity in the Australian music scene. His passing will leave a void in live music nationally. Thanks Pauly
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    Have a wonderful Christmas all

    Hi, I just realized, this is the only place on the intermenet that I feel comfortable to comment freely without some knob responding in an unreasoned manner. Thank you. Thanks to you all for being decent human beings, and for all the tips, trick, advice, ....and of course the wonderful firmware...
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    Les Paul fingerboard inlay coming out

    Hi, I have a les Paul standard, and one of the trapezoidal inlays has partially lifted (needs to be re-glued). any tips on how to approach this job? It appears I could pry it out of its recess, apply new glue and clamp it in, but I’m concerned it might break - would I be better off using a...
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    Clicks and pops from the noise gate in certain presets

    Hi @austinbuddy and @FractalAudio I have found the following with a few presets in the old pack this evening - Currently, I've got 'High100W Plexi AX3' loaded and it's quite repeatable... but only with certain presets... this is a good example. AXE FX III Mk 2 Axe Edit III 1.08.01 Windows...
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    Mark 2 fan noise

    Hi, I thought the fan noise in the Axe FX 3 Mk1 was bad. You should hear the DRONE in the Mk2! In the Mk3, please consider working on the fan noise in a quiet environment, because this is terrible for a unit going into a studio.. Thanks Pauly
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    Mk 2 fan noise

    Hi all, Put my order in last night (yay!) For those of you with the Mk2 already, is the fan the same fan as that in the mk 1? And, if so, is it mounted identically as in the mk1? I’ll want to prepare a quiet replacement if so, because I’m sensitive to fan noise. can’t wait to be able to fit...
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    Advice please - 2 guitars, almost identical - One is way hard to play

    Hi, As the subject suggests - I have 2 guitars (Acoustic) with the same strings, same scale, similar action... everything seems the same, but one is hard to play. By that, I mean it hurts my fingers as if the strings are harder to push down... They have the same scale ... I just don't get it...
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    I'm bored

    Like a little kid ... I'm Bored... But you've got your legos...you've got your bike... youve got the pool... Yeah - But I'm Bored!!! I'm sitting in my studio.... and I pick up a gutar and feel like I can't play it...Holy shit. Anybody need any harmonies sung?... I need some external tasks I...
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    Alternatives to Adobe

    Hi all, my daughter wanted to get anthem adobe suite and was stunned at the subscription only prices. So she asked me ‘is there a way to purchase the adobe suite outright?’. I confirmed it’s no longer possible, and tried to look for alternatives - so - I opened up google and tried to search for...
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    Happy Straya day!

    Hi all, Australia day today - woohoo we get to see fireworks! :-) we are no longer allowed to have fireworks because we are too stupid and will just hurt ourselves. even so - I love this crazy country. https://www.australiangeographic.com.au/blogs/ag-blog/2015/01/you-know-youre-aussie-when/...
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    How’s Win 10 treating you?

    Hey @FractalAudio (Cliff), Hows Windows 10 treating you? As I was also forced to update around the same time you did, I’d be interested in your thoughts. mine? Well I’m adjusting - after setting up the music pc as everyone recommends on the intermene, and the development pc basically stock, it,s...
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    Plugins that won’t suddenly expire?

    Hi all, ive been using waves plugins for years. they have recently released a new version which doesn’t play nice with their other version and does not support windows 7. im not changing os for some plugins. so what plugins do you guys recommend that; don’t have ilock arent subscription based...
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    Happy Christmas you lot!

    Here we are again. the years are just whizzing by....Seems like it‘s Friday, Friday, Friday,... Christmas,...then repeat. i just wanted to say thanks to all those who have offered help and advice to others here on the Fractal forum. - a forum that only very very rarely gets the opinionated...
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    X32 Owners - Beware Firmware 4.0

    HI all, As I once again load my Axe FX 3 firmware, with great confidence that it will work ok, and not molest my current configuration, I'm reminded of last night... I saw that behringer had released V4.0 firmware for the X32, and it had a feature I'd been wanting. Read of the release notes...
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    AustinBuddy presets and FW10 - any common changes to be done?

    Hi @austinbuddy Hope you’re doing well. Now that we have fw10, and the most recent of your updates were tweaked for fw5.0, I was just wondering if there’s any parameters that may need to be tweaked in your preset pack? if you’ve worked out anything that could be changed in all presets to make...
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    4 speakers from a quad box

    Hi, Please excuse this as the ramblings of a moron if you so wish. I was just picturing playing on a stage standing (say) 10 feet from a quad box, off to the left a little. Lets number each driver in the box, 1, 2, 3, & 4, with 1 being top left, 2 being top right, and 4 being bottom right as you...
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    FS SOLD - Australia - basses - rickenbacker 4003, & Musicman stingray 5 string - mint

    Hi all, I have two basses for sale, just seeing if there’s any interest on this forum. I hate selling stuff publicly but here we are. They are both in genuine mint condition, Rickenbacker 4003 is sold. Musicman Stingray 5 string with Musicman case is sold Pickup in Victoria Australia by arrangement.
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    Bass Amps

    Hi all, I just put a Bass preset on Axechange here. 8 scenes, each with a different amp A good start to build your bass sounds hopefully. thanks pauly
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    Best strat setup video for factory defaults

    Hi all, I’ve had an American strat for ten years or so and it’s crap - always has been so I never play it. It’s like brand new cause it’s rarely touched. I’d like to set it up so it’s how it should be. I’m hoping I’ll then enjoy playing it. There’s a plethora of strat setup videos on YouTube...
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    Mastering - Any recommendations?

    HI all, For years, I've used a mastering studio over in Nashville. I sent them a wav file, they send one back in a 24/48 format that sounds too good to be me :-) However... After a few years I just sent them a job, and they came back saying 'we dont do 48khz any more - just 44.1. Bummer - I...
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    I’m no good - I will never ever be any good

    Rakinfrakin! Enough said Thanks Pauly
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    Riffs, beards and gear

    Have not finished watching it yet so will reserve my comments :-) Thanks Pauly
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    Implemented Toggle Tuner with single MIDI controller

    Wish GRANTED (well I shown how to toggle a high, then low value with 2 presses of a button)! Without access to foot controllers, we have to survey options. I'm using a Behringer FC1010 with the AxeFX 3 and its good. One issue is the way the Axe FX 3 turns the tuner on & off. I have to send a CC...
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    Wish Preset alias for foot controller scribble strips

    hi, I recently found some 3rd part preset names had been abbreviated, so they were recognizable in the fc displays. Example - “blackface blah blah” was changed to “bf blah blah”, because otherwise the presets would be hard to differentiate in the fcs displays due to lack of characters. I’d like...
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    Authentic amp controls - amazing

    I just want to thank Fractal for implementing authentic amp controls. This is an exceptional improvement (to me), and suddenly I’m adjusting amps like the real thing, and getting the sounds I want quicker and more effectively. I know some don’t agree, and that in theory (and practice) all the...
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    Blues harmonica player

    hi all, Does anyone know a blues harmonica player that plays with soul, and could record a solo over a slow blues? I have the basis of a beautiful slow blues recording - and it needs a good harp! The guitar was done remotely (by a genius!) so I'd like to be able to send a file over, and get back...
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    Calibration of external pedal

    Hi all, I'm trying to calibrate an external pedal. Symptom: while watching the little dot in the controller menu (of the Wah in this case) the pedal range 'starts' above half its range. And moves to maximum when doing the full range. Attempted resolution: I go to the setup menu, and run the...
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    Almost boring!

    not too long ago, I used to select an amp block, find a suitable cab, maybe add a reverb block, drive etc, then start tweaking to get the sound that I knew I needed - for quite a while! With the Axe FX III, I now select an amp, a cab, maybe add a reverb block, drive, etc - and it's perfect...
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    Ventilation holes - Are they necessary?

    Hi @FractalAudio A question for the only individual who knows for sure, about the ventilation holes n the sides of the AXE FX III. Are they functional, or (as has been said in the past about ventilation in earlier products) purely for aesthetics? I ask because I want to cover them to lessen...
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    Axe-Fx III & light dimmers

    Hi All, I have a number of GU10 240v LED lights in the studio on a dimmer. The Axe FX II seemed ok with this, with the occasional small amount of dimmer noise. The III on the other hand seems a lot more sensitive - keep in mind it could be a gain thing or something as I'm brand new to this...
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    Jangly telecaster tones for 12 string

    Hi all, I've just bought one of those cheapo electric 12 string kits. In my opinion, the best first thing I could do is replace the pickups - it's a telecaster - in your opinion, what is the best pickup set to get a jangly type sound like Tom petty, or a rickenbacker 12 string? Thanks Pauly
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    Axe-Fx III in Australia

    Hi All, I know I could just shutup and wait... however... rather not if you don't mind :-p The early word from our distributor was April... Then May... So Of course at 1 minute past midnight on May 1, I inquired and they couldn't tell me anything further about a potential AXE FX III shipment...
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    Can you increment/decrement scenes & presets via midi?

    G'day, I was going to insert this into the wish list but wasnt really sure (from the manual) that the III doesn't already support one or both of these. I'd like to increment/decrement the selected scene (or preset) number via midi. As a use case, I'd like to have 2 buttons on my handy dandy...
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    I love mini tuners!

    i love the idea of 'mini tuners' - a pat on the back to whatever fractalite thought of them :-) That is all Pauly
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    Wish - preset list "order by" number, name, or date"

    Gday, I'm often thinking "where is that preset I loaded yesterday?" - it'd be nice if we could order the list of presets in axe edit by number, name, date modified, or date added. Thanks Pauly
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    Congratulations FAS and good luck with phase 1

    Gday all, Just wanted to say congratulations to Cliff & team for the beginning of v3 deliveries. No doubt you can hear the sounds of tape dispensers sealing up cardboard boxes, just after last minute firmware updates, bagging, & paperwork insertions. Its because you support us so well, over such...
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    Shure SE535 vs SE846

    G'day all, I use a pair of SE535s for my day to day listening. They are good, however a little light on the bottom end. I've been looking at the Shure SE846 earphones as they aparently have a better bottom end. Does anyone have experience with both of them? I felt guilty spending so much on the...
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    Acca Dacca Jingle

    Well.. embarassing as it is... (I was using an 11rack!) I'm a member of a Volunteer Marine Rescue (VMR) unit in Mornington. We use 'Noosa Cat' boats. When we head out from Mornington, Mt Martha is on the left, Mt Eliza is on the right... One Chrissy, the guys asked if I could put a jingle...
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    Hi all, Just wondering what a couple could do in Miami from march 25 for a week with a rental car? Trying to avoid dangerous areas and situations thank - Thanks Pauly
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    My X32 died!

    I was noodling on the AXE FX the other night, and everything just stopped - One look at the X32 told me why - Not one led!... So... Turn on - Turn off... nothing.... Uh oh... Check the power - all good, check the cables - all good... uh oh.... Label and unplug everything in the studio... drag...
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    Cliff - Do whatever you want!

    Just saying - You've created a great thing... and the decisions you've made thus far have made our lot sensational. Do what you think is right and we'll follow along just fine. Thanks Pauly
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    New firmware is good for music

    well....I've just realised....I haven't opened the studio door for more than a know why? Because there hasn't been new firmware, or updates to any of my music software.... Traditionally, there'll be a 'new firmware available' post on this site, which I'll see at work....then once I make it...
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    If your sick of charities, here's one that will use 100%

    Never mind - just spent ages trying to post a url here from an iPad with no success, Thanks Pauly
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    Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister

    G'day, Here's the deal - I have a good friend who's been away for a number of years and he's coming back (yay!) - He LOVES the Hughes & Kettner tubemeister amp - Do any of you have any tips or experience getting this amp out of the AXE FX? He would be blown away if I could show him his amp on...
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    You MUST have a strong lead guitarist in the band...

    ...or this may happen! Thanks Pauly
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    Import of some presets - all controlls set to minimum value

    G'day, Now idea if this is a bug or an 'ID ten T' error but here goes - Axe FX II XL+ Q1.05 with latest Axe Edit. Windows 7 64 all patchd up If I import any of these presets; http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=3890 http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=3889...
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    Wish - Ctrl Z undoes last action

    G'day, It'd be great to be able to press Ctrl+Z to return a parameter you just edited back to what it was before you messed with it. Lets say I just moved the Drive parameter from god knows what to seven, only to find it's destroyed the sound... Right now, I pick another preset, then go back to...
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    NEED - XL+ to MK2 Preset converter

    G'day, As the subject says - We really need a way to import XL presets into Mk2 models. Please Thanks Pauly
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    Still unable to backup using Fractalbot

    Hi, Windows 7 64 Axe FX XL+ Quantum Firmware After reading some other posts I uninstalled fractal bot & the USB drivers.. then reinstalled from new downloads. I'm still unable to backup - Get timeout messages. and the Axe FX freezes with a progress dialog displaying \Bank Transfer in...
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    Potential FW 19 B2 issue - Output 2 echo [SOLVED]

    Scenario Axe FX II XL+ FW 19 B2, Monitor from output 2, with a signal to input 1 (mines on the front) Procedure 1 - Press I/O button. Select 'Audio' page, & scroll to 'Output 2 echo' 2 - Use the wheel to select different options while monitoring the output RESULT No difference in what...
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    Potential Bug - XL+ Importing Mk II presets

    Firmware 19 B2 on both devices Procedure On AXE FX MK II 1 - Create a preset and include a TremPan block 2 - Create a couple of scenes (Not sure if this is relevant) 3 - Disable the TremPan Block (in all scenes) & Save the preset 4 - Export the Preset On the AXE FX XL+ 1 - Import the...
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    Scene Revert not working for me

    G'day All, I must be doing something silly.. you know when everything is correct.. but it just 'aint coming together? Ok... This is about MIDI and controlling scenes and (as I've said before) this stuff messes with my head. Scenario.. I want to have a preset with 3 scenes...1=Clean...
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    Fan Noise - SHeesh

    G'day All, First - I love the Axe FX II - so don't think I'm bashing needlessly. This evening I got a second unit into the rack which will be good for recording multiple guitars at the same time. Great. One thing however...Now (with 2 Axe FX units on) my rack sounds like an air...
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    Feature Request - Controlling two units from Axe Edit

    G'day, Firstly, let me say I'm new to this and there may be an elegant way already - please point me in that direction if so. The Scenario - 2 AXE FX II units in a studio, connected via USB to one computer. The Issue - We need to control each AXE FX unit as desired so need an elegant...
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    Running 2 AXE FX IIs with 2 instances of AxeEdit

    G'day All, Can someone please enlighten me on how to use 2 Axe FX IIs with 2 instances of Axe Edit on the one PC? Thanks Pauly
  71. P

    Fender Hotrod Deville anyone?

    G'day All, Does anyone have an accurate preset or interpretation of a Fender Hotrod Deville please? Also presets that have something like the real following Pedals; Fulltone OCD Zvex Fuzz Factory Tube Screamer Thanks - Love your work :-) Pauly
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    Bass IRs - JBL 2225 & JBL K110 with Neumann U87

    G'day All, For AXE FX II (Mk2) I thought I'd setup to capture some ultrares URs tonight so I used a flat power amp, and a bass speaker box that has served me well with a ported 2225 and an enclosed K110. Initially I used a Neumann M149, then a U87, but I screwed up the 149 captures DOH!. So...
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    Bass preset

    G'day All, Here's a bass preset for the growing collection - It's ok with a rickenbacker. Pauly
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    Axe Edit Bug when toggling FX?

    G'day all, Don't know if I've uncovered a bug or this is expected behavior. Scenario: Axe FX using USB Midi with Axe Edit on the PC (Todays version)...also, Midi controller (FCB1010) sending controller messages to Axe FX II (via MIDO port) to toggle effects - say 'Drive1'.. It Sends the...
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    FCB1010 Patch for UNO

    G'day All, Maan this MIDI stuff drives me bonkers... Anyway, I managed to setup my FCB1010 (with a UNO chip) so that buttons 1 to 5 select patches, abd buttons 6,7,8,9,& 10 toggle Drive1, Chorus, Delay, Rotary, & Flange (If the selected preset uses it) Thought it may be handy for someone...
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    About to get a second Axe FX II

    G'day All, I'm about to get a second Axe FX II - I'll get the XL - Does anyone have an idea when they'll be available in Australia? Thanks Pauly
  77. P

    Soooo good to see some active bass development!

    I just wanted to mention how great it is to see some development towards the bass. These cabs that are about to land will change my life! Also - every band has a bass player ( besides the silly ones - ha - watch people close the doors on that comment!) so I'll make an assumption this will make...
  78. P

    Melbourne Australia - Blues players?

    Hey - Just thought I'd ask.. Are there any Axe FX users who are blues players in Melbourne Australia reading this? Think I've discovered the market demographic may not encompass blues players :-) Thanks Pauly
  79. P

    How do you guys stop your wife talking?

    Ok Fellas - This is for real! Every time I pick up an instrument, my missus starts talking at me... expecting me to listen, and provide considered responses.... And play. How the hell can I play while I'm nodding my head and saying 'uhhuh...yep..uhuh'.... I bought her a bottle of...
  80. P


    Hi, Not 100% sure this is a bug but it's certainly repeatable. Axe FX II FW15.07 Into mixing desk in a studio environment Using Axe Edit and American Telecaster PROCEDURE 1 - Load the Farfegnugen preset 2 - Add a Drive block in the first slot (Mine defaults to a Rat) RESULT High Pitched...
  81. P

    One axe edit, 2 axe fx - possible?

    Hi, I have a recording project - guitar, bass & drums. I'm thinking of getting another axe fx so the drum mics hear nothing but drums. So...the question.... Is it possible to connect 2 axe fx units to one computer with USB, and control each ( one at a time of course) with the same axe edit...
  82. P

    I wish dialogs saved their last state

    Hi, When I open (say) the cabs list to pick a cab, I usually want to go for one of my user cabs. This means that I click once to open the cab selection dialog, then ( once that's open) click on the user cabs button, then select the cab I'm after. If ( instead) the state of the cab selection...
  83. P

    Telecaster noiseless pickups

    Hi all My studio has light dimmers and my 2013 telecaster can really hear them! I've bee ogling a set of fender n3 noiseless pickups or vintage noiseless pickups hoping they will minimise the problem. Only trouble is - I LOVE the sound of the guitar as it is..... Of course the fender...
  84. P

    Thanks Cliff & team

    Maybe I'm having a 'soft' moment, who knows. But sitting here now, I'm just starting to appreciate what the Axe FX II (and therefore Cliff and the team) have done for me. :encouragement: Before the Axe FX, I had another so called high end guitar amp modeller. I used to sit there, and try to...
  85. P

    What's the compressor doing?

    Hi all, This is either a wish, or something that already exists that I've missed. When using a compressor in the desk, or outboard, there's always a meter or string of LEDs letting me know just how much attenuation is being applied to the signal. Is there an indication of compression for the...
  86. P

    Loading IRs - Doesn't want to play!

    Hi All, Axe FX II with Firmware 13.07, and Axe Edit 3.06. I cannot load IRs.. I downloaded the IRs in the IR thread, and attemped to load them from Axemanage (In AxeEdit)..and got an error message. For example.. Clark Kents No Money IR ... I even tried to load one with fractal bot I...
  87. P

    Muting sound when tuner is active

    G'day All, Apologies if this is glaringly obvious. Can I mute the volume when the tuner is active? - IE; As soon as I open the tuner in axe-edit, or from the Axe FX II, the guitar volume is muted until I close the tuner. Thanks Pauly
  88. P

    Can I rename an IR from Axe Edit?

    Hi Is it possible to rename a User IR in Axe edit? Thanks Pauly
  89. P

    Question - How do I rename saved IRs?

    G'day All, I've done a bunch of IRs and when I was capturing them, I didn't name them... So they were just numbered 1,2,3 etc... Now I want to rename them - Is that possible with FW11.03 and Axe Edit 3.01? Thanks Pauly
  90. P

    Bass IRs Attached

    G'day All, I've attached some IRs that should be great for Bass as follows. Please let me know if you enjoy them. Pauly Pauly IR JBL 2225 and K110 BiAmp U87.syx - Box with JBL 2225 and K110 biamped and micd with a Neumann U87 Pauly IR JBL 2225 and K110 EQd BiAmp U87.syx - Box with JBL...
  91. P

    XLR Outputs - Which pin is hot?

    G'day All, Can someone please tell me - Which pin is hot on the XLR output connectors? Thanks Pauly
  92. P

    10.10 Bass Amps

    Nope - I eagerly opened the release notes.... No more bass amps yet...Bummer..... Will wait for 10.11, and keep asking! :-) Thanks Pauly
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    Still loving it - What do you use for backing tracks?

    G'day All, Still loving my Axe FX II, however the l;ack of bass amps is still a stumbling block. I was just wondering what many of you are using for backing tracks for tone demos etc?.. I see a number of clips for the Axe FX showing some great new tone someone has worked out - and the band...
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    Second Day - Impressions

    G'day All, Well - I've had my Axe FX II for a couple of days now. It's use is in a studio, mainly for bass but some guitar as well. Thought I'd share my early impressions. Pros: 1/ :-) 2/ Excellent sound quality 3/ Easy connectivity 4/ Software is good if maybe a little unstable 5/...
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    Welcome to me!

    G'day all, Well I have just spent the money and if all goes to plan, my Axe FX II is being delivered as I write- very excited, and nervous at the same time - you see - I mainly will be playing bass through it, and am hoping bass will be gathering more support and options in the coming months...
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