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  1. dsimms

    New FC-6 to go with FM3 - moving EV-1 pedal to FC-6?

    Just got my FC6. I've been using the FM3 with two EV pedals, plugged into its Pedal 1 and Pedal 2 inputs. Is there a way I can plug my two EV pedals into either the FM3 or FC6 Pedal 1 & 2 inputs without having to reset something each time I switch?
  2. dsimms

    Closed Enhanced screen view for live performing

    Instead of the preset name using 30 - 40% of the screen on single lines, provide an option to have them use the full width with larger fonts, possibly with scene names below for the first 3 scenes something like this. Active scene could be underlined, blinking, different color. Same could be...
  3. dsimms

    Gigs cancelled due to Coronavirus? Share your live streaming/revenue stream ideas here

    Please share your thoughts about options for musicians to stream performances and generate a revenue stream. I'm on the board and webmaster for our local musicians association (montgomerymusicians.org) and would appreciate your thoughts/success stories/what worked and what didn't. For starters...
  4. dsimms

    Q7 and the new toys (motor drive, compressors, etc) - expectations for live gigging

    I've got my first gig with 7.01 coming up Friday, and am considering using 7.02b since I've got time to work through my presets this week. There's been lots of happy talk about the recent additions (new FW, shimmer drive, motor drive, opto compressors) and I wonder how many were home/bedroom...
  5. dsimms

    How often do you change the Input Trim?

    For best results, S/N ratio etc, we're supposed to set the input trim in the I/O->INPUT menu so our loudest signal briefly lights up the red on the meter. If I set it up for a hot guitar signal, my single coil guitars are way behind and I have to compensate for the levels and dynamics elsewhere...
  6. dsimms

    Help with trying out a new amp block (Dweezil's B-man)

    I'm trying out the new Dweezil's B-man amp block. I don't think there's a preset built around this one, so how do I hear it the way Cliff intended? Drop it into an existing preset with a reasonable cab (basketweave 412), then reset the amp block to bring in the ideal starting settings? I know...
  7. dsimms

    Best way to switch between two chains in a preset with a pedal

    I want to use my EV-1 pedal (Expression pedal 1) to switch between two chains in a preset. We're doing Living on a Prayer and I stay busy on the expression pedal varying the talkbox. I need a preset that let's me change between a talk box chain and Friedman BE chain quickly without taking my...
  8. dsimms

    Do I need to reset the cab block after a major upgrade?

    I thought I recently read that it was a good idea to reset my preset cab blocks to pick up on new improvements to IRs/etc. Is this a good idea with a major upgrade (I just upgraded to Q2)? Is it even necessary / does the upgrade process automatically upgrade the cabs? I reset my amp blocks...
  9. dsimms

    Fractal not at the Nashville Amp Show this weekend?

    I'll be going this weekend. I thought I saw Fractal on the exhibitor's list earlier this year, but you're not on there now. Have you given any thought to this one or did you change plans?
  10. dsimms

    Anyone know the foot/bottom screw size for the Fractal EV-1 Expression Pedal

    Looking for the foot/bottom screw size for the EV-1. Sorry if this is in the wrong section - I didn't see a section for the EV-1. I need slightly longer screws to mount my EV-1 to my pedalboard. The MFC-101 mounted fine with its screws, which I've seen are M3.5 X 60 in other threads on...
  11. dsimms

    Mullard reopens virtual tube factory, reissues classic long plate tube profiles

    They're selling them on a subscription basis, based on expected tube life. Guess I'm going to have to go back to my 50 watt models to afford this. I strongly suspect Cliff owns stock in this new venture. Well, someone had to start this up today, might as well be me.
  12. dsimms

    Live mono setup using one CLR stage monitor and PA

    New Axe II XL+/Atomic CLR/MFC 101 owner here. I have one CLR active wedge for my onstage monitoring and will send to the main PA as well, which is always mono. This will affect my stereo effect presets. I've read through threads here recommending summing L + R before sending to the CLR and...
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