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  1. Surefire641

    SOLD FC-6 - MINT, free shipping in U.S. (Dumfries, VA) $400

    Selling a mint FC-6, still has the plastic screen covers in place and only used in my studio. Ships FREE in the continental U.S. in the original packaging.
  2. Surefire641

    SOLD Fractal FC-12 controller, new in box (only tested). Free Shipping in U.S. (Dumfires, VA), $525

    I bought a new FC-12 a few months ago and, as it turns out, I still only need a FC-6. It has never left my studio, and barely been out of the box. Ships free in original packaging in the continental U.S. $525 (not interested in trades and please to not contact me r/e international shipping)
  3. Surefire641

    SOLD Fractal EV-2 expression pedals (x2), Dallas, TX $195 shipped

    I'm selling two mint Fractal EV-2 expression pedals (black) with free shipping CONUS. I ended up just going back to my old Mission SP-1 and it works fine. They both lived in my smoke free studio and have seen virtually no use.
  4. Surefire641

    FC-6 Preset selection in bank will only display and select preset 0

    I'm trying to set one of my layout screens on the FC-6 to select specific presets in a bank. I have the Bank Size set for five, and have five presets in the bank set up with Select by #. No matter what number I put in there, I only get the first preset on the Axe either via the FC6 or in the...
  5. Surefire641

    FS PRS Gold hardware (new), CORE (not SE). $35, Dallas, TX

    I have a complete set of PRS gold hardware (tuner buttons, pickup screws, backplate and jack plate screws, etc... and some extras as well. Buying these from PRS is crazy expensive so I figured someone here might want a good deal. This is new hardware from a McCarty series. $35 shipped...
  6. Surefire641

    SOLD FC-6 - Mint condition, $400 plus shipping CONUS

    Selling a basically new, in the box, Fractal FC-6. I moved to this from a FC-12, but ended up realizing I need a little more preset real-estate. Save tax costs and get this one at a bargain. PM if interested.
  7. Surefire641

    SOLD Fractal FC-12, Free Shipping (Dallas, TX), $600

    I'm currently using an FC-12 with my Fractal AXE III. I'm so happy with my overall sound that I'm using far fewer presets these days and have "right-sized" to an FC-6. My FC-12 has lived in my studio and only has a little scuff on one of the rubber side pieces (though I did commit the sacrilege...
  8. Surefire641

    Attempting to create a global Reverb bypass switch

    I've been experimenting with various iterations of applying a modifier and control switch to bypass all the reverb blocks on my FC-12. I used delay on almost every preset, so when playing live (especially outside) I find reverb unnecessary. Modifying every preset or deleting the reverb blocks...
  9. Surefire641

    FC6/12 "Save" function?

    Using various different controllers with my AXE II's, I always had the SAVE PRESET command set-up, i.e. a MIDI CC volume increase (cc35) followed immediately by a volume decrease (cc36) which effectively saved the current status of my preset in the Axe. Mostly I used this to save which scene I...
  10. Surefire641

    Looper won't come out of Bypass Mode

    I was using my AX8 at rehearsal today and wanted to add the looper to an existing preset. I insert it from the panel and when I try to play, the looper will not come out of Bypass. I tried assigning it to a footswitch, to one of the three function switches, and clearing bypass from the panel...
  11. Surefire641

    PEQ recommendation for muddy hollowbody sound

    I've got my AX8 sounding pretty good on my standard presets. I normally use a Suhr Standard or Modern with a DSH+ in the bridge. When I switch to my PRS Hollowbody II, the bass on most of my settings gets very flubby and almost sounds distorted. While I acknowledge its a pretty broad...
  12. Surefire641

    Dominic Miller - Why Should I Cry for You

    I've made some improvements in my tone-shaping, many thanks to insight from this board. I used to have a great clean patch from my old Boss GT-10 that I'm certain my AXE II can handle, but I'm just not able to pull it off. It was very close to the sound Dominic Miller got on Why Should I Cry...
  13. Surefire641

    Is it possible to use a single pedal for volume/wah using Output 1 method?

    I use the I/O section on my AxeFX2 to control volume for Output 1 via a Mission Engineering expression pedal and the MFC-101. This controls the volume just fine, but I'd like to also use the same pedal as a wah controller. I know this can be done using a volume block in the signal chain and...
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