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  1. shawngs

    SOLVED: Lights not lighting up when changing presets. MIDI controller only.

    I use the MFC-101 exclusively as a MIDI controller. Having just updated the software on the MFC as well as on my effects processor, I changed some of the settings and now the appropriate lights don't light up when I change presets. Whenever I push a switch, it stays lit when I change presets...
  2. shawngs

    MFC-Edit 5.3 Update Not Installing

    Hi, I just opened MFC-Edit to work on my setup and it prompted me to update the software to 5.3. When asked if I wanted to update I clicked "Yes", it then downloaded, asked for the administrator password, closed the 5.2 version, I saw the mfc-edit.dmg drive appear on my desktop and then...
  3. shawngs

    Separate MIDI Program Change for IA Sw 17 per preset?

    Hi all, I'm using the MFC101 as a MIDI controller exclusively. it it possible to either have Instant Access Switch 17 send a different Program Change Message for each preset or have External Switch 4 do it (I don't think the External Switches can do PC…)? On my H9 I'm wanting IA Switch 17 to...
  4. shawngs

    CC# and Value instead of Program Change?

    Hi all. I use the MFC mk3 as a midi controller exclusively. Is it possible to send a CC# and value instead of a program change when you change presets using the "Up" and "Down" buttons? The amp I'm using does not use PC messages and I'd like to use the "Up" and "Down" buttons to change settings...
  5. shawngs

    Change presets on external MIDI device?

    I use my MFC purely as a MIDI controller to control a Line 6 Helix and an Eventide H9. I'd like to use the switches on the top 2 rows (with the colored labels) to change between presets on the H9. The other switches are IA switches. I use the up/down buttons on the right to change presets on the...
  6. shawngs

    IA Switches Initial State

    Hi, tldr: lights don't change state when changing presets (MIDI, no Axe-FX). I have just started reprogramming my MFC-101 for controlling midi gear (I don't own an Axe FX) and can't get the Initial state of the switches to be "on" with the led lit up. I'm using MFC-Edit and regardless of how I...
  7. shawngs

    External Switches instead of Pedals?

    Hi MFC-101 experts, is it possible to program the MFC-101 to use external foot switches instead of expression pedals? I'd like to have 6 foot switches and 2 expression pedals, or 8 foot switches if possible….
  8. shawngs

    Can a Preset Change Turn a pedal off?

    Hey guys, is there a way, when I change a preset, to have the new preset turn on some effects and off others? I assume there is but can't quite figure it out. I don't own an axe FX and am using the MFC to control MIDI gear. I know that on the "Presets & Ex. Devs" page in MFC-Edit you can have...
  9. shawngs

    UP/Down Switches and program changes?

    Is it possible to make the Up/Down switches send program changes? ie. starts on PC 0, push UP and it sends PC 1, push up again and it sends PC 2....? I'm trying to get my midi gear to step through presets. If anyone knows how to do it either on the controller or using MFC-Edit then please let me...
  10. shawngs

    Newb Needs Expression Pedal Help

    Hi all, I'm brand new to the game with my shiny MFC-101 that I just got 2 days ago. Woo Hoo!!!! I've got it controlling my Line 6 Pod HD Pro (I know...), my TC Electronic G-Major 2, and a TC Electronic Nova Drive. The problem I'm running into is that I can't get the expression pedal to work to...
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