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  1. Sustainerplayer

    Is the Cab-Lab plugin macOS Catalina-ready?

    As the headline says. Is Cab-Lab ready when I switch to macOS Catalina at some point?
  2. Sustainerplayer

    Killing Joke cover with Axe-Fx III - Friedman Smallbox and ML Soundlab cabs

    My tribute to this 1985 phenomenal song, album and band. Trying to get a little Geordie Walker going in my usual synthy arrangement style. The guitar is my Warmoth baritone strat tuned to C. Friedmann Smallbox model in the Axe Fx III. ML Soundlab Suhr cabs. Noncommittal - Love Like Blood...
  3. Sustainerplayer

    Prog - like you have no idea!

    ... and if you don't like prog - don't bother 😉 I'm in love with this band! Thank You Scientist - Terraformer (Official Music Video)
  4. Sustainerplayer

    More 80's style synthpop ...

    A little over a year ago I decided to get into the habit of finishing my songs. I have - like most others - accumulated ideas, snippets and half-finished songs that just sits on the harddrive rutting away for ages. So I decided - why not bother humanity and get them out there? 😉 So I make a...
  5. Sustainerplayer

    A cover of a little known U2 song

    My version of this b-side gem. Warmoth hardtail strat, Axe III (obviously) and and some soft synths. Noncommittal - Love Comes Tumbling [U2 Cover] If you prefer to listen on your streaming platform of choice you can click here.
  6. Sustainerplayer

    Aaha aaha aaha uhuu

    Yes - I do have a way with words :p My latest elektropop/rock song. Warmoth guitar, Axe Fx III Friedman Small Box model, Cab IR's from ML SoundLab and good use of the SoundToys Tremolator plugin: Noncommittal - Gone Away
  7. Sustainerplayer

    Friedman Smalbox and Soldano SLO100 on a slow synth/techno tune?

    A little Anton Corbijn-inspired video for my latest song. Smallbox through ML Suhr IR's and SLO-100 through Redwirez Soldano IR's The guitars kick in around 2:29 Noncommittal - Last Ray Of The Sun
  8. Sustainerplayer

    Wish Tera Echo

    It's been a wish on the previous Axe flagship for long. I guess todays announcement of the new Boss DD-200 once again woke my lust for a Tera Echo in the Axe Fx III.
  9. Sustainerplayer

    New Mac Pro coming in the fall

  10. Sustainerplayer

    The internet is a funny place ...

    ... indeed. There's a rather vocal minority of old folks complaining about things not being the way it used to be. And all new stuff is shit ... or on it's sure way to be shit. Then there is this other rather vocal minority complaining that things are still done the old ways and nothing is...
  11. Sustainerplayer

    Depeche Mode cover with the Axe Fx III and Axe Fx II XL

    Hi My take on this classic Depeche Mode song. It's been on it's way for a long time - so some of the guitar parts are recorded when I had the Axe Fx II XL and some with the Axe Fx III. It's mainly the Small Box and SLO-100 models I've used. But be warned. This is still a synth/techno-pop song...
  12. Sustainerplayer

    Pop with The Edge-esque style riff

    I wrote the main guitar riff at least five years ago and tried the riff in several other songs before it ended up in this one. So it has been a long time in the making. The riff started out with the 1/8 dotted delay going into a 1/8 delay. This was at the time when I used the Eleven Rack. It...
  13. Sustainerplayer

    Synthpop with ambient guitar

    Cubic is one of these songs that almost wrote itself - and very fast. It is a simple loop-like piece made with two synth-arps. As soon as the text was written I already had the idea for the ambient guitar sound in my head. I think it took two hours to write and record entirely. After that it has...
  14. Sustainerplayer

    Synthpop tune with a little funk guitar

    Rasmus played the Mr Z MZ-38 through some 2x12 Suhr cabs from ML Sound Lab. Noncommittal - Through the Night (feat. GuitaRasmus) [909 Day Remix]
  15. Sustainerplayer

    Noncommittal - All The Right Things

    My little synthpop/electrorock hobby project. The video got a little weird ... but there is some guitar and an Axe Fx III in there :D
  16. Sustainerplayer

    James Iha : Smashing Pumpkins Rig Tour 2018 RJM Music Technology

  17. Sustainerplayer

    Did the Big Bang djent? Serious down tuning here!

    Get straight to the action @
  18. Sustainerplayer

    Native Instruments Producer Competition 2018

    "Calling all music makers! Share the music in you! Native Instruments is releasing nine new products and three platform updates this fall that are all designed to help you generate musical ideas faster and easier. And, to celebrate, we want to hear your most creative innervisions. Your...
  19. Sustainerplayer

    Def Leppard Makes the Switch to the Axe-Fx III

  20. Sustainerplayer

    Can a Digitech Freqout pedal be modded to "always on"?

    I have to hit the switch every time I switch the power on. I would like to use it in a loop of my Axe III as "set and forget". And would like to put it somewhere where it isn't easy accessible.
  21. Sustainerplayer

    Mother and daughter

  22. Sustainerplayer

    Audio terminology explained

  23. Sustainerplayer

    TC Electronics Christmas competition

    Win a rad pedalboard. See more: http://christmas.tcelectronic.com And if you are not participating you may consider give my contribution a vote at http://christmas.tcelectronic.com/hans-nissen/ And ... post your entries here, so we can give them a vote!
  24. Sustainerplayer

    The Instagram “challenge” - one minute songs

    A little while ago I started making short songs that fits the Instagram video format that is limited to one minute. I make a new song each week. I like the idea of having the limited time to present a “full song”. And that most people will hear it only once. Thus not challenging their...
  25. Sustainerplayer

    The (almost)Official Fractal Audio Meme Thread

    via Imgflip Meme Maker
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