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  1. pima1234

    Does the FM9 devalue the FM3 on the used market?

    Only to a point. It depends on your own needs. I honestly have no need for the FM9 right now. Did that keep me from going on the waitlist? Of course not! Am I overly concerned about getting "enough" for my barely used FM3? Not really.
  2. pima1234

    Ownhammer revolution irs

    Not a trap, but it definitely can be a rabbit hole. Lots of great IRs out there, and OwnHammer are awesome.
  3. pima1234

    Best Shoes for Long Gigs

    Most comfortable shoes I've ever owned, but with the Vibram Christy sole: https://oakstreetbootmakers.com/trench-oxford-natural-chromexcel-dainite-sole Expensive, but you can have them resoled many times. They just fit my feet perfectly, and the full tang leather insole is extraordinarily...
  4. pima1234


    To an extent I absolutely agree. The issue is that the system is manipulated. But, I'll stop there, because this is not a form for politics and off shoots.
  5. pima1234


    So many low wage jobs though...
  6. pima1234

    Xitone 112 active wedge

    Excellent monitors, and Mick is great!
  7. pima1234

    Battery pack for FM3

    A UPS would also be my first thought. Should be enough for a gig.
  8. pima1234

    You gotta admire his perseverance

    Performaxe: https://guitarscientist.com/performaxe/?v=191a1262fd87 You all see the Klein-style Forshage Orion guitar in my profile icon. The Performaxe helps you to achieve good posture sitting position and neck-up playing position.
  9. pima1234

    Kemper user here who just got an FM3 - blown away

    The God of balance you shall be! Awesome!!!
  10. pima1234

    You Guys/Gals Are in for Another Treat

    But, does it 'chug'? YES, yes it does!
  11. pima1234

    Here is something I'll bet you haven't heard

    At our house in Nebraska, a street light was the issue. Far worse during the winter months. I had a room rewired, and added a 20amp power filter. That helped.
  12. pima1234


    Yes, same here, a gift for my wife, ordered through a large retailer. Previously this year, due I assume to "Covid excuses", I have paid for 2 items I did not receive, both shipped through USPS. I have been unsuccessful at relcaiming the funds I lost, as well. Interesting times...
  13. pima1234

    Snarky TGP Nonsense

    I'll go full-on Luddite if you will. Bender agrees:
  14. pima1234

    Cherry or hickory?

    Peat. Also, for whiskey, not poultry. Ron Swanson agrees.
  15. pima1234

    Snarky TGP Nonsense

    Just return them to Harmony Central from whence they came
  16. pima1234

    Men's fashion for 2020

    Loin-girding codpiece of truth. LOL! (RIP Venture Bros...)
  17. pima1234

    Men's fashion for 2020

    Correct. LOL
  18. pima1234


    Super flexible. That's pretty amazing. Might be over my head. LOL Still trying to decide if it's something I really need and will use regularly. AirTurn is just fine for turning pages in Music Stand. But, seems like I could control a lot in Ableton with AirStep, and still do page turns.
  19. pima1234

    FM3 not in Fractal store!?

    As I understand, it's still in the invitation stage.
  20. pima1234

    You Knew Etsy Would Ruin Reverb

    Did NOT even know this happened until just now. Wow...
  21. pima1234

    The Elusive "Tube-ry Feel" of Axe-Fx III

    There are many times for me, still using my AX8, when I get the whole Genesis thing going on: "more like Gabriel than Gabriel", or whatever the quote was.
  22. pima1234

    So Satisfying

    The Commitments
  23. pima1234

    Looking for the thread that talked about supplements for fingers, hands, joints

    Protandim. And, I find that turmeric, B6, and magnesium work well.
  24. pima1234

    All this Rush talk had me listening to some old cds today...

    Permanent Waves is such an unbelievably excellent album.
  25. pima1234

    Was headed towards Strymon but the $$ are adding up

    What a value Fractal Audio products have consistently been and continue to be!
  26. pima1234

    Amps you have owned and loved, but don't expect to be ever modeled

    And they absolutely delivered. I owned a Ganesha, Tuskadero, and a Zeeta Gold. Absolutely amazing amps. I hate that I had to sell everything when we wound up moving. But, my AX8 does it all.
  27. pima1234

    Amps you have owned and loved, but don't expect to be ever modeled

    Anything by Maven Peal or Emery Sound. Great amps. Best combo amp ever, the JCA GR 1.6. Would love a model of that, with all the settings. I'm happy with my ADA Rocket A10, even though I'm still trying to sell it.
  28. pima1234

    FS Fibenare Roadmaster ‘56

  29. pima1234

    NGD Strandberg

    All about headless ergonomic guitars. Awesome!
  30. pima1234

    Oh my, P90’s...where have you been all my life?

    Yup. Lollar P90s. Love them! Struggling to sell the guitar, even though on paper, it's clear I should.
  31. pima1234

    Well now........,

    Montana, Rice, Young, Clark, Lott, Craig... 'nough said. That was some great football, back in the day.
  32. pima1234

    EMI madness

    Yikes. Our music lesson studio has problems, too. The whole business complex has electrical issues that the owners need to address (working parting lot light being one rather big one).
  33. pima1234

    I Have My Window Open

    Michigan sends it's coldest regards... your way. LOL
  34. pima1234

    RIP Neil Peart

    "Best I Can" lol (No, not easy!)
  35. pima1234

    The new accordian...

    I suppose RUSH knew something or other with 2112... I hope it never gets to that point.
  36. pima1234

    The 25 Greatest Riffs of the 2010s Decade!

    Some of the Ghost riffs should have been in there, somewhere. Someone else mentioned The Black Keys.
  37. pima1234

    Anyone still using Dunlop Ultex 1.0mm yellow picks?

    My Blue Chip needs to last forever. I love it!
  38. pima1234

    Strandberg guitar bought - tested - and sent back

    For a great ergo headless, try a Forshage Orion.
  39. pima1234

    Wow, tone matching acoustic!

    I use the Zoom AC-3 at the church where I work. That is excellent. I'm currently using a Taylor 814CE DLX, but trying to switch to a Kiesel Zeus acoustic (portability, simplicity, less of a liability). Problem is, the electronics arrived producing distortion (after extensive troubleshooting).
  40. pima1234

    Do you set up your own guitars?

    When it's something I can't handle, and I can find a great tech who is reasonably priced, I have no problem letting them work on one of my guitars. Basic set up, no problem. Have Dan Erlewine's books, and way too much information on the internet. Now I just need more time...
  41. pima1234

    Wish Savage amps

    Had a Glas 30. Pretty amazing.
  42. pima1234


    And people get paid for that... (free market saya "not for long!")
  43. pima1234

    Treble Boosters Old, New and In-between. Demo, story, Drive block and preset.

    Definitely wanted to hear that drive block in front of an AC30. Thanks! Sounds great.
  44. pima1234

    Kiesel No More

    Yes, the Sankey Dove and Peregrine pair were really something! I knew what I was commissioning back then. Wish I could have kept them. Currently going through another gear purge, as I only play electric on rare occasion.
  45. pima1234

    Kiesel No More

    I believe that's true. You are protected by the agreement when paying with your credit card.
  46. pima1234

    Buh bye

    Been there. Still love the El Cap (and the Flint). But yeah, I will have no more amps, pedals, etc. very soon.
  47. pima1234

    Very bad news

    The best part is that he can always continue to build one-offs, and just for fun (I hope, for his sake).
  48. pima1234

    Very bad news

    They will go up in value, and rightfully so. I had one years ago, and it was phenomenal.
  49. pima1234

    SOLD Sankey Dove $200.00 reduced price Nov. 5

    Dang man! That was fast (rightfully so). Congrats.
  50. pima1234

    SOLD Sankey Dove $200.00 reduced price Nov. 5

    They both are truly excellent! I'm happy with my Forshage Orion, and I barely play electric anymore, so I'm actually planning to sell 2 of the 3. (tough choices, family-first stuff... you know)
  51. pima1234

    SOLD Sankey Dove $200.00 reduced price Nov. 5

    I commissioned this guitar from Mike 5 years ago. It is an outstanding ergo, headless guitar. Masterpiece is completely accurate! Absolutely unbelievable instrument, and I miss it. Highly versatile, but originally meant as a jazz instrument. However, it can hold its own over a wide range of...
  52. pima1234

    New modeler from Strymon

    It's actually not what I expected from them (not really sure what I expected, come to think of it). I remember talking about a Strymon modeler over on TGP a bit, many years ago. Stymon makes really cool stuff, and this seems like another neat product for them to finally add.
  53. pima1234

    Jacob Collier - With The Love In My Heart (Live in Toronto)

    Makes you wonder what this young prodigy will be doing years from now. Pretty crazy stuff.
  54. pima1234

    Jacob Collier - With The Love In My Heart (Live in Toronto)

    Charisma plus musical knowlege and ability will go a very long way in the music field!
  55. pima1234

    A cover of a little known U2 song

    Always loved that song! Nice job, and great choice of a song to cover.
  56. pima1234

    Digital causes you to disappear in the mix

    I need James's right hand... Pretty awesome stuff!
  57. pima1234

    Xitone Cabs

    I use my Xitone far more than my CLR.
  58. pima1234

    Reverb sold to Etsy for $270 million

    Party over at Chicago Music Exchange! lol
  59. pima1234

    Anyone in Michigan?

    Maybe you meet up with someone at Motor City Music in Waterford. Cool place (if you don't already know that...). I'm using an AX8. Livingston County. Could meet you at my workplace.
  60. pima1234

    This guy kills me

    Instantly LOL!
  61. pima1234

    "A Really Good Price"

    Spherical, yet quite pointy in parts. "Heed! Pants! Now!"
  62. pima1234

    New super lightweight wireless...

    I can recommend the Ammoon one, based on my experience. It's an inexpensive solution, and I'm impressed. The key is "will it hold up over a long gig?". That is not something I've tested.
  63. pima1234

    New super lightweight wireless...

    FYI, the Ammoon wireless system has been working flawlessly.
  64. pima1234

    New super lightweight wireless...

    There is a new router in the sanctuary. But really, last evening, it was solid. For whatever reason, this past Sunday morning, it didn't connect. So, good ol' cable as a backup.
  65. pima1234

    New super lightweight wireless...

    Worked well at rehearsal this evening. It does seem to be a little finicky, but was solid for a good hour and 1/2.
  66. pima1234

    Good Week for New Music

    Putting the album in my cart now. (And that's very rare anymore, but man... Bruce Hornsby, from back in the day? Some good stuff.)
  67. pima1234

    Good Week for New Music

    That Bruce Hornsby album has a Sting meets Eels kind of thing going on, with bit of Discipline album in there. Very cool. I'd have to listen to more, obviously...
  68. pima1234

    Embedded Programming in decline

    Part of the problem are the companies themselves. Not looking for the best product to sell and ones which can be contintually improved upon. That's what's become all too rare.
  69. pima1234

    New super lightweight wireless...

    I'll know after tomorrow morning.
  70. pima1234

    Quality of everything is getting worse

    My 2009 iMac is still kicking. Granted, I don't anything intensive with it ('cept all those open tabs in Chrome... lol).
  71. pima1234

    New super lightweight wireless...

    I ordered the Ammoon 5.8ghz one available on Amazon. So far so good. Less than 1/2 the price.
  72. pima1234

    Do you think Gibson Guitars new CEO can turn the company around?

    The main thing that will help them is restructuring their debt. Without that, no recovery would have been possible.
  73. pima1234

    Chair, yes chair

    Roc n Soc drum throne. Also, The Guitar Chair. I'm really a classical guitarist, so that is wonderful. Expensive, but worth it. https://originalguitarchair.com/
  74. pima1234

    U2 - “Zooropa 360” Clip

    Really not bad. Sounds pretty close to that live version. The original studio album takes it, IMO, but still a nice job trying to replicate that live sound.
  75. pima1234

    Drive Block Status

    I completely agree. I used to own a room full of very nice amps (cabs too, of course), and tons of pedals. My favorite tones (clean, break-up, drive, etc.) always came from the actual amp. No pedal replicates that fully. The only thing that came really close were the Kingsley pedals. They are my...
  76. pima1234

    Eric Clapton's Life

    "Welcome to old age, gramps..." She lost me. Brat!
  77. pima1234

    For all those lusting for a Klon...they're baaacck

    I've played a real Klon, and yes, there's something about it. For those prices, give me an Axe FX III.
  78. pima1234

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 3.00 Beta

    That's not a bad thing. I recall some models seem to have more gain that their real-life counterpart. More realer all day!
  79. pima1234

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 3.00 Beta

    Gotta get me a III...
  80. pima1234

    Price Increase

    Also, maybe not "in the world". Keep your eyes posted for a used one. They come up now and then. No worries. Sometimes, awesome things (like the AX8) come to those who wait.
  81. pima1234

    Saw Crash Test Dummies last night

    God Shuffled His Feet was altogether written, produced, mixed, and mastered incredibly and well. Great songwriting, and plenty of musical talent. I'd love to see them on tour.
  82. pima1234

    Yek's Organ (preset)

    Looking forward to hearing some demos.
  83. pima1234

    BMI, ASCAP, etc. suing bars?

    Oh, but you're supposed to have a "real job", and just "play" music on the side...
  84. pima1234

    BMI, ASCAP, etc. suing bars?

    I'm not one of those people who believes music should be free, or that "professional" and "musician" is an oxymoron. That's a construct of a failing society. Very dystopian. If this helps boost the profession of musicians, I'm all for it. Music itself transcends money. But it still makes the...
  85. pima1234

    Phil Keaggy

    I'd be so happy to nail that scale run in "In the Light of Common Day". He picks the notes, with minimal slurs. Incredible. I don't have that right hand.
  86. pima1234

    Phil Keaggy

    The reason (along with keeping my dad's memory alive) I became serious about guitar. 1991, Beyond Nature. Truly inspirational. I finally started being able to play those compositions at age 42. I just got to see him in Nashville, at the Sing! Conference. I've been in touch with his booking...
  87. pima1234

    Anyone using a piezo-equipped guitar? What amp model?

    Ideally, a high gainer, with a Metal Zone. Seriously though, good post. I'm interested, too. What I would want to do is use an acoustic IR with the piezo, typically (not necessarily always). So you guys are saying the IR isn't really necessary? I'm surprised. I always felt it helped with the...
  88. pima1234

    Is This The End Of Solid State?

    Here's what I got out of it: "[He] came into their home uninvited after 1 a.m...." Their door was open then... Yeah, okay. That might be stupid of them? Just sayin'. I lock up tight, and we're in a low crime (relatively speaking, to um, Detroit...), small rural city. Also, the vacuum tube...
  89. pima1234

    Dead time between songs ideas???

    Gorgoroth supports this message
  90. pima1234

    Dead time between songs ideas???

    Monty Python bits. Just preface with "...and now for something completely different," and you should win them over!
  91. pima1234

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 1.18

    Shouldn't. No changes to amps or anything.
  92. pima1234

    TAF "The Legends" UltraRes IR OUT NOW!

    He's running a recording studio.
  93. pima1234

    Xitone Michael Britt or Valvetrain Powertrain

    Another Xitone supporter. Wish I could buy another.
  94. pima1234

    The owls are not what they seem

    The owls are not what they seem
  95. pima1234

    Matching a Klon Centaur

    When I played one, it was largely a "feel" thing. Really cool what it does, but I've found similar flavors in the Axe FX that I like at least as much (and I've been through a ton of great pedals over the years, just like most of you guys). Same old story: there's still nothing quite like the...
  96. pima1234

    2x12 sized FRFR

    I owned a pair of passive 2x12 Xitones for a while. They were absolutely awesome.
  97. pima1234

    Strandberg guitar bought - tested - and sent back

    You need to give a Klein-style headless a try, if you haven't already. (see my profile pic). I have 3, and they're the only electrics I have. Sadly, I almost never play electric right now...
  98. pima1234

    Your Roku is Spying On You

    No doubt that Spectrum is spying on us. We'll be dropping their cable and voice service ASAP. I'm sure our Samsung TV is, too.
  99. pima1234

    FS AX8 for Sale - $100,000,000

    Checks bitcoin account... lol
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