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  1. jakbur

    Editing Sound VS Edited Sound

    Is it just me or does the FM3 sound/respond better when in edit mode(called up parameter in front panel edit). When I exit edit mode(in preset mode), the same preset sound isn't as good and seems to have a slight bit more pick latency. I am using FW 1.04!
  2. jakbur

    Whole Step Drop

    Resisting buying a Line 6 Variax Standard but I need to be able to drop 2 half steps for mostly rhythm on some songs. What's your opinion on the AX3 for this purpose?
  3. jakbur

    FC Question

    Will I be able to assign CC#s to the expression pedals(1-4) on the FC so I can control expression parameters on other MIDI devices?
  4. jakbur

    How To

    Thanks in advance for any help! I need to control a parameter on my Roland GR55 using an expression pedal plugged into Expression 1 in the back of the AxeFx3. How do I assign a CC# to Expression 1? Using the front panel on the axe.
  5. jakbur

    Help with using AmpliFire 12 expression pedal to control AxeIII parameter

    I can change presets using AF12 but can't control Amp gain on AxeIII. I have the AF12 Expression A calibrated and assigned to CC#11. I have assigned external 1 to control Amp gain. I have set external 1 to #11. I've tried assigning to CC# 50, still no go. What am I missing?
  6. jakbur

    Leap of Faith

    Finally sold my XL+ and MFC MKIII. My buddy has been patiently waiting over 5 months (since I got my AxeFxIII) to buy them. I've been paying credit card interest on the AxeFxIII since then so its nice to pay that off finally. My band has a planed lull in gigs for a while and I'm...
  7. jakbur

    Wish Acoustic Simulator Block

    Enhance electric and acoustic guitars with piezo pickups to sound more acoustic. Simulate acoustic guitar from magnetic pickups. Pedals like the Boss AC3.
  8. jakbur

    Bug? Or maybe faulty Mk III switch

    When on another switch(2,3,4) and pushing switch #1, it jumps back to the previous switch(only on bottom row) unless I hold it down or try a few more times. Fault or Bug?
  9. jakbur


    Firmware Release Withdrawal I didn't think it was possible but stuck on the road with no Axe FX and no firmware excitement happening on the forum well, you know...
  10. jakbur

    Tone Bender MK I

    Has anyone gotten the Bender Fuzz to sound like a MK I instead of a MK II? If so, how? Not sure if this is the right place for this post.
  11. jakbur

    Bug? Rotary Speed

    FW 7.02 Not sure if this was happening before this FW. From front panel, adjust rotary speed slower, save, does not save then, save 2nd time and it saves. This happens every time.
  12. jakbur

    Fixed Had my XL+ Freeze on Q 6.02

    Time out on MFC and Freeze on XL+. Not hooked up to anything else!
  13. jakbur

    How many expression assigns per preset?

    I seem to have problems when I have too many assigns(3 expression pedals with one controlling multiple parameters) which sometimes knocks one of them out but is unrelated to CPU use! Does anyone know the max assign for stable use? Thanks
  14. jakbur

    Any Reviews On Cab Pack 21 & 22

    I'm thinking of purchasing these but I'm not finding any user feedback on them! I'm sure others would benefit from your impressions! Thanks in advance!
  15. jakbur

    XFRMR Match

    Figured it out!
  16. jakbur

    Axe FX II XL/XL+ Availability

    Went to purchase an Axe FX II XL today and they are sold out! So is the XL+. They had them in stock last night and I wanted to check my finances today before purchase. I am assuming the XL's are gone forever. Any idea on availability for XL+?
  17. jakbur

    MIDI thru not working

    Hi All, I updates the AxeII and the MFC I to FW 18beta7 and 3.06. When I turn on MIDI thru(AXE) the display on Axe and MFC jump between patches quickly by themselves. Same thing happens with MIDI cable or Cat5. No problem with MIDI thru turned off. Any advise? Thanks, Jack
  18. jakbur

    Can someone email FW 5.7 to me?

    I need 5.7 to restore my patches for a gig as I don't have the time to tweak my patches. Send to: jtburrus@aol.com
  19. jakbur

    Gone back to FV2.00 for now. Anyone else?

    These are only my personal assessments and I would like to know if others are like minded so that our assessments may be considered in future 'Firmware Updates'. Let me say that I have spent hundreds of hours developing my own patches(sounds) for the Axe Ultra and other Axe ultra users...
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