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  1. jandjrs

    SOLD AX8 & 2 x EV1 $1275 OBO (shipping included)

    For Sale is my used AX8 and 2 EV1 pedals. $1275 (or Best Offer) complete and shipped. Paypal only. Continental US Only. No Trades or separating. Included: AX8 with power cable, 2 EV1 pedals and a printed copy of the AX8 manual. See photos below. The AX8 is in excellent working condition...
  2. jandjrs

    Video Recording your Computer Screen?

    What program are you using to capture video from you computer screen. Those who are recording the tutorials for the forum are recording with.....? I have adobe Creative Suites. Did I miss something in there? Chris? fremen? Leon?
  3. jandjrs

    Uh Oh! I Need Help After Update!

    I updated my MFC 101 (v 3.03) and Axe-Fx II (v 14.02) using Fractal-Bot (v 2.0.1). I then started sampling fremens v14.2 presets. I went into my Bank A, which are the Fractal presets, when i noticed that I can switch thru the presets but the Drive, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser......buttons were not...
  4. jandjrs

    MFC Switch Not Working - How Do I Fix It?

    The #3 Switch on my MFC 101 will no longer "click" when depressed, nor change a preset. I opened the unit since I am no longer under warranty and I don't see any obvious issues. It is strange since I rarely used this switch. All other switches appear to be working properly. Can the switch...
  5. jandjrs

    Help Needed with MFC - Not sure if Mechanical or Software/Setting Related

    The Axe-Fx II and MFC 101 have the latest updates, are connected with a Cat-5, and the MFC is in Axe-fx Mode using 5 Presets. Everything was working fine 2 weeks ago. The next time I connected the units, I found that IA switches 16 & 17 (Tap Tempo & Tuner) are not working. When I depress IA...
  6. jandjrs

    Is 1 of 2 "Scenes Mini Manual" PDF files corrupt?

    I downloaded & unziped the AF II version 9.0 file 3 times on multiple computers. Each time, one of the two Scenes Mini Manuals will not open. I receive a message, " Adobe reader could not open Scenes Mini Manual pdf because it is either not a supported file type or because the file has...
  7. jandjrs

    For The Robben Ford Fans

    It looks like Robben Ford will be releasing an instructional video, Robben Ford's Blues Revolution at: www.Truefire.com: Sneak Peek: Robben Ford Blues Revolution Guitar Course - TrueFire
  8. jandjrs

    ADMIN: MFC stopped "Down Scrolling": during performance

    Admin: I"m using the AF II and the MFC 101. Both units have the latest firmware udates and patches. I'm using the factory presets (version "C") The MFC is set up with #1 thru #5 as presets and #6 thru #17 as IA. After 20 minutes of use durning a performance yesterday, the MFC stopeed...
  9. jandjrs

    Any Low Watt Power Amps & FRFR Cab Recommendations

    Much of what I've read on the forum has been about the Atomic & Matrix power amps. In the past, I've used the 65Amps Empire, Fenders and other low watt Combos. I found 25 watts and under to be sufficient in most case and mic'd to a PA if I needed more. Since I purchased the AFII, what other...
  10. jandjrs

    Error 18 when I connect Midi cable to update MFC firmware

    A good nights sleep and a check of AFII IO settings found USB Adapter Mode impropery set. Upon setting the mode to "On", the update went thru.
  11. jandjrs

    The learning process & how do you achieve Unity gain for each presets

    I learned of the FX 2 within the past month and I am so impressed with what I have read and heard that I am on the waiting list. I know there is quite a bit of a learning curve and I'm trying to streamline this process. I have been reading the forums, the wiki page and it is a bit...
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