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  1. Sidivan

    Updating from Pre-Quantum to 9.04

    Years ago, I found the tone I was looking for and dialed it in with my bands, so I stopped updating (v13ish). I know a ton has changed, but my main question is if I'm going to run into any issues with my MFC settings. I don't have a problem having to re-dial in patches, but I've got some pretty...
  2. Sidivan

    1500 bucks, you say, Line6?

    For some reason I couldn't listen to the clips twice. I got 1 wrong and one I marked "Not sure", but I'm fairly certain I could've identified that one if I could've went back and listened to A.
  3. Sidivan

    Love the new titles

    Posting to check title. Edit: Fanatic sounds about right. I'm digging this new forum design, btw. Haven't visited on a computer for awhile.
  4. Sidivan

    Village Idiot

    Village Idiot
  5. Sidivan

    Strap locks

    I tried these for awhile, but I found that it was stripping out my strap buttons. I kept having to tighten the buttons and couldn't figure it out for the longest time. I took these off and it was fine.
  6. Sidivan

    Strap locks

    Such an accurate description. Panic, disbelief, pit in the stomach...
  7. Sidivan

    Strap locks

    Dunlop flush mounts. Literally every guitar I own has them. LOVE them.
  8. Sidivan

    Why Are drummers normally Unintelligent and Lazy?

    You do realize that 1% in decimal form is .01, right?
  9. Sidivan

    What do you play during sound check?

    The other guitarist and I are both huge Metallica fans, so we each bring a different Metallica song to soundcheck every gig. It's fun to see what the other guy is going to do. As a band, we do something with 3 part harmony and/or vocal layers so we can check levels. Dead-eye Dick's "New Age...
  10. Sidivan

    Strandberg Guitars

    This is an old thread, but since it came back up, here's the Carbon Fiber guitar I was talking about.
  11. Sidivan

    #1 Biggest User Error

    Thank you Cliff! I always feel like I have my master volume too high, but it just sounds better cranked up. My MV is at like... 2 o'clock on all my patches. Real amps drive me crazy because there's always that ledge where it's either too quiet or too loud. The Axe Fx doesn't have that point...
  12. Sidivan

    Is the Axe losing its resale value?

    Exactly. Electronics holding value for 10 years is actually a damn good.
  13. Sidivan

    NGD - Gittler

    Interesting. I'm a thumb-over player, so no way it would work for me, but I'm extremely curious. OFF TO YOUTUBE!
  14. Sidivan

    New from Marshall!!! It's a... phone?

    I wonder if it has that tube "warmth" and "squish" when listening to MP3's.
  15. Sidivan

    GIGWRX FX Labels Facebook Page. Check Us Out!!

    Love love love my gigwrx labels!
  16. Sidivan

    Legality of having models of famous gear

    The cow says moo. The Marshall goes crunch. The axe fx goes moo and crunch. You can't patent or trademark a moo or a crunch, but you can copy write a series of moos or crunches.
  17. Sidivan

    A cover band these days? No way in hell! BMI sues bar...

    Do you know what happens to these fees? They go into a general pool at BMI and then are divided into "shares". Depending on the level of fame your song has reached, you get a portion. So, if your song is a "staple" such as Journey's "Don't Stop Believing", you get a large portion of that fund...
  18. Sidivan

    A cover band these days? No way in hell! BMI sues bar...

    Wow. $4.85 per occupant per year if you want multiple musicians on stage at once. But if you want people to be able to dance to that, well then, that's gonna be another $1.80 per person. That might be the stupidest thing I've ever read.
  19. Sidivan

    can't decide between jackson and ibanez

    Years ago I had a realization. Why do I play ESP? Why do I use Dean Markley strings? Why do I use Green Tortex picks? Because that's that Kirk Hammett uses. That's a stupid reason to use that equipment. So, I went on a bit of a gear soul search. I tried every pick, every string, every guitar...
  20. Sidivan

    can't decide between jackson and ibanez

    Those are two VERY different guitars. The JS140 has the JS neck profile (rounded and thicker on bass side) and 240mm/9.44" fretboard radius. The Jackson has the "speed neck" profile, which is a thin D and a 12" - 16" radius fretboard. If you can't play them first, it's a crapshoot, so buy the...
  21. Sidivan

    PRS Six/Seven String Group Run!

    As it turns out, if you buy 50+ identical guitars, companies tend to be pretty flexible with the options.
  22. Sidivan

    Axe-FX III on the horizon?

    I was actually just talking to my wife today about picking up one of the close out II's so we had something up stairs in the living room to plug into. If the Axe III were announced today and second hand II's dropped in price like the Ultras did when the II was announced, I would snag another in...
  23. Sidivan

    Does anyones Axe-FX II sound this good?

    I use the factory Studio Clean for my live clean channel. Tweaked the bass/mid/treble controls for the guitar, but that's it. For literally all of my tones, I only use basic controls and they sound, IMO, fantastic.
  24. Sidivan

    Axe-Fx Timeout!

    Something is wrong with the connection between the MFC and the Axe FX. Could be the ethernet cable (I've used several and the best are the Best-Tronics cables). Also, it could be the jack on either the MFC or the Axe Fx. Are you going through any sort of rack panel or intermediate connector? I...
  25. Sidivan

    What is your philosophy when updating?

    It's a little more complicated for me. I don't update unless something major changes in my rig. I found my favorite tones in v13 and didn't see the need to update until recently. The reason? I bought a new main guitar. I had to re-dial in tones for it anyway, so I figured I might as well update...
  26. Sidivan

    GigWrx GloWrx Glow in the Dark Label Sets NOW AVAILABLE FOR MFC-101!!!

    In like 5 years when my other set finally wears out, I'll order these! I can't really justify replacing the old ones yet.
  27. Sidivan

    For those who want to flatten the response of their headphones

    Well now I want a 3d print replica of my head.
  28. Sidivan

    We don't get enough updates Thread

    When do we get a webcam directly to FAS HQ so we can sit and watch the team code? That would completely eliminate the need to play guitar between updates.
  29. Sidivan

    NGD Custom Emerald Steampunk Carbon Fiber Electric

    I don't quite have the clean and crunch tones dialed in yet, but definitely will be done soon. I miscommunicated with Alistair on the wiring, so the coil tap isn't wired. Initially I had a tone knob that was a push/pull for coil tap, but I ixnay'd the knob and he thought I no longer wanted the...
  30. Sidivan

    NGD Custom Emerald Steampunk Carbon Fiber Electric

    Here's a quick video of a new riff. Camera audio because I couldn't Reaper to render video with the proper audio. https://www.facebook.com/Sidivan/videos/10205714566157685/
  31. Sidivan

    NGD Custom Emerald Steampunk Carbon Fiber Electric

    It'll have its own page on the Emerald Guitars site soon. I like to keep my Facebook profile pretty private. I made an exception for this album just so I could share it here.
  32. Sidivan

    NGD Custom Emerald Steampunk Carbon Fiber Electric

    It's true! I've pretty much absorbed all of Alistair's time with build, so he's a bit behind on custom stuff. You're going to love the 12 string!
  33. Sidivan

    NGD Custom Emerald Steampunk Carbon Fiber Electric

    I have started dialing in tones, but I just updated from v13 to v18 last night. I'm hoping to have some demos up on Monday-ish.
  34. Sidivan

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.11 Released

    Just updated from v13.xx to 18.11. Do I need to update the MFC too or will it work just fine? I know the v3.xx MFC firmware makes you reset all your IA's and I don't want to go through that hassle.
  35. Sidivan


    Holy cow, I didn't realize how new the AxeFX was when I bought it in '09! I thought I was behind the times!
  36. Sidivan

    NGD Custom Emerald Steampunk Carbon Fiber Electric

    Come on over! PM me and I'll shoot you my phone number.
  37. Sidivan

    NGD Custom Emerald Steampunk Carbon Fiber Electric

    Alistair asked me not to share the price because it wouldn't be accurate if somebody wanted another one. Because we built this from scratch, there was a lot of development in building the mold, lots of hand-done work like casting the knob etc... placing the gears in the F-Hole was, and a I...
  38. Sidivan

    NGD Custom Emerald Steampunk Carbon Fiber Electric

    Thanks guys! I stayed at my cousin's house in while I was there and when I brought this guitar home, he just laughed hysterically at how good it is. We played for about 4 hours and just laughed and laughed the whole time. I've played a lot of high-end guitars, but this thing is in a different...
  39. Sidivan

    Just finished my MFC pedalboard!

    Here is the guitar to match! http://forum.fractalaudio.com/lounge/99462-ngd-custom-emerald-steampunk-carbon-fiber-electric.html#post1192730
  40. Sidivan

    NGD Custom Emerald Steampunk Carbon Fiber Electric

    A few years ago I started exploring the world of carbon fiber guitars and after a ton of research, I pulled the trigger on an Emerald X10 Acoustic. A year or so later, I hit up Alistair Hay, owner of Emerald Guitars, for a custom 4-string version of his 5-string bass for my wife. He knocked that...
  41. Sidivan

    Just finished my MFC pedalboard!

    Wait until you see the guitar that goes with it! I'll be picking it up on Wednesday.
  42. Sidivan

    Just finished my MFC pedalboard!

    Wow, this was from two years ago! This board has over 100 gigs on it now and there's been some modifications. At first I had everything attached with Godlyke Griptape aka super crazy Velcro. The problem was I had to pop off the MFC once and couldn't get the Velcro to lock again! The MFC would...
  43. Sidivan

    I'm gonna give v18 a shot, updating from v14 - anything I should do?

    I think I'm on v13.xx or something. I haven't updated because I love what I'm getting. People are going apeshit over v18 though, so I think it might be time for another leap.
  44. Sidivan

    So I played through a Two Rock combo yesterday.....

    It's not about what is superior. It's about using what you like. I LIKE the sound of FRFR because I use In-Ear monitors for both live and practice. An amp wouldn't allow me to do that. I LIKE to plug into an amp in the room. In fact, I LOVE cranking up tube amps. Much like some guys like...
  45. Sidivan

    Corellation between musical genre and death age, interesting

    I think this is very likely.
  46. Sidivan

    Well that's the last straw....I'm done

    I reached that point a few years ago, actually. I don't even know what firmware version I'm using. The guitar gas though... omg... it's real... I've bought and sold more guitars in the last 2 years than I have in the previous 13.
  47. Sidivan

    Hans from Vafam

    Very sad to hear this. Dealing with Hans was absolutely great and I proudly use 4 rack panels built by him. I get comments about them all the time and frequently refer people to Vafam. I'm relieved to hear that somebody is taking over the business and I hope that the quality and price are kept!
  48. Sidivan

    List of what each band made for playing Woodstock...

    just to put this into perspective, $18000 in 1969 is approx $119,000 today.
  49. Sidivan

    NGD Connundrum!

    For acoustic guitars, there is nothing better than Emerald Guitars. They're carbon fiber, so immune to humidity and temp changes, only ever have to be setup once, and play like electrics. My X10 is absolutely incredible. It's the green one in all of the ads. Here's the NGD from 2012. I have...
  50. Sidivan

    FW18 "Unchained" EVH

    My stance on this is precisely my stance on Digital vs Tube vs Solid State. I don't give a flying f*ck how accurate it is so long as it sounds great. This sounds great. Thanks for posting it, Cooper!
  51. Sidivan

    Semi Broken Up Brit 800 G3 FW18 Mark Day

    Hell yes! As you know, I'm a big fan of your work, Mark. I found it funny that this "Semi-broken, low gain" sound is about how much gain I use on my high-gain settings.
  52. Sidivan

    Just a thought....add a link to the WIKI

    +1 for Vafam Sound. Hans has done 3 panels for me now and the price/quality blow my mind every time.
  53. Sidivan

    My Ormsby Hype Build

    Seriously, Theo, that has me gassing hard for an Ormsby!
  54. Sidivan

    Everyone agrees...

    We didn't do a vinyl.
  55. Sidivan

    Everyone agrees...

    Totally agree. When we had our album mastered, the engineer asked "what type of distribution are you looking at? CD? Vinyl? Download?" He did two versions. It surprises me how big a difference there is between the two formats.
  56. Sidivan

    Do you realize how spoiled we all are with the Axe? I just did.

    While I agree with the sentiment in your post, I have to say that there are several amps that I would've really loved to own since I went Axe FX. Namely, a BadCat Hot Cat 10th Anniversary (serial number 1). That was a FANTASTIC amp. The other one was a Splawn Quickrod through a 2x12 Splawn cab...
  57. Sidivan

    Everyone agrees...

    iTunes preferred format is ALAC, which is Apple's lossless format. MP3 is garbage now days with FLAC, ALAC, etc... Where all this "vinyl sounds better" nonsense comes from is shitty MP3's. People chose convenience over quality early on and are now realizing that vinyl does indeed sound better...
  58. Sidivan

    Exploding kittens

    It's because The Oatmeal has a MASSIVE fan base. If any of us designed that game, it would be a struggle to get $10k.
  59. Sidivan

    Line 6 at NAMM 2015

    The Galaxy 1100 has a brick wall limiter. The holy grail, IMO, is an ADJUSTABLE limiter in an in ear monitor system. As it stands, I just toss a compressor before the IEM so I avoid hitting the built in limiter because it sucks.
  60. Sidivan

    Who makes a good "Blackmachine" style guitar?

    Feline Guitars makes blackmachine b6's that are identical to the real deal. Doug from Blackmachine occasionally even helps them make them.
  61. Sidivan

    My Ormsby Hype Build

    Absolutely beautiful!
  62. Sidivan

    When a famous band's first shows are freaking awesome

    Wow, that's amazing! Coheed and Cambria were not so good when they started.
  63. Sidivan

    Amazing what wire can do

    Was it an oxygen free cable? :D
  64. Sidivan

    My Ormsby Hype Build

    That is stunning! What amazes me is that humans managed to almost eradicate Ebony because the logging companies THREW IT AWAY if it wasn't completely jet black because they thought nobody would want streaky stuff.
  65. Sidivan

    Is it time for Fractal to upgrade the DSP chips in the Axe FX II/Xl

    Honestly, if the Axe FX 3 came out tomorrow, I don't know that I would buy it. I've reached a point where I really love the sounds coming out of my rig and yet I still have literally hundreds of other options that are just as good. I have no idea why I would need to upgrade unless there was some...
  66. Sidivan

    NGD: Carvin DC7X

    It's definitely an adjustment. I tried using it for practice tonight and the first couple songs were fine. Then I tried to play a song with a lot of arpeggios and chord changes... I didn't even get through the whole song before I stopped and switched guitars. The neck is so much wider that I...
  67. Sidivan

    Anyone have success with the Stylus pick?

    Not the same. One of the main things it trains is how much pick to use. Because of the conical shape, if you dig too deep or tilt it too much, it catches on the string and will pull the pick out of your hand.
  68. Sidivan

    NGD: Carvin DC7X

    I actually played this guitar so much over the last 4 days that I injured my pinky. I can barely touch the tip without stabbing pain. In other news, this guitar sounds incredible!
  69. Sidivan

    Anyone have success with the Stylus pick?

    My picking technique improved in orders of magnitude when I was working with the stylus pick. It's about time I bust that out again.
  70. Sidivan

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 17.00 Released

    I want to give you a huge high five and bro hug right now. PRECISELY my thoughts on the subject.
  71. Sidivan

    NGD: Carvin DC7X

    The guitar porn guys put together this amazing run of guitars with Carvin and I managed to get in on it. I am extremely impressed with this guitar. I am not really a 7-string guy, but this guitar is just stunning. The craftsmanship is beyond my expectations at this price point (under $2k). This...
  72. Sidivan

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 17.00 Released

    I've been saying this since I originally got my Ultra: I don't care how accurate the models are. I only care if they sound amazing or not. Thus far, I have not been disappointed... and I'm still running v13 or v14 because I didn't feel like I needed to update.
  73. Sidivan

    Anyone else have the AxeFXII change your style

    +1 to pretty much everything in this thread. I NEVER used my volume knob before. I use it constantly now. I used to be a 100% high-gain all the time guy, but now I use less and less every day. I compared one of my old patches to what I use now and my "high gain" sound is damn near clean by...
  74. Sidivan

    Buy Dweezil's Fractal Presets

    Well nevermind then. I wonder if they installed the non-working XLR jack that only Frank new how to use. I can't find the video, but Dweezil talked about how nobody knows how the circuit was intended to work or even if it ever actually worked.
  75. Sidivan

    Buy Dweezil's Fractal Presets

    I think you guys are missing the bigger picture here. HE'S SELLING ROXY!
  76. Sidivan

    How long did it take for you to become great at using your DAW, a DAW

    I suck at my DAW (Reaper) and I've had it for several years.
  77. Sidivan

    My Ormsby Hype Build

    I'm actually extremely curious about these hypemachines. If I were in Australia, I would totally go try one out.
  78. Sidivan

    AC/DC's drummer is so metal....

    What do you suppose his preferred method is? Concrete Shoes, Cyanide, TNT, or high voltage?
  79. Sidivan

    Clark Kent introducing MicRobot©

    You'll probably have to change the name a little. "Microbot" is already a generic term for small robots. Nevertheless, I get that this was a joke and I found it funny.
  80. Sidivan

    Geez Line 6 - misleading much?

    These Amplifi units are actually pretty cool. They don't look like an amp, so you can have one in your living room and people just think it's a speaker. It sounds pretty dang good as a Bluetooth stereo too. A local shop has one in and we (the shop owner and I) screwed around with it for a...
  81. Sidivan

    Great names for presets.

    My lead boost is called "RAWR!"
  82. Sidivan

    Mastodon on Letterman

    Who cares if it's the drummer or bass player? If it sounds good, it is good. Mastadon rules. Also, I love their humor.
  83. Sidivan

    Wife's NGD: Emerald Bass (carbon fiber)

    Alistair just posted a photoshoot he did with this bass before he shipped it. https://scontent-b-ord.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpf1/v/t1.0-9/10384025_970894379593414_3959869209522999750_n.jpg?oh=988ed3b9cababc92cc6cba9eb398ac93&oe=54DF1FF8...
  84. Sidivan

    Wife's NGD: Emerald Bass (carbon fiber)

    I get what you're saying. Nobody is contesting that there must be some seam somewhere. Like you said, you can't fold a piece of paper into a shape without a seam. The 1-Piece construction means they don't make individual pieces and then glue them together after they've cured.
  85. Sidivan

    Wife's NGD: Emerald Bass (carbon fiber)

    Just to this "they paint a black edge to cover up a seam" thing to rest, I stuck my phone inside my acoustic and took a picture of where the body meets the top. There's no seam dude. The black is specifically my request. Prior to me ordering it, they didn't do it! My guitar is the green X10 in...
  86. Sidivan

    Wife's NGD: Emerald Bass (carbon fiber)

    It's a little heavier than I expected. My x10 acoustic is super light. I don't have a scale to weigh it, but I would say the bass is about 6-7lbs. The official spec for the 5 string version is 7lbs. I have to say that after spending some time with this thing I am completely blown away. I have...
  87. Sidivan

    Wife's NGD: Emerald Bass (carbon fiber)

    I forgot to post one of the coolest parts. LUMINLAY!
  88. Sidivan

    Wife's NGD: Emerald Bass (carbon fiber)

    The black line on both my acoustic and this bass were by my request. I like the look. The one-piece construction is Emerald's "thing". It's what separates them from the rest of the carbon fiber crowd and it's a proprietary process. The claim is that because of this type of construction, they...
  89. Sidivan

    Wife's NGD: Emerald Bass (carbon fiber)

    She's been playing an Ibanez SR900 for years and she says this Emerald feels a lot shorter. I haven't put them side by side, but the Emerald feels like a much smaller bass in general. The body is TINY! It is absolutely one-piece. I have no idea how they do it, but there are no seams. The weave...
  90. Sidivan

    Wife's NGD: Emerald Bass (carbon fiber)

    My wife received her new custom Emerald Flow bass yesterday and it is AMAZING. The pictures turned out much redder than the actual color, but I managed to snap one that actually looks purple.
  91. Sidivan

    Pick Two Factory Cabs to Replace

    I only use the Ultra-res, so my vote would be to replace all the high-res with more ultra res.
  92. Sidivan

    How do you guys stop your wife talking?

    A long time ago, a very wise man told me the secret to communication in a marriage is listening. When he comes home from work, he sits down and lets his wife talk about her day for about 30 minutes. The entire time he simply makes acknowledgement noises, "Yep. Uh huh." but the key is to not be...
  93. Sidivan

    Clean and underwatery

    I love this! There's a note at 0:23 that's just a little tiny "blurp" in the background that delays out. What effect are you using there? It's friggin' gorgeous and it only happens once in the entire song.
  94. Sidivan

    How do you guys stop your wife talking?

    When we first started dating, we had both been through a few intense relationships, so we started laying ground rules. Sort of a "Here's what my expectations are, can you meet those?" type conversation. My #1 rule was that music is the most important thing in my life. I'm going to be playing in...
  95. Sidivan

    Axe Fx II can be "Microphonic"

    Crazy. How does it work? I don't understand how it's possible.
  96. Sidivan

    Story time: Directly into FOH and props from soundguy!

    ...and leave a little headroom in on your gain because I have a 3db boost for solos.
  97. Sidivan

    Do you keep guitars you don't really use, if they're nice/rare/expensive?

    I have been reducing my stash of guitars lately. I currently have: Peavey Patriot (first guitar) LTD VB300 - sentimental value Custom ESP - main guitar Charvel soloist - backup guitar Emerald X10 Acoustic
  98. Sidivan

    Slightly saddened by Guthrie... Again.

    That bend/release at 0:48 makes me want to quit playing guitar. Just screw it. Leave it to the guys who apparently understand witchraft.
  99. Sidivan

    The mighty MESHUGGAH and the Axe FX!

    I listened to that whole thing and there's definitely some interesting things going on rhythmically. The leads have some jazz influence, but the vocals are just... Bad. They clutter up the mix and don't add anything valuable, IMO. In this style, vocals are generally another texture on top of...
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