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  1. TrickRichards

    Stuck On Scene?

    I haven’t been able to recreate the problem with or without the Mastermind which is unnerving. I don’t recall the actual CPU number but many of my presets are 70 something percent. So far this issue has occurred with 3 different presets but the really frustrating part is it doesn’t happen every...
  2. TrickRichards

    Stuck On Scene?

    No nothing got copied on accident and the blocks are showing correct states but not sounding correct. For instance the delay block was bypassed but I can still hear the delay.
  3. TrickRichards

    Stuck On Scene?

    I've been experiencing a strange intermittent issue I can't figure out. This past week I've had tone not change between scenes even though the Axe front panel and Axe-Edit displayed a scene change. For example, Scene 1 is a high gain preset with delay, Scene 2 is clean without delay. I change...
  4. TrickRichards

    Emulating Bass Guitar

    Thanks a bunch guys! The preset is now on Axe-Change: http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=9040 Let me know how it works for you!
  5. TrickRichards

    Emulating Bass Guitar

    Hey Y'all, I've been getting some great results emulating bass guitar using the virtual capo along with a couple of other tricks. You can check out some samples and my approach to setting up a preset in this vid. Also curious to hear how others are going about it and what your go-to amp/cab...
  6. TrickRichards

    FAS Wreck is a beast!

    Wow, that’s a beauty! Must be fun to have a “fully loaded” axe like that. No sound is out of reach!
  7. TrickRichards

    FAS Wreck is a beast!

    Great to hear it was helpful! Always fun to try a new amp model and share my findings. More to come!
  8. TrickRichards

    FAS Wreck is a beast!

    Thanks! What kind of Kiesel did you get? Drop a pic!
  9. TrickRichards

    FAS Wreck is a beast!

    Thanks, much appreciated!
  10. TrickRichards

    FAS Wreck is a beast!

    My pleasure!
  11. TrickRichards

    Is it time to take the screen protectors off?? and should I experiment with more amps...

    I’ll defer to others recommendations about the screen protector. In regards to experimenting with more amps, I highly recommend it! I feel like us guitar players often times go to an amp by name, reputation, and who uses it, but there are many “hidden gems” in the Axe-Fx! Ive been really...
  12. TrickRichards

    FAS Wreck is a beast!

    This week I took some time to really dig into the FAS Wreck and…WOW!!! Gorgeous sounding amp and really diverse too! Anyone been digging this one? I think those of you that are chasing sounds from the likes of Gilmore, Timmons, Beck, or even Bonamassa NEED to give this one a try!
  13. TrickRichards

    Legend 100, holy $*%#!

    Thanks all! Really great to see this one resonated. Always happy to share what works well for me but as @hehjr said, certain cabs may work better depending on your setup. I've had great results from several of the V30 cabs, particularly 126 4X12 Citrus Mix and 041 4X12 1960B V30 RW. Definitely...
  14. TrickRichards

    Legend 100, holy $*%#!

    Sure thing, here ya go! Nothing too fancy here, only using two scenes. You may want to adjust the gates to suit your playing environment and the wah is tied to External 1 so adjust as needed.
  15. TrickRichards

    Legend 100, holy $*%#!

    I’m blown away by this one! So much fun to play with this kind of tone. Steve Vai’s tone has this elusive, low mid range magic I’ve never quite been able to get. It’s aggressive, yet smooth. Many amps get too muddy when you boost low mids. The Legacy 100 NAILS it! If you haven’t checked this one...
  16. TrickRichards

    Strat Players

    The FAS Crunch is absolutely awesome with a strat! It’s surprisingly versatile too. If you’re looking for something more sparkly, I recommend the Super Reverb Vibrato.
  17. TrickRichards

    stevie ray gary moore

    I just did a video on dialing in some S.R.V. tones with Cygnus. Hopefully this helps get ya in the ballpark. And if you want my preset specifically, just let me know. Happy to post that if it’d be helpful.
  18. TrickRichards

    Not Really Digging Axe Thru Headphones

    These things have made the biggest difference for me and now I love using headphones. * Room Reverb - Personally, I like Studio C and medium room, usually set the mix between 8-15%. Play around with the stereo spread. * Gain Enhancer - Try starting with 1.20 at a threshold of -32 * Headphone...
  19. TrickRichards

    Wish Dynamic EQ

  20. TrickRichards

    Patch for octave down on low notes only?

    Thanks! I have it working well for single notes but every time I play a chord it triggers the octave for all notes. Is that just the limitation of the block or am I missing something?
  21. TrickRichards

    Patch for octave down on low notes only?

    Does anyone have a preset they use for getting octave down bass notes while allowing higher notes through without the octave? I did a search and tried a few of the suggestions but didn’t find what I was after. Seems like it is possible with the pitch follower but I can’t seem to prevent the...
  22. TrickRichards

    FAS Crunch, Dimarzio Cruiser, Fender Texas Specials

    Check out the sounds from the Dimarzio Cruiser (using the bridge version, like Andy Timmons) in the neck position of my Strat combined with the beautiful FAS Crunch amp! Gotta say, that FAS Crunch has beat out the Friedman C45 for my go to amp these days. I also compare the Dimarzio Cruiser to...
  23. TrickRichards

    Basic Settings When Using FRFR

    I’d say pick an amp model and really focus on trying to nail down some settings for that one alone. in my experience, jumping around too much between models can play tricks on your ears. If you’re using the Friedman amps for high gain, be aware that these are low end heavy amp models. From the...
  24. TrickRichards

    Go to amp for HSS guitars

    Which IR’s do you like best with these amps?
  25. TrickRichards

    Go to amp for HSS guitars

    I think the Brit 70s GB 313 B works really well for this one. Let me know what ya think.
  26. TrickRichards

    Go to amp for HSS guitars

    I find the Dirty Shirley really nails some classic sounds, but it’s missing something. Had a lot of fun with the Archon today, really dig it for both single coil and humbuckers. All that being said, I gotta say the one that is now my current favorite is the FAS Crunch! Love the midrange, love...
  27. TrickRichards

    Go to amp for HSS guitars

    Just curious what others are using for their super strat style guitars. Generally, I’ve been using the USA Pre for super clean, Cory Wong style cleans, Vibroverb for gritty clean-mid gain, and the Friedman HBE 2018 for high gain. Also, just put a couple of 470k resistors in for my single coils...
  28. TrickRichards

    Fender Texas Special vs Fender Hot Noiseless Pickups

    I was impressed with Suhr’s silent backplate system. It’s not 100 percent noiseless, but still really effective. You can now order a backplate system from Ilitch Electronics, I think they were the company that originally made them for Suhr. As for the Tom Anderson pickups, I haven’t heard them...
  29. TrickRichards

    Fender Texas Special vs Fender Hot Noiseless Pickups

    Thanks! My thoughts exactly. I would definitely use the hot noiseless as a backup guitar if there was bad stage wiring or lighting interference. I’ve tried so many noiseless pickups over the years, but it’s the same conclusion every time! So far, you just can’t touch the chime and mids of a true...
  30. TrickRichards

    Fender Texas Special vs Fender Hot Noiseless Pickups

    Hey y’all, here’s a video I did comparing the Fender CS Texas Specials to the Fender Hot Noiseless pickups. I play a bunch of classic riffs using 3 amps from the Axe Fx III, Super Reverb, Vibroverb, and the 50w Plexi Jump. I have to say, the results surprised me! Hopefully some of you find this...
  31. TrickRichards

    Lets talk recording with UAD Plug-ins

    The tape machines are awesome. They really do add some nice character to anything being recorded. I concur, the UA-610B is a really nice sounding pre. Also been liking the V76 pre for vocals. The classics like 1176 and LA2A are essential. For drum and vocal EQ the Pultec EQP-1A is great. I’ve...
  32. TrickRichards

    Tips for remote lesson audio quality

    I know it’s been tough for some to find solutions for effective remote teaching. After much trial and error, I put together some suggestions for getting the best possible audio through Zoom. I also offer my suggestions for remote jamming. Hope this helps anyone that’s been struggling or just...
  33. TrickRichards

    Kiesel Delos HSS Demo & Playthrough

    Hey Y'all, I just got a new Kiesel custom Delos, which is their version of a super strat. I made a video demoing all the pickup positions with various amounts of gain. And of course I used the Axe-Fx III. If anyone has been curious about Kiesel I highly recommend giving this a watch! Hope this...
  34. TrickRichards

    Wide interval guitar playing

    Any Carl Verheyen fans around here? I love the way he uses intervals to build guitar lines. I had the unique opportunity to learn from him when I was a student at Musicians Institute and wanted to pass on some concepts that might be fun to try. Here’s my YouTube video about creating wide...
  35. TrickRichards

    Axe-Fx III into IEM's

    I highly suggest using separate outs for IEM and FOH. This way you can be more liberal with reverb and delay without muddying the house mix. Try using a room reverb at about 12-15% or so. Also try playing with the early and late reflections. I found some good results raising early reflections...
  36. TrickRichards

    Logic Pro X Controlling III (unwanted)

    I’m having this issue as well. The only fix I know is to go up to Logic Pro X - Control Surfaces - Bypass All Control Surfaces. You’ll have to do this every time you open Logic. Anyone else have a better fix?
  37. TrickRichards

    S/PDIF cable length for Axe-Fx III?

    I’ve been using a 20 ft. spdif cable without any issues.
  38. TrickRichards

    High End IEM...Really worth it?

    Yes, I have full control of my monitor mix and I’m running my Axe III in stereo.
  39. TrickRichards

    High End IEM...Really worth it?

    Good to hear from someone that uses the JH16’s. Regarding the muddy mix, I play in a large band with vocals, bass, keys, drums, congas, sax, trombone, and at times drums samples like 808’s. By far the most challenging aspect is getting the keys and bass to work where I can really hear both...
  40. TrickRichards

    High End IEM...Really worth it?

    So I already have a pair of Ultimate Ears UE 5, which is a two driver configuration. Anyone here have experience with some of the high end stuff like UE 18+ or JH Audio Roxanne? As far as the guitar tones, I’m already pretty happy with the sound. It’s the full band mix that seems to always be...
  41. TrickRichards

    IEM volume on solo or boost

    +1 for using separate output blocks. I use Out1 for IEM and Out2 for FOH. I control levels using a combination of amp level and scene level. I’ve found that certain sounds just don’t translate to both IEM and FOH. In those cases, I use the scene levels to get each output just right. I also use...
  42. TrickRichards

    Spring Reverb

    Some things that have worked well for me: 1) Crank the mix and use input gain to control the blend. I could be crazy but I feel like I can hear more spring “boing” this way. 2) Raising the high cut to allow more highs can make the spring sound more noticeable 3) The tone and drive knobs can...
  43. TrickRichards

    SPDIF Clicks and Static

    Thanks for the reply. Most of my presets hover around 60-70% and I haven’t had any notification of clock sync issues from my DAW. I’m using Logic X by the way.
  44. TrickRichards

    SPDIF Clicks and Static

    I’m getting some occasional clicks and static with the spdif connection. I thought it might’ve been the beta firmware but the same sounds are present even after rolling back to the earlier firmware. This is happening across multiple presets and scenes. Up to this point I’ve only connected the...
  45. TrickRichards

    Favorite Cabs for Friedman?

    Just curious, what are your go to cab IR’s for the Friedman C45? Especially interested to hear what people are using live. I’m currently using a strange combo, a JBL E130 SM57C (many know this from Tyler Grund’s awseome SRV tones) and Factory 2 532 which is 4x12 Brit 70s GB 160 B. Sounds great...
  46. TrickRichards

    Axe-Fx III and IEM... 5 Tips & Tricks

    Another cool PRO for IEM’s is you can play with a lot more verb and delay without having to stress about your FOH sound being too washed out. I use a separate stereo reverb and delay for my IEM’s and it is absolute tonal bliss.
  47. TrickRichards

    Odd Note Groupings & Satriani Legato (Friedman HBE C45)

    Hey Y'all! I'm getting back into making YouTube vids and would so appreciate any looks/listens, suggestions etc. This is my latest video about odd note phrasing, specifically 5 and 7 note groupings. Please let me know what you think of the Axe-Fx tone and anything else! Many thanks!
  48. TrickRichards

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 8.00 Public Beta

    I too would be very interested to know this! In any case, thanks for the great content Leon!
  49. TrickRichards

    Wish More instances of Looper block

    Love the ideas! +1!
  50. TrickRichards

    How to reduce pick attack?

    Try this: 1) Use the looper to record a short clip of your playing. 2) Use a PEQ to Sweep through the frequencies. +10 dB high q until you find the offensive frequency. 3) Cut offensive frequency. Alternatively, you may have success just by turning the tone knob on your guitar down. Hope...
  51. TrickRichards

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 6.00 Public Beta

    FWIW I updated to Beta 6 and the only issue I’ve had so far is the tuner muting the input instead of the output. After that quick fix I played gigs Friday and Saturday with no issues. Sorry to hear it’s been problematic for others. No doubt FAS team will be on it and the results will be more...
  52. TrickRichards

    Wish Set Lists

    +1 this would be hugely helpful!
  53. TrickRichards

    Wish BPM set to tenths (rather than just whole numbers)

    +1 I’d also greatly appreciate a swing percentage! Link to that wish if anyone would find that helpful. https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/swing-percentage-setting.142685/
  54. TrickRichards

    Tempo Issue

    @unix-guy You seem to be the resident expert on the midi stuff, might you be able to shed some light on this tempo issue?
  55. TrickRichards

    Tempo Issue

    I just tested it and the tempos come up as I stored them when the MFC is disconnected. Must have something to do with the way I have configured my tap tempo switch.
  56. TrickRichards

    Tempo Issue

    i’m having an issue with the stored tempo in my Axe III presets that I suspect could be MFC related. For example, I program a preset and set the tempo to 96, make sure that tempo to use is set to “preset” not global, save the preset. When i recall the preset using the MFC the tempo is somewhere...
  57. TrickRichards

    Dialing tones for use with IEMs

    Thanks a bunch for your insight, Chris! I’m gonna try your these suggestions next rehearsal.
  58. TrickRichards

    Dialing tones for use with IEMs

    Curious, how many people are using the Axe III with in ear monitors? Anyone have any tips or tricks to share? Personally, I’ve been creating separate signal paths for FOH and my IEM’s. This way I can add more bass, and be more aggressive with reverbs and delays. In my experience, you sacrifice...
  59. TrickRichards

    TotalSync and more with MFC-101 and Axe-Fx 3

    Any updates on this? I filled out your questionnaire but haven’t heard anything. I’m very interested!
  60. TrickRichards

    Bidirectional midi?

    I saw that “Send Realtime Sysex” is back, does that allow tap tempo and tuning to be used by the MFC-101 now?
  61. TrickRichards

    Wish Swing Percentage Setting

    It’d be great to have a swing percentage setting for time based effects and controllers.
  62. TrickRichards

    Swing 16th Delay

    Is it possible to get swing 16th delay repeats? Or a swing feel in the sequencer?
  63. TrickRichards

    Go to settings for clean tone solos

    My gate is off, I do use a little bit of compression, and my guitar is setup well. Any suggested settings for on the verge of breakup type sounds?
  64. TrickRichards

    Go to settings for clean tone solos

    Hey y’all, I’m curious to hear how people are setting up their patches for clean solos. I’ve gotten some great results from the Fender style amps, but one issue I have is a lack of sustain. In particular, my bends just don’t ring out as long as I’d like. Any suggestions?
  65. TrickRichards

    Thanks a bunch Johan!

    Thanks a bunch Johan!
  66. TrickRichards

    IA#6 Not Syncing

    I have my Axe-FX Ultra and MFC-101 Mark III latest firmware setup to have Drive 1 on IA#6 but it's not showing up. I checked to see the CC#'s are correct on the Axe and MFC and they seem to be. I even tried having another effect on IA#6 but it's not syncing with the Axe-FX. The LEDs light up and...
  67. TrickRichards

    Pedal Train 2 - MFC 101 w/2 Mission EP-1 pedals

    Hey Johan, Where can I get those knobs and switches you have on the bottom of your board?
  68. TrickRichards

    Hey, I was looking at a pic of your pedalboard and noticed you had two knob controllers on the...

    Hey, I was looking at a pic of your pedalboard and noticed you had two knob controllers on the bottom. Can you tell me who makes those?
  69. TrickRichards

    Digitech Drop Demo w/ Axe Fx

    The Axe Fx can absolutely do a momentary mode. There's a variety of ways you could do it. One example would be to setup a momentary switch on your midi controller. You could also use a sequencer tied to the pitch block's bypass.
  70. TrickRichards

    Digitech Drop Demo w/ Axe Fx

    Yes, I've done this on the Axe Fx. The latency is just a bit more than the Digitech Drop. The tracking is great but not perfect.
  71. TrickRichards

    Digitech Drop Demo w/ Axe Fx

    The tracking is pretty good on chord strumming. The pedal starts to have a hard time on open voiced chords and wide intervals.
  72. TrickRichards

    Digitech Drop Demo w/ Axe Fx

    Hey everyone, I just did a YouTube Demo of the Digitech Drop pedal. If anyone has any interest in adding this pedal to your rig, check out my demo first. All the recordings were done with the Axe Fx. Hope some of you find it helpful and informative.
  73. TrickRichards

    Zedd's "Addicted to a Memory" (Crazy arpeggios)

    Thanks for checking in it out Y'all! I didn't make a TAB yet but I'm gonna start it today. guitarzpt, I can PM you a PDF when I complete it.
  74. TrickRichards

    Zedd's "Addicted to a Memory" (Crazy arpeggios)

    Hey, so I heard these crazy arpeggios (that are probably sequenced) in the Zedd tune "Addicted to a Memory". I had a lot of fun figuring this out and playing it through the Axe-FX. Check it out: https://youtu.be/SBiDu4A1cc8
  75. TrickRichards

    Reveal Mode Exclusive Midi commands

    That'd be great, thanks so much! You are correct, Midi Thru on Axe FX Ultra goes to computer, MFC is hooked up with Midi In.
  76. TrickRichards

    Reveal Mode Exclusive Midi commands

    Thanks a bunch for the info! I wasn't totally clear on that before. I have my MFC bank size set for 5, what I'm trying to do is use the reveal mode to turn those 5 bank switches into IA switches to control a computer based looper. The problem I ran into is that the CC's are still being sent...
  77. TrickRichards

    Reveal Mode Exclusive Midi commands

    Is there a way to make the 1-5 IA switches send CC#'s only when in Reveal mode? I'm using an Ultra and so far after programming IA's 1-5 they send in Reveal mode and when I'm switching patches normally. Thanks for any help!
  78. TrickRichards

    Using MFC-101 to control Axe Fx + Mainstage 3

    Hi, I'm attempting to setup the MFC-101 to control 3 Loopback Looper Plugins in Mainstage 3 in addition to controlling patch and IA changes my Axe Fx Ultra. Does anyone here have experience with this sort of thing? Any advice for how to set this up? Ideally I'm hoping to control the loopers by...
  79. TrickRichards

    Satriani Cover: Dream Song

    Hey, I used the ultra on my entry into the Guitar Center Master Satriani Contest. Check it out and if ya like what ya hear you can help me win by subscribing to my youtube channel. Colin Gailey - Dream Song - Master Satriani Contest 2012 - YouTube Thanks!
  80. TrickRichards

    Satriani 2010 Album - Rever???

    You can get very close with the Large Cathedral Reverb, just change the mix to about 45%.
  81. TrickRichards

    Gate for heavy rhythm work

    Thanks a bunch, stoked to hear you're enjoying the album!
  82. TrickRichards

    Gate for heavy rhythm work

    Just curious, how are you guys setting your gate for djent style rhythm patches?
  83. TrickRichards

    Ground Conrol Pro Editor

    So i know there's a software editor for Ground Control Pro out there but the site that was hosting it doesn't exist anymore. Does anyone here have the software and if so be willing to share? I'd love to be able to manipulate setlists/presets... Any help is greatly appreciated!
  84. TrickRichards

    Dream Theater - Blind Faith Unison

    That would be very cool to see with the Axe-II! As for the unison I had tons of trouble with the fingerings and I ended up changing several lines. If you end up learning it and need some assistance with fingerings hit me up.
  85. TrickRichards

    Dream Theater - Blind Faith Unison

    Thanks for checking it out guys! @ Eric, yes I did it in standard tuning. More to come soon...
  86. TrickRichards

    Dream Theater - Blind Faith Unison

    Hey, just did a short vid of the Dream Theater Blind Faith guitar/keyboard unison. Check it out! YouTube - ‪Dream Theater - Blind Faith Unison (Axe-FX)‬‏
  87. TrickRichards

    Mark IIC+7 String Vid

    Thanks again guys! Don, you're right on. Those are great suggestions im definitely gonna try that. How would you time the reverb predelay to the song bpm?
  88. TrickRichards

    Mark IIC+7 String Vid

    Thanks a bunch for all the kind words! @ sammetal91 thanks for getting the album, glad you're digging it! @ Valtiel the pickups in my universe are Evo7 in the Bridge and Air Norton7 in the neck.
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