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  1. mcmurray

    Duplicating USB audio (for general playback) to Out 1 and Out 2 simultaneously

    I'd like to dedicate OUT 1 to headphones and OUT 2 to monitors for general playback duties on a Mac - this is to have one volume control knob each for headphones and monitors. Anyone know how to do this? In Audio MIDI setup I can assign USB audio playback to OUT 1 OR OUT 2 but not both...
  2. mcmurray

    [implemented] Axe-Edit III - show preset history

    Just wondering if a preset history would be beneficial to any of you here. For me, I often can't find a cool preset I was using days ago (and that I'd forgotten the name of), and displaying the past presets used would be helpful in finding them.
  3. mcmurray

    Plexi 100W - Ghost notes

    Has anyone had any luck tweaking out ghost notes from sounding on this factory preset?
  4. mcmurray

    USB audio randomly distorted

    After a while when using my mac for music playback, the audio from the Axe will be horribly distorted (like a constant high pitch squeal). A power cycle of the Axe usually fixes it. When in this state playing guitar through the Axe sounds fine. I've experienced this on my machine before and...
  5. mcmurray

    Who listens to music with their Axe-Fx?

    One thing that's blown me away with the III is the quality of the DAC and headphone amplifier. This thing drives my Sennheiser HD-650s better than anything else I've tried, and often get swept away for hours just listening. One could easily spend the same amount on a headphone amp/dac that...
  6. mcmurray

    Anyone seeing Buckethead on this year's tour?

    https://www.bucketheadpikes.com/shows.html If you are I'm jealous. Here's an example of what you could expect:
  7. mcmurray

    USB buffer 8 samples - which DAW?

    I'd like to test some virtual instruments with the USB buffer size set to 8 samples (to minimise latency). I know the Axe FX III supports this buffer size, but in both Logic and Cubase the minimum buffer size available to select is 32 samples. Anyone know of a DAW which supports an 8 sample...
  8. mcmurray

    [fixed] New Axe-Fx III - no input level, no sound

    Guitar is plugged into the front instrument input, and headphones. I've tried 2 different cables and I can't get any input indication (both LEDs and Meters display), and therefore no sound. Tried resetting to factory settings. Settings look to be good. Anyone have suggestions on what to try...
  9. mcmurray

    Are the Standard and Ultra now discontinued?

    Are the old models now discontinued? Or will they remain in production and be sold cheaper?
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