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  1. favance

    Atomic CLR Bag or Containers for Shipping/Travel

    I am getting ready to move and have two Atomic CLR Neo MK II units. Anyone found a good way to travel or ship each of these so they don't get damaged? Thanks!
  2. favance

    Out-of-Phase Humbucker Guitar Filter Block Help

    I have been trying to simulate an out-of-phase humbucker setup for a preset using the Axe-FX III Filter block. I have a Gibson Les Paul, but really don't want to re-wire it with an out-of-phase switch. Also, I'm trying to emulate the Peter Green LP out-of-phase sound. I've attached the filter...
  3. favance

    New Fender Brent Mason Tele

    I don't want to break this to my wife, but I'm Jonesin' for this new Brent Mason Tele. He's always been one of my guitar heroes, a top Nashville player and now Fender has recognized him w/this beauty. So here's a vid by Carl Verheyen... This seems like one of the most versatile guitars I've...
  4. favance

    12.08 Public Beta 4, Tom Petty Preset

    Really digging 12.08 Beta 4, so I though I would use it to beef up a Tom Petty patch. I used this patch when I played out with cover bands, so it works well in a live performance context. W/firmware 12.08 Public Beta 4, came improvements with the Compressor and Pitch Shifting, so I have added...
  5. favance

    Where is the music like this?

    One of my favorite albums..one of the most innovative collections of music I've ever heard!
  6. favance

    John Prine - COVID-19 Victim

    Sad, it appears that John Prine has the COVID-19 virus. Prayers to him, his family/friends, and fans. I have always been a big fan of this master songwriter...let's hope the he survives this!
  7. favance

    Thinking Out the Box!

    A great example of the thinking out of the box: The new Fender Sallen Stratocaster...guitar/supercar! Not sure it's for me... however, I love the idea of super guitars & cars!
  8. favance

    62 Marshall Bluesbreaker

    I was really inspired by the latest Axe-FX III Firmware 10.1, so I thought I might try to contribute a preset based on the 62 Marshall Bluesbreaker...I tried to match the sound bytes from the Marshall page and from what I recall from John Mayall/Eric Clapton days. Here's a link to the patch...
  9. favance

    Wish Selectable Guitar Tunings

    Would be awesome to have selectable tunings for guitar, including selection rotation from the FC12/FC6. This could include several commonly used Guitar tunings: Standard, Sweetened, Drop D, Eb, Open E, Open A, Open D, etc.
  10. favance

    Guitar Setup and how setup affects Axe-Fx

    @Admin M@ Would be cool if we could have a Thread Group dedicated to how Guitars (and Setup) affects the Axe-FX. I had an affinity after having issue with a guitar setup and how it affects the sound (w/Axe-FX III or real amps). It seems I had adjusted the pickups on a couple of my guitars too...
  11. favance

    How to assign special characters to Custom Name?

    Using the Ez Setup mode, I am trying to assign a Custom Name to the switch with special characters. Ex. <Looper> or !#Switch. I could not find a way to access special characters...any ideas? Thanks.
  12. favance

    Cab Block "Input" Parameter Setting

    I have been looking at the Cab Block and noticed a parameter called "Input" that can be set to Left, Right, Stereo, or Sum Left+Right. In noticed patches that I've obtained from others vary with most either being "Left" or "Stereo". I have started modifying most of the patches to "Sum...
  13. favance

    Implemented I could Copy/Paste a Block Channel

    Maybe it already exists someway, but I wish we could copy a Block Channel from one channel to another or paste it into a new preset.
  14. favance

    Guitars and String Gauge Discussion

    I just ran across a new string manufacturer out of Nashville called "StringJoy". I ordered a couple of their balanced sets (9's and 10's). A little expensive, but because they're "balanced tension" they do have a better feel...I'm hoping they last longer to justify the cost. Also, they have a...
  15. favance

    Finally found my IR Sound!

    Thanks to Austin Buddy and a little reading, I think I found my favorite IR Sounds. Here's a quote from Eddie Kramer (Hendrix recording engineer: When asked about the techniques used to record Hendrix's guitar, Eddie Kramer's response is concise and to the point. "I'd stick a bloody mic in...
  16. favance

    OS/X High Sierra Supported?

    Before I upgrade, trying to find out if OS/X High Sierra has been tested and is supported by all the Fractal Software? Thx
  17. favance

    Having trouble using the looper, feel it affects tone of presets

    Again, I love all of the patches in this collection. However, something happens that changes the patch sound, when I start adding effects (even without enabling the effect block) to the patches (ex. wah, compressor, delays, volume pedal, etc.). It's almost as if the added blocks by themselves...
  18. favance

    Amp Patches from Real Amp Owners

    Just had a thought and I'm not necessarily qualified, as I no longer own any of these real amps represented in the Axe-FX... It would be cool to qualify patches that are donated w/"Sounds just like my Amp XXX" for patches. I know it's not possible for everyone and my intent is NOT to...
  19. favance

    Don't Loan Your Guitar Out!!!

    So, here's the way to handle a priceless Martin (1870)... Glad I'm not the prop man in this! http://www.guitarplayer.com/artists/1013/jennifer-jason-leigh-on-hateful-eight-martin-i-took-it-home-and-played-it-every-day/56529
  20. favance

    Bug: Requires Internet to run

    Not sure if this is a bug or intentional. But, Axe Edit 3.2.0 will not start up if there is no internet connection on OS/X.
  21. favance

    Finding User Cabs that are used in Axe FX II

    Is there a utility or way within the Axe FX II or Editor that you can find a list of loaded Users Cabs that are actually used? thanks!
  22. favance

    the Good Wife!

    So, the wife has let me order the 3rd (and final?) guitar I've wanted since I was a kid...A Tele Deluxe. In the last 3 years, starting w/my 60th Birthday, she let me get a Martin OM-28, 2014 Les Paul Traditional, and now this! She's a keeper, along w/these awesome guitars. One great woman...
  23. favance

    Guitar Room Mic Techniques Question

    So, after experimenting for the last few years w/CAB IRs, I'm starting to believe that one of the last components of our quest is the Cabinet room/mic techniques. Question: how come of all the IR's most lack the "in the room" IR that experiment with the mic placement in the room? After...
  24. favance

    MFC Looper Assignment switches question?

    Anyone know of a way to re-assign the Looper assignment switches while in reveal mode? (I know the manual says they cannot be re-assigned, but I was just hoping this has been updated to allow for re-assignment of what functions are on each switch). thanks.
  25. favance

    Gibson Les Paul Advice...what to buy

    So, I have played many Les Pauls over the years and know they vary quite a bit. I'm looking for something that 1) captures most of the great Les Pauls sounds of Rock/Blues, 2) has a playable neck (not the baseball bat necks I've seen on some, 3) is weight relieved (as I get older, it's harder...
  26. favance

    Jimi Hendrix - Hear My Train a Comin' on PBS

    Jimi Hendrix - Hear My Train a Comin' on PBS tomorrow night @ 9:00 - 11:00 pm EST.
  27. favance

    Wish: External Device Midi Patch/Bank Increment/Decrement function

    Would be cool if the MFC had a function that could be accessed an assigned to External Switches to Increment/Decrement Patches on a specified Midi Channel in order to control external devices. If this function supported the Program Change Message in such a way that 128 patches within a Preset...
  28. favance

    MFC 2.18 Midi Thru Looping Bug

    Looks like when running 2.18 MFC Firmware, when you turn on the "Midi Thru" parameter on the Axe-FX II I/O menu, any patch switching on the MFC starts the MFC to flash furiously and the Axe-FX does not respond. It's like the system is in a loop, rapidly sending MIDI messages between the MFC and...
  29. favance

    Controller External Midi Gear w/MFX Bug/Question

    I'm trying to control a Motif ES Rack box from using the MFC, External Switches and a Volume Pedal connected to the MFC. The external device is on Midi Channel 2 (and so are the MFC XS and XP settings). The Axe-FX II is set to Channel 1. I can control the Motif when I turn ON the Midi...
  30. favance

    RCF NX 12SMA Question

    I am currently using QSC K10 and either 1) run an Aux mix to the QSC or 2) Run an Aux mix of the Band only on one side and the Axe-FX to the other side. This way I can get both the band/vocals and my guitar in my mix. I know I can easily do #1 w/the RCF NX 12SMA... Is there a way I can do #2...
  31. favance

    Zappa plays Zappa in Norfolk, VA

    Looks like Dweezil will be in Norfolk, VA at the NORVA this Tuesday night (July 10). Would be cool if he's watching these forums if a couple of us local AxeFX-II users could check out his rig and see/hear how he uses it!!!
  32. favance

    Axe II and MFC Integration Question?

    I am able to control the Axe II from the MFC and it seems everything is working correctly. Frequently, I reach over on the Axe II and change a patch... The questions is: Should this automatically change the Bank/Patch on the MFC? If so, how is this setup, using the Cat5 Cable to...
  33. favance

    A, B, C, D Modifiers

    I've read the documentation a couple of times. However, I still can't figure out how to use the A,B,C,D controls when not in Edit Mode (when in Play mode). Is there a way to assign them globally so that Bass, Mid, Treble, Volume could be controlled across all patches? If not, how do you use...
  34. favance

    Axe-Edit and MFC-101 MIDI Output Merge to Axe-FX MIDI In?

    I would like to Midi Merge the Computer/Axe-Edit Output and the MFC-101 Output/Input into the Axe-FX Input simultaneously and be able to use both. Is this possible? I tried a Merge All w/the MOTU Micro Express (2 Inputs to 1 Output)...with this Axe-Edit appeared to work, however, the MFC-101...
  35. favance

    Which Mission Engineering Pedal for MFC-101

    Ok...now that it's almost here, I plan on getting 2 Expression Pedals and Mission Engineering seems to be ruggedly built like the MFC-101. Which Pedal Model from Mission would be the best for use w/the MFC-101: As a Wah Pedal? As a Volume Pedal?
  36. favance

    CC for Previous Patch or Patch Chains

    I great feature for live perfomance would be to a CC that can be assigned to the Midi Controller that would allow switching between 2 Patches. This would simulate a 2-channel amp footswitch. Alternatively, some way to "Chain Patches" (2-4), so that as you pressed a CC the patches would be...
  37. favance

    Fractal Recommended Stage/Studio Axe-FX Stand

    After watching the Adrian Belew Youtube video: I too am quite interested to know what kind of stand Adrian is using in this video! It does not look like any music stand that I have seen. If you look at the top (mount) for the stand, I have never seen a music stand w/this type of top...
  38. favance

    New User - Where's the AxeFX Patch Database?

    I'm a new Ultra Owner and have to migrate quite a few patches from the Vetta that I have use for live performance. As a software developer (I develop Web Portal Apps), I have no problem creating my own patches...However, I was hoping to cope a few patches from fellow owners and benefit from...
  39. favance

    New Ultra - Radio Noise

    Hi. First of all thanks for a great product. I can't believe the sounds available in this box compared to my "other" high-end modeling gear. I've only had the Ultra for less than a week and still learning. I am playing w/a Strat Deluxe w/Cobalt Noiseless pickups and a Brian Moore Custom...
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