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  1. Geezerjohn

    Suhr Modern

    I should know better than to look at guitars on the internet. I saw an awesome guitar for sale, but my finances have been placed on wife support.
  2. Geezerjohn

    Happy New Year

    Hope y’all have a blessed New Year.
  3. Geezerjohn


    Help, I need somebody. Not just anybody, Help, you know I need someone…. Never have those words been more profound. It is with heavy heart that I tell you, my Fractal Audio friends, that I am gravely ill. I have been diagnosed with stage-4 kidney failure. Stage-5 is end stage kidney failure. I...
  4. Geezerjohn

    Favorite guitar-amp combination

    I’ll get this started. I like my Suhr Modern into a Matchless for cleans. A Plexi for crunchy rhythm, and the Tucana for leads. That combination gives me the tonal variation to cover pretty much anything. All three of those amps clean up really well backing off the guitar volume. So how about...
  5. Geezerjohn

    Music from Electric Geezerland

    Well we are moving again. We bought a new house a few miles from here so now I have to move my studio and all my gear. But Electric Geezerland will rise from the ashes like the Phoenix. I have decided to retool my setup and run Logic Pro. I dread learning a new platform but my Pro Tools rig is...
  6. Geezerjohn

    Mac Question

    I have a MacBook Pro and I am running garage band. I am thinking about upgrading to logic pro. My question is this, should I keep garage band, or should I dump it? It is taking up a lot of computer space. Thanks and advance for your answers.
  7. Geezerjohn

    Bacon Bacon Bacon

    So the thing I love most (after guitar) is bacon. Extra crisp is my thing. Once in a while Mrs. Geeze and i like to have omelets for dinner. She does make an awesome omelet. Big, fluffy omelets stuffed with every veg the good Lord made. It is eggsilerating. And nothing goes with an omelet...
  8. Geezerjohn

    RIP Tim Conway

    sad news. A comedy genius has left the building. He made millions of people laugh. He was in a class of his own.
  9. Geezerjohn

    Too Much Gear?

    I love my FAS gear. The magnitude of what it can do is just amazing. I never would have imagined that i could have so much great tone in a modeler (I have an AX8 for gigging and and Axe FX for recording). These days, I find I really don't spend much time tweaking presets. I have my go-to...
  10. Geezerjohn

    P&W Preset

    Been tweakin' a P&W preset for my new Gretsch White Penguin. Disclaimer: I have not tried it live yet as I am not scheduled until later in May. Sill, it is starting to sound good to me so I thought I'd share. Based on an AC-20. Effects include the 80's chorus and 2 drives (Timmy and...
  11. Geezerjohn

    Dun Dood Da Doity Deed

    I broke down and bought a Gretsch 58 White Penguin reissue. I own a lot of guitars but not one Gretsch. Should be a great addition to my stable of fillies. Perfect for modern P&W. She arrives on Friday. The Gretsch line of Vintage Select Editions are a great way to own a recreation of the...
  12. Geezerjohn

    Wish Ampeg V-4

    I sure would love to have this great amp added to the amp choices. Just sayin.
  13. Geezerjohn

    Gretsch White Penguin reissue: opinions?

    Thinking about getting a Gretsch White Penguin reissue. Opinions?
  14. Geezerjohn

    RIP Peter Tork

    Not exactly a virtuoso, but by any measure he was a loveable hippie. RIP Peter. We’are too busy singing to put anybody down. Took the last train to Clarksville.
  15. Geezerjohn

    Jersey Boys

    I watched Jersey Boys the other day. So so movie but it reminded me of how much I love the Four Seasons records. I still remember the first time I heard Sherry. Such a great record. My friend, the late great Don Ciccone was in the group for quite a while. Don and I are from the same home town. I...
  16. Geezerjohn

    Matchless P&W

    As most of you know, I mostly play in a P&W setting. I have been working on a Matchless preset. The Matchless is a great amp for the current P&W styles. It is pretty clean, just a little bit of break if you crank the guitar volume. The preset has 2 scenes. Scene 1 is the amp with some...
  17. Geezerjohn


    I am thinking of starting a 70’s band. Ava Cado and Burnt Orange.
  18. Geezerjohn


    Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for many things. High on my list is FAS. My FAS gear enables me to still play music outside my home. My days of lugging heavy amps are behind me. Thanks to FAS, I can still perform. I am truly thankful for that.
  19. Geezerjohn

    RIP Stan Lee

    The icon has passed. He created so many great characters. One of a kind.
  20. Geezerjohn

    Mr. Vibrato (domo)

    Been gettin' my old school mojo workin'. I built this preset using my Suhr Classic. It is based on the Vibra-King. Has a phaser, chorus, and tremolo (of course). I put a Zen master drive in scene 2 so it really kicks when you engage scene 2. The preset has 2 scenes. Scene 1 is the amp...
  21. Geezerjohn

    Westside Story

    Watched the film for the first time in many a year. Such awesome music. Choreography is excellent, but what really grabs me is the music score. If you have not watched Westside Story in a while, or ever, the music score was (arguably) the best music score ever. Such beautiful melodies and...
  22. Geezerjohn

    Performing Skills

    After the thread started by @MicFarlow , there was quite a bit of interest in the topic of performing. Soooo, as a follow up to that, here is the quick version of what I have learned (the hard way). When performing, there are 2 kinds of pressure. There is pressure on the audience, and there...
  23. Geezerjohn

    Tweakin' Again

    Been tweakin' again. Working on my current favorite lead tone. Based on a 100w Plexi. Uses an Esoteric ACB to drive it. Also has a Timmy that kicks in with scene 2. Scene 2 increases the delay a bit, and boosts the volume. Works well for leads. Uses factory cab (#034). Sounds killer with...
  24. Geezerjohn

    My Old Flame

    Rediscovering my Dunlop 206 jazz pick. Been a long time since I played them. While setting up the new Electric Geezerland I found my pick stash. There were dozens of 206 jazz picks. Broke one out just for old time sake and now I remember why I played them for a few decades. Yeah baby.
  25. Geezerjohn


    Moving is horrible. What more can I say? But just like the Phoenix from the ashes, the new Electric Geezerland will rise. That said, right now it’s just a pain in the ash.
  26. Geezerjohn

    I Phone

    Love my iPhone. You can set various ringtones to various functions. So I assigned duck quacks to incoming text messages. Now, when I get a text I can say “RELEASE The QUACKIN”. Love it. Gets a giggle every time.
  27. Geezerjohn

    Many Happy Reruns

    Mrs. Geeze and I will be celebrating 44 years of wedded bliss next week. She married a long haired hippy boy musician. Whoda thunk.
  28. Geezerjohn

    Aussie Love

    Heard "Friday On My Mind" by The Easybeats the other day. One of my all-time favorite pop songs. O man, those smokin' 5th intervals. Yea baby. It got me thinking about all the great music from the land down under. Such great songs from The BeeGees (pre-disco of course). NY Mining...
  29. Geezerjohn


    I love my FAS gear and gig with it all the time. That said, I still like to plug in to an old school amp and enjoy the organic sound I grew up with. If you are ever in the market for an old school amp, based on Fender platforms, I highly recommend Old'sCool Amplification. I am NOT a paid...
  30. Geezerjohn


    My experience has been that I go through surges where I write and then have a dry spell, and then another surge. Lately, I have been surging. For those of you who are multi-instrumentalists, do you prefer to write with your guitar or some other instrument? Currently, I prefer writing my...
  31. Geezerjohn

    New Stuff

    Greetings to my fractal friends. I have finally had some time to retool my go-to presets and upload them to the Exchange. These presets are my current go-to bank. I put my clean amps on the left, rhythm amps in the middle and lead amps on the right. I put 2 scenes in each preset. Scene 1 =...
  32. Geezerjohn

    Napoleon Bone Apart

    This post is for those of you who actually stop playing long enough to eat some food. We Texas men love to eat, and some of us love to cook. My old patio grill finally gave up the ghost. Beyond worth repairing. Patio Daddio was done cookin'. Family and friends not happy. So I started my...
  33. Geezerjohn


    Digging through old documents and stumbled on this from years ago. I wrote this in a moment of inspiration. This is for those of you who mostly play in church. With sincere apologies to Lewis Carroll. Pastorwocky ‘Twas Sundig, and the guilthy droves Did shift and snorkel in the pews All...
  34. Geezerjohn


    Time for some Peeps. Like the yellow ones WAY better than the pink ones.
  35. Geezerjohn

    Some Girls Are Just Hard to Impress

    Watch to the end and be rewarded!
  36. Geezerjohn

    National Guitar Exhibit

    Went with a friend to the National Guitar Exhibit in the Fort Worth Science and Technology Museum today. It was awesome. Great exhibit. Lots of cool stuff to see, including the world's largest playable guitar (see photo). It is a Flying V (of course). There were the usual Fenders, Gibbys...
  37. Geezerjohn


    No matter what they tell you....
  38. Geezerjohn

    Any 10cc Fans Out There?

    Very creative musicians. Such an addictive chorus.
  39. Geezerjohn


    So I have been tweakin'. I wanted a clean amp with a lot of punch. The Bludojai is sweet! I'm getting it dialed in so I thought I would share. Scene 1 is clean with punch and compression. Scene 2 is the Bludojai on a lead setting. Scene 1 is assigned to footswitch 1 and scene 2 is assigned...
  40. Geezerjohn

    Any News on the Axe IV

    Just figured I'd get this started.
  41. Geezerjohn

    Strandberg Fusion

    I am considering getting one of these. Opinions? Likes, dislikes? Do you own a Strandberg?
  42. Geezerjohn

    Rhythm and Lead Freebies

    A while back, I posted my clean amps. Some of you contacted me and asked about other presets so I thought I'd post a few of my go-to presets. Rather than give a lengthy explanation of scenes, if you are interested, you can download the presets and then use AX8 Edit to see what is going on. As...
  43. Geezerjohn

    Merry Christmas 2017

    I posted this back in 2013, but thought I'd resurrect it. Merry Christmas to all my fractal friends. By the way, the photo is from the back of my property. Proof that we do get snow in TX.
  44. Geezerjohn

    Any good Morgan presets?

    Title says it. I'm looking for some new sounds and have little time. Any good AC20 presets you are willing to share with me? For P&W music.
  45. Geezerjohn

    Acoustic Christmas

    I have been asked to provide acoustic Christmas music for a local event. I am asked to play solo acoustic guitar for about 2 hours. It is certainly not Madison Square Garden, but a nice gig providing background music for about 100 people. I have been furiously working on my finger picking...
  46. Geezerjohn

    Clean Amps

    Hey y'all. I updated my go-to clean amps with 9.02. And, yes I did a little tweaking. I'll post these at the Axechange when I get a chance. I voiced these for a happy medium so single coil or humbuckers should work. Hope you enjoy these as much as I do. A few of these use a non-factory IR...
  47. Geezerjohn

    The Ventures

    I have been rediscovering my love for the Ventures. They have sold over 100 million albums and recorded an astounding 250 albums. I cut my first chops on Ventures records. learning every song on every Ventures album as they were released. I have expanded my musical inspirations since then...
  48. Geezerjohn

    Logic Pro X

    Quick question for my friends here at the forum. I have been a pro tools user for many years. My old mac pro is slowly dying. I'm considering replacing it with a new iMac 5k and running Logic Pro X. I would appreciate hearing from any people familiar with Logic Pro X, who also know pro...
  49. Geezerjohn

    RIP Haruo Nakajima

    You might not recognize the name, and will likely not remember the face, but the honorable Haruo Nakajima has passed. You might know him better by his stage name... Godzilla. Yes, Mr. Nakajima was the guy in the rubber suit playing Godzilla in the 1954 original Godzilla movie. One of my...
  50. Geezerjohn

    Fort Worth Guitar Show

    The Ft. Worth guitar show is Sat Aug 5 and Sun Aug 6. The show is at Dallas / Fort Worth Marriott Hotel 3300 Championship Parkway, Fort Worth TX (it is up by TX Motor Speedway). I will be at the show on Saturday Aug 5. I'll be helping my good friend Greg Bristol of W.G. Bristol Custom...
  51. Geezerjohn

    Anniversary Model

    Today Mrs. Geeze and I celebrate 43 years of wedded bliss. Today on our anniversary I can honestly say that if not for my wife, I would be living in an apartment, and cooking on a hot plate. I am blessed, and so thankful to have married such a wonderful gal.
  52. Geezerjohn

    Rediscovering my Heritage

    I usually play guitars with whammy bars, and use it constantly so it is pretty well integrated into my playing style. I am greatly blessed and own quite a few guitars, including a Heritage H-555 (pictured below). I was tweaking my TX Lonestar preset on my AX8 (again). The preset sounds...
  53. Geezerjohn


    I play mainly in church for worship services or musical events in a church setting. I do not play every week, but I play a few times per month. I play multiple instruments, so I may not always be on guitar. Playing at my home church, attendance is usually several thousand people. I have been...
  54. Geezerjohn

    Heartfelt Thanks

    A heartfelt thanks to all of our veterans, especially any veterans here at the forum. You are the best of our best. The land of the free BECAUSE of the brave.
  55. Geezerjohn

    Squirmware 8.0

    Really liking the new squirmware. Has a great response and feel. Dynamics are superb. I'd go on, but typing this is keeping me from playing so...
  56. Geezerjohn

    Like Sand Through the Hour Glass

    Mrs. Geeze and I are downsizing to move closer to the grandkids in south Texas. We have been blessed to be in our current home for 12 years. Yesterday, I started tearing down and packing Electric Geezerland (my studio). Early in the process I found myself discouraged at the size of the task...
  57. Geezerjohn

    Gas Attack

    OK, so I had a gas attack too. Scored a PRS CE 24 Vintage Sunburst. Should arrive in a few days.
  58. Geezerjohn

    Quick Thanks

    I loaded up a few of my favorite Presets just because I wanted to give something back to the Fractal community. Collectively, they have been downloaded over 2000 times, much to my surprise. Just wanted to say thanks to those of you who downloaded my stuff. I hope you like them as much as I...
  59. Geezerjohn

    Tiny Timmy

    Man, the "Timmothy" is the cat's azz. With the mix at about 50% and the gain at about 5, it is my new fave. If you have not tried some Timmy time, give it a whirl. Ooh La La!
  60. Geezerjohn


    I have really been enjoying the Hook amps. A nice subtle variation between the different channel settings. Even the 3b cleans up really well when the guitar volume is rolled off. It smokes the jeans when opened up. I also noticed that the voice of the guitar is well defined when switching...
  61. Geezerjohn

    Lube Your Nuts?

    I am an avid user of Big Bends Nut Sauce for all of my non-locking Floyd Rose guitars. That stuff works wonders for tuning. Back in my early years of playing I had tuning issues with pretty much all of my guitars, but that was before I learned to lube my nuts. Obviously it is of no use for...
  62. Geezerjohn

    Top Three Nods

    I have been using FAS gear for over 5 years now. It has been a great ride. I took a chance and bought an Ultra back in the day. Then I purchased the MFC-101 to go with it. I eventually ugraded to the FXII. I bought the EV-1 and now the AX8. Geeze that I am, I have been playing guitar for...
  63. Geezerjohn

    Gene Wilder dead at 83

    RIP Gene. You made many of us laugh.
  64. Geezerjohn

    Gratitude To FAS Team

    Many thanks to Cliff and the FAS team for making it Christmas all year long. All of the new products and updates make FAS awesome all year long. Without a doubt my FAS gear is the best gear purchase I ever made. Thanks guys. Have a blessed holiday season.
  65. Geezerjohn

    Arlington Guitar Show

    Just a heads up. I'll be at the Arlington TX Guitar show this Sunday helping my friend Greg Bristol, owner of WG Bristol Guitars. If you are at the show, stop by and say hello. It would be great to meet some Dallas area Fractalites. Mention you are a Fractal user and you'll get a free...
  66. Geezerjohn


    Been listening to oldies lately. Just heard The Lion Sleeps Tonight. Loved that song.
  67. Geezerjohn

    Question for Cliff the Guitar Player

    Hey Cliff, most of us here at the Forum are in awe of your engineering skills. I have a question for you as a guitarist. Do you have a favorite guitar, and if so, what is it and why is it special?
  68. Geezerjohn

    For Those That Are Interested

    Supernal Endgame release My band's new album is finally released. I have posted a few snippets in the past. Digital release is now, retail release (Amazon, Best Buy etc.) will be September 16, 2014. The album is available now at 10T Records. "Touch the Sky: Volume II,” the brand new...
  69. Geezerjohn

    Sad Obituary

    Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was, since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape. He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as: - Knowing...
  70. Geezerjohn

    Fractal Road

    I have been a Fractal user for a few years now. Started with the Ultra, then went to FX-II. I originally bought the Ultra on a whim. My thought was to give it a try and if I was not happy with it, I'd return it. Not hard to figure out that it never made the trip back to Fractaland. Now I...
  71. Geezerjohn

    Signature Guitar

    My signature guitar is up at the facebook page of the builder (WG Bristol Custom Guitars). Specs, and photos. I have not had time to put any sound clips up, but that guitar has killer tone. Nice and clean at low guitar vol (still retains full complexity), gets punchy at mid volume but still...
  72. Geezerjohn

    Long Live Prog

    My band, Supernal Endgame has posted our 3rd listening event, but just for this weekend. If you like prog, please check it out. The song is called Different Stage, and yes we actually do play it live. Thank the good Lord for the Fractal or I would never survive such music. If you listen, I...
  73. Geezerjohn

    Supernal Endgame

    Our new album is due out in March. We released a song posted only for this weekend. If you like prog then check it out. I recorded my guitar using only the Fractal. https://soundcloud.com/johneargle/white-flag
  74. Geezerjohn

    What Did You Have To Do For Your First Guitar?

    Love the nostalgia threads. Really got me reminiscing about the heady days of my youth. That got me thinking about what I went through to get my first real guitar. I started playing on a POS garage sale acoustic with a hole in the sound board. I was already hooked on guitar after playing...
  75. Geezerjohn

    Getting Ready

    Soon. \m/ (^_^) \m/
  76. Geezerjohn

    Vibro King Christmas

    I just wanted to express my heartfelt best wishes for a blessed holiday season to Cliff, Matt, and the entire FAS team, as well as all of the great people here in the Fractal family. The Vibro King is a great amp, and the FX-II just nails it. I have such great joy playing through the FX...
  77. Geezerjohn

    Windows 8

    Forgive an old school geeze. Does anyone know if the new Axe Windows driver (USB Set Up 168 for windows) works with Windows 8? At the Fractal site it mentions that the computer platform must be Windows XP-SP3 or higher. Anyone using Windows 8? Thanks in advance for any replies. Greatly...
  78. Geezerjohn

    New Two Stone

    Man the new Two Stone is just the cat's @$$. What a great amp. Many thanks Cliff and the FAS team. I took my Super Reverb preset and swapped in the new Two Stone. Instant sonic bliss. My Super Reverb preset has a bit of compression at the start of the chain, the amp dialed in, and the...
  79. Geezerjohn

    Arlington TX Guitar Show

    I go to this every year (when my schedule permits). The show is absolutely amazing. This is the largest guitar show on Earth. There are two massive exhibit halls, one for vintage gear and one for the new stuff. This year it is October 19 and 20. For those of you near Arlington, if you have...
  80. Geezerjohn

    11 goes to 11

    I loaded 11 and certainly love the way it sounds and responds. That said, when I change from one preset to another using the MFC-101, I get a momentary volume spike, then the preset settles in. Anybody else have this? Perhaps some suggestions from the brainiacs here as to what I can do to...
  81. Geezerjohn

    So you think your tunes rock?

    Familiar song. For those of you who have never been critiqued by a pro, this is how it's done. Snowball dances to Queen - YouTube
  82. Geezerjohn


    I finally am finding some time to practice more. I'm thinkin' I need to back off a bit. I'm getting a bad case of rockjaw.
  83. Geezerjohn

    Super Super Reverb

    I know others here have raved about the Super Reverb, but good golly Miss Molly that amp is so great. I have it run with the super reverb cabinet. I backed off the bass a bit (set it to 5). I usually use two drives (drive 1 & 2) and use IA's to turn them on or off. I have drive 1 set to the...
  84. Geezerjohn

    Alas Album Art

    I know in this day of digital downloads, album art is a dying thing, and I think that is unfortunate. I am unashamedly old school. As our next album is finally reaching the end of mixdown, things like artwork, etc are either close to done or done. This is the cover art for our new album...
  85. Geezerjohn

    Pick Quest Redux

    A while back I posted some thoughts on my pick quest. I have found two picks that I absolutely love. I know all of us have our preferences regarding what we like or dislike in our picks. I am now using two Wegen picks. I use the Gypsy Jazz and "The Twins", both 3.5mm thick. The have great...
  86. Geezerjohn

    The Good Old Days

    The decade poll got me thinking about my early days in my life-long obsession with guitar. I found this early photo of my first real band (I am second from right). We called ourselves The Deptones. Obviously our clothing had a huge impact on The Beatles. Photo was taken in 1964. My guitar...
  87. Geezerjohn

    Video You Might Enjoy

    Supernal Endgame at work - YouTube
  88. Geezerjohn

    Main Squeeze

    I am blessed to have many guitars. I have a favorite, but like many of us, my "favorite" seems to change from time to time. Anyone care to post their current main flame?
  89. Geezerjohn

    URL of Great Price

    Looks like the Feds are pushing an internet tax again. :-(
  90. Geezerjohn

    MFC Goes To Update Firmware Mode After V10

    I find that when I edit and store a patch to switch #1, MFC goes into "Update Firmware" mode once I hit store on the Axe-II. Only way I found to fix it is to power down the MFC, and then start it as if I was going to update the firmware in the MFC i.e. power up while holding down switch #1...
  91. Geezerjohn

    Which Pick Do You Pick

    Been trying a bunch of boutique picks to see if they improve my playing. So far, I like the V-Picks. And yes, they do improve my playing. I still have a few more picks that I ordered (JB and Wegen) and am impatiently waiting for their arrival. My V-Picks of choice are the Diamond (great...
  92. Geezerjohn

    PRS 408

    Anybody have any experience with this guitar? None in the local stores. Likes? Dislikes?
  93. Geezerjohn

    Brave New World

    Since the old world officially ended yesterday, the thought of going back to work after Christmas is depressing. Hopefully, Santa will slip a new ZZ Top calendar under my tree so I can console myself. Bet all those end of the world Mayan books are for sale real cheap. Makes me reminisce about...
  94. Geezerjohn

    Honoring Les Paul

    I was watching a program on PBS. Jeff Beck and friends honor Les Paul. The band is top shelf, and the songs of Les Paul remain great works and still rock. There is Jeff Beck and then there are mortals. He is playing with slap echo and that's it. Captures the Les Paul vibe dead on. If you...
  95. Geezerjohn

    Preset 333 FAS Lead

    Started tweaking this preset. Don't know why I overlooked it before, but it sounds great to me. Anybody else using this preset as a base to build a tone?
  96. Geezerjohn


    Verb: The task of tweaking the FX-II while trying to improve my playing... at the same time.
  97. Geezerjohn

    Ultra Prog

    Here are the latest snippets from Supernal Endgame Touch The Sky Vol II. At the time I had an Ultra. Now use the FX-II. Hope you like it. Audio Snippets Preiew #2 of TTS Vol. II by Supernal Endgame on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
  98. Geezerjohn

    New Album Cover

    The cover art for our new album is pretty much done. Art was done by the great Ken Westphal. Just wanted to share this with my friends at FAS Forum. Take a moment and enjoy Ken's work here. Hope you like it. Art for Music | Facebook
  99. Geezerjohn

    Hard vs. Soft

    Ha! Not that, I'm talking rack cases. I am currently using a 6u SKB rack and it is killing me to lug it around. Any of y'all using a soft rack case for an FXII? If so, brand, likes or dislikes? Thanks in advance for the replies.
  100. Geezerjohn

    Touch The Sky Vol II with Ultra

    My band Supernal Endgame has finished recording our next album, Touch The Sky Vol II. We released a few song snippets [link below]. We do prog rock, and I did not use any amps during the recording of TTS Vol II. All of my guitar tones were crafted using my Ultra. I now am blessed to have the...
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