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  1. dpeterson

    Anyone ever buy an amp because of an axe fx model ?

    I'd love to buy a Bogner Ecstasy, just cant swing that much cash.
  2. dpeterson

    Band IEM Use

    It's way more difficult to hear if you have good sealing iems. some bands have a mic on the stage that just goes to ears.
  3. dpeterson


    Same here.
  4. dpeterson

    2022 Winter NAMM in June?

    Man, takes the term Nammthrax to a whole different level.
  5. dpeterson

    New Amp models

    Rev something or other was being worked on, that's all I remember hearing about as of late.
  6. dpeterson

    Favorite Drop D Songs

    King's X.
  7. dpeterson

    Lower output Suhr SSH+?

    Lower the pickup :)
  8. dpeterson

    Why FM3 over FM9?

    FM3 save the cash. probably a ton hitting the market right now.
  9. dpeterson

    Talk me into purchase

    I was right! lol. The III is great, you will love it.
  10. dpeterson

    Does the FM9 devalue the FM3 on the used market?

    It's a different price point and size. Needs vary.
  11. dpeterson

    Uhmmmmm...... this is kind of crazy.

    that ship sailed a long time ago. his parents obviously made a deal with someone.
  12. dpeterson

    What to do when having In Ear Monitor Issues?

    Yeah, just a long extension to go from the headphone out on your receiver ( most have this ), it's a quick fix and guaranteed to work for cheap. Piece of gaff tape the cord to your belt or tie it around your instrument cable and plug in.
  13. dpeterson

    PayPal will not work for Ebay transactions anymore. Forced to use Payoneer

    Yeah never an issue with Paypal. I use the 6 months same as cash all the time.
  14. dpeterson

    RIP Charlie Watts

    Keef will outlive us all.
  15. dpeterson

    Wireless IEM systems - which one to buy / avoid ?

    For what it's worth. I've had a psm200, Carvin em900, Sennheiser g3, and lastly on a whim I bought the Vocopro iem digital system, think it was $200, price went up a bit as of late. I compared it directly with the G3 before I sold the G3 system. The Sennheiser stuff is not really 100%...
  16. dpeterson

    Talk me into purchase

    I'd wait a bit.. seems like it's been really quiet on the firmware front, so that leads me to believe something is cookin'. IMHO YMMV.
  17. dpeterson

    What to do when having In Ear Monitor Issues?

    Get a 50’ extension cable. For those oh shit moments. I was playing in Detroit at St. Andrews hall and was getting a pirate radio station coming through my ears playing smooth r&b while trying to play our stuff was fun. Of course sound check was fine.
  18. dpeterson

    Michael Angelo Batio - what to listen to?

    He just canceled all 2021 gigs.
  19. dpeterson

    Michael Angelo Batio - what to listen to?

    Nitro O.F.R.
  20. dpeterson

    Meeting my Sweetwater "sales engineer" in person tomorrow

    It’s a pretty cool place.
  21. dpeterson

    King's X...Amp and IR?

    I have two of them nothing in the axefx sounds like it. I’ve asked for it to be added since the ultra days.
  22. dpeterson

    New Iron Maiden: The Writing on the Wall

    They all can't be zingers.
  23. dpeterson

    How does everyone learn new songs?

    I started learning off records, slowing down the turn table. Then moved on to mini tape recorders, using the half speed function. Today still learn by ear unless it's something I cant hear, I'll hit youtube. Currently using a program called Best Practice (free), allows me to slow stuff...
  24. dpeterson

    Got a newsletter from an amplifier manufacturer today... Clearly they haven't tried Cygnus! Lol!

    Heard hundreds of tube amps sound like ass. Just today on youtube, a bulletboys video came up with them at M3 and it sounded like a ds1 straight into the board. TEWBS!!!!
  25. dpeterson

    UPS Rant + backup rig rec

    A backup rig should just provide you a way to get through the gig to meet your obligation. Good enough will do.
  26. dpeterson

    Rituals before you play live?

    Wash hands, baby powder if it’s real humid. Retune everything as the guitars get acclimated. Start the gopros.
  27. dpeterson

    True Story

    Ear monitors. He can blast himself till it hurts.
  28. dpeterson

    Wish A Klon-type Drive block

    If it were that easy, aside from the other drama, I'm sure it would have been added a while ago. I'll bet it's that much different from normal drives it will take some re-work to get it in here.
  29. dpeterson

    Any Singers.... Or Wanna-Be Singers Here?

    I sing backups in every band I play in, currently an AIC tribute, and a Grunge Tribute type thing. I've always just had a good ear for harmonies, I put that down to the stuff I listened to growing up with a lot of vocals. Practice mainly in my car, never had any training. Have often...
  30. dpeterson


    Nevermore era was a Recto boosted with a TS.
  31. dpeterson

    mini game : JP2C VS axe fx 3

    Accurate or not it's about the end result. Some artists use strange combinations of things that shouldn't work yet the end result is awesome.
  32. dpeterson

    mini game : JP2C VS axe fx 3

    1st Axe 2nd Real Amp. To me the first one sounded more sterile in comparison. This can come down to preference at this point, but they both sound great, 1 is probably missing 5% of some special rocket sauce.
  33. dpeterson

    IEM Stereo Mix

    Well you need 2 aux sends one hard left and right, and set your psm300 to stereo mode, and pan the instruments how ever you want. Thats the cliff notes version. And yes it is the way to go, it is way less congested than a mono mix where everything is fighting right up the middle.
  34. dpeterson

    Unboxing most powerful floor modeler in the UNIVERSE

    Just sell it as a kit, and let the user take the risk. Most of us are out of warranty anyway.
  35. dpeterson

    Unboxing most powerful floor modeler in the UNIVERSE

    Interesting, wonder if it overheats?
  36. dpeterson

    Do you prefer high action?

    It's a fine balance. Higher action you can chunk harder on heavy riffs. Really low action, it doesn't let the string ring as well. I love they brought up TNT, you could throw a cat under his action lol.
  37. dpeterson

    Anyone who likes to grill - SHARE your tips , tools and techniques !

    We recently were gifted a new Charcoal grill and have been gas grill users for decades. Now it's a little messy, but with the chimney gizmo shown above a few posts, it's amazing. Steaks are 10x's better tasting, everything is. I don't think i'd ever go back to gas. The griddle thing...
  38. dpeterson

    RESOLVED:::: URGENT!!!! Help before rehearsal

    Manufacturers do it all the time, even in PC's. just a dab where the connector and the ribbon cable end meet. easily removable if you need to remove connector.
  39. dpeterson

    RESOLVED:::: URGENT!!!! Help before rehearsal

    Is there any thing worse? wow. What really sucks if it's tucked in a rack and it's hard to get to. Is there anything wrong with running a bead of hot glue over the connectors where they contact or a dab just to make sure they don't come out unintentionally? Would probably take 10 extra...
  40. dpeterson

    How do you dial tones for live use?

    Place your monitor how you are going to use it, in my case it is backline setup behind facing forward. Turn up to gig volume and play. Use the looper to loop a riff and then tweak while it's looping. Always use what you are using live to dial in patches. If you don't know what will be...
  41. dpeterson

    Why no discount for badly scratched and rusted guitars?

    It is what it is, love it or hate it.. very polarizing. All the Friedman stuff is beat up, I don't think he makes an fresh one anymore. I have a roadworn mexi strat that is great, very light and feels broken in, and cost me all of $600. That's why there are so many options, don't like...
  42. dpeterson

    Crazy and cool: pedal runs on liquid

    Brilliant idea, original, shows not everything has been done before.
  43. dpeterson

    Friedman Mini BE

    Throws his pedal into a bigger box with a small class d amp. Good marketing, will sell like hotcakes. Not sure how this goes against his war on no tubes = no good, but if anything it's funny.
  44. dpeterson

    Ares vs Cygnus - if it was perfect - how can it be better now?

    Yet Tim pierce is selling his h3000 for $3800. Nostalgia is a powerful drug.
  45. dpeterson

    Gearslutz changed it’s name!?

    Horny gear slutz would have been a better choice. I always thought going to Hugeracks was going to get me in trouble with the Mrs.
  46. dpeterson

    Wicked Sensation Isolated....

    Sounds like 2 different amps. i'd say a marhshall and a slo.
  47. dpeterson

    CLR owners, please help!

    I like mine aiming forward behind me in back line mode. Use the cuts. You like it or you don’t. Up until a year or so ago I only had one. 2 really filled it out.
  48. dpeterson

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 12 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Release Candidate

    Not everyone here records though.
  49. dpeterson

    What's up with price gouging on used FAS gear?

    For some reason it's always been that way with fractal gear. As long as the firmwares are flowing, the price stays up, the second it's not they drop.
  50. dpeterson

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 11 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta #8

    I get the same thing, takes a few - 10 minutes or so for me to adjust. Have to resist the temptation to turn knobs.
  51. dpeterson


    Yeah one size surely does not fit all. Personally it depends on the gig for me. My tribute thing, I had probably 5-6 patches, trying to cover each era of the band. Variety band totally different. I touch at most 20 presets. Now some guys like to buy these packs and load it up, and...
  52. dpeterson


    More presets takes longer to boot :)
  53. dpeterson

    I have 90 tabs open in chrome on my phone

    You can group tabs in chrome :). Right click and add to group, name it and just drag stuff to it.
  54. dpeterson


    Devil is in the details and fit and finish are key. There is a lot more that goes into a guitar than people think. Screws, all kinds of them, different sizes. All the electronics. Drilling holes, sometimes need a long drill bit etc. Tons of little stuff adds up so be ready. It's...
  55. dpeterson

    Was someone looking for a Kramer USA like this?

    Yep, this is an ESP basically, which is not a bad thing.
  56. dpeterson

    click Reply - vent - click delete / or not

    I type stuff all the time, and then I re-read it and then try to think of is anything of benefit to the conversation? I also try to think of is this negative or not, am I stirring shit? A lot of people reply just to get post counts up, or ego, or who knows. Take this for instance on...
  57. dpeterson

    Coming to grips with selling my amps

    Keep any rare stuff, weed out the easily replaceable.
  58. dpeterson

    Fastest solo ever?

    Anything off the Nitro album with Michael Angelo is about as fast as anyone would want to go.
  59. dpeterson

    Atomic CLR Bag or Containers for Shipping/Travel

    I had a custom road case built for mine. can drop it out of the back of a truck.
  60. dpeterson

    QSC K.2 with FRFR -- Any Good?

    I used a k12 first version for over 10 years. Never gave me any issue whatsoever, rock solid. Lows can be a little pronounced, but I stood mine up on end, and fiddled with the buttons on the back to tame the low end. Never had any sound guy say my signal sucked, or any issue with FOH...
  61. dpeterson

    StewMac prices are insane!

    Yes, I can't count how many times I see something new they have and I'm like THAT IS COOL!, and then I see the price and immediately gag.
  62. dpeterson

    How long can you remember how to play a song?

    Update: I'm 51 (yesterday was my birthday). Yesterday I ran through most of the songs on our last setlist, that I haven't played in over a year, and I remembered about 95% including the harmony vocals. Even went through some deep cuts, and it was all there. Really surprised me.
  63. dpeterson

    How long can you remember how to play a song?

    It’s different for me. Some things I cannot forget, some it’s impossible to remember. I’ve been on stage before and the drummer is counting the intro 1,2,3... and I have no idea what the first chord is. I look over to see where the bassist is, and It just all magically comes back. Repetition...
  64. dpeterson

    Strings - 9s tuned to Eb and setup

    Yes it's terrible just ask EVH.
  65. dpeterson

    Cygnus Gain

    The orange channel is about the only thing I dig out of a recto.
  66. dpeterson

    $700 New Guitar with OFR and Seymour Duncan pups

    All these types and price points are all made in the same or similar factories. Whoever pays the most gets the loyalty. I would imagine they are ok. The one I saw at namm was ok.
  67. dpeterson

    Closed Preset Quality

    Some people might think that the ones you propose sound bad, or not their thing. I like learning the unit on my own IMHO. Also have you ever in your life heard someone say "god these stock presets are great!".... literally rare as hens teeth.
  68. dpeterson

    Test pedals online and real-time

    Man that's some forward thinking. Great idea.
  69. dpeterson

    Who's got vintage style truss rods?

    My Anderson is 17 years old and has the heel adjust. It hardly ever needs it but there is a way to do it without taking off the neck. Bruce showed me while I was there visiting. You use a long skinny screwdriver, and basically use it as a lever and insert into the slot and in a conical...
  70. dpeterson

    Windows 10 Automatic Updates are Baffling and Infuriating

    And I have a media pc that I would love for it to auto update and I can’t get it to do it. I log in every few months and it’s sitting there with a prompt.... do you want to restart?
  71. dpeterson

    BKP Holy Diver 7 concerns - Am I over reacting?

    If everything is wired correctly, sounds like you prefer the blaze's over the new ones.. what's wrong sticking with what you like?
  72. dpeterson

    Steve Stevens rocking Super Bowl

    I got stuck on image 3 lol. Mind the gap!
  73. dpeterson

    Axe-Fx 2 still worth grabbing?

    It still sounds great. Effects and modeling still stomp the competition.
  74. dpeterson

    You Guys/Gals Are in for Another Treat

    On the tour with vai and Yngwie he had one on top of his Marshall. So he’s still using it.
  75. dpeterson

    You Guys/Gals Are in for Another Treat

    Nunos whole thing is the rat pedal.
  76. dpeterson

    You Guys/Gals Are in for Another Treat

    What if our chug level is already sufficient? This will be more chugalicious?
  77. dpeterson

    Randall NB King 100

    Does wonders for an mp1 too. I used one in my triaxis rig and it would chunk your brains out.
  78. dpeterson

    The Last Rack Unit Modeler I Will Buy

    There will always be a place for hardware.
  79. dpeterson

    Building an expensive modeler is easy, they say

    That little thing has a great interface for a small screen. Didn't steal that :) Actually doesn't sound bad either. $149 is crazy, good little backup unit or for grab and go.
  80. dpeterson

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 15.01

    kiksui stuff is stupid expensive.
  81. dpeterson

    Mind blowing stuff from OpenAI

    Yeah there is a video on youtube where they asked it to write code from a description and it did it, in any language you want. Literally told it to make a web page that looks like this other page, and blam done. Gave it text like "i want a page with 3 buttons that each do this...." and it...
  82. dpeterson

    Liquid Foot Forum

    So sad.. dude had a great product. Had a LF Jr, Pro, and then 12+, would still have the 12+ if my eyes didn't start going the way of the dodo.
  83. dpeterson

    Gibson buying Mesa?

    Exactly right... Randall will be on a beach somewhere making "decisions" for mesa. Good for him, he's earned it. Legend.
  84. dpeterson

    First time buyer🤯

    Axe ultras / non ultras still being used, same for axe II's.
  85. dpeterson

    Do you know who Jason Becker is?

    I wrote to the address on the back of his solo album right when it came out after cacophony, and he hand wrote me back and sent a guitar pick. Very humble. Unreal he’s still alive. You have to want to live.
  86. dpeterson

    Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeders

    I had to build one. After many revisions I have a piece of duct work that spins freely. Used a normal hook to hold the feeder and used a reducer and a pipe clamp to hold it in place. I can take a pic if interested. They don’t even try it anymore. We feed the squirrels unsalted peanuts.
  87. dpeterson

    Klon Centaur

    Cliff was going to finally add one last I heard, had one coming in the mail (newer red one). Wonder where that left off? .... excuse me if it's been discussed, I didn't see it.
  88. dpeterson

    Is arrived the time for Axe-Fx III to profile an amp?

    It's just an old way of thinking that has to die, and will die with the old timers. People of my generation got so mind fucked by shitty solid state amps that nobody would deal with them. Tubes or die. I wish people would just try to get sounds they like and not worry so much about what...
  89. dpeterson

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 15.01

    Not related to this firmware: I have a footswitch extension cord that I use to turn my monitors off and on. I sit down I stomp on it with my foot. This is for my computer, for my rig I have a sequenced power strip with a footswitch on it (Rockn Stompn RS4). Related to this firmware...
  90. dpeterson

    Homemade 9V Power Out for pedals on FM3

    Also makes you wonder why this is not stock on the unit... every floor unit for that matter.
  91. dpeterson

    Legacy Liquid Foot Pro: Cant get the editor to work :( Help?

    Learn how to program it from the controller :). I think it’s possible iirc.
  92. dpeterson

    Friedman ASM/ASC: Stage volume question

    The CLR you can still hear though?
  93. dpeterson

    Strat Expert needed ( Trem replacement ?)

    Have the exact same guitar but with a rosewood fretboard. It’s a blade type trem, nothing like it, how it’s mounted. The trem arm is worth a lot on its own. Hard to find. Body swap is the answer. Check out the stratosphere site they have lots of fender parts.
  94. dpeterson

    Ebay & Paypal Are Breaking Up

    Anyone remember when PayPal gave you $10 to sign up? Those were the days.
  95. dpeterson

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 15.00 Public Beta #1

    Sounds and feels really good. Thanks!
  96. dpeterson


    I’ve had a letter from someone 20 miles away take 6 days before. Not at Christmas. What they charge to ship a guitar is also outrageous.
  97. dpeterson

    Wireless guitar recommendations

    Shure glx here. Rock solid rechargeable battery. Lasts 16 hours.
  98. dpeterson

    Any Kiss Fans?

    Nostalgia is a powerful drug. Ace is why I started playing guitar. 9 years old they were like superheroes.
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