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  1. vestapol

    Gilmour fans hold on to your wallet

    I have no doubt someone more skilled than I could cook up preset recipes to out do the Dark Side, but holy smokes - nice one Mr. Keeley!
  2. vestapol

    R.I.P Oliver Sachs

    "I think music can take one to the heights in a way comparable with drugs" - Dr. Oliver Sacks You said a mouthful, Doc. Thanks for the many insights & RIP in the big indigo. Terry Gross broadcast interview here...
  3. vestapol

    Oddgrooves 50% off sale!

    No affiliation - just FYI from a big fan. Excellent stuff! 50% off with promo code summer2015. My introduction came through the New Orleans groove pack - that got me hooked big time.:encouragement: <Edit - lots of freebies too.>
  4. vestapol

    Camel Audio closing

    FYI - Mega threads on gearslutz, KVR and elsewhere. I got an email today advising download and backup Alchemy (a great synth) and libraries before 7/7 close. Rumored Apple bought em.
  5. vestapol

    Backing track freebie

    Courtesy of Odd Grooves Blog - OddGrooves Drum Loops
  6. vestapol

    B.B KING R.I.P

  7. vestapol

    R.I.P. John Renbourn

  8. vestapol

    freebie backing track and drum loop

    ...courtesy of groove merchant, Odd Grooves (Magnus and Per) get it here: Blog - OddGrooves Drum Loops they have some other freebie grooves if you dig around a bit
  9. vestapol

    XX XY

  10. vestapol

    FYI Presonus Progression II $5 (5/5only)

    No affiliation. Also 1/2 off Notion (May). I saw these demoed at NAMM - pretty slick, but could use (andl likely will evetntually get) better Studio One integration https://shop.presonus.com/
  11. vestapol

    Robin Ford/Sonny Landreth dojo camp 8/4/14 Catskills

    FYI Dojo Guitar Camp | No affiliation. Wish I could be among the lucky 100 attendees.
  12. vestapol

    Axe manage sortable view gone?

    In the new Axe Manage did we lose the sortable view (e.g. by amp type, cabs, etc. as in AE v1.0.317 ? I rather liked being able to search presets that way. Thanks
  13. vestapol


    I totally get this guy.
  14. vestapol

    EZDrummer II

    Looks like Toontrack's gonna get some more of my dough (in May).
  15. vestapol

    in Jeff Beck's attic

  16. vestapol

    Happy belated 72nd birthday - John McGlaughlin KVR interview

    KVR: Hero Worship - An Interview with John McLaughlin
  17. vestapol


  18. vestapol

    McGlaughlin, DeFrancesco & Chambers - Hamburg '94 !!!

    Came up for air from my V12.03 blissathon and found this recently surfaced gem. Buckle in and Enjoy.
  19. vestapol

    fries with that

  20. vestapol

    tooltips for Axe-Edit?

    I've got usage notes and how-to tips for different parameters scattered all over my studio and hard drive, in addition to hard and soft copy manuals, but for some time now I have wondered that the single most helpful user aide to better/more efficient use of Axe-Edit might come in the form of...
  21. vestapol

    Lou Reed RIP

    Lou Reed, Velvet Underground Leader and Rock Pioneer, Dead at 71 | Music News | Rolling Stone <a href="http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/lou-reed-velvet-underground-leader-and-rock-pioneer-dead-at-71-20131027" target="_blank">
  22. vestapol

    I'll have the house draft

  23. vestapol

    my other magic box

    Dunno how many fellow axe-fx aficionados are also into BBQ/outdoors/camping/survival/emergency preparedness etc. but I thought I'd share info on what IMO is the only other product that does so many (albeit entirely different) things so well, so flexibly, with brilliant engineering and production...
  24. vestapol

    Swedish heavy metal

    My favorite :-P Swedish farmer puts a turbo engine into his tractor... [VIDEO]
  25. vestapol

    RIP JJ Cale

  26. vestapol

    Physical synthesis?

    How Inventor Paul Vo Created a Little Black Box That Could Change Guitars Forever
  27. vestapol

    Great McGlaughlin interview/video

    Guitar Player Video – Experience PRS | John McLaughlin
  28. vestapol

    crazy good multi-instrumetalist

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Otbe5c2OIxI :o
  29. vestapol

    Amazing sound & water experiment

    Something to checkout while waiting for 10 to drop. 8) Amazing Water & Sound Experiment #2 - YouTube
  30. vestapol

    A most awesome visual history of music!

    Historia de la Mu
  31. vestapol

    auto correct - maybe not such a good idea

    The 25 Funniest AutoCorrects Of 2012 :lol
  32. vestapol

    12 12 12 concert live stream now

    "12-12-12" The Concert for Sandy Relief - in case you hadn't heard (unlikely, but hey...) v
  33. vestapol

    Jeff Beck at Ronnie Scotts

    enjoy Jeff Beck live at Ronnie Scott's - Full show - YouTube
  34. vestapol

    Presonus - The making of Swamp Grease at Oak Street Recording

    Gotta love Presonus & NOLA Live recording session - great players, cool studio, fun session. PreSonus - Day 1 - The making of Swamp Grease at Oak Street Recording - YouTube PreSonus - Day 2 - The making of Swamp Grease at Oak Street Recording - YouTube PreSonus - Day 3 - The making of Swamp...
  35. vestapol

    RIP Levon Helm

    The Band 12/31/83 Complete Concert - YouTube
  36. vestapol

    Killer Clean

    I am very interested in suggestions of how to replicate on the AxeII the clean sound demoed @ 3:21 - 3:30 Kemper vs Fractal sound test - YouTube The difference (much more evident on good cans or monitors than computer speakers) sounds to me almost like the addition of some acoustic body...
  37. vestapol

    Alto SXM12A

    For anyone interested I see these are available at hello music again today. My RCF deal went south so I'll wait to see what happens with the Jaytomics. HELLO MUSIC: Best deals on guitars, keyboards, amps, basses & recording studios Cheers, V
  38. vestapol

    Visual inspiration 360'

    Nothing whatsoever to do with the Axe or guitar, but possibly inspiration for some personal soundtracks (suggest plug in git/axe , mute pano sound, and you're off. http://www.airpano.com/List-Aerial-Panoramas.php Enjoy V
  39. vestapol

    Elixir 3 pack $17.99

    Elixir Discounted 3 Set Bonus Pack Nanoweb Coated Electric Guitar Strings Buy two & shipping is free. No affiliation, just heads up on a good deal. V
  40. vestapol

    a glorious transcription

  41. vestapol

    tablet mike stand gizmo

    Interesting idea and startup funding method. Thought it might get some traction here. ELASTICK - universal music & desktop stand for tablet PC's by gregorysung &mdash; Kickstarter
  42. vestapol

    Did you F*ck it up?

    ‪I Didn't F*ck It Up - Katie Goodman of Broad Comedy‬&rlm; - YouTube
  43. vestapol

    What is the sound of a stone

    Cool Peter Neubäcker interview celemony_ :: Interview Peter Neubäcker
  44. vestapol

    Fresh Hot Tuna!

    Video results for Hot Tuna - wolfgangsvault.com
  45. vestapol

    Powered speaker shootout

    Powered Speaker Shoot Out and A General PA rather than a guitar monitor focus, but maybe of interest. Vic
  46. vestapol

    Future Fractal Fan

    You can just tell this kid's gonna play. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQ18JEPLhkg ;)
  47. vestapol

    Ownhammer news for AXE II!

    Just got this in email: Hello Everyone, I have some exciting updates and information for you all today: 1) In light of Fractal Audio announcing the Axe-Fx II this week, the SYX packages have now been recategorized as AX1. The new AX2 .syx IR's are a completely different, proprietary format...
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