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  1. Ravaya

    Rivergiant- Instrumetal track

    Heya all, this is Rivergiant from my latest e.p. "rifftard" All Axe II-xl Hope you guys enjoy Cheers Rav.
  2. Ravaya

    Testing my recording rhythm tone with the XL

    Hello everyone. Will start recording an album shortly so I decided to do a tune with my main rhythm metal tone Hope you guys enjoy and let me know what you think Cheers Rav
  3. Ravaya

    axe 2 XL to PA (live camera sound-stock cabs-metal)

    To anyone interested, str8 to PA Cheers Rav
  4. Ravaya

    Short live clip showcasing in the room sound with a cab (metal, clean)

    A short live clip showcasing in the room sounds and the potential benefits of using the Axe Fx II sending 2 feeds: one to FOH and the other with cab sims off through the matrix gt1000fx to an on stage cabinet. In this case the cabinet was not miced so it was used for stage monitoring and for the...
  5. Ravaya

    New video (progmetal stock cabs)

    Heya all. This is Riverthane from my band Need XL with stock cabs Hope you enjoy Cheers Rav
  6. Ravaya

    Need - Hegaiamas (full prog album with axe 2 Xl stock cabs)

    So this is our album, will let it speak for itself. Hope you enjoy Have a wonderful year everyone Rav
  7. Ravaya

    Progmetal tune

    This is the new lyric video from my band. All Axe 2 direct. Thought I'd post. Hope you guys enjoy. May 2017 be a wonderfull year for everyone Cheers Rav
  8. Ravaya

    Rehearsal video with Axe 2 +Matrix miced (heavy stuff)

    Hello all this a rehearsal video we did. Song is called Tilikum. Hope you all enjoy Cheers Rav
  9. Ravaya

    Need - Rememory (Axe II inside)

    Hello all. This is Rememory, first track and video off our new album coming out January Hope you guys enjoy Cheers Ravaya
  10. Ravaya

    Loong prog Soong (live)

    Hello all, this song is called Orvam from my band Need, Hope you all enjoy Cheers Ravaya
  11. Ravaya

    The Thing That Should Not Be (metallica cover)

    This is a metallica cover we recorded for the greek edition of Metal Hammer magazine celebrating the 30th anniversary of the perfection that is master of puppets We tried to restrain our keyboard player but he got away at a crucial moment. At least we deleted the upright bass part played by...
  12. Ravaya

    Need- Symmetrape (live)

    Hello this is symmetrape, a track from my band need Hope you all enjoy Cheers Ravaya
  13. Ravaya

    Lifeknot - (sort of) groovy metal track-Live

    Hello to all and happy new year to everyone. This is Lifeknot. We often open our gigs with this one. First song sloppyness and all but the XL doesn't fail :-) Hope you guys enjoy Rock On Rav.
  14. Ravaya

    Live Axe 2 track- Progmetal

    This is one is called Siamese God from my band Need Hope you guys enjoy Happy New Year to all Ravaya
  15. Ravaya

    Live track with axe 2- (Proggy) metal

    Here's another live track. This one is called Stroll of Choice Hope you guys enjoy! Rock on Ravaya
  16. Ravaya

    Need- Divine Drift (Live sound using Matrix, Marshall cab and SM57)

    Well this is a clip of an old song of ours we did at a recent gig. I run my axe 2 XL both through the matrix and cab and at the same time use the XLR outputs for FOH. The friend who mixed it preferred the miced sound when mixing. what do you think? Hope you enjoy Rock on Ravaya
  17. Ravaya

    Need - Lifeknot live rehearsal video (XLR sound no post)

    There you go, straight rehearsal XLR sound no post Merry Christmas to all Rawk on!!! Cheers Ravaya
  18. Ravaya

    New Lyric Video Need + Happy holidays to all

    My band's new Lyric video. happy holidays to all Need - Mother Madness [official lyric video] - YouTube Hope you all enjoy Peace ravaya
  19. Ravaya

    Using the axe 2 as a sound card with a real amp question

    Hello all, I don't know if this has been covered before (probably has) but I need to ask this question. If I use a loadbox in the speaker out of my amp, can I then use the direct output jack of the amp in the instrument in of the axe 2 and an IR from the axe and then record the sound via usb...
  20. Ravaya

    Axe Fx 2 + Pd HD500 expression pedal question

    Hello all, I understand that my question might have been answered before but I would really appreciate some input here. I am setting up my pod HD500 to work as a foot controller for my axe 2, and while learn mode is a charm with all the switches and I 've managed to switch on/off delays and...
  21. Ravaya

    Pod Xt live as a foot controller

    Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and to setting up midi devices. I am trying to use my pod xt live as a midi controller for the axe fx 2. So far I've only managed to change patches and nothing more. Can anyone help as to how one can use the top row buttons to switch on/off effects or...
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