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  1. Georgy

    Moved house.. patches sound bassy/boomy.. how did you address this? (Yamaha HS7’s)

    My fellow Fractal-lites.. I’m sure this has been addressed before.. apologies if so. I’ve just moved house. My setup is in my study. If it helps, here’s a pic of the room, just to give you guys an indication of layout and so forth. There’s carpet, there’s curtains/blinds, and there’s a...
  2. Georgy

    When I arm a track in Reaper to record, it starts to ‘clip’ and distort.. surely it’s a simple setting issue..?

    Hey guys, For some reason, I can’t seem to get the Axe 3 to record in Reaper properly.. let me explain.. I’ve added a quick clip and some screenshots so that someone can hopefully identify the issue; hopefully it’s something minor. For the first 10 seconds, it’s normal playing, and everything...
  3. Georgy

    Anyone running WDW, but using 2x FRFR monitors as the WETS with a real amp+cab as the dry?

    * APOLOGIES IF THIS ISN'T IN THE RIGHT FORUM * As the title suggests, I’m just curious to see if anyone is doing this with their setup at home/studio? I’ve got a neat setup; Axe FX 3 with a pair of Yamaha HS7’s which are great. I also have a Wizard MC25ii and a 1x12 cab. What I’m trying to...
  4. Georgy

    2x guitarists in your band.. one uses 100w head+4x12, and you’re using a PA… which one is more..

    Ok, let me rephrase this a little by setting the scene.. I’ve re-read this a few times and I hope it makes sense.. if it doesn’t.. sorry!!! And for the record, there's no right or wrong - this is based on first hand experience.. Curious to hear honest thoughts and feedback from anyone in this...
  5. Georgy

    Anyone doing WDW but using 3 FRFR speakers?

    Hey guys, As the title suggests, I’m curious to know if anyone is actually doing W-D-W with their Axe 3 but using 3 FRFR’s instead of just 2 FRFRs. If so, how does it sound? Or will a pair of monitors be fine? Thanks.
  6. Georgy

    Oh just another AX8 + Reaper ‘how do you re-amp in Reaper’ thread…

    Don’t worry, I’ve been trawling through both YouTube and various fractal forums but haven’t found anything concrete regarding re-amping with the AX8 and Reaper.. I’ve seen posts and clips of people re-amping their Axe FX’s with Reaper, or their AX8’s with Cubase, but I haven’t seen anything that...
  7. Georgy

    Wizard MCii or MTL anyone?

    Hey guys.. this is a question for anyone that has actually owned/played an actual Wizard (either Modern Classic or MTL).. Are there any amp/cab sims that get you close to that Wizard sound? My setup is simple; AX8 and two Yamaha HS7’s. Not looking to run this through a power amp setup. Many...
  8. Georgy

    Another midi issue --> display on MFC not matching Axe XL display..

    Hey guys, Maybe it's my MFC? Maybe it's my Axe 2 XL? Or maybe it's just me? Not sure why this is happening but it's frustrating.. Here's what I'm doing: Using my XL + MFC 101-iii to send MIDI msg's to my amp.. it's basically changing channels on my amp which is pretty cool. I've tested...
  9. Georgy

    How to run my JJ Jnr amp --> Axe-Fx XL --> Suhr Reactive Load?

    Hey Guys, I've searched YouTube, I've googled, I've even come back to the Fractal Forum to try and find something but havn't been so lucky.. My Friedman JJ Jnr amp is a few weeks away from arriving. I wanna be able to use it in 4CM.. so I can hear the amp through my 1x12 cab but ALSO so...
  10. Georgy

    Can you achieve an 'auto wah' without having an expression pedal?

    Hi Guys, As the title suggests, I'm curious to know two things.. 1, is there such thing as having an auto wah block but without actually having an expression pedal? Will it work the same way? It doesn't need to be like Kirk Hammet or Jimi-like, just a simple wah effect. 2, if so, how...
  11. Georgy

    How to use my actual amp with the Axe-Fx 2 XL..?

    Hey Guys, I want to start using my actual amp with my Axe 2 XL.. I can’t quite remember if there’s an explain-all clip somewhere on how to do this.. Can someone maybe upload or share a preset that they use in conjunction with their actual amp? The aim is to load a cab/IR with my amp and hear...
  12. Georgy

    Can't import purchased IRs... what am I doing wrong?

    Hey guys, Let me elaborate a little more.. Just purchased some STL Tones (Andy James pack to be exact) which comes with the patch itself along with the IRs. Because it's been maybe 2 years since I last purchased any patches or IRs, I have completely forgotten how to import them into the...
  13. Georgy

    KSE - Holy Diver-type tone anyone? (or where to start)

    So, after taking a break from the 'Fractals' for roughly 2 years, I'm back!! Feels like I missed out a bit here and there; it was Quantum 6 or something when I last logged in... Now I have an Axe 2 XL, and I sure have missed it. Can anyone point me in the direction to find some presets or...
  14. Georgy

    Any music/guitar stores to check out on Hawaii? Or Pawn stores for that matter?

    Guys.. gear here in Australia is SO expensive compared to the US and some other countries. I've been to Hawaii 3 times and have come back with purchases twice now :D and, well, the wife and I are going in Feb, so I'm hoping to get lucky again. I've been to a few guitar stores but don't recall...
  15. Georgy

    Went to a Fractal Clinic here in Melbourne the other night..

    It’s always a great opportunity to go to a Fractal clinic, especially when there are two pro-players, pro-Fractal users who were kind enough to share their hints and tricks with us. Mind you here in Australia, this was probably the first Fractal clinic that was held, probably due to the fact...
  16. Georgy

    Random question.. GoPro settings whilst recording gigs..??

    Hey Guys, Scored a GoPro 5 Hero Black recently, and I would like to start using it to record our gigs (even even rehearsals). I recorded a friend's band and I don't think I had the right settings.. I tried selecting 4k but it was jittery and not quite right.. The sound was a bit intermittent...
  17. Georgy

    EVH FX anyone..? Unchained Flanger and Phaser ideally..

    Hey guys, I'm running my FX8 in 4CM with my EVH 5153 50w, and I'm struggling to get (or even find somewhere) any EVH sounds, mainly his signature 'Unchained' Flanger and his Phaser (You Really Got Me'esque). If anyone has those settings that they would like to share, would be much obliged...
  18. Georgy

    There must be a simple reason why I can't get auto wah working...

    So, I'm running the Axe-2, with MFC101. I'm a month or so away from getting an expression pedal for this, however, what I want to be able to do doesn't involved having to use the expression pedal if I don't want to.. I'm dedicating a stomp on the MFC to a wah block. I just wanna be able to...
  19. Georgy

    Have many of you gone from Axe-ii to the AX8, then back to the Axe-ii again?! I'm thinking..

    Don't get me wrong, I really love my AX8, but I think I'm missing the Axe-ii.. anyone else gone back and forth with these? What am I gonna gain by going back to the Axe-ii, other than bigger DSP, it can be used as a recording interface, mic's for cabs, dephase etc etc..? Haven't had an Axe-ii...
  20. Georgy

    Anyone using an actual JVM410 in 4CM with their AX8 or FX8?

    If so, are you using the midi on the AX8 to change channels on the JVM? ALSO, the JVM has green/orange & red mode per channel (if I’m not mistaken)… can the AX8 change those as well? Thanks.
  21. Georgy

    Is it just me, or are the FAS amps a bit better suited to FRFR..?

    Caught up with a friend yesterday, and essentially did the old A/B/C test by comparing a 100w valve power amp + 2x12 cab against a Matrix GT1500 + 2x12FRFR (custom made one) and a pair of Matrix CFR12s. He used his AX-ii, I used my AX8. Both were very complimentary in sound; different but...
  22. Georgy

    Do you ever get those days where it just sounds like _ _ _ _ ?! What do you do?!

    Yep.. sometimes it's option paralysis, sometimes it's just not sounding good, or jelling, or anything.. You know the tones are pretty darn good... but then sometimes, that same tone just sounds like ass... What do you guys do when this happens? Whether it's FRFR or via a power amp, doesn't...
  23. Georgy

    Are there any FRFR solutions out there that can compete with a 2x12 + power amp?

    OK, let me re-phrase that.. Part 1... Curious to know if there are any FRFR solutions (passive or active) that can compare to a 2x12 cab + power amp (either valve or solid state)?? Part 2.. Those of you that can speak from experience, how does it compare tonally? And volume-wise? Thanks!
  24. Georgy

    Anyone using the Matrix CFR12 with their AX8/Axe FX? How does it compare to the FR212?

    Hey Fractals, I'm days away from getting a pair of CFR12s and I can't wait. I've always had a thing for the FR212 but here in Australia they are extremely hard to come by, let alone hear one and play one. So I've managed to score a pair of CFR12s which I will use with a solid state power amp...
  25. Georgy

    On the off extreme off chance, is anyone using their FRACTAL to control the Bogner Hafler via Midi?

    I suspect this is like looking for a needle in a hay-stack.. On the off extreme off chance, is anyone using their FX8 (or other Fractal device) to control their Bogner Hafler Triple Giant via Midi? I'm planning on using it in a 4CM type setup with a power amp. I guess I'm just curious to...
  26. Georgy

    Anyone using their AX8 in 4CM with an ENGL Steve Morse amp?

    So... this is a two-part question.. Just curious to see if anyone is specifically using their AX8 in 4CM with an ENGL Steve Morse amp? This particular has midi so in theory, my AX8 will be able to control the amp (change channels etc) which is what I'm hoping it will do. Alternatively, do...
  27. Georgy

    Did I read somewhere that some guys are using the Flextone amps as FRFR solution?

    Ok, let me rephrase that.. I could've sworn I remember seeing on one of the Fractal forums (for some reason I keep thinking I saw it here in the AX8 forum..) that there are some players out there that have been using the Line 6 Flextone (either ii or iii) as an FRFR solution, either at home or...
  28. Georgy

    From your POV, what's the most important thing when tweaking your FRFR?

    Ok, let me re-word that a bit.. From you POV, what are some of the more important things to bear in mind when tweaking your FRFR setup/s? This applies to if/when playing through: Your studio monitors (if applicable)? Your personal stage monitor or FRFR speaker/cab (if applicable)? The PA...
  29. Georgy

    Question for the guys who use a valve power amp with their AX8..

    I'm sure this happens to the best of us.. In the originals band that I play in, we're mainly moderate-to-hi gain (rock to hard rock and borderline metal). When I had my Axe-ii, I mainly gravitated to the BE and HBE amps more than anything. They have plenty of power/crunch/versatility and so...
  30. Georgy

    What is this 'killswitch/machine gun' effect? (song included)

    Hey Guys, I had two query's but the first query was resolved.. but I'm still a little puzzled with the second query.. I think it might be a tremolo effect but I'm not 100% sure.. I'm trying to achieve a killswitch/toggle switch/machine gun type sound. I'm sure we've all heard 'that' type of...
  31. Georgy

    For those of you that go direct to the PA.. do you also have your own FRFR solution on stage?

    Hey guys Yep.. probably a repeat thread/question one way or another.. So, I'm going to start embracing the FRFR thing when playing live by going direct to PA/FOH, and I was curious to know if any of you AX8-players were also using/bringing your own stage monitor/wedge/FRFR solution, and not...
  32. Georgy

    I would kill for this clean Hetfield live tone..

    We all know that there's chorus and delay and possibly some verb on Jaymz's clean tone, but it sounds like there's something else going on too.. Don't know if there's a light flange or tremolo type thing going on or not.. I remember when they were last here in Australia some 6 years ago...
  33. Georgy

    Can the Mission EV-1 exp.pedal can do both vol and wah..?

    I feel like this is the missing piece to my puzzle.. I'm thinking of getting one of these.. in a perfect world, it would be capable of doing BOTH volume (up/down) as well as wah...? Yes? No?! http://shop.independentmusic.com.au/ev-1-expression-volume-pedal/ Thanks guys :)
  34. Georgy

    Just bought the AX8! Stoked.. A couple questions though.. (wah & dual outputs...)

    Hey guys, I'm back on the Fractals again and loving it so far :D I forget how damn good the amp sims actually. Got a couple standard noob-type questions.. 1, Firstly, is there some sort of FX block that can act as a wah, or auto-wah? I'm hoping to possibly achieve this by not needing an...
  35. Georgy

    Ibanez LF-7 LO-FI Pedal equivalent?

    Hey Guys, Is there an Ibanez LF-7 LO-FI Pedal in the Axe-ii? Or is there an equivalent? Thanks.
  36. Georgy

    How do you find your Matrix FR212 + Matrix power amp?

    After having played a handful of gigs in recent times, I'm starting to realize why some guys prefer to use an FRFR solution. At present, I'm using/carrying from gig to gig: 3RU rack (Axe FX + 1RU wilress unit) 2RU rack for my VHT 2/50/2 power amp. Mesa 2x12 vertical cab 2 x guitars Plastic...
  37. Georgy

    Anyone have both an Axe FX and a Helix? Thoughts? Comparisons?

    Sorry Moderators.. wasn't sure where to post this one.. Just curious to hear what the Fractal-Hood think of the Line 6 Helix? Anyone out there have both an Axe FX and a Helix? Pro's? Con's? What do you like about one compared to the other? I absolutely love my Axe-ii and MFC setup and I...
  38. Georgy

    Does anybody know if the FX8 will switch the boost MV on a Shiva?

    Hey guys, The question I've been asked is if whether the FX8 will switch the boost master volume on a Bogner Shiva..? Thanks
  39. Georgy

    is there much a difference between using scenes vs presets?

    Hey guys, As in, is there much of a difference (lag, I guess) when changing presets vs changing scenes? We know that scenes are seemless and 'quicker' or smoother than changing patches so to speak, but if so, is it that big difference? Curious to know if the same applies when changing...
  40. Georgy

    A question or two for the Axe-ii owners who also had/have an FX8..

    Hey Guys, I’ve got an Axe-ii and am about receive delivery of my FX8 (can’t wait!). I did have the idea in mind to maybe sell my Axe-ii but I do prefer to keep it (for recording etc), unless the FX8 absolutely kills the Axe-ii… which I doubt! How have you guys found the transition going from an...
  41. Georgy

    Pantera "Becoming" whammy effect/setting anyone?

    Does any have a decent setting for this particular song? I actually forget how Dimebag did it.. I'm pretty confident there'd be a way to do it in the Axe via the PITCH block presumably?! Thanks in advance guys.
  42. Georgy

    A quick reminder for the guys using scenes.. what NOT to do..

    ... do NOT have your Axe plugged into your laptop, especially if you're playing with a band!! You'll get this weird drop-out cut-out thing and it will rightly P1SS you off!! I learned that the hard way :D:rolleyes: Scenes are in fact seamless when you DON'T have a USB cable going from your...
  43. Georgy

    ok Fractal Guys.. seriously now.. front input vs rear input.. which is better?!

    Too many opinions but nothing has been acknowledged by Fractal HQ, in regards to which input is better, so to speak.. Some guys reckon there's some special secret sauce thing going on with the front input vs the rear input, others say they're exactly the same.. Is one of these inputs better...
  44. Georgy

    QUESTION.. can I use scenes with a real amp?

    Hey Guys, I just wanna know if this is possible.. I suppose it's basically doing 4CM but using scenes in the same time.. See my example below. The amp I am using is my actual 5153 50w head (which has midi), in particular the Blue and Red channels. Happy to just use the red channel if both the...
  45. Georgy

    How many have gone full circle with the Axe? Normal > FRFR > back ?

    This magical little black box really is something special isn't it.. I mean, what can't it do?! I've been an Axe-ii user for 18 or so months now and I reckon I've done it all.... mostly! I've done (for both home and band-use): Axe ii + solid state power amp > normal cab Axe ii +...
  46. Georgy

    Recommend me some actual speakers for this actual cab..

    Hey guys, Going down the stereo path and picked up this unloaded VHT 2x12 cab, which is semi-open back. HOWEVER, I've already got a Friedman 2x12 loaded with V30s, (8ohms, closed back) so I don't necessarily need to get matching V30s in this VHT cab...... well, I could, but I'm keen to get...
  47. Georgy

    Cab/IR recommendations for the Friedman ASM-12 anyone??

    Hey guys, Being a bit more of a hard rock/metal player (in various tunings etc), I'm keen to explore people's cab and IR suggestions.. I don't just play that style, I like my ASM to cover all the bases (which I think it does), but I reckon I could potentially be missing out on some really good...
  48. Georgy

    How to check if 4CM works for you.. patches/pics included

    Hey guys, WARNING: Long thread alert!! Thought I'd share a patch and an idea for 4CM would-be users.. For this to work, you will still need to have everything plugged in and connected as per normal 4CM setup (see below), and I HIGHLY recommend you have HUMBUSTER cables ready to go...
  49. Georgy

    How does one post an Axe screen dump/print in a thread?!

    Hey guys, sorry if this has been asked before.. I want to share a few screen dumps/prints from my Axe.. but wouldn't have a clue how to do it! I've used the camera icon, clicked it, it tells me it's saved.... and that's where I get lost!! :( Any help here would be much appreciated...
  50. Georgy

    Problems downloading BETA 3.0.. file is PDF..??

    Hey guys, Not sure what I've done.. but somehow public Beta 3.0 keeps being downloaded as a PDF file.. not the usual SYS.EX file.. or whatever it is.. Anyone else have this problem? How does one fix this?! Thanks advance!
  51. Georgy

    Long shot.. Anyone using an ENGL E840/50 with their AXE?

    Title says it all.. Have been umm'ing and ahh'ing but don't know how well they respond with the Axe.. Gonna borrow one from a mutual friend to try out with my rig.. Any thoughts/opinions?? Cheers fellas
  52. Georgy

    2RU valve power amp recommendations??

    I've been on a 'sonic' journey (like most of you no doubt) and decided to try out my EVH 5153 50w with my Axe 2. I used the EVH as a power amp, nothing more - I used the Axe to do everything else. Man oh man did it sound good! It sounded really good! Every amp sim that I tried sounded damn...
  53. Georgy

    Who reckons their s.state power amp gives the same 'punch' as..

    Let me rephrase the question.. Who believes a solid state power amp (be it a Matrix or Behringer etc) can produce the same punch/air movement/'feel' etc etc, as their valve power amp/valve head through the same cab?? We're not talking FRFR here guys, we're talking non-FRFR. Curious to know...
  54. Georgy

    Is there an 'idiot's' guide for setting up 4CM?

    When I say idiots, I'm referring to people like me!! I've tried following a video or two on youtube, trying to get 4CM method happening and it's just working :confused::( Surely there has to be a clip or concise info somewhere?? What I'm really referring to is, is there a video or are there...
  55. Georgy

    HELP PLEASE! 2x12 vertical cab vs 2x12 horizontal..

    Hi Fractal Family.. I'm about to sell my Orange 4x12 and I'm about to buy a 2x12.. I'm a little torn between getting something that I've had in the past (which I've been happy with, like an OJ 2x12 closed back or a Mesa 2x12 closed back), HOWEVER, my curiosity is getting the better of me and...
  56. Georgy

    Backing tracks with keyboards only..

    Howdy.. I'm sure there's been threads for backing tracks multiple times, but, has anyone discovered or come across backing tracks that have keyboards only? (with or without the click for the drummers??) For example, it'd be great to get a keyboard-only backing track for songs like Living on a...
  57. Georgy

    Acoustic Piezo patch (for piezo-equipped guitars.. for ASM-12)

    Would be curious to get some thoughts and input on this Acoustic Piezo patch. I use this through my Friedman ASM-12. I have a Graph Tech Ghost Piezo system installed in my ESP Eclipse and love it. I can really get some amazing acoustic tones through my ASM. Just wanted to share this with...
  58. Georgy

    A question for the 4CM experts.. this one is for you.. (AMP X/Y ??)

    So, I wanna run 4CM with my Axe-ii, tube amp + 2x12 cab, and of course with the MFC. But I'm not 100% sure if what I want to achieve is in fact achievable the way I want to do it.. Also, apologies in advance for my wording..... and my AMAZING skills in Paint!!! Lol.. :D I currently have...
  59. Georgy

    Any hi-gain amps that clean up really well when the GAIN is toned back?

    As per title guys.. Are there any amps, that are typically hi-gain, that actually clean up really well when the gain/drive is rolled right back? The Shiver, whilst it's not a hi-gain amp is IMO way better than the JC120, I find the JC120 a bit on the m'eh side of things if I'm being honest, so...
  60. Georgy

    Roxette 'The Look' preset anyone??

    I can't imagine there'd be a lot to it really, but has anyone experimented with getting not only the guitar intro, but that synthesizer sound that follows? The guitar intro has that octave effect going on, but it also sounds like one guitar has some light overdrive and the other guitar almost...
  61. Georgy

    A strange but yet good discovery.. I think? (F001: 1x6 Oval.. WTF?!)

    Ok.. I wouldn't normally post something sporadic like this, but I had to share, and ask a question in the same time.. So I'm playing around with a Bogner XTC patch that I actually purchased via eBay a little while ago (the one from here I think...
  62. Georgy

    What amps have pleasantly surprised you and what amps have been a let down?

    It always intrigues me to see what amps people tend use as their go-to amps. Surely, we've all got a top 4 or 5 (or more hopefully!), that are our main amps that we choose to use. I know, everyone's musical and tonal tastes are different, so it's all very subjective. In the same time...
  63. Georgy

    My ASM-12 cover

    Hey guys, I like protecting and looking after my gear, especially if it's brand new, so I had a custom cover made for my Friedman ASM-12. I've always had custom-made covers for any of my gear... OCD alert.. I thought about getting zipper holes made for it so that it can spend most of it's...
  64. Georgy

    Is there an equivalent of this Tascam product but for Samsung/Galaxy devices??

    I've seen Mark Day demo this pretty nifty looking Tascam IXJ2 Mic/Line Amplifier for iOS iPhone iPad IXJ-2 but clearly this is for Apple only.. Is there an equivalent for Samsung/Galaxy products out there? The pic and sound quality is pretty good. Alternatively, what else do you guys out...
  65. Georgy

    ENGL Steve Morse, Friedman Steve Stevens?? Anyone? (Axe-ii)

    I would only assume that at some point, as new firmwares get released over time, we'll be likely to see maybe a few more signature amps here and there.. hopefully?! I know there's a wishlist for this kinda stuff but has anyone been able to make up a patch (or have found an amp) that sounds...
  66. Georgy

    EVH 'Unchained' Flanger anyone?

    Hey guys, I'm struggling to make a close-to EVH 'Unchained' type Flanger patch.. Has anyone attempted to try and replicate this unique effect on their Axe FX-ii's? I've got the MXR EVH flanger and when you click the little 'Unchained' mode button, it takes you right there.. Not an...
  67. Georgy

    S.S amp + Thiele/EVM-loaded speaker/cab? Good/Bad?

    Hi guys Apologies in advance if I haven't got my wording right here; hopefully you'll get the jist of what I'm trying to ask.. How do people find their EVM-loaded cab, or, Thiele made cab (?) with their Axe rigs? Actually, how do people find running their Matrix power amp +...
  68. Georgy

    1RU tube power amps?? Anything available?

    As the title suggests, is there 1RU tube power amp out there, other than the ENGL E810 which is 2x20w?? Ideally, something that is at least 50w, but preferably 100W?
  69. Georgy

    recommend me a pedalboard..

    Looking for something light weight but robust to house my MFC and 3x expression pedals.. Any recommendations welcome guys.. There's lots of pics here of people's setups and they look great! If possible, here's what I'm after (if such a thing exists!).. - removable lid - light weight - not...
  70. Georgy

    Vertical vs Horizontal 2x12 with Axe FX? pro's/con's?

    I'm sure there's a thread somewhere on here, but here's the question anyway.. I've got the Axe-ii with a Matrix GT1500. I'm mostly a bedroom player however when I do play in the bedroom, I've usually got my current Matrix NL212 sitting on the bed so that I get a more directional sound...
  71. Georgy

    Has anyone replaced their speakers from their NL212 with something else?

    Don't get me wrong, I am happy with my NL212, but it lacks that low-to-mid-punch.. The low-end is good, as you'd expect from a ported cab, and the top end is good too, but it's that mid section that it lacks.. It's being driven my Axe-ii and Matrix GT1500, but it still lacks a bit in the mids...
  72. Georgy

    What would REALLY help.. some Axe FX ii/CLR patches uploaded..

    I reckon the title says it all.. there's lovers and then there's, well, not so lovers of the CLR.. I've got one, and I know I'm not getting the best out of it with my Axe FX ii.. For those that do have it and swear by it, I'd like to know what it is that makes you swear by it...
  73. Georgy

    Atomic CLR vs FR212 vs Xitone? First post!!

    G'day from Australia! :encouragement: Guys, apologies if this is a repeat thread.. I've scoured through Fractal Forum over the last few days trying to find a realistic, and dare I say credible comparison between the above-mentioned cabs. Before I get stuck into the questions, here's my gear...
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