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  1. brokenvail

    R Ratio Values?

    Anyone know how I can figure out what ratio to use to get a .8th if I set tap to 8th? If I must I will gladly invert it and set tap to .8 if getting the ratio to give me an 8th is easier to figure out.
  2. brokenvail

    Using a filter blk to sculpt ambient MTD?

    This is a super long shot but back in 2017 I ripped someone settings from the MTD block with a filter behind it. They used this for ambient delays and swells. It worked killer on my Ax8. I have spent a long time combing through very old threads trying to find it with no luck. Any where here...
  3. brokenvail

    Clean model hit with drive vs OD channels

    In the past I have used models of OD channels (triptek) with not a tone of gain then used Od/ drives to get more gain/ textures ect. Recently I have found that if I use Triptek clean and hit it with a Dist model I get a fatter tone. Any one else using clean models and hitting it with drive vs...
  4. brokenvail

    Do drive blocks need to be refreshed?

    Amp blocks have to be refreshed after Fw updates. Now that drive blocks are in line with big brother do they need to be refreshed too?
  5. brokenvail

    Any issues with running verb and delay in front of amp Blk

    I know running delay and been before the amp makes them mono. Does anyone know if there will be any phase cancelation or weirdness in the sound by putting them in front of the amp?
  6. brokenvail

    SOLD Line 6 HX Stomp Blue. Free Shipping

    Up for grabs Ltd ED Line 6 HX Stomp. Note the Hx has a small ding I tried to show in one of the pictures. Price is $525 shipped. Sorry no trades
  7. brokenvail


    How can I get the FM3 to control the FC6. Everything I try doesn’t seem to work. I am interested in like a modified omg9 set up but I want to be able to easily get to a different layout when I don’t use the fc6
  8. brokenvail

    SOLD Morningstar Mc6

    Up for grabs is a Morningstar MC6 mk2. Great condition. Does not include original box. $old shipped in continental US
  9. brokenvail

    Type of switches needed for dual footswitch?

    I have done some searching and cannot see to find the answer to this. When using a dual footswitch with the FM the idea switch will use momentary buttons right?
  10. brokenvail

    SOLD Atomic Ampli Firebox

    Up for grabs killer pedal size modeler. Great amp models, can load IR and has effects. Does not have box or power supply. $old Price Includes free shipping to lower 48.
  11. brokenvail

    SOLD Sire H7 **lots of upgrades**

    Up for grabs is a killer Sire H7. It has only been gigged 3x. It has the following upgrades. Benson Custom Humbucker sized tron pickups, locking tuners, 920D wiring harness and comes with a Reunion Blues RBX bag (Sire’s do not ship with cases or bags) $old. Free shipping with full asking price...
  12. brokenvail

    WTB EV2

    Got any Ev2 for sale? Not looking to sell it at just about new prices? Inbox me I will buy it
  13. brokenvail

    SOLD EV-1 (modded with toe switch) + mini exp

    Up for grabs is a Ax8 with barefoot buttons installed Has a few cab packs installed as well. Great condition. Has power cable and will ship in Fractal box The EV1 is modded with a toe switch and is for sale with the mini expression. Flat trash pedal board with heavily padded case EV2 is not...
  14. brokenvail

    Good rotary settings?

    anyone have any good rotary settings they can share?
  15. brokenvail

    FS Suhr V60 set

    Up for grabs is a Suhr V60 set. I went vintage vibe and there is no bride pickup instead there is a neck pickup for bridge position. One of the pickup cover say Seymour Duncan but that can easily changed. All pickups are Suhr. $210 +$7 shipping
  16. brokenvail

    WTB FC-6 or FC-12

    Let me know if you have one for sale
  17. brokenvail

    SOLD New HX Stomp, New Morningstar Mc6 & New Cioks DC7

    All 3 items only used once. All prices include shipping Line 6 HX Stomp $550 Cioks DC7 with grey parallel cable to dbl current and yellow cable needed to power HX Stomp $old Morningstar Mc6 $old
  18. brokenvail

    Do I need fracpad 3 if I have Fracpad for the AX8?

    I have not used fracpad in a while I went to see if there were any updates for it for iPad and see there is now a Fracpad3 and regular fracpad has not been updated any more. Do I need to upgrade to Fracpad 3 to use with my Ax8 or am I safe with regular Fracpad?
  19. brokenvail

    WTB Morningstar MC6 MK II

    Looking for a Morningstar MC6 MK II. It must be a MK II so please don't inbox me with a MK I. Thanks
  20. brokenvail

    How many of you just upgrade and play?

    In the years I have been with fractal starting in 2010 with the Ultra I always see similar topics when a new FW comes out. What are the steps to ? Best practice when upgrading? How do I make the new one sound like a previous FW? I also often see people say when a new FW comes out it is a...
  21. brokenvail

    III in JP’s rack

    Pretty cool to to he has it ready to go for their new writing session
  22. brokenvail

    Alternative to BFB Tall Boys?

    I there any alternatives to Barefoot Button Tall boys out there. I have seen many alternatives to their std button online but no tall boys
  23. brokenvail

    FC12 dims and price

    Cliff/M@ can you shed some light on the dims and price of the FC12?
  24. brokenvail

    Bug? Does Hi CPU disable modifiers?

    I have a preset that lives around 89 CPU. I was doing some editing on front panel and I noticed my delays were missing modified option for input gain. It literally is not there. I plugged in edit and in edit it shows it there. I unplug edit go back to the front panel and once again not there...
  25. brokenvail

    Wish Reverb blk retain bypass type when disabled

    I live on the edge of CPU overload. So close that sometimes turning on the tuner disables my reverb. I switch scenes and come back to the previous one and all is well. Here is my problem. I run my reverb in parallel and I have one scene that legitimately makes CPU go over and reverb must be...
  26. brokenvail

    Calling all stereo players: .8th and stereo?

    So I usually play in stereo using IEM. I have never really used or nailed that .8th thing but I continue to try and mess with it. My question to you all is this. Since the .8th is not a stereo effect what do you do when you switch to a .8th? Do you just use that in mono panned center or do...
  27. brokenvail

    Pete Thorn Proves what Cliff always says

    Clean guitars tones in the room are actually dirty
  28. brokenvail

    Reverb help?

    I use the deep space reverb (in parallel)ar default settings for my ambient (volume swells). It is such a huge reverb. What I like about it is how it sounds as it is decaying. I can't describe it out I love it. I have never been a reverb guy other than for swells so I am not good at tweaking the...
  29. brokenvail

    Wish Sticky IA

    i use 5 scene 3 ia for my main set up. For certain gigs (moments) I wish there was a sticky ia so I could have access to all the fx I have in a patch
  30. brokenvail

    Pitch Blk chorus type effect

    I know some people use the pitch blk to pull of a chorus type effect. What are the suggested settings to pull that off?
  31. brokenvail

    Switch XY while editing on front panel

    is there a way to switch an effect from x to y state when it is not programmed to a switch while editing on the front panel? I am heading to practice and wanted to program wah x and y but can't figured out how to manual switch wah to y from the front pannel
  32. brokenvail

    Tell me about 6.0 Wahs

    Those of you using the new wahs what are your thoughts? Are you using stock settings or is it your old wah settings just sound better?
  33. brokenvail

    Toe switch diagram?

    I am going to mod my EV1 with a toe switch. Does any one know how to wired these two together
  34. brokenvail

    Drive block knobs

    Recently Cliff said he modeled the actual knows on the pedals. It got me thinking all the drive blocks have a tone knob but a BB Pre or AC booster for example does not a tone knob but rather bass and treble. It got me thinking that even though I have been with fractal since 2010 I don't recall...
  35. brokenvail

    spdt and spst switch?

    Going to mod my EV1 and add a tow switch. What kind of switch do I need? I did this once before on a different pedal and I am almost positive the 3 pin SPDT was enough?
  36. brokenvail

    obot cab pack question

    I purchased the obot cab pack but don't see any IR captures with the e906. Are they the ones labeled 313?
  37. brokenvail

    Level problems with clean amp vs over driven amp?

    any one else have problems leveling a clean amp with an over driven amp? I was a triptik modern on x and triptik clean on y and with a drive of 3.5 and level of 8 I still cannot get the clean amp to the line on the vu matter for level setting.
  38. brokenvail

    Problems Tuning An Acoustic?

    Any one have any issues tuning an acoustic? I just got a Tom Anderson Crowdster and the tuner will not work with it. 2 or 3 of the strings goes nuts and I can't tune it. The tuner does not even register the right note ie I hit the high E and tuner shows C. I assume it is because I am using a...
  39. brokenvail

    Anyone get a Matrix FR12 yet?

    Heard these started shipping. Anyone get one yet?
  40. brokenvail

    Swapping preset location without using edit?

    Does the Ax have the ability to swap preset positions from front panel like the Axe does? If so how?
  41. brokenvail

    What Cab Pack had the Triptik 1x12 in it?

    Title says it all. I can't seem to find which one had it. Was that a UR pack?
  42. brokenvail

    How to set up output 2 separate from output 1?

    I dialed in some stereo patches and wanted to send output 1 to foh in stereo and output 2 L+R to my clr. I am getting no sound out of out 2 that way. Any ideas on how I need to set this up?
  43. brokenvail

    When is it ok to sum L&R?

    Thinking of trying Stereo for the first time at show and Friday and never done it before. I hear lots of talk about phase cancellation whenever the topic of stereo collapsing to mono comes up so I have to wonder when is it ever ok to sum L&R? All that would be stereo is the rotary, and verb...
  44. brokenvail

    Generic/ Universal Fit IEMs? (Pls move to lounge)

    I would like to compile a list of manufactures who make Generic/ Universal Fit IEMs I know the following do Ultimate Ears JH Audio Heir Audio Alclair Shure Mee electronics Who else does?
  45. brokenvail

    My Ax8 pedal board

    I figured I would join the other guys who have posted a pic of their blank board awaiting their AX8. Here is min. It will hold Ax, ev1,mini exp knob and a g50. It is a PT Fly and is 22x14.5. Now that I have spent money in advance does that mean I have to complain about needing updates from FAS...
  46. brokenvail

    Dual delay and delay type?

    I use dual delay almost exclusively and I just started wondering if the delay type actually matters when using dual delay? If I use say a digital delay and set it up as dual is really different than an analog delay set up as dual?
  47. brokenvail

    Surface Pro perfect edit solution?

    As much as I have been wanting an iOS editor it just doesn't seem like it is going to happen. It got me thinking wouldn't a Microsoft surface pro be perfect? It runs Windows and has a USB port. Anyone using one?
  48. brokenvail

    VU Meters?

    Wonder if the Ax8 will have them?
  49. brokenvail

    How does the De Phase feature sound in the Mix?

    I have not upgraded yet and I am usually the if it ain't broke don't fix it mind set. I was wondering if anyone had heard the affects of the de phase in an actual mix yet? I heard Mark Day's clip and it sounds really cool but I know from experience that what sounds cool alone doesn't always...
  50. brokenvail

    Cool little amp stand

    So I have a clr cab but prefer to have it tiled up towards me. I have used various things to prop it up but was never happy with the angle I got. Most amp stands are huge and bulky so I have avoided them. I has been eyeing this stand for a while so nice it looked like it might work but was...
  51. brokenvail

    Whirlwind Director Plus vs Radial Jdi

    Has anyone tried both? What are your thoughts on these two? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  52. brokenvail

    Switching things up to go stereo

    So If I wanted to go stereo with my FX which are post cab ( Delay, verb, Roto) I can just pan them hard left and right and boom I am in stereo now? Been playing guitar for 20 years and have never played in stereo a day in my life.
  53. brokenvail

    Confessions of a sound man

    I am doing a few dates at some coffee houses. I showed up yesterday (had my clr in the car in case I needed it) I told the sound guy just give me an xlr I am sending you line level. The house speaks were jbl eon And I was able to hear my self through them so i rolled with no CLR. After the gig...
  54. brokenvail

    bug when doing system back up

    I backed up before updating to 19b. I changed my mind and went back to 18.12. When I dumped my backup Drives 1/2 and Amps 1/2 had the wrong Y states and the Y's were set to mute. I use Global blocks and did a system dump as well nada. To be safe I also always back up my main template patch and...
  55. brokenvail

    phaser settings for funky stuff

    Anyone have any good phaser setting for funky type stuff?
  56. brokenvail

    Poosible issue wth TripTik Mdrn post 18.07?

    Not sure if this is considered a bug or not but after upgrading to 18.07 (might have happened on .06) My TripTik Modern had much more gain and was so much loader than my other patches. With a little investigating I found that my over drive 'knob" was now set to 10. I usually have it set at 5/7.
  57. brokenvail

    Cab Blk resolution and UR

    I notice in the cab block there is Normal Res and Hi-res/Ultra Res. Does that mean that in normal resolutions we don't actually get UR from a UR IR?
  58. brokenvail

    Problem with scene 1 on #1 button of MK3

    I updated to the newest FW today not sure what I can from but now with bank size 0 my led on button 1 won't light up for scene one :-( Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  59. brokenvail

    Newist MFC FW issue?

    I noticed the New MFC FW is not stickied. Is there an issue with it and was taken down? I was about to do an update in a few min ******Disregard found it in the News Section. Guess it was never in this sub forum.******
  60. brokenvail

    how much reworking of patches has FW18b caused you?

    I have not upgraded to 18b yet. I know there will most likely be some reworking of patches so I was just wondering how much reworking did it cause you all? I never have a lot of time to dedicate to patch tweaking so depending on what the average response I will be able to decide when to upgrade
  61. brokenvail

    TipTik vs Tucana

    I have been playing the Trip for a while now and LOVE it. I see all this talk about the Tucana recently. I already know what the company web site says about the two. Have any of you played both Axe models? How do they compare?
  62. brokenvail

    Cab blk input select and it's affects sound

    I decided to try a new IR for practice. I usually use a stereo cab panned center with different mic sims. I noticed the input is set to stereo. I have no idea why I never paid attention to this before. How will setting it to left affect the sound? I know in the amp blk when I switched it to left...
  63. brokenvail

    Tap Talk Plug Off?

    Since last night I can't access the forum via Tap Talk. Any ideas if/when it will be fixed?
  64. brokenvail

    CLR 2nd time around review

    So I am back on the CLR train and thought I would share my story. I have been playing the axe since the ultra days. I have always used FRFR. I am a little unique in that I rarely bring a FRFR speaker with me. Live I often play through headphones or I am supplied a floor wedge (quality and...
  65. brokenvail

    which verb is everyone using for their ambient verbs?

    I have been using Cavern but I have had it this way for a long time. I have not touched the new verbs because other than ambient I don't really use verb, I figured I'd see what everyone else is doing
  66. brokenvail

    R time ratio in Dual Delay

    Manual says R time Ratio allows for the right delay time to me reduced very subtle Tempo offsets. So to basically have no off sets should that be set to 100 or 0?
  67. brokenvail

    How many Amp sims/IR's do you use (of haved used)

    As I look around the forum (been here since the ultra) I am often blown away but how many amp sims and IR's ppl actually use. There is def nothing wrong with that but I often laugh and think wow I under use this thing. Since the ultra I have only used 10 amps and 4 IR's (currently using 3 sims...
  68. brokenvail

    John Petrucci's wife using an Axe Fx

    Dream Theater's John Petrucci Performs Judas Priest Classic With Wife's Tribute Band Judas Priestess (Video) - Blabbermouth.net Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  69. brokenvail

    Low level clean amps

    I have a larger patch that uses amp 1 and 2 both x/ y setting into one cab that has an x/y. I tried various Fender's amps on amp 1 y 100% stock settings and they are all very low volume wise. I had to get them up to 5db on the level of the amp block to get it the levels to match by ear to the...
  70. brokenvail

    Window's System Requirments?

    Anyone know the system requirements for this?
  71. brokenvail

    Andy Woods Playing his Axe Fx

    Not sure if this has been posted yet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FlQk4a1hBg
  72. brokenvail

    tilting a clr cab?

    For those of you with a clr cab and use it tilted back from time to time how do you do? Do you prop it or did you buy something for that purpose?
  73. brokenvail

    Loading a global block bypasses the block [NOT A BUG]

    Not sure of this is a bug or not. I recently started using more presets. It has gotten to the point where I felt like the best thing for me to do is use global blocks. Last night I saved and linked my first global block for Dly and Rev. I then went on to the other 16 presets and loaded the dly...
  74. brokenvail

    swapping preset positions via front panel?

    I thought I read M@ say once that we can swap preset locations via front panel without having to over write presets. How do we do that? I have looked and must be missing it.
  75. brokenvail

    Send/Rtn Setup

    Thinking about using the send/return to extend my grid. How do I set up the levels? 100% out of send and 100% mix in return? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  76. brokenvail

    communication time out

    Since i upgraded to OSX 10.9.5 my Axe Edit does not work. I keep getting communuications error in Axe Edit. Any one else having this issue?
  77. brokenvail

    Song Mode?

    Can you guys talk to me a little bit about song mode and the logistics of setting it up? Been playing midi gear for 15 years and have always just been a presets and ia guy (not I am just one mega preset 5 scenes and punch of IA lol) but I am wondering if I should try out programing by song and...
  78. brokenvail

    Calling Original LF users XY IA behavior

    Hey guys do any of you have have an XY behavior assigned to an IA? If so how does it behave? I have my delay xy set to an IA and my first press never does anything. My second press will switch it to y and ever press after that will toggle back and forth. If I switch to a new preset it will take...
  79. brokenvail

    Axe FX II XL + Original Liquid Foot JR?

    Just tried to autoload the presets from my XL to my LFJR and LF says Not Found. Never had issue with my regular II. LF works great, it let's me switch presets, use IA's turn tuner on and off as well as tap tempo but won't let me auto load presets. Any thoughts?
  80. brokenvail

    II XL FAS LINK + Phantom Power

    So the manual says not to use phantom power while have mfc link set to fas link or ether con. Will this actually cause damage?
  81. brokenvail

    Hot to be a guitar player jerk

    For many this will be funny,for some it will be a reality check and for other a reminder of horrible past experiences lol How To Be A Jerk Guitar Player In 10 Easy Steps
  82. brokenvail

    Xl connection to mfc mk3 via xlr

    To get the xl to have two way communication via xlr with a mfc mk3 we set mfc port to fas link on xl and mfc to to fas link right? Tried it today for the first time and it did not work
  83. brokenvail

    Free IR samples for ii that come preloaded in XL

    Cliff has supplied 28 sample UR for everyone to with the ii to enjoy. The XL has them preloaded but there is only 26 of them. Anyone know why there are two mission on XL?
  84. brokenvail

    ii Presets into XL?

    Can II presets be loaded into the XL?
  85. brokenvail

    Inexpensive Coaxial Wedges

    Hey guys been out of the wedge game for a while. Was wondering what options are out there for inexpensive Coaxial wedges? I am aware of the Seismic and Alto but wonder if there is anything else
  86. brokenvail

    Changed to Trip Tik

    Cliff any changes to this amp? Mine sounds pretty different than 15b Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  87. brokenvail

    Possible bug with amps that have two drives

    I used the amp reset utility and my amps with two drives had the 2nd jump to 7.5 Thought drives were supposed to be left alone with this feature
  88. brokenvail

    Michael Sweet using an Axe Fx

    He needs an ii Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  89. brokenvail

    New EHX organ pedal!

    Have you guys seen this??? ELECTRO-HARMONIX B9 ORGAN MACHINE - YouTube Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  90. brokenvail

    Expression pedal issues with 15b

    Ever since I upgraded to 15b when I power on my ii (I am using mfc) my expression does not work. I have to select a new preset then come back to the one I want and boom all is well. It is strange to say the least. It is not a big problem but I know things should not be this way Sent from my...
  91. brokenvail

    I have been keeping a secret that I must confess

    I have not tried a single UR cab yet? I have barley tweaked my ii in many months (no need to, been happy just the way it is). I have used basically the same one cab since the ii launched for my main sound. I totally want to try the URs but just have not bothered because I don't have time to be...
  92. brokenvail

    vibe & rotary fast/slow settings?

    I have heard that many have just up a modifier on ia to give you a fast and slow speed on rotaries as well as vibes. Just wondering what two speeds people are setting on?
  93. brokenvail

    5 pin midi cable communication

    My 7 pin midi cable died so I am forced to use a 5 pin cable and run power out to mfc. Everything seems to work ok except the tuner. It get's stuck on waiting for tuner. I plug in a second 5 pin and mfc stops communicating all together and no longer dis players names ect. I am resign to the fact...
  94. brokenvail

    Latching switch to TRS wiring diagram

    Hey guys I am trying to make a toe switch like the one in a mission sp1. Got a latching switch and trs jack any Idea where I can a diagram on how to wire this up? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  95. brokenvail

    AE system requirements.

    I can not find AE system requirements on the FAS site. Are the purposefully left off? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  96. brokenvail

    Gospel and R&B

    Anybody you guys playing Gospel and R&B with your Axe? What amp sim and ir's are you using? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  97. brokenvail

    Can the the MK IIII fw....

    ....be updated via xlr with FAS link or AxeFx XL? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  98. brokenvail

    Micro Pog = Octave Divider

    I recently was checking out some videos on the micro pog and thought man I'd love to get a similar effect out of the ii. I freedd up some CPU and loaded up the pitch block for the first time ever. Choose Octave divider which I never heard of before and boom Micro Pog! It even had kind of the...
  99. brokenvail

    Tremolo in amp block

    Is anyone one using it? How do you have it set?
  100. brokenvail

    Small Di?

    I am looking for a small di box, smaller the better. If possible with a pad to drop DB. Any suggestions?
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