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    vh new song

    Van Halen's New Song "She's The Woman" at Cafe Wha? - YouTube
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    New York amp show some yrs ago cliff flash back pics

    These were taking at there first amp show in New York For the Fractal crew ..Heck of a nice guy to boot and his wife Danielle thought Id share. Seams like last week I took them :)
  3. M

    Bad flash........................ errrr sucks

    baby dead in water sucks . Any tricks to flash it back to STOCK
  4. M

    USB latency while going into pc bad ???????

    What is says pretty much, it sucks very bad tried every thing no luck any ideas ?????
  5. M

    On board sound make audio lag USB

    nasty lagg with on board any fixes for it
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    Just bought the AXE II

    If any one is wondering were they are i got on list @ 9:45 pm the day it started to sell. Hope this helps a few out lates
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    Member count

    Anyone remember when it was a big deal when Fractal forum hit 1000 members ??? Look now 11k +. Pretty cool to see it grow over a few years
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    Input pot makes noise

    My input pot got some scratchy noise not sure how it got like that pretty much set same.Any help on what to clean it with, got it apart or just replace pot ??
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    Some stuff about Ed`s old Marshall

    Most might have sean this anyway, (1) By Mark Cameron by pictures taken in the early 80'S. There ARE small tone altering and/or gain altering mods. I do have pic's so I CAN physically see that the amp has a split cathode arrangement. ...the cap on v2(330uf) cathode. ...its a 2.7k/.68 and...
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    check this out

    YouTube - Smashing Pumpkins - Cherub Rock (Live) axe in back ground ...might be late to party might be old news
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    Ground buzzzzz

    Anyone ever have a buzzzz when using 1/4 outputs on back going into a lil mixer.Its the Axe-Fx as soon as i unplug jack stops,, XLR outs work fine.I know its not my cables tried ground switch no change.Id just use XLR but if it needs to be fixed like to get it taken care of. any ideas thxs
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    This site has a few backing tracks

    test your axe-fx with these http://www.guitarbackingtrack.com/ and post your out come ;)
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    AXE FX vs Revalver MKII vs 6505

    Any one see this http://www.ultimatemetal.com/forum/rate ... nside.html
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    nuno bettencourt Porno tone

    uploaded @ axechange give it a try sounds pretty good to me ,sure it will need to be tweaked for your set up,Leave feed back on what it needs to improve on thxs mo 7.03 firm
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