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  1. Muso4142

    red hot chilli peppers?

    I agree with everyone that it should be more than possible to create sounds very close to his. But I'm sure many people like myself struggle to emulate the sounds we hear. What I hear & try to program in often ends in failure. It seems to me personally that the only way I can get a decent sound...
  2. Muso4142

    Polyphia's New Music

    Really enjoyed listening to those 2 tracks. Good melodies & interesting licks. (Way outta my league) Nice one & i'll get their album at some point. \m/
  3. Muso4142

    Hi, Would it come with the G&G hardcase, trem arm & case candy? Would you accept $2000 shipped...

    Hi, Would it come with the G&G hardcase, trem arm & case candy? Would you accept $2000 shipped to NYC? (I'll pay via paypal) Thanks Brian
  4. Muso4142

    A cover band these days? No way in hell! BMI sues bar...

    I'm livin on the edge...... jingle jangle...
  5. Muso4142

    At U2 now.. Where is Edge hiding the Axe's??

    He has his racks below with the guitar tech who also manually does all the effects changes throughout the show.
  6. Muso4142

    Need advice-Strat SC's and the XL-FW1808

    I had a weird reverb issue after loading FW18.08 & I messed around for about 45 minutes until I realised I didnt have the cable to my Bose headphones pushed in fully! (What a twat! .. me that is) :mad: Seriously though, try loading the firmware again. Many people have reported odd issues & a...
  7. Muso4142

    Extreme - Nuno Bettencourt's 90's Soldano tone

    Last time I saw Nuno, it was on TV watching Rihanna live in London.. Nuno was her guitarist! WTF! Although its not a bad gig looking at Rihanna ass all night! Food for thought. \m/
  8. Muso4142

    18.01 sounds different than 18.00 b7

    Johnnyh64... I reckon you been smokin! :D
  9. Muso4142

    Experienced users! Tips and tricks for new Axe user, please?

    Prepare to loose a few weeks of your life! ha ha (& thats just the beginning!) :nightmare:
  10. Muso4142

    Fw18... news?

    I have to agree with 'rlarant'. Best sounds EVERY! (for the record i'm 46 & 3/4's :D) That is all.
  11. Muso4142

    Fw18... news?

    OLDER! I thought this black box also had a time machine built in! Because each time I use it, I get lost for days & come out feeling refreshed. Bloody Awesome I say (The wife has other choice words :shock) \m/
  12. Muso4142

    Teach me about DMX lighting systems

    This is a good read as i'm about to take delivery of a fairly simple lighting rig from Thomann. I've used DMX before but as a simple sound to light/foot controlled affair. It does sound very time consuming but I'm hoping to convince a friend to offer some help ! ha ha Has anyone in...
  13. Muso4142

    [18.01 UPDATE] G3 preset collection (XL) for starters

    I've not tried the Firmware 18 Beta yet as I was waiting for the official version to be released! Now Yek has put these presets up I'm SOOOOoooooo tempted (My Wife is in Ethiopia visiting family & I have some free time after my gig on Friday evening... (Like 3 weeks of free time)... Oh go on...
  14. Muso4142

    Best named pedal of all time

    Yeah but wouldnt it be great having a pedal board with all the rudest named pedals on it! It would be Justin Hawkins inuendo pedal board. LMAO :encouragement: \m/
  15. Muso4142

    New Fractal Day

    You can expect your next few weeks to fly by now!
  16. Muso4142

    Amp / Cab combination beginner question

    I've had my Axe FX 2 XL for over 6 months & I'm still working through the amps & cabs in the unit & the end is nowhere in sight! You guys obviously have to much time on your hands. ;) One day i'll delve into the cab packs... Inshallah (As they say around these parts)
  17. Muso4142

    Fractal Artist Ede Wright lets loose...

    Black Sabbath, The reason I play guitar 36 years on! I'm glad I didnt see this when I was 8 years old or I would now be playing trumpet! LMAO A love peoples interpretations of rock songs with instruments that are just not expected to play that song. 10 out 10 :encouragement:
  18. Muso4142

    Running live backing tracks

    I've always wanted to try controlling my guitar & backing via midi but never really sat down & tried it. I'm assuming that its a very time consuming task for each track, but once done & proved, you would get the same 100% of the time. I also use Logic Pro X, i'll have to read up on this...
  19. Muso4142

    Atomic Amps - Tom King won't return my amp - IT'S BEEN A YEAR!!!

    I have contacted Atomic Amp on several occasions & had replies very quickly & there responses were very helpful. Just my personel experience. \m/
  20. Muso4142

    FW-18, USA LEAD BRT +(G3), CK Factory IRs, Gyrate Riff

    Dude, lovin the groove & sharp biting tone your getting. :encouragement:
  21. Muso4142

    FW18 Knockin On Heaven's Door (Solo) - Cab Pack 8

    I like the tone, like the vibe too. FW18 is sounding top notch. Good work. :encouragement
  22. Muso4142

    Frustrated guitar player

    Hi, Definately G66 in Germany. I'm in Saudi Arabia & I ordered from them, I had to pay extra for decent shipping because I wouldnt trust Saudi Post! Sussi Isler is your contact & she is very very good at customer service & after service (No pun intended). You wont be dissapointed with G66 or...
  23. Muso4142

    Running live backing tracks

    Now this gets me all excited. Up to the point where I have to set midi points on each track, for each midi device I want to automate. I'm not getting any younger & my patience for this type of mundane task seems to have faded! lmao ;) Would still like to link my logic pro X to axe FX to...
  24. Muso4142

    Anyone use Sirius XM?

    At least you can get Sirius! I'm in Saudi Arabia & most of the cars here are US imports, mine included & I have a mustang with the sirius option &..... No sirius here! D'oh! That said, if its as bad as you say, I now miss not having it less. :pride: Merry Christmas to you all.
  25. Muso4142

    MAC DAW recommendations....

    Hi, Forgot to mention this was recorded with FW15. Go to:https://soundcloud.com/muso4142/slam-dunks-just-to-much
  26. Muso4142

    MAC DAW recommendations....

    Ok, I'm now on SoundCloud so please check out my track & let me know your thoughts (Be gentle with me :o) Go to:https://soundcloud.com/muso4142/slam-dunks-just-to-much
  27. Muso4142

    MAC DAW recommendations....

    1st tract completed using Logic Pro X (First time using a DAW) Hi All, I've managed to compose, get all audio down & convert my first attempt to MP3. Now I would like to know how I can put it on here for you guys to let me know your honest thoughts of my track. Anyone know how to upload...
  28. Muso4142

    Scene Naming

    I appreciate all the comments & there are many different ways to use the MFC. I like how flexible the unit is to program to your personal taste. Scene's it a great way to get alot of flexibility out of 1 preset & I agree that most people have a few presets they will use as their standard...
  29. Muso4142

    Scene Naming

    Thanks Chris, How... That is why i'm asking, incase there is a way... you never know :) I will check out your video as your others are always well thought out. Apologies for my incorrect terminology, not one for absorbing all information. \m/
  30. Muso4142

    Scene Naming

    Thanks for the reply Johan & Yek. Maybe what I wrote isnt clear. As an example i'm using preset 1 with scene's & I want to go to preset 12 with scene's. At present I press top right to exit scene's in to presets then navigate to preset 12 & finally switch top right scene's back on. My problem...
  31. Muso4142

    Scene Naming

    Hi, Does anyone know if you can name each individual scene? Also can you navigate from 1 preset with scene's to the next preset with scene's without having to switch scene's off (Top right button) then go to your next preset, then switch scene's back on? (Hope you understand!) Thanks
  32. Muso4142

    Multiple Guitar Inputs for the Axe

    Awesome, thanks Chris Will do when I get home.
  33. Muso4142

    Anyone tried to emulate a lute or oud? (or similar)

    As I mentioned in another post I recently got delivery of a stunning Carvin TL-60 with piezo fitted & wonder if anyone has tried to emulate a lute or oud? (or similar) I'm not an acient insrument freak! I am just interesting in seeing who's trying unusual stringed instuments through the AXE...
  34. Muso4142

    Multiple Guitar Inputs for the Axe

    Interesting subject... I just got delivery of a Carvin TL-60 with piezo, so the 2 outputs could go 1 in the front input, 1 into the rear input & then mix them L & R to taste. Mmm I guess my weekend is gonna be evaporated messing with this cocept! This AXE FX product really does eat up your...
  35. Muso4142

    Ok. I'll start Wish list

    Wish I..... had a perfect ear for tones, had the ability to dial in every tone I hear perfectly & more importantly wish I could use the XL to its full ability! NUFF SAID :lol
  36. Muso4142

    Strat + Plexi FW16 is mighty woody...

    Just when you have the sound you have wanted for ages, another user creates something a little better! D'oh!
  37. Muso4142


    Hi, I'm trying to create a kind of spaceship sound, something that oscillates & can be sped up! I've got the oscillation thing going but cannot figure out how to speed it up & down. I'm sure I read somewhere that a delay will do it but can't figure it out. I also want the post guitar sound...
  38. Muso4142

    MAC DAW recommendations....

    Hi, Just an update for those who maybe interested. I did purchase Logic Pro X & i'm loving it. Its easy to use & the help facility works great if your not sure how to do something. i've layered a couple of simple track to get a feel of how things work. I also like how my XL links straight in...
  39. Muso4142

    XL Bank D & MFC101 issue.

    Dear FAS Borg, I'm sure this has been discussed but i'm struggling to find any reference to my issue. All i want to know is the best practice for saving your own presets on the XL without having the issue with the MFC101 in bank D. This is where you save the preset into bank D & when you...
  40. Muso4142

    10 Loudest Rock Bands of All Time....

    I have to agree with MrGiutarabuse.. Motorhead 1st August 1981, I was at Portvale Football club UK, when motorhead headlined with the likes of Ozzy (With Randy Rhoads) , Mahogany Rush, Triumph, Riot, Vardis. Motorhead were soooo much louder than anyone else! & i was only 13 years old! Aaah the...
  41. Muso4142

    Don't Understand the JCM800

    At least once a month your amp would give you 110%! LMFAO :nightmare:
  42. Muso4142

    MAC DAW recommendations....

    Cool, I'll check that patch out. I like the sharpness of the tone. It will work nicely with my strat. I guess i'll be msg'ing you when i dont know how to open Logic Pro X (Day 1 joke! :shock)
  43. Muso4142

    MAC DAW recommendations....

    Gotta ask, what guitar did you use & which amp & speaker cab did you use? \m/
  44. Muso4142

    MAC DAW recommendations....

    Dude, I'm liking to gritty tone you are using on that track. Keep on rocking brother. :encouragement:
  45. Muso4142

    MAC DAW recommendations....

    Blimey! A considerable amount of responses & all valid, which is what i was after. I have tired GarageBand & yes its great to start with. I Think i'll try Logic Pro X as its offered by Apple & hope that the association will make things work as you would hope. Looking a the Apple hype &...
  46. Muso4142

    MAC DAW recommendations....

    Hi All, I recently purchased a MacBook Pro to compliment my amazing AXE FX rig & was thinking of getting recording software for it (Which I feel is about time I ventured into the recording world as i've only been playing guitar for over 30 years! ;)) So my question to the Fractal Borg is...
  47. Muso4142

    Just to show my appreciation to G66

    Yep, I'm another customer from G66 that has enjoyed awesome customer service from Sussi. She is a diamond in G66's crown. :)
  48. Muso4142

    Wow! Just did Coopers tone matching tut for acoustic guitar.

    Hi, I'm of the same opinion as Rockguitarzan. Cooper has done an amazing job with the AXE FX II XL Course. I am half way through the course & my present development has come on leaps & bounds.. & then some! :o I keep going back to them just to refresh myself of the wealth of information he...
  49. Muso4142

    Welcome MARK DAY!

    Congratulations Mark, Like many on here, you were my inspiration to invest in the Axe FX. A well chosen person for FAS. Some people are destined for certain positions.. This is certainly one of those moments. 10 out 10.
  50. Muso4142

    MFC101 Dead

    I contact G66 & they asked a few questions & then asked me to try a few things. They are sending me another MFC main board. Hope this sorts it. :)
  51. Muso4142

    MFC-101 Footcontroller Frozen no Display with all switch lights displaying Red?

    I'm experiencing similar with my now dead MFC101 MK III! No matter which power up I do I have random pixels on my MFC screen or just blank, sometimes I get all red lights & pixel screen. I have no functionality what so ever! I'm In Saudi Arabia & guess its going back to G66! So not happy...
  52. Muso4142

    MFC101 Dead

    I to have a almost dead MFC101 MkIII. Only thing I get is a pixelated screen with randon pixels each time I power up. I've tried the Faslink, AXE FX connection & the power supply on its own! NOTHING!
  53. Muso4142

    Invitation to Purchase XL

    Finally.. I should have my XL tomorrow! tap tap tap......
  54. Muso4142

    Invitation to Purchase XL

    Still not got mine! I'm having an unlucky moment in my life! Although most of it is out of my hands because I live in Saudi Arabia where the import rules are a tad strict! Patience dude... Hmm!
  55. Muso4142

    Mission Customer Service

    My patience paid off & all your advice to try again. I emailed again & have got a response this time. As suggested in the discussion I can buy a kit that can convert the pedal. The kit seems to convert it to a SP1 by the looks of it, with the latch. so I just have to figure out how to wire it...
  56. Muso4142

    Mission Customer Service

    Emailed 3 times for advice & nothing! Maybe because I have a UK email they dont do call backs for obvious reasons but an email reply would have been nice!!!! Guess I gotta keep at them. HMM!
  57. Muso4142

    Mission Customer Service

    Hi, Would anyone know how to re-wire a Mission EP1-L6 so it becomes the EP1? I bought it for my HD500 & then decided to buy the AXE!
  58. Muso4142

    CPU is higher for XL preset?

    I havent even got my Axe in my hand yet & i'm Giddy at the speed things get looked at on here. The after sales service of this company is just astounding. Keep up the amazing work FAS. PS: Vinny I see your a Lancashire lad like myself. Up the Lancs brother (I was dragged up in...
  59. Muso4142

    Invitation to Purchase XL

    Paid for my XL, MFC101 & Mission SP1 on sunday via Paypal, on monday I get an email from Paypal saying theyve stopped the payment & its under investigation, today I finally get my account unlocked & still they havent released my money! I'm a patient man but this is trying my patience a little...
  60. Muso4142

    Mission Customer Service

    REALLY! Dam i'm gonna have to figure a rewire out on this beast then! HMM.....:cry Can anyone supply me with a picture of the inside (Wiring configuration) of a Mission EP1? If I can get this picture I should be able to convert it.
  61. Muso4142

    New Guitar Day!!

    Keep the burstbuckers dude. I have a couple of les pauls & the just work for that guitar. Keep rocking brother.
  62. Muso4142

    Mission Customer Service

    YEP, Ive had similar lack of response from Mission! I've contacted them 3 times & not 1 reply. If as Randolfo says its a small 4 man outfit then their success allong side FAS should prompt them to also provide great after service, like FAS. But whilst i'm on i purchased a Mission EP1-L6...
  63. Muso4142

    Tooth and Nail/the new Mark Day--I love this guy!

    I agree. He plays great & brings a light hearted take in it. Plus he has great sounds. Keep on rocking Mark. \m/
  64. Muso4142

    Invitation to Purchase XL

    By the look of our posts this time it was triplets! ha ha :pride:
  65. Muso4142

    Invitation to Purchase XL

    Have you also purchased through G66?
  66. Muso4142

    Invitation to Purchase XL

    FINALLY, Just paid for my XL, Kerching! Now gotta wait some more as i'm in Saudi Arabia & the shipment is on the way to G66 in Germany first! Looks like its gonna be about a week tomorrow until i get it! AAAH.
  67. Muso4142

    TRS cable

    Yes mate, a TRS is a stereo cable, not mono like standard guitar leads. :-P
  68. Muso4142

    Invitation to Purchase XL

    Toasterdude, Now thats is truly a bummer! Have you decided on which to buy yet?
  69. Muso4142

    XL first impressions

    Hi PRS513, Yes i have had a brief look through the manual & after seeing video's on how to set up basicpatchesusing amp & Cabs i'm confident i'll be ok at the start. I have also done some research on the Atomic wedge & I have been using 1 for about 4 months & love it, even though its the...
  70. Muso4142

    XL first impressions

    Hi, I'm hoping i'm days away from ordering my first FAS product & yes its the XL i'm going for. :D Like PRS513 I've been reading on the forum for quite sometime & cannot wait to receive my black box & crank it into life. What has hit me is the fact that it is a very versatile unit, where.. as...
  71. Muso4142

    FAS Modelling Guitar ala Variax?

    Ron, I'm getting my XL soon & I"m wondering how you are using the JTV with the XL? Are you using it via the HD500 or using it with the battery? Please tell me more. :D Thanks
  72. Muso4142

    Invitation to Purchase XL

    Hi, This is for all the G66 European waiting list people.... They will send out payment invitations when the shipment leaves Boston. The shippment will take 2-4 days to arrive at G66 & then they will ship them out to the waiting masses. tick, tock, tick, tock... (Nail biting...)
  73. Muso4142

    Invitation to Purchase XL

    Yep, life is AWESOME brother! :encouragement:
  74. Muso4142

    Invitation to Purchase XL

    Ive had my Atomic wedge for about 4 months & have been using it with my HD500 & I was amazed how the patches improved when using the wedge. That was the expensive turning point for me.. It got me thinking about the FX II XL & how much better it could be! (My wallet is crying at the thought of...
  75. Muso4142

    Invitation to Purchase XL

    Hi, I jumped on the list on the 18th March.. so i'm somewhere behind you.. Dam you :-x Shouldnt be to much longer until G66 email us as long as FAS arent delayed much more. \m/
  76. Muso4142

    Invitation to Purchase XL

    This is laughable, I bet all the long time AXE users see this all the time... people like us popping on hear all excited waiting for the notification to buy... Tiz an ongoing cycle.:o
  77. Muso4142

    Invitation to Purchase XL

    I'm waiting for the next G66 European shipment from FAS! Aaaah!:fatigue: G66 are telling me the next batch is early May & i'm the next inline, Aint that tomorrow? Be Patient......... :eagerness:
  78. Muso4142

    For James Tyler variax users. Strat model fix

    Fremen, I'm a seasoned guitarist but a novice in the world of bundles! (Feeling embarressed now!:numbness:) Would I be right to think you have bundled your JTV guitar setting? Have you tweaked your guitar sims? Is it easy to moved some of your guitar sims onto the JTV without messing...
  79. Muso4142

    FAS Modelling Guitar ala Variax?

    So, There are users out there with JTV's.. I would be very interested to hear from anyone who uses them with the FX II. I have a JTV-89 & obviously you can use them with the battery to get the array of guitar simulations. So... Do any of you use these sims with the FX II? How do they...
  80. Muso4142

    Steep Learning Curve!

    A huge Thanks to Spikey at comment 7, as ive been worrying about how complicated this black magic box is going to be when i get it. But after reading Spikey's comments i'm more a piece with just getting on with it like i have with my HD500. I should have my XL in a couple of weeks & then...
  81. Muso4142

    For James Tyler variax users. Strat model fix

    Finally! I was getting worried my guitar was playing up! Thanks for the comments & tips on correcting the Strat volume Loss on strings 1,2 & 3. I will try making the adjustments as per your instructions. I'll report back after adjusting later in the week. Mine only rears it's ugly head...
  82. Muso4142

    Axe-FX II XL Review

    XL Review! One can only hope..... Hi, Come on then you XL owning massive, lets hear your reviews about this new piece of wizardry. Should be ordering mine from G66 in about 2-3 weeks!:shock Thanks
  83. Muso4142

    Announcing Axe-Fx II XL

    Guitartripp, Thanks very much for the overview. It's good to hear your points of view & Also the connectivity issue you had & how it was resolved. For a 1st review it is certainly sounding promising. Regards Muso4142
  84. Muso4142

    Announcing Axe-Fx II XL

    Hi All, First time on here but i'm sure its not going to be my last. I'm after more information from anyone that may have taken delivery of their XL. Has anyone received there's yet? What are your first impressions? Is the Faslink as good as anticipated? Do you think you wil...
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