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  1. trancegodz

    Octave fuzz like Hendrix?

    Here is what Roger Mayer has to say about the Octavia. https://www.roger-mayer.co.uk/octavia.htm
  2. trancegodz

    Octave fuzz like Hendrix?

    I have an Octavia I bought directly from Roger Mayer many years ago and the Octave Fuzz set to Drive 7, tone 5, level 6, in the Axe FXIII sounds exactly like it. I directly compared them when I dialed in the Octave Fuzz on the Axe FXIII. Use the neck pickup when using the Octavia. Use a...
  3. trancegodz


    If I am following all of this correctly: This will currently only be available on the Axe-Fx III Mark II. On the Axe FXIII Mark II "The new FullRes User IR bank supports up to 64 FullRes IRs." If we want them on the Axe FXIII Mark 1 (and it's possible) we'll have to give up a whole user bank...
  4. trancegodz


    Would it be possible to make this an option for the user, so they can give up 1024 User IR slots for 32 Full Res user slots only if they choose to, or keep them if they choose to? Having 2048 user IR slots was one of the selling points that made me buy the Axe FXIII is the first place. I then...
  5. trancegodz


    Good point. Think how it would negatively affect Austin Buddy and others who sell preset packs using factory cabs.
  6. trancegodz


    That sounds like a good option if it's possible.
  7. trancegodz


    Me too. I've tried them all and there are a whole lot of the stock cabs I will never use. It would be great for the user to have the choice of turning stock cabs they don't use into user cab slots. Regardless of what happens with the FullRes cabs.
  8. trancegodz

    RIP Charlie Watts

    Sad news. Another legend gone.
  9. trancegodz

    Don Everly - RIP

    The Everly Brothers were great. I saw them years ago live when they did a reunion tour with Simon and Garfunkel. What a great show!
  10. trancegodz

    Almost 2 months with no FW update...

    That's my guess. I'm happy with the latest firmware. Even when you think it couldn't get any better he always seems to find ways to make it better in some way.
  11. trancegodz

    PSA - Check your guitar tone knob...

    I always turn all the knobs on my guitar on 10 as soon as I pick it up out of habit. Even when I am not plugged into an amp. It's a habit. Once at a gig my Marshall Major wasn't making a sound. The roadies were checking fuse boxes back stage, my cables, amp fuses etc. After a few minutes they...
  12. trancegodz

    Newbie PSA: turn it up

    I don't play my Axe FXIII very loud at all through my studio monitors, but there is definitely a certain volume they need to be at or above for them to sound right to me. Especially on clean sounds. Once I discovered what minimum volume I needed to have my monitors set at, I always set them at...
  13. trancegodz

    "Auto" Impedance - 1st Active Block - Does an active Mixer Block Count?

    The Fuzz Face in the Axe FXIII is definitely showing 1M. It sounds good. Heres an article about the Fuzz Face. I haven't read it yet, but it might show what it's impedance is supposed to be. https://www.electrosmash.com/fuzz-face
  14. trancegodz

    "Auto" Impedance - 1st Active Block - Does an active Mixer Block Count?

    I checked out a few tonight. The Bender Fuzz, Pi Fuzz, and Master Fuzz all were 22k. The Fuzz Face and Rat stayed at 1M. The BB Pre and Full OD were at 230k. The Univibe was at 70k.
  15. trancegodz

    Buddy Guy: The Blues Chase The Blues Away

    I saw Buddy Guy live many years ago. He played through a Marshall Plexi half stack and two 59 Bassmans on 10. I was in the front row right in front of him. I met him and talked to him a bit after the show. He's the real thing. So glad I got to see him live.
  16. trancegodz

    Pete Thorn Videos

    I really like Pete Thorns videos. He seems like a really great guy as well. I'm sure he has certain sounds he prefers and dials in whatever amp he is using to get those sounds.
  17. trancegodz

    Suhr Reactive Load IR | Live Demo w/Dave Weiner

    Are any of you guys using a Suhr Reactive Load / IR? If so what do you think of it?
  18. trancegodz

    Boss Waza Tube Amp Expander

    How many of you guys are using the Boss Waza Tube Amp Expander, and how do you like it, or recommend something else? In particular how well does it work as an attenuator? Can you use it for IR capture like you can the x-load, and if so how well does it work for this? Are any of you using an...
  19. trancegodz

    What guitars do you use with Fender amp models?

    Stratocaster mainly with the Axe FXIII. In real life either Stratocaster or Telecaster or Gretsch Duo Jet.
  20. trancegodz

    X-LOAD LB-2 Reactive Load Box now available

    I was wondering the same thing.
  21. trancegodz

    AFIII Presets AustinBuddy's "Brit Rock Royalty #1" TonePack - "Partial Update Albums I+II" Cygnus 16.05 now available

    I just tried out a couple of your presets from the 1st album and they sound really good with my Jimmy Page Telecaster.
  22. trancegodz

    AFIII Presets AustinBuddy's "Brit Rock Royalty #1" TonePack - "Partial Update Albums I+II" Cygnus 16.05 now available

    I just bought the "Brit Rock Royalty" Tonepack. Looking forward to checking it out tonight.
  23. trancegodz

    Picking Sensitivity

    I tried the input dynamics control and that was what I was looking for! I just wanted to subtly adjust it so it brokeup a little less when I picked harder. Thanks everyone!
  24. trancegodz

    Picking Sensitivity

    I just tried the input dynamics control and that was what I was looking for! Thanks everyone!
  25. trancegodz

    Picking Sensitivity

    The main issue I am hoping to solve is that I find that I have to pick much softer when using the Axe FXIII than I do when using it's real amp counterparts. I have to change my playing style when using the Axe FXIII to get the sounds I like with the real amps. When picking harder using the Axe...
  26. trancegodz

    Which Guitarists Have You Discovered, Maybe Late In Their Career, That You Never Knew Were Badass?

    Andy Wood! Really great guitar and mandolin player. Seems like a really nice guy as well. Really talented musician.
  27. trancegodz

    Picking Sensitivity

    Thanks! I haven't tried the input dynamics parameter before. I'll check that out. I've been able to get great clean sounds on the Fender amps in the Axe FXIII by doing just what you suggested. Lowering the input trim to .5 does it for me.
  28. trancegodz

    Brown Sound

    Thanks Burgs! Great playing and great preset! What kind of pickups are in the guitar you are playing? Can you buy those pickups separately or are they only available on that model guitar?
  29. trancegodz

    Picking Sensitivity

    I’d like to be able to set the Axe FXIII so it does not breakup as much as it does when I pick harder. Are there any advanced parameters that control the picking sensitivity when it comes to this? I usually use vintage Stratocasters or a Les Paul with stock pickups, and in general I pick pretty...
  30. trancegodz


    Thanks. That seems like the best option right now.
  31. trancegodz


  32. trancegodz

    I Lost my wife last night

    I'm so sorry for you loss. I'm at the age where I have lost many old friends, family and band members. My drummer also lost his wife of 25 years, a year ago.
  33. trancegodz

    Is there a chart showing approximate CPU usage by block type?

    I'm not sure if all cab choices use the same CPU or not, but I just did a test for the four cabs I have to choose from in my main preset's cab block. I usually only use 1 or 2 of them at a time. In the past I used the preamp and room/air, but I turned them off recently to save CPU. I also only...
  34. trancegodz


    Thanks! I found this Roland UM-ONE-MK2-MIDI cable. Would this cable work for what you are talking about?
  35. trancegodz

    Is there a chart showing approximate CPU usage by block type?

    I don't remember the CPU bouncing around so much in the past, or that CPU warning flashing. Seems like I started noticing it within the last year. I don't know what changed. Maybe the way Axe Edit was calculating it. In the last year I've had to delete two blocks from my main preset, and...
  36. trancegodz


    Great to know! Can you give more details. Maybe someone on the forum could do a video showing exactly how to do this?
  37. trancegodz

    Is there a chart showing approximate CPU usage by block type?

    A completely empty preset shows 4.7% CPU. (no input or output block) I just did a test for all of the compressors and here’s what I found. I added just one compressor block. Nothing else. If you watch the CPU meter on Axe Edit III for about a minute it bounces around a lot. Usually by...
  38. trancegodz


    Thanks for the replies! So the only way to change scenes or effects changes when reamping is by using a midi controller instead of an FC, or by manually switch things while the ramp is going on. Now I know. If I had known this when I bought the FC-12 I would have definitely considered getting...
  39. trancegodz


    I just tried reamping for the first time with the Axe FXIII and Digital Performer 11. It worked great and was pretty easy to do following the instructions in the current manual. I have a question for you guys who use this all the time. If you record a song and change scenes in the Axe FXIII...
  40. trancegodz

    Is there a chart showing approximate CPU usage by block type?

    I did one long ago for the Axe FXII , but I haven't done one for Axe FXIII. It would be a useful thing to have.
  41. trancegodz

    FM3 Presets FAS SOS: Set of Settings Project: Spreadsheets + Presets FS/Free!

    Where are the free sample presets at https://www.sospresets.com/ ? I couldn't find them.
  42. trancegodz

    Cab Talk: What to consider when deciding between 1x12, 2x12 or 4x12 cabinets?

    I tend to start by choosing the speaker configuration for whatever the amp I have chosen. Certain cabs are go to cabs for certain sounds to me. 4x10 for a Super Reverb, 2x12 for a Vox AC30, 4x12 for a Marshall, etc. I audition every single cab in that configuration and choose the ones that...
  43. trancegodz

    What drive pedal do you prefer in front of a Marshall in the Axe FXIII?

    I use one of these in front of a Marshall usually: Esoteric AC Boost FET Boost T808 Tube Drive 4 knob BB Pre
  44. trancegodz

    What drive pedal do you prefer in front of a Marshall in the Axe FXIII?

    You can't go wrong with an 808. I used to like the Tone of Kings pedal even more than the 808, but it changed a while back and doesn't sound as good as the 808 to me now.
  45. trancegodz

    What drive pedal do you prefer in front of a Marshall in the Axe FXIII?

    I tried the Super OD in front of a Marshall for the first time after seeing your post and thought it sounded really good. Reminded me of Steve Vai's sound.
  46. trancegodz

    What drive pedal do you prefer in front of a Marshall in the Axe FXIII?

    After seeing your post I tried the Compulsion Distortion LP for the first time. That really does sound good in front of a Marshall. The Rat Distortion sounds good also.
  47. trancegodz

    What drive pedal do you prefer in front of a Marshall in the Axe FXIII?

    I will often just use the "neutral" input boost, and / or increase the input trim to 1.5 or higher with a Stratocaster.. I will sometimes add a filter block before the amp set at 1, 2 or 3db.
  48. trancegodz

    Question on Friedman and other clean amps

    I find I usually have to use a completely different type of overdrive with a clean Fender amp than I would with a Friedman. If I did use the same overdrive for both I'd use different settings with Fender amps than I would with Friedmans. You can have four different drives available to you as...
  49. trancegodz

    What drive pedal do you prefer in front of a Marshall in the Axe FXIII?

    Marshalls have been used by most of the legends of rock. Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton in the Bluesbreakers and Cream, Led Zeppelin, Richie Blackmore, Eric Johnson, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, and many others too numerous to mention. Most guitarists using old Marshalls used some sort of...
  50. trancegodz

    Marshalls sound bad

    I totally agree. The Marshalls in the Axe FXIII sound good to me. I have three real Marshall Plexis sitting right here beside me. The normal channels are very dark. That's how they were designed. I've never used the normal channel by itself ever for guitar. I always use the bright channel by...
  51. trancegodz

    Marshalls sound bad

    I totally agree. I don't use his settings. Not a bad place to start though as most people think Eric has a good sound. The OP was complaining about boom. I just wanted to point out that Eric has his bass set on 3 or 4. I usually set the bass on Marshalls in the Axe FX somewhere between 0 and...
  52. trancegodz

    Rotary block dilemma: stereo image vs tone/texture

    I've used real Leslies for guitar in the early 70's. They were not stock. They were modified with EV's in them and I drove them with a Hiwatt 100. I had a custom splitter box made so I could just use my regular guitar amps, or kick in the additional Leslies when I wanted. No effects were routed...
  53. trancegodz

    Marshalls sound bad

    Check out Eric Johnson's rig 2018 rundown. He has presence on 0, bass on 3, middle a little over 2, treble on 0, and both volumes jumped on 10 on one Marshall; and presence on 0, bass on 4, middle on 2, treble on 0, and both volumes on 10 on the other Marshall. I usually have the bass between 0...
  54. trancegodz

    Harsh Overtones in Moderate to High Gain Patches

    Dweezil Zappa says he uses four QSC KW122 in this interview.
  55. trancegodz

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 16.04

    On the CPU meter in Axe Edit I noticed that the CPU bounces around at random from a lower number to several higher numbers. Say 80, 82, 84 etc for the same preset even when not playing. Why does it bounce around? Is the CPU meter just showing what CPU you have for that scene, and channels in...
  56. trancegodz

    Steve Vai Q&A's

    Steve Vai Guitar Tech Reveals Setup - Guitar Tech Tips - Ep 59 - Thomann
  57. trancegodz

    Steve Vai Q&A's

    Steve Vai's 61st Birthday Post - "Sandman Cloud Mist"
  58. trancegodz

    Steve Vai Q&A's

    Alien Guitar Secrets - Episode 9 - Hand Health (Knappsack)
  59. trancegodz

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 16.04

    CPU does sometimes change with different firmwares. I've noticed it many times over they years. Sometimes it goes up a bit, sometimes it goes down a bit, sometimes it stays about the same. I went from 15.02 to 16.02. I reset amps and re-tweaked presets. Going from 16.02 to 16.03 I had a lot of...
  60. trancegodz

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 16.04

    I'd re-set the amps and re-tweaked all my main presets using 16.02 and had them all sounding good. In general I had to raise the highs in 16.02 and reset the volume levels on some amps. I updated to 16.03 but didn't have time to change anything. Updating to 16.04 I did notice more highs than...
  61. trancegodz

    How to make a jordan bosstone fuzz, civial war big muff?

    Randy California from Spirit used a Jordan Boss Tone. Great fuzz tone. Really long sustain. You can hear it on the solo here:
  62. trancegodz

    Axe-Edit III 1.09.00

    Thanks Michael!
  63. trancegodz

    (Troubleshooting) Axe-Fx 3 as Audio Interface randomly fails

    Everything working fine on my iMac. Make sure your have a good quality usb cable and that the usb cable is not too long.
  64. trancegodz

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 16.01 "Cygnus"

    I loaded up 16.01 tonight and everything I've tried so far sounds real good. Thanks Cliff!
  65. trancegodz

    Axe-Edit III 1.08.14

    Using 16.01 with Axe Edit 1.08.14 on jumped Marshall Plexis on the ideal page it shows drive and overdrive instead treble drive and normal drive like on the authentic page. When you change the treble drive knob on the authentic page it changes the drive knob on the ideal page, and when you...
  66. trancegodz

    [Tutorial] Move your presets from 15.01 to 16.01+

    Thank you for figuring all that out and posting it. Much appreciated!
  67. trancegodz

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 16.01 Beta 1 Public Beta

    Hi Yek, No I never used the dynamic depth in my 15.01 presets. I did not try resetting the system parameters as I've never needed to before. I use different IRS some stock, some Ownhammer, some York Audio. All my 15.01 presets sounded great. Changing nothing but going from 15.01 straight to...
  68. trancegodz

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 16.01 Beta 1 Public Beta

    Thanks. That's good to know. I am in the middle of a recording project right now and don't have the time to re-do all my great sounding 15.01 presets at the moment. I'll give the new firmware a try again after I am finished.
  69. trancegodz

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 16.01 Beta 1 Public Beta

    I just installed firmware 16.01 beta tonight direct from 15.01. I also installed Axe Edit 1.08.13. I had just been playing through 15.01 so the sound was fresh in my mind. After installing 16.01 beta I tried my first 40 presets, mainly presets based on Marshalls, Friedmans, Fenders, Vox, and...
  70. trancegodz

    What gear do you want these days (non-guitar content)?

    I'd love a hurry gurdy and Irish bagpipes.
  71. trancegodz

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 10 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta #7

    That is sad to hear. It's different in the USA depending on which state you live in. I know a band in Ohio that has played every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in Ohio through the whole last year and are still playing at least three days a week. My mom has a night club in Florida and they have...
  72. trancegodz

    Problems with my new AXE-FX III: It does not sound good?

    My Beyer DT880s and DT990's both sound great with the Axe FXIII also. I tried several different headphones before I found a pair that sounded great with the Axe FXIII. The Axe FXIII is only going to sound as good as what you are playing it through. If you have bad sounding headphones or...
  73. trancegodz

    To the ones who went down the Eric Johnson rabbit hole

    There are videos of Eric Johnson where you can clearly see all the exact settings for his amps and effects. I'd start there. Then you'd have to find the right IR for the cab blocks.
  74. trancegodz

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 15.01

    Me too. It's great!
  75. trancegodz

    Watching the feed from NAMM - Van Halen 1978 performed at Melbourne Guitar Show 2019 - SIMON HOSFORD

    I see the guitarist is using a Kemper, a DV Little 40 with a DV cab, and a Warsha (Marshall clone) with a Marshall 4x12 cab. Great guitarist. The only thing missing with this band is the intense physical stage presence that David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen both had onstage. They nailed the...
  76. trancegodz

    How about we pool knowledge and understand the Compressor block options better?

    Are you leaving the output comp threshold set at it's default of -40?
  77. trancegodz

    How many expression pedals do you use?

    I use three right now, but will probably get a fourth eventually.
  78. trancegodz

    How about we pool knowledge and understand the Compressor block options better?

    I am experimenting with the gain enhancer right now. How are you guys setting the output compressor for clean and overdriven sounds?
  79. trancegodz

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 15.01

    Current 15.01 firmware is working and sounding great for me. I had some old presets that I'd created in several different firmware versions going all the way back to firmware 12 that all still sound good with the new firmware. Usually whatever the current firmware is, it is the best to date...
  80. trancegodz

    The new DS1 Mod is unbelievably good

    Here's Steve Vai talking about the Boss DS-1.
  81. trancegodz

    The new DS1 Mod is unbelievably good

    Here's Joe Satriani talking about his Boss DS-1.
  82. trancegodz

    Frustrated Screechy tone

    I have not tried the QSC 8.2, but I have tried the QSC K12.2 and they sounded good. Dweezil Zappa uses QSC and sounds great. Your speaker should be fine unless you set the DSP on the back to a bad choice. I'd try out all the different DSP presets on the back of the QSC and find the one that...
  83. trancegodz

    Implemented Boss DS-1

    Thank you so much Cliff!
  84. trancegodz

    Implemented 59 Bassman Jumped

    Thank you so much Cliff!
  85. trancegodz

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 15.00 Public Beta #1

    Thanks Cliff! Especially for the jumped 59 Bassman! Can't wait to try everything out tonight.
  86. trancegodz

    Axe-Edit III 1.08.03 (public beta)

    Thanks Michael!
  87. trancegodz

    Implemented Jump the Bright and Normal channels of the 59 Bassman

    I'm still wishing for the ability to jump the bright and normal channels of the 59 Bassman like I do on my real ones. My real 59 Bassmans sound great on the Normal channel, and sound great on the Bright channel, but these channels sound quite different from each other. Jumping both channels is...
  88. trancegodz

    Wish Magnatone Super 59 M80

    This amp would be a great addition to the Axe FXIII.
  89. trancegodz

    Axe-Edit III 1.08.02

    Thanks Michael!
  90. trancegodz

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.06

    Me too. Two of my main presets are now flashing "warning' for the CPU.
  91. trancegodz

    Guitar Center To File For Bankruptcy

    I called the local Guitar Center today and said I'd heard they'd filed for bankruptcy and asked if they were still open, and when they'd be closing down. They said they weren't closing down and that they had just been bought by a new company.
  92. trancegodz

    Happy Birthday Cliff!

    Happy Birthday!
  93. trancegodz

    What is an inexpensive power amp to use just for making irs?

    Those icepower modules would be great for someone like yourself with the skills to build their own power amp.
  94. trancegodz

    What is an inexpensive power amp to use just for making irs?

    All I want is something that I can make decent Ir's with. What is the least expensive power amp that would work for that? I tried using the mic + DI method using the line out of a THD Hotplate with my Marshall plexi and it sounded terrible. Totally unusable. So I am looking to buy a slide state...
  95. trancegodz

    I'm receiving the Axe-Fx III Mk2 next Week, what to do?

    The Axe FXIII Wiki answers almost every thing you'll ever need to know about using the Axe FXIII. https://wiki.fractalaudio.com/wiki/index.php?title=Category:Axe-Fx3
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