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  1. nznat

    Latest Cygnus firmware and the freeman presets packs?

    How does the latest Cygnus firmware fit with the freeman preset packs? and other packs. Major adjustments need to be made to the axe unit , or should i wait until the freeman and other packs have been updated using the new firmware?
  2. nznat


    Trying the new axe edit, and yet its the same as the last one, i.e. it does not scale at all. Or at least not that i can get it too. It stays as a square in the middle of the screen. I cant find a setting to make it scale as promised to any size or resolution screen. I have a 1440P 16.9 screen...
  3. nznat

    Axe FX 3 have real time foot pedal control of AXE Edit software?

    Does the Axe FX 3 finally have real time foot pedal control of AXE Edit software / blocks? I.e when you stomp on a switch on the new pedal board, does the block within Axe Edit switch simultaneous on and off at the same time visually, or not? i.e. you still have to pause the new axe edit to...
  4. nznat

    There is no AX9. There is no AX10.

    AX10 - just when we thought the AXE 3 was it, along comes another Cant wait for the specs. who cant wait.
  5. nznat

    Which exact Keystone DSP in the Axe-Fx III?

    Pretty sure the new chips are these here maybe: http://www.ti.com/product/66ak2g12 anyone know for sure which chips are used?
  6. nznat

    few months away now guys, the big fractal FRFR speaker. cant wait! finally!

    be a long time waiting for the big innovation in FRFR speakers, and fractal will deliver. YES!
  7. nznat

    When will the new axe edit be released?

    When will the new HIGH RESOLUTION axe edit be released, and will it only be for the AXE 3 ? oh my, been waiting for a proper scaling resolution axe edit for so long. The new one looks great.
  8. nznat

    The Year Of The Axe FX 3. A Huge Year For Fractal Indeed!

    Cant Wait! So very interested in the design and specs. Going to make wallet lighter for sure. lol Who has G.A.S for the Axe FX 3 Wonder what month the release will be!
  9. nznat

    Change scenes using external momentary switches?

    Hey Hey I am selling my MFC-101 MK3, reason is, i don't use it other than changing scenes. lol Just how i have everything set up at home. Thus, I'm going to make two external momentary switches to change scenes up or down, simple! Question: Can someone send me the correct fractal wiki...
  10. nznat

    NAMM looking real good! New DSP - One Chip with 4 X the power of TigerSharc

    Apparently the new tech DSP chips are out and about too, apparently one of the new DSP chips has the power of four tigersharc chips put together. wow wonder what brand these are, bring on the AXE FX 3. Oh Wait: That was Christmas bollicks. Merry Christmas everyone!
  11. nznat

    R.I.P REST in PEACE Malcolm Young!!

    Just thought id put this in this section in case others hadn't heard the news yet. great great great inspiration. One of the greats!
  12. nznat

    How do i get the blocks to turn on and off in real time in Axe Edit when I'm stomping on switches

    How do i get the blocks to turn on and off in real time in Axe Edit when I'm stomping on switches on the MFC-101 Mk3? Is there a setting in the axe fx that needs to be turned on, or in axe edit, or in the MFC-101 Mk3 itself? I have set up the MFC-101 Mk3 correctly i think, and the stomp...
  13. nznat

    Need Help!! Tone matches all sound the same = NASEL!

    Just purchased my second Axe Fx 2 XL+ unit. Its been a year since i had one, and i have forgotten how to set up to use a downloaded tone match. Not sure what I'm missing. They all sound similar to each other, i.e. Nasel sounding! Like someone has put the amp in a big box, or someone is talking...
  14. nznat

    I'MMM BAAAAAACK! Just purchased my 2nd new Axe FX 2 XL+

    Just thought id say hiya all. I had an Axe FX 2 XL+ last year, but had to sell because of some other priorities i had in regards to """"CASH FLOW""""". lol Anyhow, i have now purchased a shiny new Axe Fx 2 XL+ and I'm back here again. ;-) I used to have the Ibanez JS2410MCO last year...
  15. nznat

    ""AXE FX 3"" AT NAMM - who would have known! Far Out!

    Wow, no one saw that coming. Talk about secretive to the max. Well done keeping that quiet for so long. I had a feeling though eh, but i guess it was a shared feeling that Part 3 of the Axe was on its way soon as the AX8 and FX8 were etched in stone and flowing out the doors nicely now...
  16. nznat

    R.I.P David Bowie - Passed away. A cool dude and then some.

    Just heard David Bowie passed away. Great dude, cool music, and a part of many life's growing up rock on!
  17. nznat

    Anyone using the new Friedman ASM 12 FRFR monitor. Reviews on that.

    Ok, i do not like my CLR active wedge a lot, so i sold it. It was good for a bunch of tones, and yet it had this strange nasel tone to it, and slightly woofy bass response even after a lot of bass tuning in my Axe FX 2 XL+. I have heard some people say the CLR can be a little woofy / flubby on...
  18. nznat

    HELP --- cabIR.eu_OR-4x12_Speaker_Cab_Impulse-Responses --- HELP!!!

    NOOB ALERT!!! Ok i purchased the : cabIR.eu_OR-4x12_Speaker_Cab_Impulse-Responses, yet i'm not sure what i'm missing, as none of the manuals have the info i need to convert or use the cabs. I don't know how to make / convert them into IR files to use with the Axe FX 2 XL+ unit. lol All the...
  19. nznat


    Happy new year everyone. Wow, got to get over the hang over from last nights new years eve party now, lol. Yeah, i do realize that in the USA, you are all still living in the past and it properly isn't even 2016 yet, lol. (2.45pm 31 December - WTF). It's 8.45am 1st January here in New Zealand...
  20. nznat

    AXE FX 3 Prototype Spotted! ~~~~~ ?

    Holy Christmas has come all at once with the prototype of the AXE FX 3 being spotted within S ~~~~V~~~ Rig. Can it be true? Cliff, sneaky indeed eh! Hot on the heals of the AX8. We knew it!! Oh wait = just kidding! Wink! Merry...
  21. nznat

    Will there be a very Merry Christmas Firmware 1.07 release?

    Just maybe Fractal will release a very Merry Christmas Firmware release with something very special indeed! Eh fractal! Wink Wink Nudge Nudge!! :p Who seconds that? MAYBE A KLON PEDAL MODEL:! YEEEHAAAAAA! hehe
  22. nznat

    When is new Axe Edit coming out?

    Does any one know, or is there any news on a new Axe Edit version release date, and any details of what it may have within it - changes?
  23. nznat

    How come some patches from axechange have everything set to zero?

    I've downloaded the odd preset over time from axechange and found every dial within the patch is set to zero, especially the amp block i.e. the preset don't work. Am i doing something wrong? Is this a special preset that needs to be set up in some certain way to work? There is a bunch of...
  24. nznat

    Axe FX 2 XL+ into Atomic CLR active wedge AND Logitech 5.1 Surround - WOW!

    Ok i own an Axe FX XL+ and an Atomic CLR Active Wedge. On my PC i have a 5.1 Surround System, Logitech's top of the line z5500 (500 watt) plugged into the Axe Fx through its coaxial output connection. You can actually run the CLR AND the 5.1 at the same time out of the Axe fx unit. My...
  25. nznat

    Replace png files with vector images for much better resolution

    The program is great, but please can the graphics be upgraded to allow for vector based images throughout axe edit so they don't look so fuzzy. Also if axe edit had an options menu for graphics, then we could have the option to set which screen we are using at home or elsewhere. Most screens now...
  26. nznat

    Check out this Quantum Firmware Old Van Halen Amp test. SWEET!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4jRzLpOgQw Love the new Quantum Firmware. Recording on SamSung Note 5 with Edutige Microphone onto my CLR Active Wedge. Something i made up on the spot. Anyhow, enjoy and great to be part of this community! The preset for this tone test is on axechange as...
  27. nznat

    Saturation Switch does nothing on Authentic for most amps? Not G3 Yet Maybe?

    The Saturation Switch on many of the amps does nothing when switched to Authentic Mode, is this because those amps have not had the G3 treatment yet?
  28. nznat

    Quantum is MORE REAL, and we can finally agree on this. AMAZING!

    OK, the MORE REAL thing has been over done on here as a kind of joke, but i think we can all finally agree, that Quantum is a breakthrough from many angles. I have searched so many patches and they are MORE REAL now than any past Firmware bar none, and some of the amp models now are MORE...
  29. nznat


    Before you post replies, please read more than just the title, just so we are all on the same page about this post. Wanting ideas only, not posts to bitch slap me and my post and anyone else being helpful, thanks. Most people have no issues with the video resolution of axe edit how it stands...
  30. nznat

    A counter that counts down to the next firmware releases - thumbs up?

    Hey a great idea maybe? It could be a standard feature from now on within the forums and on the fractal website home page. A counter that counts down to the next release of a beta or full release firmware update. I'm sure people would love that indeed. I'm sure of it. It would be a good way...
  31. nznat

    New Axe Edit Release day?

    Any ideas on when the new axe edit / quantum firmware will be released.
  32. nznat

    XL+ cab slots doubled, will the preset slots be doubled aswell soon for XL+ users?

    XL+ cab slots doubled with latest firmware, but will the preset slots be doubled aswell soon for XL+ users in another firmware? is that possible, cant see why not!
  33. nznat

    Any ideas when new AXE EDIT will be dropping?

    Does anyone have any ideas when an updated AXE EDIT will be released?
  34. nznat

    tons of new cab slots, yet no way to copy cab files to those slots.

    anyone help me copy cab files to the new cab slots added to the XL and XL+. All the ways i use to copy cab files over do not work anymore after latest firmware 20 beta1. tried everything. fractal bot, cab manage, etc says it saves, but then its blank?
  35. nznat

    Who is Using Axe Edit with a 4K / UHD screen - anyone?

    Who is Using Axe Edit with a 4K / UHD screen - anyone? Whats it like? Can Axe Edit stretch properly out to full screen and look ok still?
  36. nznat

    when is the firmware 19 beta 1 coming out? whats going to be within it?

    was meaning 20 beta 1 by the way any ideas what will be within it? a klon maybe, sorry i just had too. anyhow, love more info.
  37. nznat

    connect momentary switches to axe fx 2 for scene switching.

    Hiya. I cannot afford to buy the MCF101 for some time, thus, i want to connect 2 momentary switches to the back of my Axe FX 2 XL+ to simply switch up and down through the scenes. This will take care of a lot of things for me. Like simply turning on a delay pedal in the second scene, simple...
  38. nznat

    WHEN can we hope to have the AXE FX 2 XL+ (or similar) plug into iPAD?

    Would love to have my Axe FX 2 XL+ plug into my iPAD so it can run Axe Edit etc. This would be fantastic. Don't know if its beed talked about, anyhow, love to hear feedback from Cliff on this, or who ever is working on this?
  39. nznat

    caNT get my axe fx 2 XL+ to record into PC program. threat for this help?

    caNT get my axe fx 2 XL+ to record into PC program. what thread is the best for this info? best "FREE" program to use for recordings direct via USB to PC?
  40. nznat

    how long until next firmware update?

    just out of interest, how long until next firmware update? also what is it looking like will be in it?
  41. nznat

    big random crackle from Axe FX 2 XL+ via speaker

    big random crackle / pop from Axe FX 2 XL+ via CLR active speaker, any ideas cliff!
  42. nznat

    Where has the 19.00 beta firmware link gone? Is it broken - removed?

    has the 19.00 beta being removed because of big issues with it? Should i remove it form my Axe FX 2 XL+ ???? info?
  43. nznat

    Axe FX 2 XL+ into one Atomic CLR with 2 cables for stereo mode?

    Axe FX 2 XL+ into one Atomic CLR with 2 cables for stereo mode - kind of? can be done? The axe fx has two outputs for CLR or other FRFR cabs, and yet each CLR in this case has 2 "Inputs". Why does a single CLR cabinet / Wedge have 2 inputs? Simulated Stereo Mode via one cabinet? - using 2...
  44. nznat

    CRASH CRASH 19 Beta Wont transfer To AXE FX 2 XL+ HELP!

    HELP! Why wont 19 beta transfer to the axe fx 2 XL+ ? Anybody also having these issues. It gets through some of the transfer, then crashes with an error message saying the axe may be in update mode or something. It crashed at 10% transfer, then 45%, then 20%, then 98% transfer. over and...
  45. nznat

    BB KING HAS DIED AGED 89. Axe FX 2 blues tributes to youtube people. Lets do this!

    OK people, we all here make music with out guitars, we love it, and somewhere along the way, BB Kings music was there, and we all respected his music (even if we only play metal). OK, i think it would be nice, as i'm new here, and really loving this community, to have people put together...
  46. nznat

    Will a mission 250K pot expression pedal work well with axe fx 2?

    Hello i have a Mission engineering expression pedal that was used with a TC Electronics G System i had (EP1-TC version), which is specifically built for the G System, yet its mainly just the pot that is different, i.e. 250K i believe. So will a 250K pot in an expression pedal be totally fine...
  47. nznat


    just new to this cab lab, just got it, watched a demo on youtube, yet i cannot seem to find a way to add scratch pad to so start adding multiple cabs to test. anyone help. Wasn't there supposed to be a scratch pad within the cab menu / blocks, where you can select the title "scratch pad" and...
  48. nznat

    why is CPU at over 95% and i only have an amp, a cabinet and a reverb?

    why is CPU at over 95% and i only have an amp, a cabinet and a reverb? Is there a setting i have on that's using up all the CPU, or something. I'm new to Axe FX 2 XL+. This cant be right? I thought the Axe FX 2 was a power house, surely I'm not using all the power of the unit only to run 1 amp...
  49. nznat

    HIGHER RESOLUTION AXE EDIT? "Please!" and Fill Screen!

    A Re-post from Axe Edit forum, as this will become very popular. Love to hear Cliffs input here, or who is working on Axe Edit updates. Please second this and vote etc. Be a great needed update to have indeed! Hiya. Just a suggestion. Even on my 1080P screen axe edit seems quite blurry...
  50. nznat


    HELLO. iM NEW TO AXE FX 2 xl+. I have got the new cab pack 10, first one ive purchased so far. Now i want to know how to import all the files in the cab pack with one click. So far i have had to import one at a time. WTF! lol So that cant be the way to do it eh. I can look in a folder and scan...
  51. nznat

    Tone Match Block: What is the round MATCH button for?

    oK, im new to my AXE FX 2 XL+. Love to unit, great stuff indeed. I use an Atomic CLR Active Wedge and an Ibanez JS2410MCO guitar. (ill get another CLR for stereo at some point and also a MFC-101 aswell. OK my question is: Within Axe Edit, When you open a preset that has a tone match block in...
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