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  1. Fro

    "Beds Are Burning" - Live Video

    Our cover of the Midnight Oil classic. The left channel is my live guitar, which is my 70's Tele Custom using the 5F8 Tweed amp model. I doubled my part in the right channel with my 70's Strat using the AC30 Top Boost model just for fun. Everything else is from the show. Enjoy!
  2. Fro

    Jumpin Jack Flash - Live Video

    Small club in the middle of nowhere to a handful of people. But we still had fun. Enjoy!
  3. Fro

    I Don't Care - Power Pop Rock Version

    We have fun doing 3 piece bar band arrangements of pop songs. We got the arrangement of this Ed Sheeran song from a band called Twenty One Two on YouTube. We're not too far off from their arrangement, just unintentionally faster, lol. Enjoy!
  4. Fro

    Typical Outdoor Show In Wisconsin

    We played for a Halloween street party on Thursday. It was a nice warm Wisconsin night.
  5. Fro

    Need Help With Acoustic Treatment For Critical Listening In My Basement

    My basement has always been the music room of the house. It’s just a happy mess of fun stuff designed to enjoy music and spark creativity. It’s also the home of an eclectic collection of beer signs, vinyl records, old video games, a pachinko machine, and lots of guitars. But it’s also a sonic...
  6. Fro

    Liability Insurance?

    With all of the years I've been playing, I'm finally looking into the need and options for liability insurance. I have coverage for all of my equipment for theft and damage, which I get through Music Pro Insurance. But the only liability they offer is for studios, and not for groups playing in...
  7. Fro

    Bon Jovi - "It's My Life" Video

    Here is just a quick one minute clip from our show last Saturday doing Bon Jovi's "It's My Life". We're a three piece band, so it's always fun working the keyboard parts into my guitar part. I'm not using the synth block or anything fancy like that. I'm just fitting the parts in when I can. I'm...
  8. Fro

    The Main Squeeze - 'Have A Cigar' (Pink Floyd)

    Not at all Axe Fx related. It's just a video that popped up in my recommendations on YouTube. It starts off as a very faithful and really good cover, but then when it gets to the outro solo.... Holy Crap! It's chill and groovy at first, but then gets really intense. Bravo!
  9. Fro

    NGD - 2008 Gibson Explorer Faded

    This is my first Explorer. It's a 2008 Gibson Explorer Faded. I threw a set of David Allen Powerage pickups in it for more of a Classic Rock vibe. It's surprisingly comfortable to play both sitting down and standing up. It has great upper fret access. If this is representative of the Faded line...
  10. Fro

    NGD - 1969 Gibson SG

    I'm a sucker for player grade guitars, and stumbled across a fun one. This is my first SG, and so far I love it! It's a 1969 SG Standard. The "bad" parts about it when I got it is that it had been refretted, the tuning machines were changed, it did not have the original pickups, it was missing...
  11. Fro

    New music video for my original band The Pulltops.

    Hi All! I've posted a few live videos of my cover band in the Axe Fx section over the years. This time I finally got around to putting together an actual "music video" for my original band. It does still technically have Axe Fx content since all of my parts were recorded with the Axe Fx II. But...
  12. Fro

    Using One Amp Setting With Different Guitars

    I put this in the lounge because it’s not just an Axe Fx question, but an amp/guitar question in general. It just becomes easier to do with the Axe Fx. How many of you do mild, or even drastic tweaking or amp changing when you use different guitars? I had always been under the assumption that...
  13. Fro

    Tom Petty Cover - “American Girl”

    I'm really loving my recent guitar purchase: 1973 Les Paul Custom with T-Top pickups. This thing is surprisingly spanky, which is fine by me since I've been a Tele guy up until now. Sure, it's great though a Marshall like any Les Paul would be. But it also sounds great through the 5F8 Tweed...
  14. Fro

    Tweeter Squeal - Potting Pickups

    Hi All, I have a 1973 Les Paul I just pickup up with original T-Top pickups. I'm guessing that the pickups are not potted due to what I know about T-Tops, but also because I do get tweeter squeal from my CLR's when I'm at gig volume. I'm guessing that getting them potted could solve the...
  15. Fro

    NGD - 1973 Les Paul Custom

    Admittedly, I'm not really a Les Paul guy. I'm more of a Fender guy, specifically Telecasters. But I thought I was overdue to get a proper Les Paul and see what the fuss is all about. This bad boy fit the bill perfectly with what I like to find in vintage guitars, not 100% original, but close...
  16. Fro

    Collective Soul - Heavy

    Here's another recording from a recent show, kickin' out some 90's rock. Enjoy!
  17. Fro

    Noise Gate Settings Between II and III

    I know I have really crappy power and just general noise issues in my house. With that said, I’ve had one noticeable difference between my Axe Fx II and Axe Fx III, and I noticed it from day one. I just wanted to make sure it’s normal and nothing to worry about. I duplicated all of may patches...
  18. Fro

    Zombie (I Love Delay!)

    This one is a cover of a cover. It's our interpretation of Bad Wolves interpretation of The Cranberries classic "Zombie". We're a 3 piece, so I need to make a lot of noise. I usually end up going with a lot of delay and chunking out something rhythmic. I just can't escape my Pink Floyd and U2...
  19. Fro

    My Own Worst Enemy

    They don't usually let me sing, but I snuck one in at this show. lol! No earth shattering guitar playing here. Just straight ahead rock. It's Fireman's Picnic season in Wisconsin right now. There were 2 bands at this one. I was using the Axe Fx III. The other band had an AX8 and a Helix. It's...
  20. Fro

    Tennessee Whiskey

    We had a Sunday afternoon show that was pretty laid back, so it seemed like a good opportunity to pull this one out. Enjoy!
  21. Fro

    Fred Bear Solo

    My band has always done just one verse and chorus from Ted Nugent's "Fred Bear" at the end of one of our other songs. I've been trying to avoid the solo, Ha! But the fire department that's hosting the picnic we're playing for this Friday requested that we play the whole thing. Crap! Man, that's...
  22. Fro

    This gig's gone south, deal with it.

    It actually was a fun gig, but it was definitely added to that long list of reminders that playing live is never without its challenges. It was cooler than normal for June, which isn't unusual for Wisconsin. But the front moving through had shifted course and turned right into us. We weren't...
  23. Fro

    Those aging eyes.....

    I'm 46, and I've been wearing glasses since I was 6. Bad eyesight is something I'm very familiar with. I can't drive without the glasses, and I can't read set lists without them either. So the glasses never leave me. Now I've finally hit that age where one prescription isn't correcting my sight...
  24. Fro

    Oh the things you find...

    Oh the things you find when you clean out an old box of guitar strings. Anyone else come across things they completely forgot about when going through an old box of stuff?
  25. Fro

    Bug? - Formant With Expression

    This definitely could be user error, which is why I said "possible" bug. This is a patch I use for Bon Jovi's "It's My Life". It's a patch I used for a few years with my Axe Fx II, and I rebuilt it for my Axe Fx III. I can't get seem to get this one to work right on the Axe Fx III. The issue is...
  26. Fro

    The Cars - "Let's Go" Cover

    This is from our show last night. We just added this one to the set, and it was our first time trying it. We're a three piece band, no keyboards or backing tracks. So I try to do my best at cover guitar and keyboard parts at the same time. I'm playing my 1979 Telecaster, and I'm using the 1970...
  27. Fro

    Need Help - The Cars Let's Go Synth

    Hey all. Admittedly, I need to learn a lot more about the synth block. I hear some of you doing some pretty crazy things with it. My band is considering doing "Let's Go" by The Cars, and I figure I have one of two options. I either nail that synth part exactly, or I don't even try and instead...
  28. Fro

    Midi Through XLR and Cable Length

    I have a Whirlwind snake I’m going to modify to run from my rack at the back of the stage to the pedal board at the front of the stage. I’m going to have connections for my vocal mic, the feed for my CLR from the mixer, the feed for my CLR from the Axe Fx, plus I want to wire in a connection for...
  29. Fro

    Axe Fx III Maiden Voyage

    I had my first show with the Axe Fx III last night. Bottom line: everything worked as expected, it sounded great, and I’m super happy. I’m a longtime Axe Fx user. I started with the Standard, then moved to the II, and now the III. I also have an AX8 for a backup. I originally bought the...
  30. Fro

    Is It OK To Tickle?

    This is a question in regards to setting the input level. I just thought I should confirm this since the terminology is slightly different in the Axe Fx III manual from what I remember in the past. It could just be my failing brain. I remember the phrase “tickling the red” being used in the past...
  31. Fro

    Expression Pedal Positions Resetting After Using Tuner

    When I attach my expression pedals to a block like Wah or Volume, I always set my Auto-Engage to Medium Position and my Off Value to 95%. I leave all of my expression pedals in toe position when not in use. With the Axe Fx II, there was always this thing I would have to do when I first turned...
  32. Fro

    Parametric EQ Screen Refresh Issue?

    I didn't think to snap a picture of this, so I'll see if this makes sense. I have a patch that has 2 Parametric EQ blocks in it. I put all of my settings in the first block. When I made my way to the second block and hit Edit to start inputting my settings, the EQ "looked" like it already had...
  33. Fro

    Optical Compressor

    How do the LED, Tungsten, and El Foil options compare to Optical 1 (Peak Detector) and Optical 2 (RMS Detector) in the Axe Fx II? Is there also an Instrument/Line input option in the III, or is that not applicable? I figure I can just mess with it and see, but curious what matches what if I'm...
  34. Fro

    Tremolo In The Amp Block

    Admittedly, my eyes are going buggy from programming patches, but I can't seem to find Tremolo Frequency or Tremolo Depth in the amp block. Is it not there on the Axe Fx III? Maybe this was mentioned already, but... well.... can't remember, and eyes are buggy. Thanks!
  35. Fro

    Wish Recall Effect From Another Patch

    Recalling an effect from another patch would definitely speed up my process of programming my patches. I know that once Axe Edit is up and running for the III, it makes this a little unnecessary. But I am one of those who never used Axe Edit with the Axe Fx II, and I used this feature a lot. So...
  36. Fro

    Separate Outputs To Separate CLRs

    If I wanted to run Output 3 to one Atomic CLR, and Output 4 to another Atomic CLR, what kind of cable do I use? I was thinking of trying it this way so that I have separate volume control for each CLR rfrom the front of the Axe Fx. I know these are labeled as Humbuster 1/4" outputs, so I don’t...
  37. Fro

    Power Over Midi

    If I wanted to keep the power supply for my MFC-101 in my rack case, would a midi cable like this work to supply power over the midi cable. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/RDMH900--rocktron-rdmh900-5-to-7-pin-midi-cable-30-foot
  38. Fro

    Help - Restoring Factory Banks

    Hi All, I wanted to restore the factory banks on my Standard and I'm sure I'm doing something wrong. I'm on a MacBook Pro running Sierra. I'm using an M-Audio Midisport 1x1 with SysEx Librarian. I backed up all of the banks, individual patches and system file using the "Dump To Midi" in the...
  39. Fro

    Help Identifying Guitar Pick

    Hi All, Like most of you, I have piles of picks scattered all around the house. Well I stumbled across one the other day that I like quite a bit, but it has no markings on it that I recognize, and no brand name. It's the only one I have that's like it, and I have no idea where it came from. I'd...
  40. Fro

    New EP - By Accident or Design (Ax Fx Guitars and Bass)

    Hi All, We just finished up our new EP, "By Accident or Design". All of the guitars and bass are Axe Fx, sans a couple minor guitar parts our drummer did on one track. It's a variety of styles, and the Axe Fx was so easy to use for it. I actually ended up scrolling through the factory presets...
  41. Fro

    Van Morrison - Into The Mystic

    We were asked to play this song for an upcoming wedding and decided to put our own spin on it. We were happy enough with how the arrangement turned out that we decided to record it and put it out as a single. Guitar and bass is all Axe Fx. Enjoy! Edit: I almost forgot to mention, FAS-FX Reverb...
  42. Fro

    New Live Album - All Axe Fx Guitar And Bass!

    Hey All, I'm super excited that my band just released a new live album. The funny bit is that although the album is new, it's actually from a show we recorded 4 years ago. I was consolidating hard drives to make room for some of the new material we've been working on, and I stumbled across this...
  43. Fro

    Axe Fx Changing Patches On It's Own

    OK, the short story is that my Axe Fx was changing patches on it’s own. Now I’ll try to give you all of the info on the equipment, and the longer story. I have an Axe Fx II Mk I that’s my main unit, and I have one as a backup. I have an MFC Mk II for my main unit, and an MFC Mk I for the...
  44. Fro

    Converting Live Drums To Midi

    Hi All, I have quite the collection of multitrack recordings of my drummer from various rehearsals, recording sessions and live shows. I thought it would be fun to build up a midi library of his drum parts. Can anyone point me in the right direction? FYI - I'm running a Mid 2010 MacBook Pro...
  45. Fro

    Mastering Suggestions?

    Who are you using for mastering these days? It's been about 8 years since my band has released anything, and just wondering what's out there these days. We're working on a live album, a new studio album, plus some things that we recorded years ago that we are finally getting around to finishing...
  46. Fro

    External Switch Help

    This is my first attempt at using an external switch, and I'm running into user error. I'm trying to set up an external switch to turn an effect on/off. I'm using a Boss FS-5U Non-Latching switch. I have it set to Momentary in the I/O Pedal menu, and I'm assigning it to the effect bypass in the...
  47. Fro

    NGD - 40 year old blonde

    Just received this today. I snagged it off of Reverb.com. 1976 Telecaster. New frets and new machines, but that doesn't bother me. On the heavy side, weighing in at 10.5 pounds. But it plays and feels great.
  48. Fro

    Valentines Day At My House....

    It's probably been posted before, but it never gets old. lol!
  49. Fro

    Bug? Quantum 2.0 Stereo Cab Bug?

    It's been a long time since I've used a stereo cab. But when I turn the dial to select the left cab, the right cab also changes, and the right cab will change to whatever the left cab is. If I change the right cab, the left cab will stay as is. So the only way I can select 2 different cabs is by...
  50. Fro

    Help! - Acoustic Tone Match Gone After Update

    I need some help troubleshooting this one. I know Cliff warned us that our sounds may change after the update, but I think there is more to this one than just a change in the amp modeling. This is a tone match I did of my acoustic. I know it’s not the best sounding patch, but it does work for...
  51. Fro

    Need help - Turn Me Loose synth patch

    Hey everybody, I’m a bit clumsy when it comes to the synth block. I have a little experience with it from using a few patches posted by others on the forum, but not much beyond that. I’m not utilizing it at all in my live patches, yet. We’re adding Turn Me Loose by Loverboy back into rotation...
  52. Fro

    I Like Summer Gigs!

    Even though Summer in Wisconsin is really short, we do make the most of it while we have it. This was a boat party on a lake. We played on a barge.
  53. Fro

    Piezo for Strat – Recommendations

    I’m looking to add a piezo bridge/saddles to my strat, and I was looking to see if anyone had some hands on experience. I know there are several brands out there. I’m most interested in being able to do switch between the magnetic pickups and the piezo while running out of a single mono jack...
  54. Fro

    Serious Wireless Woes

    Hey All, I understand that I will not find the perfect wireless. I'm at the point now where I would prefer to stick with a cable whenever possible. The problem is that we run our own sound, so I need to be wireless, at minimum for the sound check process, so that I can run out front with an...
  55. Fro

    Stereo Guitar Help!

    I stumbled across something as I was messing with a recording in Pro Tools. When I muted one of my tracks, left or right, my guitar got louder. Now I'm suspicious that I was careless in programing my patches and have something horribly out of phase. Otherwise, is there a chance I have a bad XLR...
  56. Fro

    NGD - A Modified 1959 Les Paul Jr.

    Technically a 1959 Les Paul Jr., but it is heavily modified. I like it better that way. Not only did that put it in my price range, it also made it a better fit for my playing style. It's a very comfortable playing guitar. The pickups are Zhangbuckers, plus newer machines and bridge replaced in...
  57. Fro

    OneRepublic - Love Runs Out Cover - Video

    Here is an example of the Axe Fx just sitting happily in the mix and blending in. I'm just plugging away at power chords through the whole thing, which is what I spend a lot of time doing on stage. The rhythm patch is a Marshall JTM45 with a Cab Pack 8 IR. I also really like the patch I use in...
  58. Fro

    Goo Goo Dolls - Slide Cover - Video

    I saw on the Fractal Audio Facebook page that John Rzeznik is a Fractal artist. That' super cool. I have been a fan from day one, and Goo Goo Dolls songs always kill it in the set list. Slide has been in rotation lately. I rock it up a bit with a crunchy Tele patch. It helps fill up some space...
  59. Fro

    King Of The Hill Theme with Big Sticks

    Yes, this was recorded with the Axe Fx II. But the real reason why I'm posting it is because the giant drum sticks are fun! :) Brit JM45 amp with Cab Pack 8 IR, Alloy 57-121 B01. 18.12 firmware. 1969 Tele with Dimarzio Area T 615 pickup.
  60. Fro

    Covering CCR's Green River - Video

    Here is a little something from our last gig. I'm using a JTM45 for rhythm and the Plexi 100 for leads. The cab is from Cab Pack 8. I'm also running sound from stage, and this was the 2nd song of the night. You can see me making adjustments on the iPad in between riffs. :)
  61. Fro

    Backing Up SysEx Files To iPhone

    I found a few threads from a couple of years ago briefly touching on the subject, but I was curious to see if anyone had any recent success with this. Is anyone using their iPhone to backup and restore their Axe Fx or MFC? I believe their are a few options out there now for hardware and apps...
  62. Fro

    Which Mesa Cab Is This?

    I'm curious about the Mesa cab they show at around 2:39, the half open back, half closed cabinet. The music store down the road from me is selling one, and I was tempted to pick it up and make some IRs with it for fun. But I know there are a ton of Mesa IRs out there already, and I own...
  63. Fro

    Low Thud In 18.04 When Switching Patches On Test Setting

    I know it's Beta firmware, but I figure I should mention something funky if I hear it. You may or may not have noticed that there is a low thud when you switch the Preamp Tube Type from Modern to Vintage to Test within the same patch. Well, I changed all of my main patches to Test, and now I get...
  64. Fro

    Nick Lucas Pick? What's This?

    So, I was cleaning, and going through boxes with picks scattered all over. I was putting them all into some zip lock bags and this pick caught my eye. I have no idea where I got it. It felt very different from the other picks. I like softer picks, so I googled it trying to find out where I could...
  65. Fro

    NGD - 1969 Telecaster

    I'm all about the "Players" instruments, so I couldn't pass this one up. The bridge pickup is original, but the neck pickup is not. However, I think the neck pickups sounds great. It has also been re-fretted. I really like how the neck feels, so I'm considering the bigger frets as a win for me...
  66. Fro

    My Band Playing Rebel Yell - Live Video

    Here is a video of my band playing Rebel Yell by Billy Idol. My patches are far from close, but it works for what we do, especially for live. The patches are all based on things I’ve found on the forum, but I honestly do not remember where I found them. My apologies to whomever I got the ideas...
  67. Fro

    NGD - 1980 Dean V

    This is not something I would normally play, at all. But it was just too cool to pass up. It's heavily played, but I don't mind. I like my guitars to be "players". But there is still plenty of life left in it. The only bad flaw, other than the wear, is that something is messed up with the bridge...
  68. Fro

    Marshall Jubilee 2x12 with Scumback M75s

    Let’s just say that I’m a happy camper, and I can’t believe how easy it was. I have an old beat up Marshall Jubilee 2x12 cabinet that has been a favorite of mine for a long time. It’s super light, fits in the car easy, sounds great, and has been my main gigging cabinet for a long time. The...
  69. Fro

    Axe Fx Setting or MFC??

    Something changed, and I don't know what I did. As far as i know, I haven't changed any settings on the MFC. I did, however, reset the system parameters on the Axe Fx. Now I'm trying to put things back to the way I had it. It used to be that I could select a patch with the MFC, then turn on some...
  70. Fro

    5153 Blue Reboots Axe Fx [SOLVED]

    Is anyone else getting this? I just loaded the new firmware (15) and whenever I select the 5153 Blue amp, my Axe Fx reboots itself.
  71. Fro

    My Bands New Promo Video

    Here is a new promo video we threw together from our last show. The audio is a mix of the board and some room mics. No amps on stage. Everything is direct. Enjoy!
  72. Fro

    My drummer has exceptional aim (dealing with drunks on stage)

    OK, mistake number one was that our singer left his mic at the front of the stage when it was the drummers turn to sing a song. But mistake number two was for the drunk in the front row to think he could just hop up on stage and grab the mic to sing. He didn't know my drummer can throw a stick...
  73. Fro

    10 minutes between bands, backline provided.....

    I’m curious to get some opinions on this. I’m playing a gig at a festival in Madison on Saturday. The stage we are on has bands all day long. Each band is playing 30 minutes, with 10 minutes between bands. So each band gets 5 minutes up, and 5 minutes down. Here is the schedule. We are on...
  74. Fro

    Amps vs No Amps On Stage

    I’m in a couple of bands right now. One is an old school style rock band. We have amps one the stage. I use a CLR as backline. We use whatever PA is provided, or bring very little. We just show up, kick ass, and take names later. The other band I’m in has a more “polished” production. We...
  75. Fro

    My Band - Local Newsapers Online Music Video Series

    One of the groups I’m working with is the backing band for local artist Xeno. He’s been around for a long time, a staple of the local music scene, and has played with various groups over the years. He just released his first solo album. One of the Milwaukee newspapers, The Journal Sentinel...
  76. Fro

    New CD - I Still Believe In Rock N Roll

    I've been working this past year with Milwaukee artist Xeno on his first solo album. It's finally finished and released! All of my parts were recorded with the Axe Fx II. My tracks were recorded a few months ago, so I honestly don't remember what firmware we were on. I don't even think I...
  77. Fro

    New Ownhammer IR Sample Recordings

    I was testing out and comparing the new Ownhammer IR’s last night. Since I had a bunch of them recorded, I thought I would post them here for people to check out. The amp sim is the Plexi 100 High. The first IR is from the Ownhammer Public Beta Redux set. The rest are all from the new Studio...
  78. Fro

    Something Silly - A Little Rick James

    This was the last song of the night. It was an earlier show we were doing for a cancer benefit. By earlier I mean that the crowed hadn't consumed a lot of beer yet. :) We were playing for 4 hours, and it was like pulling teeth to get anyone on the dance floor. Finally they loosened up in the...
  79. Fro

    Pitch Shift For Thickening?

    My bass player keeps telling me I should be adding pitch shift to all of my patches for thickening. I think he said it was common practice at one time where everyone would have an Eventide in their rack with just a minor pitch shift of a few cents to thicken the sound, or round things out. I...
  80. Fro

    Superstition Live Video

    Here is my band playing Superstition at the Wisconsin State Fair a few days ago. The audio is a mix of straight from the board and the camera mic. I'm running direct to FOH, Plexi 100 sim with Ownhammer IR's. The guitar is a 1977 Guild S300 with Dimarzio Air Classics. The whole band is on IEM's...
  81. Fro

    Keeping Steady On A Boat

    Here is a little sample of our show from Saturday. It's a cover of the Raconteurs "Steady As She Goes". This was on a two story boat called the Vista King. It's part of the Milwaukee Boat Line Concert Cruise series. The boat goes up and down the Milwaukee harbor for a couple of hours while we...
  82. Fro

    Updating to Firmware 10 requires resetting cab block with user cabs

    I noticed that my patches using user cabs sounded as if the cab block was bypassed. All I did was scroll over to the cab block and hit "edit", then the cab came back and all was good. I didn't not notice this on patches with stock cabs.
  83. Fro

    v10 - FWIW, I had to reset cab blocks, now all is good.

    I didn't see that anyone posted this already. My apologies if someone did. After upgrading, all of the cab blocks on the patches I created were bypassed, even though visually they were not. Sonically I could tell they weren't working. All I had to do was scroll over to the cab block and hit...
  84. Fro

    I need a new wireless - Suggestions?

    I finally put 2 and 2 together and figured out that my Line 6 Relay is killing my wifi connection for the Presonus Qmix. Apparently it's a known conflict. I'm not sure there is an easy fix, so I'm thinking of just getting a different wireless. It's too bad, because the G50 was quite dependable...
  85. Fro

    Use A JCM 800 When Playing ABBA - And Other Songs From My Last Show

    Here are three songs from my show last week. It's one cover and 2 originals. The cover is SOS from ABBA, played with my JCM 800 patch. I was hoping to post the patches, but I need to do some troubleshooting. SysEx Librarian isn't playing nice for me these days. I'll post the patches once I clear...
  86. Fro

    JCM 800 with Ownhammer Public Beta Redux in a mix

    Here is a quick mix from the multi-track I did from last nights show. The guitar track hasn't been touched at all. My Axe Fx is still packed away, so I wasn't able to download the patch. If anyone is interested, I can put it on Axe Change later. It's just a pretty basic JCM800 patch. I kick in a...
  87. Fro

    My Show From Last Night

    They streamed my show online last night. Now that the show is over, it's archived and available to watch any time. Even with the limitations of live streaming video and audio, the mix didn't turn out too bad. I credit that the awesomeness that is the Axe Fx. :) I also multi-tracked the show. I...
  88. Fro

    My Band Is Live Online Tonight

    My band The Pulltops will be on www.dnn.TV tonight. A band called Sunspot is on right now. We will be on closer to 11:30 car. I will going direct to FOH with my Axe Fx II. My bass player is using my standard.
  89. Fro

    Need Help Making Backups - Max OS 10.6.8

    I'm not sure when things stopped working, but I've been running without a safety net for a while now. I want to make some major changes to my patches, so I want to back everything up. I'm running Mac Os 10.6.8 and use SysEx Librarian. I'm not able to upgrade to Lion or Mountain Lion yet for work...
  90. Fro

    Video - First gig with RCF as backline

    I know this isn't the best recorded example, since the audio is from an overdriven Canon PowerShot mic, but I thought I would post it anyway. The song is the title track from the singers upcoming solo CD. Xeno has been a fixture in the Milwaukee music scene for a long time now. He is from the...
  91. Fro

    Looking For New Christmas Album Recommendations

    Anyone pick up a new Christmas album this year that's worth checking out? Or better yet, does anyone on the forum have a Christmas album of their own?
  92. Fro

    What If Cliff Wins The Lottery??

    It's a scary thought, but it just dawned on me. The Power Ball lottery is over 500 million dollars right now. What if he won? Most people usually say they would quit their day job. Yikes! Not right now! Wouldn't that just be a kick in the pants? I mean, congrats to him if he did. Suddenly he...
  93. Fro

    We’re the first of 10 winners!

    We entered the Mix, Master, Promote competition from Silent Underground Studio and ended being the first winner. So they professionally mixed our song “Destination” and put together this cool video. The whole experience was great. Easy, fast, and they did a really good job. Daniel...
  94. Fro

    Auditioning Cabs Without Axe Edit - Help

    I know this is in several different places, but I'm just sucking at searching the forum right now. How do you I get IR's into the Axe Fx without using Axe Edit? I'm on a Mac, OS 10.6.8 and I have SysEx Librarian. Axe Manage isn't working. It connects for 2 seconds and then crashes. I'm just...
  95. Fro

    I Recorded All Of My Speakers To Compare Them

    I have a show coming up at the end of December where I know for a fact that my guitar will not be going through the PA. It’s a house system, and they only allow vocals and kick drum in the PA. So whatever I bring to play through is what the audience will hear. I wanted a good way to compare...
  96. Fro

    EAW VRM12

    I found three threads on the EAW VRM12. 2 were asking about them, but not really any answers. In one thread, someone used them for vocals and liked them, but nobody had yet used them with the Axe Fx. I can get a new pair on a really good deal. Has anyone used them with the Axe Fx? Does anyone...
  97. Fro

    To Guitar or To Bass

    My cover band hasn’t played since August. Actually, the drummer quit, which makes it a little difficult to play. We had one guy lined up to take his place, but it didn’t work out. The original band I’m in barely plays. Everyone else in the band has a handful of other projects they are...
  98. Fro

    Looking For A Smaller Bass, Maybe.

    I'm toying with the idea of trying to get myself some bass gigs. I've done plenty of recording with bass, but never playing 4 hours a night. I have a 79 Fender P that I like a lot, but it does feel a bit like climbing a tree when I play it. Don't get me wrong, that's part of what I like about...
  99. Fro

    A Couple Of Live Recordings

    I’m gathering together some live recordings of our songs to give to our new drummer so he can hear some of our arrangements. I figured I might as well post a couple here. This was an outdoor show in the parking lot of Quaker Steak and Lube for their Bike Night. The bass player and I are both...
  100. Fro

    Get The Feeling Everyone Else Has A Gig?

    It's Friday night, and the forum starts to slow down. Then it dawns on me, everyone else probably has a gig. Our drummer quit, and I haven't had a gig since August 5th. I did have a couple of studio dates, but that's it. No worries. I get to mess around with the new firmware update. Plus I'm...
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