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  1. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Steve Vai's David Lee Roth-era Jose Arredondo-modded Marshall Super Lead

    "Eat Em And Smile" is my favorite Vai for playing and tone ... so raw but clean... Looking forward to digging in on this video!!!!
  2. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Ola Englund Axe-Fx 3

    ....now I just need a III hahaha!
  3. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 2.00 Firmware Release

    Wow, unexpected but absolutely appreciated!! Can't wait to give it a go!!! Thanks FAS!!!!
  4. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Live Nation Admits To Scalping Tickets For Bands Like Metallica

    good points.... i forgot about this...
  5. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Live Nation Admits To Scalping Tickets For Bands Like Metallica

    Don't quote me here, I really should research this first but, if I recall correctly Metallica stepped in on something like this recently? I think it was for a one off show (Symphony/Orchestra) scheduled. They caught wind of tix gone in minutes. May not be the same situation, but like you say...
  6. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Arch Echo - New Album

    Saw you guys here in Ottawa supporting Tony Macalpine a few days ago @progmachine , blown away!!! Bought the discs, bought some shirts haha!
  7. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Uberschall Preset (+ IR)

    Yup. Leon's patch is great, and his explanations really help when applying to your own patches. I won't necessarily use his patch straight up,or maybe I would? But there are plenty of ideas you can try and experiment while we look for our own tones. Studio stuff isn't necessarily what I get...
  8. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Uberschall Preset (+ IR)

    Awesome vid Leon! I love seeing more live approaches, patches and strategies here!! Very useful stuff to apply to our own presets, thanks!!!!
  9. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Cynic - Focus official tab book coming soon (transcribed by me!)

    DOH!! Just read this on Instagram yesterday, can't wait to dig in!
  10. Kyle.E.Woyote

    My Oasis live preset

    Canada too! Lol
  11. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Straplocks: Dunlop or Schaller

    Schaller here, never an issue in 20yrs or more... Like above has said, initially tighten down with a socket (I used that) or something other than fingers, be careful you can tighten it so far as it works its way through the strap hole.. Always position the horse shoe IN LINE, (horsehoe open...
  12. Kyle.E.Woyote

    SinMix [Custom Presets & IR] Producer Pack Out Now!

    Just what I like to hear, live use! Haha
  13. Kyle.E.Woyote

    How many patches do you all use?

    Thanks! All guitars direct with stock cabs, and Angle (Engl) and IIC+ ... Quad tracked 2 guitar players in the band, so we simply played our parts through each amp patch and voila!
  14. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Legato lesson?

    Actually, that's why I mentioned Kotzen during his young Shrapnel days because that was way before he went pick-less... Always remember, even if you can't (or can) play some of the stuff these guys have to offer, you will ALWAYS come away with something you can use in YOUR arsenal...
  15. Kyle.E.Woyote

    How many patches do you all use?

    80's Hair Band... 5 patches...Clean,Rhythm, Lead w/delay, Lead w/wah, Lead w/phazer.. SUPER simple, same amp,cab for dirty stuff... Only change is if I play detuned. In this case I bank up one and its a 1/2 pitch,(all same 5 patches) and up another bank for a whole step pitch!!(same original...
  16. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Legato lesson?

    Old Richie Kotzen (Shrapnel Records days) lessons helped me immensely when I was knee deep in that...also Alex Skolnick (Testament) ..IF you would like a metal flavor...then again, you can adapt anything to your own style. May be worth checking out!!
  17. Kyle.E.Woyote

    High and low cut in cab block....settings???

    Live, 80-100 /6600-7000 Studio, generally doesn't waver too far from defaults, and not nearly as drastic..
  18. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Is this solo tone attainable with the 535Q?..Edit:Axe is at rehearsal, realized no model..Avatar

    Edit: I'm an idiot. AxeFx is at rehearsal space and I just realized there isn't an 535Q model... Long story short, I am not a wah guy, so please cut me a break on my ignorance.. Tim (from Avatar) told me he used the Crybaby From Hell Wah (Dimebag) on the solo, of which I thought it was an...
  19. Kyle.E.Woyote

    'Bay Area Metal Giants Vol.1: Classic Tones' out now! (METALLICA presets) AX8 compatible

    Hey thanks man! We got alot of new stuff in the works right now, hope you like it too!!
  20. Kyle.E.Woyote

    'Bay Area Metal Giants Vol.1: Classic Tones' out now! (METALLICA presets) AX8 compatible

    Sure is none other than Bruce Campbell himself!!! The chin!
  21. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Who's Planning To "Eventually" Move Up To The III?

    Eventually yes,..but not anytime soon,($$) year or more likely...
  22. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Thomas McRocklin (Vai’s old protege) meets the AX8 - here's what he thought!

    Is, was,...he once the kid from the early 90's Steve Vai vid and Ibanez ads?....
  23. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Silent Underground Studio - Preset Packs and Services...

    Glad to hear thing went as well as possible, here's to a healthy recovery!!
  24. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Fractal Audio DRIVE models: Using an AMP block as a DRIVE

    I've only been messing a bit with this for a few minutes,but has anyone found any favorite "drive-amps" yet? I was giving my live patch a go, 5150III (50w) and found that the good ole JCM800 with it's drive around 1.49 just gave it some great clarity and krannng compared to using the TS08...
  25. Kyle.E.Woyote

    My Main Gigging Preset "Rig Rundown"

    Funny, I was going to shoot you a message regarding a live clip I watched last night of you. I was curious whether you were using the Axe or not. Look forward to checking this out later! Thanks for sharing your process!
  26. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Tone hunt: Mattias IA Eklundh

    INSANE player. Huge fan!!
  27. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Free AX8 patches from me . . :-)

    Wow, so very generous of you!! Can't wait to try 'em out and see if I can work some of your ideas into my own tones/patches!!! Thank you so much!
  28. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Badlands - High Wire COVER VIDEO w/vocals

    One of my all time faves dude, awesome!!
  29. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Amp Model or Tone - What's Important to You?

    Tone all the way. A great tone, which will always inspire your playing, is all that matters to me as far as Model vs Tone in the AxeFx.... Having said that, we are VERY fortunate to have SO many starting points(Amp Models) to seek said tone...;)
  30. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Atheist - Mother Man (Q7b2 Angle Severe)

    Awesome! Big Atheist fan here!! Great job!
  31. Kyle.E.Woyote

    New FAS Video w. Larry Mitchell + Free Presets!

    Thanks for this gift all at FAS!! Fantastic video!
  32. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Axe-Edit 3.12.0 Released

    Love it!! Thanks!!
  33. Kyle.E.Woyote

    2016 Charvel San Dimas | Overview & Demo

    I hear ya Rocco!! Ever since I've owned a P.Gilbert PGM301, I've wanted to change all my volume pots to the tone position on my others guitars....
  34. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Binge shows -your favorites?

    Al the Marvel shows, Daredevil,Jessica Jones and Luke Cage and Narcos was most recent...
  35. Kyle.E.Woyote


    don't forget "Oh you ate one too" OU812 I "believe" in response to Eat Em And Smile....
  36. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.00 Firmware Released

    Ahhh like the old GSP2101 days haha
  37. Kyle.E.Woyote

    A visit From the Dead - King Diamond guitar cover

    Ditto , ditto, ditto! Larocque is easily in my top 10, and the guitar work ( including other axemen too) on King Diamond's albums is nothing short of stellar. Abigail album changed a lot of my direction, and will always be one of my "If you were stranded on an island..." must haves. Once...
  38. Kyle.E.Woyote

    A visit From the Dead - King Diamond guitar cover

    Always loved Andy's tone on that solo, many many many many rewinds!! hahahahahaha
  39. Kyle.E.Woyote

    List Your Main Amps

    Crunch/Lead : Angle Severe 1 Cleans : Bassman ....I think reaaal simple...for my live stuff anyway..
  40. Kyle.E.Woyote

    loading the "extra" Ax8 cabs into Axe MKII....

    Yeah I checked again, the ones I was seeking are not included, even downloaded Ax8 firmware etc to see if convertible via Fractool.. It was 5153 57c and 5153 404G (407?) Oh well! Thanks to all for the help, moving on!
  41. Kyle.E.Woyote

    loading the "extra" Ax8 cabs into Axe MKII....

    Thanks Cliff, I will dig deeper for f161-162!
  42. Kyle.E.Woyote

    loading the "extra" Ax8 cabs into Axe MKII....

    Yeah, I wasn't sure if it was a, "these cabs are exclusive to the Ax8 only" type thing.. I figured via fractool there would be a way, I'm curious to try them after hearing Bishop5150's live patch results in his Ax8 forum post. My partner on crime in the band has an Ax8 though.....haha
  43. Kyle.E.Woyote

    loading the "extra" Ax8 cabs into Axe MKII....

    I apologize if this has been addressed before!! I was curious if there was a way to access the extra cabs included in the Ax8? Not the Ultra Res Samples incl in firmware updates,but the ones that would be essentially be F133-F179 if my MKII had that capability. I have always had great luck...
  44. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Some video from our show over the weekend

    Excuse my ignorance,..is that the 5153 ir's?....my Axe II stops at 132 :( lol
  45. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Some video from our show over the weekend

    Sounds incredible!!! One quick question if I may, what stock cabs did you use?(it defaults to a user cab) I'm curious because I believe I am finally zoning in on a live patch I've been working on and can live with, but it needs a bit of cut, or something.. I'm sure the right IR is the key, and...
  46. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Audio recording from our last show

    This is the same patch you previously shared? Sounds great!!
  47. Kyle.E.Woyote

    preset - usa pre rodo- test

    Sounds killer!
  48. Kyle.E.Woyote

    DOKKEN | So Many Tears (Solo Cover)

    One of my favs Lynch solos..
  49. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Tested a preset from "PresetADay" - quite amazing

    I found this one pretty good outta the gate too. I have their other months for "preset a day" (and a couple artist packs) but even with the included IR they sounded "woofy" in the bottom end (through HS80M's) and not near as punchy as the video examples. Not a complaint!! Like mentioned...
  50. Kyle.E.Woyote

    80's hero's preset bundle interest?

    Nuno, Lynch, Jake,..any of 'em Danny!! Sign me up!! If they work out to be "Stage" ready,..sign me up twice!! Hahaha!
  51. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Plexi 50W hi 1 + Hi 2 for some Gary Moore and Malmsteen.

    Still lovin' that 50w Plexi HI 1 BB!! Listened to it a few times on you tube today!
  52. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Axe FX amp model comparisons Vol.1: Mesa Boogie MK series (video inside)

    Man those Mesa "C's" sound killer in this clip Jon!
  53. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Friedman Phil X model

    https://www.google.ca/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://m.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3D7T9uzDasXag&ved=0ahUKEwjevLv93uzNAhWQOsAKHaglBrUQuAIIGzAA&usg=AFQjCNHnaKq1XIRFa8utsC8GBJTyRu9Ulw&sig2=EgA_a6_nObLzMT9jTjO8Mw Here is a clip Mark Day posted of Phil X a while ago on youtube... killer tone with a...
  54. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Having screen issues

    I've been having the exact same issue the last couple weeks ( first most noticeable with tuner,then eventually on any patch chosen) ...I too will keep an eye on the CPU usage...
  55. Kyle.E.Woyote

    MKII C+ with Cliff's settings and ir receipe - awesome.

    Took the thought out my head...
  56. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Europe - Rock the night

    Sounded great!
  57. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Paul Gilbert's rig copy

    ...just hooked up with Kemper, as well as Bruce Bouillet too...though, much rather him rockin' the Axe!
  58. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Some Direct to FOH video

    Curious as well!
  59. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Yngwie Malmsteen - Far Beyond the Sun

    Hearing your clips really brings me back (like others have said) to that feeling I got hearing the first 3 Yngwie albums. Before I picked up a real guitar and I would air guitar to them with a badminton racket until my arm would literally seize. Thanks Yngwie for making me wanna play guitar...
  60. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Fremen Quantum 2.0 presets

    What kind, if any adjustments would you normally make to a patch like this if you were running straight to board ? The reason I ask is because I am currently going through a phase where I just cant seem to get that "killer live tone" I recall your live vid of Megadeth (eye of the tornado) and...
  61. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Thank you Cliff! Alice In Chains, HBE content

    Ah ha!! Good ole #60 love that one, my go to Factory cab! Your clips sound fantastic!
  62. Kyle.E.Woyote

    King Diamond "Abigail" Cover Video - Patch Included

    Agreed! Abigail is one my "if stranded on a desert island, what 5 albums would you need to have?" Love playing along with this song, great job!!
  63. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Brian Setzer

    Always always always enjoyed his playing and the The Stray Cats!! I remember hearing them for the first time when I was a kid from a friends older brother,(who played 'em constantly)full on Punk with a 3ft Mohawk, and thinking whoaaaaa this is awesome!
  64. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Is Fractal Audio working with Korn?

    Was just thumbing through some phone pics and found this one when we were in Mexico last year(with Annihilator) and recalled this thread. It's not a Fractal unit,..but it's a sticker!!! Hahaha!
  65. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Original ADA MP-1 Live Tone Matching ,for Axe FX II!

    My go to Factory cab #60!!...when not using Cab Packs.
  66. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Star Wars - The Force Awakens - No Spoilers!

    Tonight for me! Can't wait!
  67. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Axe FX vs. real amp

    Agreed with many here, my only concern with the AxeFx is getting a good tone, authenticity is by the way side....sorry for off the rails there.. I own a Jsx Peavey (not modeled) and a '87 Silver Jubilee(modeled) I haven't done a side by side of it, but it must be damn close if my memory (ears)...
  68. Kyle.E.Woyote

    ML Bulb Angle Citrus: The second Misha Mansoor / ML Cab Pack

    No doubt!! Purpose isn't Djent genre for me, but at the brink of unbearable volume through my HSM80's it definitely kicks the chest in! I forgot to mention, I also put the cab at 80/7000hz to tame some boom and shrillness(which is still there a bit) but I think that could be more the nature of...
  69. Kyle.E.Woyote

    ML Bulb Angle Citrus: The second Misha Mansoor / ML Cab Pack

    This is exactly what I've been toying with lately..Savage w/Butter ir. I only boosted the mid to about 2 o'clock ish, and backed the input gain to 4ish, treble 4ish...like yourself, this is getting right into my wheelhouse, punchy, clear and snarly!
  70. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.02 Firmware Release

    ..just what I needed to hear! Work day can't finish soon enough!!!!
  71. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Live tone philosophy

    A much better way of explaining what I attempted to Sleestak!
  72. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Live tone philosophy

    95% of the time we have our own FOH engineer, but I am constantly on him about what he does at his end, and how I can apply it to the Axe for future gigs to make things more seemless and easy. With how good the Axe sounds at default amp settings now, (like what was already mentioned) it becomes...
  73. Kyle.E.Woyote

    New forum: tip

    Much nicer to view on my phone as well, (where I do 90% of my viewing) nice and clean. Simple!
  74. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Iron Maiden and Ratt! \m/

  75. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Yngwie Malmsteen Plexi [w/ patch]

    Fn awesome,! His first 3 albums are what made me want to play guitar, fantastic job Rocco!
  76. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Lynchback IR's

    I go back and forth with IR's (settled on the new Fractal ones at the moment) but I was using the Lynchbacks(Diezel cab) for quite some time. I found them to have a nice "woody" mid to them.
  77. Kyle.E.Woyote

    FW 18.03 all guitars IIC+ in the mix - Cabs from OH

    If having an issue hearing the patch, "Shunt" the Vol block
  78. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Is it safe to use my Axe Fx II in vertical position?

    If throwing the Earth's axis off is your thing, have at 'er!
  79. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Quick and likely silly question regarding "Null Filter"

    Thanks guys for chiming in. Yeah, same here Sixstring, my go to is the cuts in the Cab. I Keep second guessing myself if tones are ok for those at gigs when the IEM's are in!! ....my damn tonal paranoia....
  80. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Quick and likely silly question regarding "Null Filter"

    In my case(patch rebuilding) I have it set as a db boost for solos, and was curious if those using it for this purpose ever tweak the Null Filters Freq parameters (20hz-20000hz) at all? I'm using Yammy HS80's for monitors(sadly as close as I can get to FOH and gigs for pre-tweaking) and with...
  81. Kyle.E.Woyote

    having some fun with fw18beta & Chapman ML1 Bea

    Sounded fantastic Rocco! Love the "chicka" in the pick attack, great tone!
  82. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Our Debut E.P: Hair Force One "Hair To The Nation" All AXE II Guitars

    Lol,..yeah we've been having so much fun with this, musically and otherwise..... Don't think I'm ever going to grow up...that bad?? Haha
  83. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Our Debut E.P: Hair Force One "Hair To The Nation" All AXE II Guitars

    All good, and noted. We have a pile of songs(albums worth and more) ready in the wings with drums already done. The hardest part of this EP and the others was which song(s)were going where, choices, choices..lol Value your honesty!
  84. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Our Debut E.P: Hair Force One "Hair To The Nation" All AXE II Guitars

    Something just occurred to me, did you notice a cameo appearance by a certain well respected forum member(made me buy the AxeFx) who has a penchant for felines and great facial expressions? Think it was in one of the latter ones...
  85. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Our Debut E.P: Hair Force One "Hair To The Nation" All AXE II Guitars

    Dude, I've never been so happy to be cursed at!!! Thank you!!!!
  86. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Our Debut E.P: Hair Force One "Hair To The Nation" All AXE II Guitars

    Thanks so much! We are a lot more "under the radar" and subtle lyrically than the Panther boys, but a great compliment!!
  87. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Our Debut E.P: Hair Force One "Hair To The Nation" All AXE II Guitars

    It's in the cards for sure!! Thanks for going as far as checking the vids out!!
  88. Kyle.E.Woyote

    Our Debut E.P: Hair Force One "Hair To The Nation" All AXE II Guitars

    Thanks a lot everyone, it's very rewarding to us hearing others enjoying it!
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