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  1. rodzimguitar68


    Holmes Res (tm)
  2. rodzimguitar68

    Trillion-frames-per-second camera takes photos of light moving

    And, all of this took place in 2013?
  3. rodzimguitar68

    Almost 2 months with no FW update...

    Good Lord Almighty. Now I can't focus on life until "right after, soon enough".
  4. rodzimguitar68

    Legacy Liquid Foot Pro: Cant get the editor to work :( Help?

    Have any Liquid Foot customers heard from Jeff? Thanks
  5. rodzimguitar68

    Wish Tuner Intonation Mode - Lock the String Number so 12th fret offset is same as open string

    Moderators please remove my thread. Thanks Thanks
  6. rodzimguitar68

    Transformer isolated Line Splitter

    I want to create an audio matrix so I can have 8 stereo effect devices in parallel. It’s simple enough to find rack mixers to take the 8 stereo outputs and mix them back down to a left and right output. My challenge is with replicating a stereo input to each effect. I need something that takes...
  7. rodzimguitar68

    Here is my DIY Arduino based MIDI foot controller for Axe-Fx

    Hello. I have been wanting to make a foot controller like an RJM GT22 or a Liquid Foot Plus, with larger screens for each button. I know nothing about programming and about electronics, but willing to do the research and spend the money for parts. What I am curious about is how to build a...
  8. rodzimguitar68

    What was the trick for faster boot up?

    I'm not trying to derail this very serious and urgent topic, but if there is anyone with insider knowledge of when the next Giuffria album is due to hit iTunes, I'd really appreciate the info. Thanks
  9. rodzimguitar68

    What was the trick for faster boot up?

    Reading this thread was time I will never be able to get back.
  10. rodzimguitar68

    I Lost my wife last night

    My condolences and prayers for peace and comfort for you and your loved ones. I lost my wife to cancer November 16, 2020.
  11. rodzimguitar68

    Strange digital noise Axe iii

    in the past, I've had 2 issues similar to what you have described: 1) my midi controller cables were too close to audio cables, and this caused a metronome style click/clack/static 2) I left the USB plugged into my midi foot controller, but the other end was not connected to my computer. The...
  12. rodzimguitar68

    Time Suck Lesson Learned - Faulty USB cable

    Guys, My gear remains largely unmoved and all connections are constant, and largely unchanged. About 3 days ago, when I would try to record, I had the most screechy digital bits, farting sound printed to the track, totally obscuring my audio work. I was also ping testing my latency with the...
  13. rodzimguitar68

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 16.05

    You gotta register trademarks and get a nickel every time it’s used
  14. rodzimguitar68

    Lets Dance by David Bowie delay

    I watched a video of Niles, and he said Bob Clearmountain added the delays in post. What struck me about that, is that Niles thought the dry part would sound good, and that's what he played. Can't imagine it without the delays we all know.
  15. rodzimguitar68

    Delay Block Update

    I made this comment 10 years ago in the forum, but when I was in college I had a DOD delay pedal and I had a variable voltage wall wart power supply. The one with the two prong miniature fang probes with a female plug adapter and multiple barrel sizes on the other end - you could reverse the...
  16. rodzimguitar68

    I just needed to make something.

    "Allsome" That's the country way to spell Awesome.
  17. rodzimguitar68

    Axe-Fx III Cygnus Factory Preset Banks A, B, and C

    I just have one comment about the manner in which this update was released by M@
  18. rodzimguitar68

    Axe-Fx III Cygnus Presets - Banks A & B Preview

    He just smiled, and gave me a Forumites Sandwich.......(takes like Chicken and Chuckleheads)
  19. rodzimguitar68

    Fractal Audio Price Increases

    Drove past this over the weekend. It’s for real. A sea of trucks.
  20. rodzimguitar68

    Preset Poll

    This is 4 minutes of my life that I will never get back
  21. rodzimguitar68

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 16.01 Beta 1 Public Beta

    I started inserting the USB input effect block beside my input 1 block. Then I shunt it to the next block, and sever the shunt from input 1, when I'm going to reamp. Makes it more obvious, visually to understand why there's no audio, when I open Axe Edit and look at the preset. Learned this...
  22. rodzimguitar68

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 16.01 Beta 1 Public Beta

    Got out of bed, loaded firmware, going back to bed. Did not play my guitar. (I just wouldn't be able to sleep knowing I missed this update) That is all...
  23. rodzimguitar68

    Need Help making FAMC Editor work in Mac OSX Big Sur

    Installed the 11.3 update. No joy. Liquid Foot editor will not connect to the pedal. So bummed......
  24. rodzimguitar68

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 16.00 "Cygnus"

    Just Installed. Lost preset 1, for the first time since Cliff squashed the bug in Jan/Feb. Something about a 40 second refresh or something? Has this happened to anyone else?
  25. rodzimguitar68

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 12 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Release Candidate

    Thanks for this. I avoid changing advanced settings, but this one made the Herbert 3 a lot more useable to me.
  26. rodzimguitar68

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 12 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Release Candidate

    I think he referred to it right before you posted this BE C45 You guys crossed in the Mail.
  27. rodzimguitar68

    The REAL Mesa Boogie Mark IIC++

    Is that model in the Axe FX right now? I just checked the Fractal Wiki and it's not listed. However, there is a note that the amp models are being updated due to Cygnus. I'm trying to determine how recently this Metallica model was put into the Axe. Thanks PS - I'm away from my gear at the...
  28. rodzimguitar68

    Axe-Edit III 1.01.04

    Have you seen the movie TENET?
  29. rodzimguitar68

    Need Help making FAMC Editor work in Mac OSX Big Sur

    Thank you for your help. I will check back occasionally for the fix and also hope 11.3 fixes my issue. I still have my old macbook pro which turns off unexpectedly without warning, and it connects to the pedal. So, I can edit on my iMac and share the editor file in the cloud, then retrieve it...
  30. rodzimguitar68

    Need Help making FAMC Editor work in Mac OSX Big Sur

    I apologize. I wasn’t trying to be snarky. I was making a new appeal for direction or instructions I could follow to make it work. Thank you for your help.
  31. rodzimguitar68

    Need Help making FAMC Editor work in Mac OSX Big Sur

    Thank you for looking at this. I need help from a high tech member who actually understands this stuff and see if there is a way to accomplish this since FAMC is completely unresponsive.
  32. rodzimguitar68

    Need Help making FAMC Editor work in Mac OSX Big Sur

    Greetings. Ever since I've upgraded to Big Sur, my LF Editor will not detect my LF+12+ plugged into my computer and connect to it. Upon opening the Apple/About This Mac/System Report/USB, I saw a description in the LF device of "Future Technology Devices International Limited". This is a...
  33. rodzimguitar68

    You guys are in for another treat.

    Required watching to advance to the next round.
  34. rodzimguitar68

    Fixed Manage Cabs saves User-Bank 2 to User-Bank 1

    Chuckheads working together in the wild. I feel like Marlin Perkins.......
  35. rodzimguitar68

    RUSH - "The Big Money"

    Middletown - cool song.
  36. rodzimguitar68

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 5 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta #2

    Is there a sign-up sheet for the Cliff Bobblehead?
  37. rodzimguitar68

    She's Country - Jason Aldean Cover

    Hey, I was bored and wanted to mess with 16 BEETAH. Be advised each track has some Slate Audio plugins as well as the Busses and master out. I haven't finished tracking the rest of the song or any leads (which are just fills here and there). There's also a lot of supportive "fiddle" going on...
  38. rodzimguitar68

    Bug? 1.5dB loss when using the fx loop with a pedal? 3.02 Beta

    Have you tried different cables to confirm you weren’t using the bad cable that is causing this when you removed the pedal and only used one cable ?
  39. rodzimguitar68

    How often do you reset system parameters?

    Many times, when I update my firmware, the unit reboots and the system settings are wiped. So I have to restore them with the Bot. It seems to be a situation where, after I've loaded new firmware, I am using the front rocker switch to power down for 5 seconds, and this causes this phenomenon...
  40. rodzimguitar68

    Bug? 1.5dB loss when using the fx loop with a pedal? 3.02 Beta

    Plug the connector cables from the loop out to the loop in. That's right - do the effect loops without any pedals connected. See whether you lose signal when there is no gear connected, but simply the 1/4" cables out to in. If you have signal loss then, you probably have a bad cable.
  41. rodzimguitar68

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 4 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta

    This is the sh*t. Thanks brother Marco!
  42. rodzimguitar68

    Cygnus Beta - first impressions

    This is the goods. It's got all the nasty gnarly terribleness chunk mixed right in the there with the notes. (I meant all those adjectives in the best possible way). Lots of excellent zeros and ones in there.
  43. rodzimguitar68

    Cygnus Beta - first impressions

    I basically have to rely on people with more experience, better ears, and better musicianship, to tell me what they think of the firmwares. I rarely hear whatever the hype is. As it has always been for me - the shortcomings in my own playing, and not anything about Fractal's realism, is what...
  44. rodzimguitar68

    You Guys/Gals Are in for Another Treat

    I was with my brother one time and noticed he was wearing one dark blue and one black dress sock. I pointed it out and his response was, “ that’s okay, I go by thickness. I got another pair just like this one, at home.” @FractalAudio will there be a color mismatch / thickness mismatch parameter...
  45. rodzimguitar68

    You Guys/Gals Are in for Another Treat

    Or vice versa. Like forward facing and behind me in the past...
  46. rodzimguitar68

    Logic Pro + new Mac M1 (Big Sur)

    That was my intent, but it ended up being too many minutes in length for me to upload to YouTube. I will edit it and try to get it on YouTube in the next couple of days.
  47. rodzimguitar68

    Logic Pro + new Mac M1 (Big Sur)

    All the solutions mentioned for different pitches wouldn’t allow the drummer automated player to play on the additional drums and cymbals, which is the magic to Logic drummer. I don’t want to use a mouse to construct drums by hand. Yes, I have at times to make stop downs when Logic drummer...
  48. rodzimguitar68

    Logic Pro + new Mac M1 (Big Sur)

    My only frustration is that there isn’t a Neil Peart super duper kit with 29 drums and 87 cymbals. But maybe there is a way to make a custom kit so there are everything from 8” Toms to massive floor Toms? I don’t know.
  49. rodzimguitar68

    Logic Pro + new Mac M1 (Big Sur)

    This only thing I didn't show in the video is showing you that logic inserts a fill at the end of each song section/drum region. So, if you only want to make the fill different but leave everything else in that song section as is, you have to FIRST right click at that section, convert it to...
  50. rodzimguitar68

    You Guys/Gals Are in for Another Treat

    I don't chug often. Started going blind
  51. rodzimguitar68

    Logic Pro + new Mac M1 (Big Sur)

    I use the Logic Drummer that is built into Logic. It is awesome. I add arrangement markers first: intro, verse, chorus, bridge, outro, etc and so forth. Then, I insert a logic drummer track. Logic splits each song section to match my arrangement labels. Now I can highlight the entire drum...
  52. rodzimguitar68

    You Guys/Gals Are in for Another Treat

    Are you asking whether this will benefit sippers too?
  53. rodzimguitar68

    14.07 Firmware Friday?

    Do you think there are people on the forum that read this title, and take the time to open and read through the thread, because they think Cliff posted it, and then get so agitated, that they comment in the thread, so that it stays at the top of the posts, and lures other pathetic losers with no...
  54. rodzimguitar68

    Lincoln Brewster "Miraculum" guitar cover Christmas song

    Very well done. Inspiring. Thank you for sharing.
  55. rodzimguitar68

    My wife passed away today

    I am so sad.
  56. rodzimguitar68

    Bryan Adams - "Run To You" Preset

    Thanks for the share. I will download. I've wondered how someone would approach the programming of the lead harmonies since it sort of "changes keys" or it is kind of mixolydian "ish" midway through the solo, but it might not matter to the Axe if you just program standard intervals without...
  57. rodzimguitar68

    MacOS Catalina 10.15.7 - Logic Pro X 10.4.8 I can't record!

    Latest Logic is 3-4 months old, 10.5.1 Upgrade will probably fix your issue.
  58. rodzimguitar68

    Multi-Screen DIY controller

    I am interested in your project, however, I've been wanting a huge pedalboard with iPhone sized LCD's for each button, so I can really see the labels. In my experience, many midi controller buttons are too close together for my wide shoes, and I sometimes hit two at the same time. The overall...
  59. rodzimguitar68

    Older guy having trouble with terminology and newer tech in Axe-Fx III

    It’s hard to beat a preset the is basically just an amp and a cab. no need to over complicate things. Start there and tinker. Can can experience selection paralysis with this box. Pick an amp you’ve used in real life and a cab that would typically be paired to that style amp. Play and enjoy.
  60. rodzimguitar68

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.02

    This will give you the info you are looking for:
  61. rodzimguitar68

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.01

    I keep my "go-to" cab library RBZ block comprised of (2) channels with combinations of York Audio 2x12's and the other (2) channels comprised of a mixture of Mikko 4x12 Halloween cabs. Normally, I call up the 4x12's in this situation, but I found better results with the 2x12's due to the Amp's...
  62. rodzimguitar68


    Peart.......Squire......Van Halen.........Okay. Rhythm section is done. Who we got on Vox?
  63. rodzimguitar68


    Preach it
  64. rodzimguitar68


  65. rodzimguitar68

    There is no other name (1983) Gaither Vocal Band Cover - Archon

    Hey guys, I put this track together for my wife, and recorded acoustic direct with some DAW plugins, and then towards the end (about 3:20), the Archon model comes in on electric. Hope you enjoy.
  66. rodzimguitar68

    What's up with this, is it for real? :(

    save your time kids. I'll make a comparison video of my Gold Standard Boss GT-6 foot pedal vs. the Axe III It will be :04 seconds long.
  67. rodzimguitar68

    3 Italian guys with FAS units: simply pleasure....

    yet another reminder, never to post my performance videos again.
  68. rodzimguitar68

    My latest - Trial By Fire

  69. rodzimguitar68

    Wish III SE

    I suggested it in 2012 or 2013. I know now, I would be too lost on stage without the visual confirmation my midi switching is sending properly at different points in a performance.
  70. rodzimguitar68

    Nice Rack Canada | Gig Lab

    Hey Mike, I work in the CNC Machinery industry and we have "cable carrier drag chains" that house cable bundles and keep them protected and untangled while the machine is moving, while allowing the components to maintain connectivity during the movement. I, myself, have been frustrated about...
  71. rodzimguitar68

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.00

    It was due to the finely grounded and compacted free range unicorn tusk compound polypropylene hybrid capacitors.
  72. rodzimguitar68

    Journey/Schon tone/equipment

    If you follow him on Instagram, he's actually pretty good about replying to the gear/guitar questions. But I would restrict it to a particular song, because his setup probably varied depending on the song. COVID has him home and available more than usual.
  73. rodzimguitar68

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 13.03

    It's latin. Loosely translated, it means "FUBAR code", usually occurs if you slip off the toilet, while hanging a clock.
  74. rodzimguitar68

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 13.03

    Thank you, Cliff!!!!!
  75. rodzimguitar68

    First preset gets deleted when switching to it from another preset

    I'll do that precedure after Cliff's fix drops...
  76. rodzimguitar68

    First preset gets deleted when switching to it from another preset

    Always have backups. Not to be a conspiracy theorist, but I back up religiously. And I don't USUALLY use preset slot 1 (offset of 000). However, I did save a preset in that slot about 2-3 weeks ago for a session I was working on. However, none of my fractal bots contain that preset in them...
  77. rodzimguitar68

    First preset gets deleted when switching to it from another preset

    My workflow in real life makes it more convenient for me to use presets 21-up. Just a complicated scenario tied to the way I organize my midi song PC command assignments in my midi controller. I use "song 21 and up" and send PC21 and up from the controller, and it just messes with my mind if I...
  78. rodzimguitar68

    First preset gets deleted when switching to it from another preset

    I think you might have misunderstood my post. What if there's a magic bullet line of code in a very complex preset, or one which contains a certain effects block, that prevents the loss of the preset when placed in preset slot #1 (000 for you non-offset folks). IOW - what if, for example, when...
  79. rodzimguitar68

    First preset gets deleted when switching to it from another preset

    @FractalAudio Spent a little time just tinkering with this. I can make this simple preset disappear pretty consistently, but I haven't been able to make this much more complex preset disappear yet. Is there something in one of the effects blocks that is present in the complex preset that gives...
  80. rodzimguitar68

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 13.02

    In the next Star Wars, there should be a world where 12 Leon clones sit on elevated thrones in a half circle, and Obi Wan has to speak in their presence. All the Leon's will be posed exactly like his Fractal Thumbnail.
  81. rodzimguitar68

    Beyerdynamic DT770, DT880, DT990 Headphones with the Axe FXIII

    I bought the DT770's from Sweetwater. They seemed to not be able to handle bass IMHO. The rep suggested a pair of Shure's that saved me about $200 and give me what I was looking for for the low end. Just my --two cents--.......errr, ehhh, two hundred dollars.
  82. rodzimguitar68

    First preset gets deleted when switching to it from another preset

    Cliff - the preset is physically empty and has no shunts or effects blocks. It produces no audio. I was wondering the same thing, is this an optical issue only, but the preset is really there and works fine, but no, it is really gone. The only weird thing is what I mentioned before - after...
  83. rodzimguitar68

    First preset gets deleted when switching to it from another preset

    I can confirm that I lose preset 1 when not using axe edit to change presets. I used my midi foot controller with the same odd results. When I changed from preset 100 to preset 1 with midi, the preset was lost. However, after I rebooted, I scrolled down to preset 2 with the front panel wheel...
  84. rodzimguitar68

    First preset gets deleted when switching to it from another preset

    And let me also add to what is shown in the video which Cliff may find really interesting - I can close and reopen axe edit, preset 1 will be blank, and in fact also blank on the axe fx screen itself, however if I open the preset list (which would scan all presets all over again, the preset is...
  85. rodzimguitar68

    Fixed Tempo/BPM - can't change value manually

    working normally (in Catalina) for me.
  86. rodzimguitar68

    Axe-Edit III 1.06.09

    Thanks Mike
  87. rodzimguitar68

    MacOS Catalina Core Audio Issue?

    I have this issue sometimes. I just restart my Mac. In my case, sometimes a restart does not solve my issue, and I literally shut down fully, and power up again. It's to the point that I sometimes do this if my computer has been on, but my Axe III has been off. I power down the iMac, boot up...
  88. rodzimguitar68

    Quickly repeat Modifier assignments?

    I have become accustomed to attaching the same modifier to the same parameter, and using my midi pedal to continuously control them. However, for the longest time, I have hoped for a way to temporarily suspend the attachment of the modifier so I could freely turn the parameter and settle on a...
  89. rodzimguitar68

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 13.00 Public Beta

    I’ve avoided the drive blocks because I am happy with what can be accomplished with an amp block and non-standard controls. I’m excited about auditioning drive blocks after I do this update. Thanks Cliff
  90. rodzimguitar68

    Axe-Edit III 1.06.01

    Everybody join in the chorus, "If I could be like Mike!"
  91. rodzimguitar68

    Cleaning the axe fx

    You gotta wipe the dust off the tubes. Not sure it makes them sound better, but the glow from the stage is cooler when the tubes are cleaned.
  92. rodzimguitar68

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.10

    .....and that's how you do that...... And let me add, in my opinion, one of the things I like most about the Fractal is the modeling for crossover distortion. I think this is how real vintage amps behave. And I like a certain amount of ghosting.....
  93. rodzimguitar68

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.10

    will there be 2nd breakfast?
  94. rodzimguitar68

    Recording latency in Logic Pro X

    With the I/O plugin you can send and return the ping so it goes through the Fractal and comes back and tells you the latency. I used a simple preset with just the input shunted to the output and checked the latency and I also made an amp and cab and checked that as well. after you set up your...
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