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  1. ∞Fractals

    Backup Faster!

    Thx fellas ... backups and DLs take me some time. Looking fwd to this tip.
  2. ∞Fractals

    Le Mans this weekend!

    And the countdown to next year begins ...
  3. ∞Fractals

    Le Mans this weekend!

    Finally, Another year has passed and here we are the most epic endurance race ever. It’s the top of the sport IMO; watch it every year and it’s a bucket list to see it live. Better would be a drive, but I’m no gentleman in that sense ($$$).
  4. ∞Fractals

    Amp in the Room?

    Actor ...
  5. ∞Fractals

    X/Y Amp Switching

    Amp switch is wicked fast
  6. ∞Fractals

    Axe-Fx 3 Noob Question...Virtual Capo/Pitch Shift/Harmonizer...

    #3: I use the kill switch fx at end of Lenny kravitz’s are you goin my way ... pan/trem block, trapezoid LFO, set duty cycle to taste and I attach envelop follower to rate (don’t need to do this, just tapers the rate down). End of chain before reverb.
  7. ∞Fractals

    Read The Manual

    I think the other rationale of using the manual frequently is very simple in so much that most guitar players know “their rig” and that’s where they start on the axefx. For instance, he may never have used looper before, or a rotary fx. Or something like a new amp, or Plex verb, tape delay...
  8. ∞Fractals

    High gain without an IR -- or 'Creating your own IR from scratch'

    Easy ... maybe decaf ... even tossed you a prop ... ... was just noting the idea. Not trying to get your NIHS activated.
  9. ∞Fractals

    High gain without an IR -- or 'Creating your own IR from scratch'

    Iirc, Wasn’t this technique discussed about a month or so ago? I think it was either matt or cliff… Translates pretty well on a modern stereo iPhone.
  10. ∞Fractals

    Maren Morris' "Girl"

    Bummer, utoobz took em down?
  11. ∞Fractals

    *FREE* Far-Field Session #2 Cab Pack for Axe-Fx Users

    Thanks FAS. Was keen on your project when you speculated on your warehouse size on TGP. :)
  12. ∞Fractals

    Does the quality / length of the USB cable matter?

    I have found that differing usb cables provide differing few load speeds. From sloooooow ... to not so bad.
  13. ∞Fractals

    Friedman HBE 2018!

    IIRC, rumor/lore is that V1 Was the original model. Some say it had a “dark sound“, and then someone at fractal mentioned that the tech who did the amp build smoked over 16 ounces of weed before he assembled it. ;) So Dave Friedman sent over version a few years later and Cliff modeled that...
  14. ∞Fractals

    Fractal Sounds Different in FOH?

    Amen. Maybe try to find a mix that you can “fit” into ... a good recording of your band or during practice.
  15. ∞Fractals

    Swells without an expression pedal?

    At least try the auto swell ... if not what you want go get an expression pedal.
  16. ∞Fractals

    Swells without an expression pedal?

    Auto swell is great for glissando and legato leads. I have a few lead patches set up this way.
  17. ∞Fractals

    My Dad Tries the III

  18. ∞Fractals

    Recommendations on tape delay settings

    I love that delay as well. Try the mod tab on tape delay ;)
  19. ∞Fractals

    Recommendations on tape delay settings

    Use the modulation tab. Frankly, sounds great to me; used in 80% of my presets. If you bump the repeats your hear the modulation building. Also try Delux Mind Guy.
  20. ∞Fractals

    Any decent Chorus sounds?

    See @2112 tutorial on the Multi-delay using it’s chorus function. One of the best chorus generators out there.
  21. ∞Fractals

    What do you guys usually do with Xformer Match?

    On Axe2, iirc, used to move it to 0.9-0.7 depending to add “grit” on key amps. No need in Ares. Amps so dayum good I can’t taste ‘em all fast enough.
  22. ∞Fractals

    Is the Axe-Fx worth the cost- Quora question/answer and review

    I believe at one time I had well over $5000 in just patch cables. That wasn’t just a guitar rig, massive Midi rig and mix down capability (pre-digital). Ughh. To see a lot of it on my laptop is unreal.
  23. ∞Fractals

    Axe-Fx III Got Here Today!

    You could start a foundation. Or a crowd sourced funding site. I support a lot of things incl. St. Jude’s and those down range in DoD/Navspecwarcom. Take charge! :)
  24. ∞Fractals

    NAD Axe-Fx III - New to hi end modelers and bought an Axe-Fx

    If you want a detailed master class in video, Cooper Carter sells one that is awesome. Different in scope from Chris’. Might check it out. Rave reviews!
  25. ∞Fractals

    Anyone got any tips for settings levels?

    Are you wedded to the VHT, or it’s a matter of time/& ??? Many of us use a “clean” amps (solid-state or a big headroom toobz), then into the speakers of your choice; trad. Cabs, FRFR, both, etc. Good luck. Oh, by the way input trim is usually noted in the context of changing the primary...
  26. ∞Fractals

    Axe-Fx III rebooted while playing

    Brown outs IME are upstream of the outlet. Ymmv
  27. ∞Fractals

    Effect question - choppy tone

    I do something very similar (scene) to end a Lenny Kravitz song, Goin’ My Way (ending) to simm the Gibby kill switch fx). Although I tie the tempo to envelop follower to drop rate over time.
  28. ∞Fractals

    Expression pedal setup?

    Foot controller for changing presets, scenes, Fx, etc. Expression pedal is a potentiometer (variable resistor) which gets used to modulate a parameter like volume up and down. It can be “translated” to midi for other controller needs. You will want both.
  29. ∞Fractals

    White Screen of Death

    Check for a loose circuit board plug from your travel.
  30. ∞Fractals

    R.I.P Niki Lauda F1 legend

    End of an era. What a life! To be celebrated.
  31. ∞Fractals

    Expression pedal setup?

    Story gets stranger still ... :)
  32. ∞Fractals

    Since I'm new to rack gear...

    While I do advocate surge and brown out protection, a lot of noise isn’t necessarily in the 120/60hz line. It’s your guitar’s Pups. Do your noise hunting smartly.
  33. ∞Fractals

    Amp Block Output EQ copy/paste?

    You can place an EQ block right after the amp block.
  34. ∞Fractals

    Expression pedal setup?

    The pedal is a continuous controller; meaning it sends a slew of values out for interpretation to modify some part of your signal chain as long as it’s in use ( motion or position). I use 4 pedals for example. VOL, WAH, DLY, Wild card. The AxeFx in calibration “learns” its range for midi and...
  35. ∞Fractals

    Making coil splitting work

    I have a PRS P24 Artist (2014?) w 57/08s in pos 2&4 sound great - not strat quack, but their own clean split coil sound with no Vol drop. For the best Strat sounds, I love my Ron Ellis customs in a custom build. Amazing. Cannot be replicated in HBs.
  36. ∞Fractals

    How about we pool knowledge and understand the Compressor block options better...

    I’m not a fan of pick attack loss, so I do a few things ... depending: 1) ~32 ms attack to let pick attack through 2) Mix parameter set to 50-70%, with a high comp ratio (4-5) Open to other ideas.
  37. ∞Fractals


    Iirc, it’s in the wiki
  38. ∞Fractals

    Not enough input gain?

  39. ∞Fractals

    Anyone run into this when ordering an Axe-Fx III ?

    Glad it worked out. Looking fwd to your thoughts after some playing. Have you tried other modelers before?
  40. ∞Fractals

    Anyone run into this when ordering an Axe-Fx III ?

    Take the call - or call Sales and work it out like we all expect to be treated. I get you’re frustrated. But they told you why. 1:10 is fraud. Help the company you chose to support - not fail, through ignoring risk and their bank’s advice/policies. You’ll be happy you did. It’s an incredible...
  41. ∞Fractals

    Anyone run into this when ordering an Axe-Fx III ?

    Decaf bro ... we all have been through this without the histrionics. It’s really your loss to bag out. To threaten is just silly. Makes it sound like FAS made the right choice, retrospectively seeing your reaction.
  42. ∞Fractals

    Axe-Fx 3, FC controllers and FM3 compatibility

    Yep; you’ll have to scour hard ... it’s as rare as hens teeth, and often another environmental situation (like direct sun in a parking lot on a 100f day) is at play. Is anything perfect? No. Have a BUp if it’s that important/critical. That’s why I keep spare strings, picks and tools.
  43. ∞Fractals

    Axe-Fx III Got Here Today!

    I see what you did there zoomie ... :) Congrats! Amazing rig!
  44. ∞Fractals

    Molly Hatchet cover / Quad Pitch Shift

    Great! I saw Molly hatchet live with starship back in 1982? Live at red rocks in Colorado. Great job man; very good. You rock bro. Keep them coming.
  45. ∞Fractals

    Not enough input gain?

    Try MBC block; watch Leon Todd’s (2112) video on it.
  46. ∞Fractals

    Since I'm new to rack gear...

    Wireless? Amp? (Like a racked Matrix)? Drawer?
  47. ∞Fractals

    Bring the amp decay to life!

    Agree with everything above. Check your gate.
  48. ∞Fractals

    Drive block vs Tube Pre

    Lots a folks don’t want too much amp “color” or breakup on piezo tones. Many run a fairly clean signal as many have mentioned. Volume and FX.
  49. ∞Fractals

    FAS Amp Models Gallery - Axe-Fx III

    Couldn’t say it better. Thanks!
  50. ∞Fractals

    Electric Mistress Emulation - Axe-Fx III

    Great thread fellas ... thanks!
  51. ∞Fractals

    Not enough input gain?

    Yes! ... plus a phone video of the front panel meters might be helpful. There are other meters, but let’s look at the simplest.
  52. ∞Fractals

    Not enough input gain?

    Make sure that amp modeling is enabled.
  53. ∞Fractals

    Not enough input gain?

    Once you check Pups and cords, gain is in the amp (mostly aka drives and boosts, etc.). Input, MV and maybe input trim are your friends. Post a patch and tell us what you’re going for tone wise.
  54. ∞Fractals

    EV-2 Problem ...

    Cool; that’s what makes horse racing. ;) I have 2 of each on my pedal board (fc12) ... night and day for me. I’d love to change them boss CCs out, but not sure it’s worth the extra $$$ for butter smooth. Ymmv.
  55. ∞Fractals

    EV-2 Problem ...

    The EV1s make the Boss FV500s feel like toys. I’m sure FAS will make your EV2 issue good. Too bad they didn’t read your notes. :(
  56. ∞Fractals

    FM3 - Audiophile quality signal path as Axe-Fx III or not?

    I wouldn’t expect same for same for 1/2 the $$$ ... but FAS has a reputation which might drive them to hold a high standard.
  57. ∞Fractals

    So... I've decided upon the Axe-Fx (+ noob question)

    GAS KILLER ... For me no pedals or other rack units (and I’ve owned racks and racks). Some will put a fuzz prior to the chain, and some place favorite pedals in the loop. However I have no desire at this time to do such because all I need is in the magic black box. Congratulations!
  58. ∞Fractals

    Stratocaster - Try again? Or punt...

    I’m a PRS P24 player. Hamburgers all the way bridge and neck. But a few years ago, decided I wanted the classic sound of a strat but w/ modern features (1 of 12 Brondel s-types) with Ron Ellis SC PUps. Toasted neck, really old yellow cedar body ... anyways ... point being those pickups in that...
  59. ∞Fractals

    Happy birthday Matt

    Omedito Tanjobi Matt sama!
  60. ∞Fractals

    Any bedroom only players using an Axe-Fx 3?

    Some folks use traditional cabs, or both w/ split signal chains.
  61. ∞Fractals

    Using a tablet with the Axe-Fx 3 questions

    Surface pro here ... works great
  62. ∞Fractals

    Why would anyone sell their Axe-Fx 3 if it's so great?

    Naw.... one works just fine
  63. ∞Fractals

    Axe-Fx III Running Temp?

  64. ∞Fractals

    Two FM3s in one rig?

    IIRC, Actually - not used as I understand; new w minor cosmetic defects you wouldn’t notice, but don’t wish to sell as perfection.
  65. ∞Fractals

    Rack panel with Axe-Fx 3?

    I run 6U: Furman DCM PL+ (?) AxeFx3 2U Matrix Amp However it’s obvious plenty of people make 2 to 4U work just fine!
  66. ∞Fractals

    FM3 - First try at the Axe-Fest ;-)

    Great! Fantastic!
  67. ∞Fractals

    Two FM3s in one rig?

    A “B-stock” 3 is $2k ...
  68. ∞Fractals

    Axe-Fx III Running Temp?

    MMM: Who cares about the core temperature of an IC (and which one? DSP 1,2 or ARM?) is inside the AxeFx3? They measure themselves these days. What action are you going to take? At what data point? What do you do on the UA OX when you see a number? Do you really think the designer messed...
  69. ∞Fractals

    Any bedroom only players using an Axe-Fx 3?

    Semi-retired. Utilizing the entire bottom/basement floor for pushing SPLs ... I play 2-4 hrs/day Axefx3 (and the 2) cured all gas. I play through both FRFR and trad. Cabs; love both. No rationalization needed. :)
  70. ∞Fractals

    Heart 'Magic Man' - Can the Axe-Fx 3 pull it off?

    Re: reverse Would either the looper in reverse, or a 100% wet reverse delay work?
  71. ∞Fractals

    That's it folks, time to fold up the tent

    Human emotion expressed in music is irreplaceable. Even composing EDM can be a cool experience. Not the same as play an instrument in real time, but a neat process driven by a human with a goal.
  72. ∞Fractals

    Axe-Fx III flakiness as an interface

    IIRC, chrome has issues w usb audio. Search this forum from fractalaudio on the matter.
  73. ∞Fractals

    Axe-Fx III Running Temp?

    But there are 8 analog in the back. Not to mention the digitals.
  74. ∞Fractals

    Received new Axe-Fx 3 today....

    Congratulations; now be prepared to say goodbye to your family. Just kidding - enjoy!
  75. ∞Fractals

    Amazing Bogfish!

    My moving pictures patch used to be a combo on the AxeFx2 had both the comet60 and bogfish. More Komet in the mix, but the bogfish filled a needed gap for me. I am not sure what to do on the axefx3 to replicate because the toanz changed a lot.
  76. ∞Fractals

    Axe-Fx III Running Temp?

    Which input or output?
  77. ∞Fractals

    Axe-Fest East – Boston Amp Show - April 27-28

    Agree 1000% - thank you FAS; just super! Suggestion for FAS re: online folks ... direct audio (less room mics) so that the demos/music sounds like a board/desk mix without a bad room reflecting stuff into the signal for online listeners. Perhaps it was set up that way, but it sounded almost...
  78. ∞Fractals

    Fan Noise

    Are you suggesting that the designer doesn’t know his craft? I suggest you stick around and read a bit more. There were deliberate cooling selections made with minor mishaps in assembly; over torqued mounting screws. At worst, you spend $15 for the Noctua fan upgrade. Heck I spent $4500 just...
  79. ∞Fractals

    On the fence...help me jump off :-)

    15 day free trial period w/ loads of support here
  80. ∞Fractals

    Where are a large meter to use for leveling presets?

    Yep; but I lose it frequently! ;)
  81. ∞Fractals

    Who's moving from a Axe-Fx II to FM3?

    You don’t have all of ares on anything but the 3 atm. It requires some 64 bit processing which doesn’t happen on any other FAS platform. It makes a difference. Also, we enjoy a roadmap of continuous improvement on the newer platforms. Where older platforms are EOL. Furthermore, there are other...
  82. ∞Fractals

    Trying to Get A Clean THICKER Guitar Tone (AK) (going from thin tone to thinker or fuller tone)

    Lots of good advice on this page. Check bright switch, maybe fat switch. I have also learned in the past couple years with major firmware updates, that many amp models respond quite well/accurately to guitar volume knob roll offs. If you don’t have cap bleed circuits, just rolling your guitar...
  83. ∞Fractals

    Who's moving from a Axe-Fx II to FM3?

    Man, not only does the modeling excel, but cab tools are amazing along with greatly improved delays and reverbs. Looper function on the 3 are much better and the virtual capo is cool as well. And yes, the trichorus. The MTD is super useful too. Hang on fellas, you might be amazed.
  84. ∞Fractals

    Center channel with wet left/right?

    Agreed Just having some fun
  85. ∞Fractals

    Any Dallas DFW Texas AXE III Owners?

    Well? Range report?
  86. ∞Fractals

    Center channel with wet left/right?

    ??? Why in my home I do run quads, my post is mostly in jest. Not sure what you mean?
  87. ∞Fractals

    AX8 with Eventide H9 Strymon BigSky

    I think you folks will be blown away with the new delays and verbs in Ares 5. That I imagine would be available on the FM3. May or may not be helpful to you.
  88. ∞Fractals

    Help Cutting Through the Mix in Band Rehearsal

    Go read cliffs note (Tech notes) on the power of pre-eq. Critical reading. Understanding Fletcher/Munson, and listening to solo guitar stems on YouTube of your favorite guitar recordings will illustrate how narrow the frequency of guitar tracks really are; very instructional. Good luck brew...
  89. ∞Fractals

    Any word on an update for the AX8?

    Not really familiar with the bugs; is there a short list somewhere?
  90. ∞Fractals

    Any word on an update for the AX8?

    It is really hard to understand people who bought a product for not how it sounds today, but for maybe how it might sound in the future. I don’t think I’ve ever purchased a piece of equipment for how it may be might sound possibly potentially some day maybe in the future. I buy it for what it...
  91. ∞Fractals

    Can you change the default display screen? (dreaming of performance mode)

    RTA block is about as much as we have right now ... more of a screen trick rather than true performance mode.
  92. ∞Fractals

    Center channel with wet left/right?

    Wait until you run quads ...
  93. ∞Fractals

    [fixed] L/R Levels not Balanced?

    Did you follow the suggestion of checking the meters for each block?
  94. ∞Fractals

    Thinking about my next unit, questions

    Well, I promise Ferrari doesn’t do free upgrades ;) ...