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  1. theo

    Axe FX 2 Tonematch presets compatible?

    Just wondering if my tonematch presets from my Axe FX 2 will have any way of making it to the 3? I did a search and couldnt see this covered anywhere yet.
  2. theo

    Wish Preset Cycle via external pedal input

    When on stage with my Axe Fx 2 I would use a boss fs5u (momentary N/O switch) plugged into the pedal input to swap between my lead and rhythm presets on stage, I loved it because it's so small, I can have it right up against a foldback wedge with no problem and there's no power or midi...
  3. theo

    Using boss fs5u and the pedal input... Presets?

    With my axe fx 2 I would use a boss fs5u to swap between my lead and rhythm presets on stage, I loved it because it's so small, I can have it right up against a foldback wedge with no problem. I'm trying to achieve the same setup with my AX8 and cannot seem to find any option to use the pedal...
  4. theo

    Critique my video recording and editing? (band play through, guitars and bass axe fx)

    As the title suggests, this is my first real foray into recording and editing video, I'd love some feedback on things I can improve on and things I should continue doing, I'm a total newb at this: if you happen to dig the tunes you can find us at www.facebook.com/hollowworldband
  5. theo

    Raspberry Pi as MIDI footswitch

    Hey guys, I had the idea on the weekend for making a DIY MIDI footswitch and want to know if anyone has tried doing something similar. I did a search here but didn't find anything too close. Basic idea is: 3 or 4 button footswitch power over midi cable Raspberry Pi 'brain' Visual...
  6. theo

    New metal song with the axe fx 2

    All guitars are axe fx 2, bass has a layer of axe fx 2 and darkglass b7k. Would love to know what you guys think.
  7. theo

    FW19 wanky leads with a recto

    Absolutely loving this release. I'm still on beta two, need to get that update done soon. Tempted to just stick with this release, couldn't be happier. www.facebook.com/theo.goslett/videos/10203241028866227/?l=2304361675800509724 Patch here if you like the sounds. turn on delay and verb for...
  8. theo

    Using a non latching pedal to control scenes?

    Hey guys, I'm taking my axe fx 2 out on tour with me in the coming months and I have a couple of questions. I'm using a boss FS-5U to swap my tones, I only need a rhythm and a lead so that's nice and easy. But at the moment I can only figure out how to make it cycle between all 8 scenes...
  9. theo

    DevClk not valid in Control panel and Audio playback glitch/pop in playback.

    I've been having glitching and popping issues when using my axe fx 2 as my audio interface with cubase 6. Been happening on and off for ages but I've just dealt with it. Today I'm getting a lot of popping and it's particularly annoying. Went to the USB Audio Class Driver Control Panel...
  10. theo

    Modern metal

    Guitars and bass are axe fx 2 with some blends :D
  11. theo

    Ibanez rg550 + Phrygian Dominant

    First solo I have really "written" per se. It's taken me quite a while to get this up to the current speed. Needs a little tidying but it's mostly there.
  12. theo

    Had a fractal dream last night

    I had a dream that Fractal suddenly dropped around 5 new products. I can't remember what any of them were aside from a lead of some sort hahaha BUT the FX8 was nowhere in sight and I was really disappointed. Just thought it was worth sharing! To make this thread somewhat more exciting, Why...
  13. theo

    Axe fx 2 as interface: Glitching

    Hey guys, I'm recording via USB and I'm getting loads of glitching happening in my DAW. Can someone lead me in the right direction for alleviating it? It's not crackling, it's like a few samples are being held and looped at high speed. I'll try to get a video of it happening and upload...
  14. theo

    USB audio source has crazy noise floor?

    I'm trying to do a some reamping via USB at the moment and I'm presented with a lot of hiss. I've done this before with no problems. All I'm doing is changing the axe fx 2 via the I/O menu to have is input source as USB and now without the computer making any sounds at all there is a very...
  15. theo

    Looks like formant shift isn't far off!

    Read the FX8 effects inventory: http://www.fractalaudio.com/downloads/misc/FX8-Onesheet.pdf It lists formant as an option :D
  16. theo

    My Ormsby Hype Build

    Multiscale 7 (SS frets) Black Limba 1 piece body Ziricote top and Headstock Pale Moon Ebony fretboard Rosewood neck Luminous side markers Black binding everywhere Ormsby pickups
  17. theo

    Do you like Melodic Death Metal?

    If so my band Hollow World have just released a new single. You guys might enjoy it Let me know whether you like it or hate it, but most importantly, let me know why! www.facebook.com/hollowworldband
  18. theo

    Modern death metal guitar test: High gain essentials Ultrares

    No bass here yet just dialled this tone in last night and slapped some rough drums on for a mix-test of sorts: https://soundcloud.com/theo-goslett/scion-of-fire-1st-sept/s-gVM22 I'd love to know your thoughts
  19. theo


    Hope this is in the right section. I'm a bit confused about the whole humbuster setup. Can someone please help me understand?
  20. theo

    It's not fun to take yourself TOO seriously

    My band has some new material on the way, all guitars and bass are axe fx 2.
  21. theo

    FAS Brootalz+MKIIc+ YUM (patches)

    Really enjoying this! The ambient and clean patches I'm happy to export if people are interested in them. Rhythm is here:Axe-Change - Download Preset - Theo's Recording Rhythm - by theo Just make sure you change the HBE to FAS brootalz (won't need to adjust settings).
  22. theo

    V14 seriously metal recording patches.

    Hey guys, Here are my two patches for recording rhythm and leads with V14. Try turning boost and saturation OFF in the lead preset to get some really cool fusion tones. Axe-Change - Download Preset - Theo's Recording Rhythm - by theo Axe-Change - Download Preset - Theo's Recording Lead - by...
  23. theo

    Download my bands EP for FREE (FFO:In flames, at the gates, TBDM)

    Hey guys, My bands first release "Beneath the Frozen Sky" is now free! If you like the The Black Dahlia murder, At the Gates, (old) In Flames etc then this is probably for you. All recording and production/mastering was done between myself and our vocalist. All guitars and bass are my...
  24. theo

    Heavy metal (axe fx 2 Bass and Guitars)

    Hey guys, Here's a rough little clip of my new Ibanez S5527 with Dimarzio Illuminators installed. Mix feedback whether positive or constructive criticism is ALWAYS welcome! got a lot to learn yet. https://soundcloud.com/theo-goslett/s5527-test1/s-Gsv7M
  25. theo

    Stream my bands EP in full (melodeath/Gothenburg) FFO: TBDM, (old) In Flames

    Hey Guys, We worked really hard on recording/mixing and mastering this all ourselves. This is our debut release and I'd love to hear some feedback on everything (songwriting, playing, mix etc). Hollow World
  26. theo

    Bug? V12.02 Causes very slow boot (NOT A BUG)

    After upgrading my firmware to V12.02 my boot times have more than doubled. Anyone else experiencing this symptom? I'll re install the firmware tonight an see if that changes anything. I've also noticed that If I am strumming my guitar whilst the axe fx is powering on I'll hear a direct...
  27. theo

    Dem Heavies

    Haven't really spent any time mixing this. I had a riff idea last night and just pulled up a cubase preset to record it with. Thought it was share worthy: Let me know your thoughts. Guitar is axe fx 2, Bass is trilian, Drums are superior.
  28. theo

    The other guitarist in my band blew up his amp today.

    He is running a Mesa Dual Rec, I just can't convince him to go the fractal path. But last night at band practice he had a couple of power valves go, so I plugged him into input 2 and duplicated my signal chain with the loop as the input. The rehearsal rooms we use only have a mono PA, so...
  29. theo

    Free track from my bands EP! (Metal Content)

    All the guitars are done on my axe fx 2. I tracked all guitars and bass, our vocalist did the overall mix. Hope you enjoy! Five points if you guess the amp model!
  30. theo

    Melodeath cover - Blink 182

    So my band was offered a place in a local metal festival, the condition was that we needed to play a cover of blink 182. Let me know if you think we did the song justice. Hollow World - Dammit (blink-182 cover) - YouTube if you like our style you can find us at...
  31. theo

    My first attempt at a guitar video

    Let me know what you think. Quality had to be WAYYYY scaled down as I uploaded from my phone.
  32. theo

    Starting my first Instrumental prog rock track.

    This is where I got to after one session of writing. Please let me know what you think. I've never attempted a track like this before. I don't have a real bass anymore, so I used preset 106 for now ;)
  33. theo

    8 String recording test THORDENDAL MODERN

    My friend brought over his brand new 8 string and we thought we'd do a little recording demo. I haven't recorded any bass yet (still not quite sure how to). Let me know what you think. I love constructive criticism, Best way to learn.
  34. theo

    Protest the hero studio update: Is that an axe fx 2 I see?

    0:19 We are the booze. on Vimeo
  35. theo

    Newest work in progress. please critique my prog?

    Pulled out my S1XXV today for a bit of a jam and this sorta happened, I'd love some feedback on the song and production please. UPDATED MIX AND RECORDINGx2!
  36. theo

    Should I keep the monitor or sell it off?

    Hey guys, I've been running my Axe FX 2 for close to a year now. I no longer use my mackie hd1221 at practice anymore, I found it hard to compete with the other guitarist in my band (he runs a mesa rig... I can't convert him), so instead I just run straight into the PA and out through the...
  37. theo

    Using an external switch?

    Hi Guys, I'm planning on getting an MFC101 at some point, But after recent financial setbacks it's going to take longer to buy than I'd hoped. I have a gig coming up soon, All I need to change between is a rhythm and a lead tone. Would it be possible to use a switch to flip between the two...
  38. theo

    Firmware 10 with periphery presets

    Title says it all, Threw this into my current project to test out firmware ten. the next track down (RGD2127) is the same mix/guitar etc but running firmware 9.
  39. theo

    My heaviest mix yet!

    I'm fairly proud of this mix, was done really quickly, I didn't allow myself to fuss over details. All feedback whether positive or negative is greatly appreciated and I hope you guys like the mix! https://soundcloud.com/theo-goslett/rgd2127z-tone-test-with-bass
  40. theo

    I recorded a meshuggah ripoff

    Quick and dirty recording. The guitars are done through my axe fx 2. This is a 7 string in B standard but it's pitch shifted down to 8 string range. There's no post editing at all on the guitars, Drums were written by a friend (Singer in my band actually) and are superior 2.0 using a stock...
  41. theo

    I pitch shifted my 7 down to an 8

    Just thought I'd see what it sounded like. Was fairly surprised at how clear the pitch shifting is on the axe 2. Sorry for the shitty recording, just played some open string derps and then wrote drums to it for illustrative purposes.
  42. theo

    Another tone test! please be critical!

    I think this is my best mix yet, But of course I want to improve. I think the bass peaks a bit too much, I might need a harder compressor on the clean take. All feedback and advice encouraged.
  43. theo

    Facebook Page Stolen! Please advise/Help

    Ok I'll try to keep this simple/short. Our band has gone through a lot of lineup changes, We eventually decided to retire the old name and start afresh (only keeping 2 songs from the original repertoire). Just recently the guitarist decided to quit. Fast forward, We have written new material...
  44. theo

    Will my axe fx 2 fit into this rack enclosure?

    It's the depth I'm not entirely sure on, The axe fx 2 is 19”× 3.5” × 12” (483 × 88 × 305 mm) This rack is: Interior Width 19.00 in 48.26 cm Interior Depth 3.50 in 8.89 cm I don't quite understand their way of listing this. Surely the Interior depth should be the 48cm value? And then...
  45. theo

    My first tonematch: Black Dahlia Tonematch

    Here's my first attempt at tonematching a guitar tone. The recording is off the album Nocturnal by The Black Dahlia Murder. I tried to come up with a riff similar to something they'd play. The lead tone actually had a tiny bit of ride captured by accident which made it kinda fizzy, I smoothed it...
  46. theo

    Tone test, Dominion, PAF pro (AXE FX 2, Superior Drummer)

    Here's a clip I just recorded to demo the tone of these two in a mix. I tried to cover a varied amount of things with them without dragging it on too much.
  47. theo

    Feedback on my first full mix with the axe 2?

    I'm pretty new to recording, so any help is always appreciated. song is rough as guts still. This is more just for production feedback.
  48. theo

    Wish: Line6 Tape Eater.

    My old podx3 live has an effect called the tape eater. It makes your guitar sound like it's being played on a tape that has been chewed by the player with the adjustable parameters being: Feedback Mix Flutter Distortion I've always enjoyed this effect and it has some really...