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  1. deathbyguitar

    Output Comp GR meter makes no sense to me

    When using the Amp block's output comp, I notice that the gain reduction meter's base number increases when I increase "Output Comp Amount". For example, if I put it on 5, the value will be 13.3 instead of 0. When I'm playing, the gain reduction meter decreases but it's still showing positive...
  2. deathbyguitar

    Seeking advice for compressing cleans before amp block

    I'm looking to even out my clean arpeggios as well as add a bit more sustain in clean parts in general. I've been playing around with the Studio Comp with near stock settings (brought down threshold and release a bit) and while it seems to be doing the trick (placebo?) the drastic difference in...
  3. deathbyguitar

    Power amp transparency questions

    As ridiculous as it sounds, I've found that I LOVE the tone of my Axe-FX II straight into my old Yamaha PA cab (without a poweramp, mind you) and it has almost enough juice to play comfortably at bedroom volumes. My heavy preset translates perfectly and the visceral feeling is amazing. Is it...
  4. deathbyguitar

    Bug? "FAS Bass" Amp Model - Aliasing (I think)

    I posted a clip of what seems to be aliasing at around 6-8k when using FAS Bass. Haven't heard it with any other amps so far. This clip was recorded with just my bass into the amp block, fully reset beforehand using firmware Quantum 10.01 on my Mark I. You'll need to turn your...
  5. deathbyguitar

    Axe-FX III Reverb vs FAS-FX Reverb?

    Just wondering if the III uses the same reverb as FAS-FX Reverb or if it's something entirely different/better. Thanks.
  6. deathbyguitar

    Questions about USA Bass 400 models

    So I've been using the USA Bass 400 model forever (usually the 1 model) but I can't really figure out what's supposed to be the difference in the grand scheme of things. I know that the USA Bass 400 2 model is supposed to be an emulation of the Bass 400 with the Deep switch engaged, but what...
  7. deathbyguitar

    iLok Cloud?

    Will Fractal support the new iLok Cloud functionality? Looks pretty promising.
  8. deathbyguitar

    Simmons DA200s - Possible FRFR-ish for bass

    I bought a used Simmons DA200s drum amp yesterday for $180 after reading that it also works well for bass. So far that certainly seem to be true! I ran my Axe-FX through it using the USA Bass model the cab sim on and it was nice and punchy, but also really clear. I've got practice tomorrow and...
  9. deathbyguitar

    Recto Red Modern 2 Quantum 7 with Ownhammer MES-OS+TR

    This is probably my favorite guitar tone I've ever heard ever. The two different mesa IRs combined really balance eachother out, I think. First one is both the MES-OS and TR togeather, second is just OS, third is just TR. Lemme know what you think! Btw, amp settings for this were super quick...
  10. deathbyguitar

    Super aggressive Recto 2 sound.

    Here's a little mix test of some stuff I'm working on using OwnHammer Mesa ST and OS impulses. Not the greatest mix (it's only a pre-production demo anyway) but I think you get the picture. I've had good success with using the TS-808 in front of the Recto 2 also with the Cut engaged. What do you...
  11. deathbyguitar

    Designing tones with recording in mind?

    I was wondering about how you guys approach coming up with tones that you will use on a recording, specifically heavy rock/metal tones. Obviously ,a pro-quality mix will have tons of processing on the master, like EQ, compression, saturation and such, but do you guys like to craft your tones...
  12. deathbyguitar

    2 beta 3 possible bug with speaker low res [NOT A BUG]

    I updated from 1.06 to 2 beta 2 the other day and was in heaven. I updated to beta 3 and thought something was really off. I've been comparing the Recto Red models and noticed that 1.06 and 2 beta 3 have different speaker low res values. Thing is, I don't recall there being this change in beta...
  13. deathbyguitar

    TX Star clean model - Am I missing something?

    I really like the vibe of the Lone Star / TX Star Clean model, but I'm noticing that with identical gain/MV settings to a Mark/USA clean model, the Lone Star gets pretty dirty.When I turn down the MV or gain it seems to loose something, but it's possible that it's confirmation bias running...
  14. deathbyguitar

    FCB1010 and Looper controls: What am I doing wrong?

    So I've got looper controls mapped to my top 5 pedals in a given bank. I have the Record and Play commands mapped to 28 and 29 and the looper responds accordingly when I hit those pedals. The problem I'm having is that the Record function won't stop when I hit Record again, and the Play button...
  15. deathbyguitar

    What happened to Tosin?

    Every so often I like to browse the website and see who the latest endorsers are. I noticed Tosin Abasi is no longer on there. Interesting. Wonder if this has to do with the Positive Grid stuff he's been hawking lately...
  16. deathbyguitar

    So it's come to this...

    Had a dream last night that I worked for Fractal and Cliff angrily fired me. To be fair, I was acting really unprofessional and crazy at a convention the company was attending. This isn't even the first Fractal-related dream I've had. :lol
  17. deathbyguitar

    Wish Bring back Boss Octaver algorithm as an option in Pitch block

    Love my II to death, but the only thing I miss from the Axe-FX Ultra was the octave divider algorithm was PERFECT. Is there any chance we can re-implement it as a legacy option, similar to how the noise gate has the intelligent and classic options?
  18. deathbyguitar

    Do G3 and Quantum go hand in hand?

    Just wondering if G3 modeling tech was something that Quantum was building on, or has Quantum rendered it obsolete? Are the remaining non-G3 amps going to be G3'd?
  19. deathbyguitar

    Explain your thought process for mixing IR's

    So I'm working on perfecting my distorted tone and I've got the amp tone just where I like it. I haven't yet mastered the art of IR mixing. Could anyone provide a few pointers or insights into your thought process? For example, when combining multiple IR's, are you just picking ones that have...
  20. deathbyguitar

    Quick Cab Pack 14 Test

    Here's a quick clip of Cab Pack 14 that I recorded last night using 4x12 Recto and 4x12 Recto new. Amp was Recto 1 Modern, TS808 in front. I also scooped the shit out of 250hz because that frequency is the devil...or at least for the aesthetic I'm after. Still needs a bit more high mids or...
  21. deathbyguitar

    Suggestions for usability improvements/features

    Cab Lab 3 is great so far, but there's a couple of little things that I think could make a difference usability-wise. I may be the only person who thinks any of this is a good idea, but it's worth a shot. 1. Show tooltips for full file name if too long. I have quite a few IRs that run over...
  22. deathbyguitar

    Examining frequency response of 3rd party IR's

    I've been using a certain cab simulator VST for a few years because it's way easier to get it to sound I want verses ever other set of IR’s I’ve tried. Thing is..I want to know WHY. Not entirely sure which route to take, but I think I may need to try and create IR’s of the plugin’s...
  23. deathbyguitar

    Mark I incoming! Super deal. I'm on cloud nine.

    Snagged me a Mark I on Craigslist for 1300 bucks! Seriously. Was shipped today and should be here on Saturday. I just had to share this with you guys. Never played a II before. Someone high-five me.
  24. deathbyguitar

    Ultra knob not working correctly when scrolling through presets

    Ultra's knob not working correctly when scrolling through presets The knob on my ultra no longer works right when I try and scroll through presets. Half the time it'll take me to the next preset if I rotate clockwise, other times it'll just take me back to the previous one. Do I need to send...
  25. deathbyguitar

    Help. V30 cab is the only IR I don't hate, so clearly I'm something wrong

    So I've had my Ultra since October and I've found that the V30 cab is the only thing remotely suitable for the music I'm trying to record, which is funny considering it's not even based on a real cab. There's something unique about it's EQ; it lacks most of the frequencies I hate for distorted...
  26. deathbyguitar

    Anyone got a link for 1.0.261?

    I read on another post that version 1.0.261 was more stable for the Ultra when using Axe-Manage, but i can't find that one for download anywhere. Any of you guys happen to have a link for it anywhere?
  27. deathbyguitar

    And for my first post...my holy grail of guitar tone.

    Made this the other day. Practically crapped myself when I came across this tone, but the next day when I pulled up the preset to re-create what I had done, it sounds totally different, so I must have changed something after I saved the preset to get it to sound like that. Gonna spend the...