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    Recording Vocals with the III

    Has anyone had good results using the Axe-fx III in stead of a traditional mic preamp? If so, how did you set it up? I have an mbox and protools.
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    FC "live in" case recommendations

    Would y'all mind sharing your floorboard case recommendations? I had one for my MFC101 and mission pedal but it's not wide enough for the FC12 by about 1cm. Ugh . I don't remember where I ordered it from but it's not that great anyway. Looking for your thoughts on models and where to buy...
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    It doesn't look like many people use the Axe-Change site for trading patches any more. Maybe if we had some of the signed artists UL some we could kick start it again.
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    II vs III headphone jack on the front

    I have found that if I setup a patch using the headphone jack on the front of my Axe-FX II, it sounds much different from the sound out of output 1 or 2 on the back. I was wondering if the Axe-FX III acted similarly. It would be nice to not have to setup the whole rig and just use the unit...
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    Midi footswitch recommendation for Axe-Fx II?

    Could anyone recommend a footswitch that is compatible with the Axe-Fx II that only has 3 or 4 buttons? Basically something like the bottom row of the MFC-101 is what I am looking for.
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    Left Right volume in Vue meter

    The left is always louder across all my presets. What did I mess up?
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    FOH vs Stage cab sound (EQ)

    Need advice on the best way to EQ my sound for my cab. I run output 1 to FOH and output 2 to a power amp and cab. I love the sound of the output 1 but my live room sound from my cab is too bright and harsh. If I tone it down via the amp block, it will obviously change the FOH sound which I...
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    Cab block selection recommendation

    I just bought cab pack 14 and was looking for some recommendations on which to use for live performance. I don’t have good headphones so it’s tough getting an idea of which would sound good/bad live. There are so many different mics and positions used in this cab pack I am a little...
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    Bug? MFC gives up. Bug? Cable? User?

    I have this weird issue where sometimes the MFC either stops responding, or the patch name on the screen only shows the preset number. Both issues are fixed by just unplug/replug the cable. Here is what I noticed: - I have the newest firmware but it has happened on previous versions. -...
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    Stereo out to PA question

    When I play out, I use the Left/Mono XLR on Output 1 to go to the club's PA. Some places use that, and also mic my cab so I essentially have a stereo mix. What I would like to do is, instead of letting them mic my cab, setup a second cab block in the Axe-FX and have it go out the Output 1...
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    Artist Uploads

    All the artist uploads are on older firmware and sound weird since I upgraded around FW16. It would be awesome if some major artists would put some new patches on the exchange. The Fractal has evolved so much in the last year, its a shame a new owner wouldn't get to play with those patches...
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    New album ... 100% Fractal!

    We just released our first album! The band and album is called Vampire Choir and the music is a little prog with old school metal roots. All guitars and bass were 100% Axe-Fx II. CDbaby Vampire Choir | Vampire Choir | CD Baby Music Store iTunes...
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    Recording oops. Need advice. Pro tools, Global EQ, Bass

    When I first got my Axe-Fx II I went to the output menu and pulled down the 31 and 16K slider on the EQ based on some recommendations from other users. Basically take out the extreme low and high freq. My guitar sounds great for live and studio work. Here is the problem, I began recording...
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    Where is your Depth setting (USA amps)

    I have just started to mess with this. I felt like I needed more low end but the EQ was a little too focused. I turned the Depth from the default up to 6 or 7 and bam it filled out. I haven't used it at a show yet so I'll know how it feels live this weekend. I am curious what you run this...
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    The YouTube channel hasn't had a video in many months. ::sad face:: Sent from Windows Phone Tapatalk
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    In your face

    I played a gig last night and the sound man say that it sounded good but it was too "in your face". I kinda know what he means but not sure what to do if anything. Thoughts? Sent from Windows Phone Tapatalk
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    Block names

    It would be nice to be able to rename blocks. Or copy as a new name so the original isn't modified. I found some confusing as a new user. For example: FX loop = Output 2 Gate/Expander = Noise Gate Sent from Windows Phone Tapatalk
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    Quick jump x/y question

    I read the manual but still not sure I'm doing it right. What I want is to press the Y button on the front panel and have it open the input gate page (which I have linked to a global block) so I can adjust the gate as needed. The X Quick jump to Amp1 works fine. I changed Y to Gate/expander...
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    Help! Mission SP1 and MFC-101

    I can't get the AxeFX to see the SP1. I followed the instructions in the video by KKMmusic and when I try the calibrate part, it doesn't see it. The value stays at Min 126 when I move the pedal up and down. I have it connected with a TRS cable (also tried TS) and it doesn't see it. I also...
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    Post your grid

    If some of you fractal wizards wouldn't mind posting pics of your grid layout, we would appreciate it! I am interested to see what some stage tested patches look like.
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    From box to stage

    I'm still on the waiting list for the Axe-FXII so I have time to do a lot of reading. This seem like a the ultimate nerd amp. The good thing is, it looks like you can adjust soo many things to shape your tone. Very versatile. The bad thing is, I feel like it will take me many weeks of...
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    Question about switching to physical amp and cab

    Hello, I'm in the process of buying an Axe-Fx ii rig and had a question. First, here is the setup I plan to use: -Axe-Fx ii -Matrix 1000 amp -Mesa cab (all ready own) -MFC-101 (Just bought) If I download a patch that has a cab and power amp block in it, can I just remove the cab/amp...