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  1. warlockII

    Suhr double oval inlay

    Just when I've gotten the idea of buying a suhr, you post this guitar porn🤣
  2. warlockII

    Guitars: how many and brands?

    Cool! I've never seen one either. I have no idea if it was a special order or modified by a previous owner.
  3. warlockII

    Guitars: how many and brands?

    Sadly I sold my Lightning Bolt with Vivians signature on the back of the headstock back in the early 90's. I bought this one due to missing her.
  4. warlockII

    decomposing foam in ATA case

    I already had foam from a previous project. I bought external corner casters, bumpers and a handle from them. WAY nicer to roll that flight case through airport and town thsn to carry it long distances.
  5. warlockII

    decomposing foam in ATA case

    I just got done doing that to an anvil guitar flight case. The foam was almost a powder. I used a 3" putty knife to scrape it out. I didn't bother trying to remove all of the old gooey adhesive. I just discovered DIYroadcases and they were awesome to deal with if you need any hardware.
  6. warlockII

    Marshalls sound bad

    The guitar player for the opening act last night (for Winger) was playing a Silver Jubilee. I was shocked at how awesome it sounded!
  7. warlockII

    5150 build.

    Here's my MOM.
  8. warlockII

    5150 build.

    Now it's time to build the shark:grin:
  9. warlockII

    Tagging Onto "Current State of Guitar..." Thread, Where Do You Guys Discover New Music?

    This forum...threads like this and checking out members bands, like Ragdoll!
  10. warlockII

    Rituals before you play live?

    Rush to get the PA and lights set up ;)
  11. warlockII

    Current State of Guitar Music

    Check out Bumblefoot. His CD's vary quite a bit.
  12. warlockII

    Finally decided to go direct and embrace in-ears..

    Comply memory foam tips make universal IEM's seal well...I don't think you need custom fit for great sound, but rather quality IEM's with a good seal.
  13. warlockII

    Clarity on output 2, can it match output 1 now?

    Is this with factory presets ones you've made...just in case there is something going in your layout that you're not noticing.
  14. warlockII

    Gonna get weird today…

    check out Leon Todds videos @2112
  15. warlockII

    Need some input from you guys.

    You have golden ears. I'd trust your judgement as to whether a quad pair of 80's g12-65 ;) would sound better in a "factory" cab or one of yours. Many people "hear" with their eyes, so from a marketing viewpoint it would be hit or miss for the general public.
  16. warlockII

    IRs York Audio Master Thread - Newest Cab Pack: VLUX 210 P10R

    How close do you feel the cream backs are to your 80's G12 65's?
  17. warlockII

    Any Singers.... Or Wanna-Be Singers Here?

    I have to 2nd the "get a vocal teacher" that meshes with what you want to accomplish. Just a few lessons made a HUGE difference in my VERY limited abilities.
  18. warlockII

    Do you have an Axe-Fx III and an FM3?

    I just traded for an FM3. I gig with my Axe III. The FM is for travel and hopefully for my Bass player to use...not sure I have him sold on it yet.
  19. warlockII

    UPS is the worst carrier

    In my neck of the woods, I completely agree! All I can figure is they treat their drivers like crap as EVERY package from them is damaged. Thankfully, Fedex always delivers clean packages.
  20. warlockII

    FSOT Tube Amps, etc. cash or AxeIII/FM3 or ???

    Only the 80's Jackson (Laney) 2x12 combo and Univox combo are left. I just took a Panama Fuego 3 Channel tube head in trade, so it’s up for sale as well.
  21. warlockII

    I just needed to make something.

    This will make a killer song. From your preamble I was expecting Sepaltura level of Angry guitars :)
  22. warlockII

    Best Shoes for Long Gigs

    I have a thin pair on insoles inside my Cowboy boots (NOT roach killers, but regular tip NOT ropers either). Several years ago, my feet started hurting (I was on my feet 10+ hours a day), I switched to wearing Dansco shoes. They made the pain go away. I can now wear Merrill boots, New...
  23. warlockII

    "Sunglasses At Night" Live - Axe-Fx III - Synth & Cyngus!

    Great job! Now I'm excited to learn the song.
  24. warlockII

    Wish Changing the number of the effect block

    +1. Important for dedicated switches, ie. Drive 1.
  25. warlockII

    Holy Diver in my Les Paul

    I have one I'll swap for the BareKnuckle :)
  26. warlockII

    WTB Liquidfoot 12+ possibly RJM

    I've been using a 4 button external footswitch with my Jr+ and been thinking I should get a 12+ instead. Please let me know your asking price. I have cash or a ridiculous amound of guitars if you'd be up for trades/partial trades. I might also be open to a RJM GT, but most likely only as a...
  27. warlockII

    Holy Diver in my Les Paul

    I'm looking forward to your review as that pickup interests me.
  28. warlockII

    The Cygnus Limelight M@ preset appreciation thread

    I try to play it note for note 🤣
  29. warlockII

    Anyone put a Dimarzio Super Distortion in a Les Paul?

    I have a drawer full of pickups due to reading internet posts...every time I go back to Dimarzio super distortion in the bridge. It is a VERY versatile pickup contrary to popular comments. About a year ago I swapped my push pull from coil split to parallel and that opened up a whole new tonal...
  30. warlockII

    The Cygnus Limelight M@ preset appreciation thread

    I saved his current tone match as a cab and inserted it into my preset. I went back and forth between the song and my guitar into my CLR and they are identical. Amazing work as always! M@ is a genius!
  31. warlockII

    Cygnus SLO 100 somehow even better than before

    How Re you setting yours up? I can't make up my mind if I like high master, low pre or the reverse better...i have one where they're both at 6 as well.
  32. warlockII

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 16.01 "Cygnus"

    I tried the small box for the first time thanks to this video...sweet vibe to it!!!
  33. warlockII

    2 Same Presets - 2 Different Sounds

    I wonder if it reset the parameters that you can't see when you recalled the blocks in the editor???
  34. warlockII

    Anyone in the Loveland CO area? Im doing a clinic today 5:30pm today

    Dang, I wish. Are you doing anything in NM this trip?
  35. warlockII

    Bolt on vs set-necks

    If you'd add, "I'll take either one if I bond with the guitar", I'd vote;)
  36. warlockII

    IRs York Audio Master Thread - Newest Cab Pack: VLUX 210 P10R

    Justin, Hopefully, I'm not being a pain bringing up the G12-65 again...Which if any of your packs would you say would be closest to the tone of those 80's 65's? I have 4 or 5 of your packs and enjoy each one but am feeling a little like Gollum seeking my "precious". Thanks again for all...
  37. warlockII

    DG '75: Preset and video demo.

    Thanks!!! It's funny, I just got done modding your original an hour ago for Have a Cigar. I can't wait to compare the two.
  38. warlockII

    Wish Synth Block Fixes Please

    Post a preset. I was just using 3 patches and didn't hear chirping...maybe I'm not clear on your definition. I don't hear bird like or sneakers on time sounds.
  39. warlockII

    Anyone else using Marshall 9200 Tube power amp with Axe3?

    I used to run a 9200 many years ago. The only thing that pops into my mind is that maybe you're not sending a hot enough signal to the 9200. Try goosing it and see if it helps to thicken your sound. FWIW, several posters over the years kept the poweramp simulation and some cabs sims on when...
  40. warlockII

    Sensitive Sundays feat. Simeon!

    Freakin' awesome playing guys! I need to stop reading the forum and get back to practicing :)
  41. warlockII

    Wireless IEM systems - which one to buy / avoid ?

    Do you notice any difference between the two? I have the G3 and thankfully never had a negative experience with it.
  42. warlockII

    WTB Jbl SRX835P

    Anyone looking to part with a pair of JBL SRX835P tops? I might also be open to 828 or 818 powered subs as well. I have cash or quality electric guitars if you'd rather trade/partial trade. Due to the weight, prefer people in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona or Southern California.
  43. warlockII

    Dr Bonkers' Guide to Using Fractal Axe-FX 3 for Bass

    Thanks Dr. I'll give that a shot!
  44. warlockII

    My recording presets vs the FRFR I just bought.

    As long as you don't have phase reversal, it might work ok. The best answer is plug it in and see if it works for YOU. I'm betting you'll need to change your BMT settings as cranking 85-95dB will definitely change the tone compared to listening through monitors.
  45. warlockII

    Dr Bonkers' Guide to Using Fractal Axe-FX 3 for Bass

    After watching Leon's tone matching video yet again it got me wondering if I could use that technique with the xlr out on the back of the GK instead of a load box? Since the GK straight to the board sounds great, I'm thinking that would be a good way. What do you guys and gals think?
  46. warlockII

    Dr Bonkers' Guide to Using Fractal Axe-FX 3 for Bass

    Great tips here! Any idea how to emulate a GK amp?
  47. warlockII

    Bug?? frequency change when solo is engaged in cab block when only using one cab?

    Thanks for the feedback. I'll look at the axefx screen to see if it's in agreement with what axe edit is saying. I'll see if it also does it on a factory preset and get back with you.
  48. warlockII

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 16.01 Beta 1 Public Beta

    Just got home from running the beta at practice. Sounded great with the various patches. I need to rebalance some scenes/presets, but I think the "necessary" tweaking will be minimal.
  49. warlockII

    Best patches

    @ProgressiveRocco has KILLER presets. Moke has an awesome ear for nailing the effects and feel of songs. Burgs dials in great presets. Leon's presets give great ideas and blocks. Matt P. is a genious when it comes to modifiers on effects....Absoluletly Love what he did to the flanger for...
  50. warlockII

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 16.01 Beta 1 Public Beta

    Ah what the heck, I was only 60% done with updating my presets...might as well get a jump start on the new release :) I'm excited to see if/how the Friedman BE's sound in this version.
  51. warlockII

    Live Use/ IEM Question

    Last thought...how about adding the changes you're talking about to your lead scene and see if it still sounds good through FOH???
  52. warlockII

    Live Use/ IEM Question

    I apologize if I missed something as I've only had one shot of espresso this morning. Have you tried adding a little reverb to your IEM mix. I absolutely LOVE monitoring my guitar through my IEMs. I'm running 64audio iems in stereo through sennheiser g3. IEMs and transmitters make a huge...
  53. warlockII

    Bug?? frequency change when solo is engaged in cab block when only using one cab?

    I apologize if this was already explained, but I noticed this weird behavior today. When only using one cab (the other 3 are muted in the block) there is a tonal difference when the solo button is engaged. Seems like it should be the same since only one cab is being used. Prior to the don't...
  54. warlockII

    Guitars with 2+ tone and 2+ volume controls

    Some hamers
  55. warlockII

    IRs York Audio Master Thread - Newest Cab Pack: VLUX 210 P10R

    I apologize if you already gave an update, but do you think you'll be shooting G12-65 anytime soon? I thought you mentioned picking up some from the early 80's...or it might have just been one of my dreams 😁
  56. warlockII

    Cygnus Poll - Honest Question - Improvement?

    It has a fuzziness that I can't dial out. The BE no longer responds to my guitars volume knob like it used to...2 quick things. Like I mentioned though, I'm extremely happy with my switch to the Soldano.
  57. warlockII

    Cygnus Poll - Honest Question - Improvement?

    Most of the amps I use sound and feel better. The Friedman BE V2 that I've used for longer than I can remember has changed in a less pleasing way that I can't seem to fix. Plus side is it made me find how much I love the solo 100 lead...I and the rest of the band really dig what its done for...
  58. warlockII

    odd exercise in tone most people probably wouldn't want

    Mix in the pig ir or similar small speaker. It gets the blown speaker without overdoing the distortion. I can post my quick attempt at "coming undone" tone if you'd like.
  59. warlockII

    Pitch Detune - FM3 v the Rest

    This made me miss my SP90 that I ran back in my semi-large rack days until I heard the FM3. Enjoyable video as always!
  60. warlockII

    Repercussions of 'not' resetting the amp block.

    Cygnus Beta was the 1st time I've reset amp blocks since I got my Axe III. Some of my presets sounded better with the old settings, so they're still on them. Try it, if you like it keep it otherwise don't save the preset.
  61. warlockII

    Dialling in Some Amps with FW16

    Thanks as always for you informative and entertaining videos! Have you ever shared your patch for "Playing God"? That is such a MASSIVE sound on the riff!!!!
  62. warlockII

    Apps/Sites for finding Band Members?

    I've had better luck talking to guys at the local guitar shop than anything online.
  63. warlockII

    Linear Potentiometer?

    It would be awesome to free up some real estate. As others have said the 2 biggest factors would be feel and longevity. IF it's not too expensive, I'd definitely give it a whirl.
  64. warlockII

    Gearslutz changed it’s name!?

    We're living in an Ayn Rand novel :(
  65. warlockII

    Neck PU to pair with DiMarzio SD

    After a lot of neck pickup swaps I'm running a bridge Norton (not air) in the neck position and enjoying it.
  66. warlockII

    High Output Pickups and AMP Block Headroom Meter

    My main guitar has Dimarzio Superdistortion in the bridge and Norton (not air) in the neck. I don't have the same issue you're having. I have no issue getting edge of breakup and clean tones. Not trying to be an ass, just saying there's something else at play in your setup.
  67. warlockII

    Synth Bass Patch for Loverboy's Take Me To The Top

    I just pulled up the song and like your version better. Great job!
  68. warlockII

    Guitar Stands

    I guess I'm odd man out. I've been gigging with the Hercules auto grip stands (3 separate stands) for at least 5 years without an issue. I wonder if I've been lucky or if they changed the design?
  69. warlockII

    Controlling squealing / feedback etc.

    It's funny, but this is the one thing I miss from my days of playing too damn loud...the fun of riding the wild beast of musical feedback that could quickly bite us in the butt if we let it get away.
  70. warlockII

    GK (Gallien-Krueger) Bass amp simulations???

    Has anyone been able to emulate a GK bass amp in the AX8? I'm trying to get my Bass player into Fractal land and he's used GK for all his life. Patches or tips would be GREATLY appreciated!
  71. warlockII


    PM sent
  72. warlockII

    Not Really Digging Axe Thru Headphones

    I love hearing all the detail of playing through my 64 audio IEM's. As someone already pointed out, volume makes a difference with IEM's just like large speakers. It always amazes me when I pop my IEM's out during a set break at a gig how damn loud the background noise from people talking is...
  73. warlockII

    What's up with price gouging on used FAS gear?

    Tried that and was repeatedly attacked by 3 different "sellers" on the local craigslist.
  74. warlockII

    CLR owners, please help!

    The CLR will sound different depending on how and where it's situated. My favorite is pole mounted w/ the appropriate setting on the CLR. Remember the CLR isn't hyped, guitar cabs are missing frequencies. Most typically people have issues with FFFR cabs because they have them pointing...
  75. warlockII

    What's up with price gouging on used FAS gear?

    PLEASE LISTEN, these are people here in the U.S. responding to my want ad on craigslist where I specifically say I won't pay full retail for a used item. They are sending me emails and then harassing me when I don't jump at their over retail prices for USED gear.
  76. warlockII

    What's up with price gouging on used FAS gear?

    I'm talking about craigslist ads, not ebay. Several people have harrassed me for not jumping at $1050 or MORE for their used FM3's!
  77. warlockII

    What's up with price gouging on used FAS gear?

    Great question! I posted wanted ads where I clearly state that I won't pay full retail for a used item without warranty and still I get sellers berating me that I won't get one till November and other BS like that.
  78. warlockII

    Changing a pickup’s resistance?

    PM me if you might be interested in trying a Doug Aldrich set.
  79. warlockII

    How many here play live vs. do not play live?

    Played two different Cygnus Betas (one at each gig). Hoping that we'll be back to our approximately every 2 weeks gigging soon!
  80. warlockII

    Genesis, Live at Bataclan France Jan 10, 1973 (16mm->4K)

    Not what I was expecting at all...I remember them from the 80's.
  81. warlockII

    How do you choose new pickups?

    All of this is MY OPINION: 1. Don't read reviews! 2. Only listen to recordings if they are in a similar guitar to yours. 3. Figure out what you don't like about your pickups or you'll have a hard time finding something better. 4. Most important in my mind, play guitars with different pickups...
  82. warlockII

    Effects loop -3.7dB difference

    I'm probably just showing my ignorance here, but in the screen shot it shows Input 1 with a pad of 6 and input 2 with a pad of 0.
  83. warlockII

    Live Workflow for Cover Bands - Song Lists vs Complex Presets

    My cover band is currently at 128 songs. I run my Liquid Foot Jr+ in setlist mode (couldn't imagine life without it!!!). I have a liquid foot preset for each song, which with my configuration allows me instant access to 4 different axefx presets and all 8 scenes. I use my "main" axefx preset...
  84. warlockII

    FSOT Tube Amps, etc. cash or AxeIII/FM3 or ???

    JCM800 is sold. Only the 1966 Vox, 80's Jackson (Laney) 2x12 combo and Univox combo are left.
  85. warlockII

    Let’s talk tone: phase inverter, power amp, speaker breakup

    York audio posted a plexi preset awhile back using his m25 ir(2 of them). With my guitar, it's so close to that tone that I use it to play that song.
  86. warlockII

    FSOT Tube Amps, etc. cash or AxeIII/FM3 or ???

    I'm asking $1500, but I'm open to offers. Where are you located?
  87. warlockII

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 10 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta #7

    Even though the hiwatt isn't updated it sounds great to my ears in Cygnus...I just stopped tweaking my "floyd" patch.
  88. warlockII

    People that make you an offer on gear you have for sale and then vanish

    Flip side, I just had 2 people look at my gear and say, " you were asking $xxx, here you go". You never know.
  89. warlockII

    People that make you an offer on gear you have for sale and then vanish

    Yep, My vintage Vox AC50 has "sold" 3 times to people 2 states away. I brought it out with me and crickets each time. I also had the situation where we've agreed on a price and when I brought the gear 2 states away (after verifying the sale was still on 2 days prior) they all of a sudden...
  90. warlockII

    FSOT Tube Amps, etc. cash or AxeIII/FM3 or ???

    Rivera is sold.
  91. warlockII

    Atomic CLR Bag or Containers for Shipping/Travel

    I as able to buy a road case for $25 at a garage sale that fits two of them plus power cords, extension cables and XLR's on top of them.
  92. warlockII

    Help on Tone Match or IR?

    Saving your tone match to a user cab allows you to use that cab in any preset you want. Leon (2112) has a couple of videos that show you how to do it...no need for cab lab.
  93. warlockII

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 4 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta

    I'm not with my axe, so I can't look myself. Double check there aren't different scene level in the output block as well as scene controller differences. I'm not discounting your situation, but these have bitten me before.
  94. warlockII

    Noatronic Wireless Audio and MIDI - finally!

    I quickly read the description and noticed a TRS option...does this mean there are discrete stereo outputs? If so, this would be sweet for separating out piezo and magnetic pickups so they can be processed separately in the Axefx.
  95. warlockII

    How long can you remember how to play a song?

    I feel your pain! We have about 100 songs in our repertoire. I will sometimes forget some parts/notes if we haven't played them for several months. Thankfully it comes back quickly. The biggest thing that helps me is to NOT think, but simply let muscle memory do it's thing.
  96. warlockII

    7-pin MIDI question

    I'm pretty sure @GotMetalBoy has a posting that shows how to wire up the box...I used it to build mine.
  97. warlockII

    Guitars: how many and brands?

    Here are some of them...NOT the best pictures, but you'll get an idea. I can't find a pic of my neck through warlock or ST III.
  98. warlockII

    Guitars: how many and brands?

    The neon drip (Was sky blue when I bought it, had it refinished purple, hand built cracked mirror finish, back to purple and now the drip) was my first BC Rich. No matter what I buy, I always come back to her. The warlock shape is SO comfortable to play on stage, especially being able to have...
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