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    RJM Mastermind and IA control

    I have my axe-fx setup with an RJM mastermind. I can change inbetween my patches with no problems, but I was wanting to mess around with the IA features to setup a tap tempo, turn on delay/chorus/etc. I turned the IA function on through setup. When I'm on my patch I can hit the function key to...
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    FAS Modern Patch

    I've had my AxeFX for over a year now, but have never really sat down and tweaked it to get the best sound possible. I was running a 5150 or Recto New model with a Catharsis 2off-pres8 IR for the longest time. I researched some and found alot of people liked the 808 driven fas modern, so I...
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    Electro-Voice Live X 112P arrived today (unboxing inside!)

    I just got in my two ELX112Ps today. Unfortunately, my Axe-FX is at my practice space and I only had my iPod to test them out with today. They sound very good so far. I just need to do some A/B'ing with the K12 and the Axe-FX on Monday. Oh, and I did get them from ProAudioStar using their...
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    Electro-Voice Live X 112P arrived today (unboxing inside!)

    I ordered two of these for use as floor monitors in my bands practice space. I'll have a chance to directly compare it to my K12 with the AxeFX and see which one I like better. If it's anywhere close to my K12, I might be saying goodbye to it and get another ELX112P.
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    Considerations for buying a rack?

    I just ordered one of those last week. It should be here Thursday. I couldnt tell from the pictures, but does this case have a rear rail behind the door?
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    Midi Mate Phantom Power Question

    Even with the 7 pin cable you will still need to use the midi mate ac adapter plugged into the back of the axe-fx though as the axe-fx doesnt provide power to the 6 & 7 pins.
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    Krk monitors?

    I use RP6's. I had a pair of gen1's a while back and recently got the gen2's. They sound great.
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    Anyone using the new Avatar 2x12 "Stage Monitors" yet?

    That looks fugly. I had two Mesa 1x12 Theile cabs at one time that I just angled up with stands. They sounded great.
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    Anyonne using QSC K12 FRFR with high gain patch?

    I really like the 2off-pres8 or preshigh ones, but all of them sound very big. There shouldnt be alot of folders he only included 12 or so impulses in the set.
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    Man, finding a channel strip to suit me is tought

    I use a Saffire Pro40 and I have no complaints. I got mine from ProAudioStar. I chatted with them an they gave me a price cheaper than a B-Stock model. It's been a little while so I can't remember how much I paid, but it was somewhere around $360
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    Mission Engineering around ?

    I ordered a pedal Feb 25th. I've received no shipping notifications. I sent an email to them yesterday and a couple hours later I got a reply saying that mine was shipping today.
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    Can the midimate do momentary switching with the Ultra

    I havent tried it with my midimate, but I know in controller mode the bottom row becomes your presets and the top row allows you to turn on/off individual effects. So if that's what you're wanting to do then yes. As far has holding it down for the effect and when you release it turns off, I...
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    Any portcity cab users with the Axe?

    I have a port city 2x12 with v30's. I've been trying to sell it since I moved onto the axe. It sounded almost as good as my bogner 4x12 with v30's. The low end was a little tighter with the bogner though. Great cab. I havent tried it with my Axe though. I'm asking $500 for the port city +...
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    Anyonne using QSC K12 FRFR with high gain patch?

    I use a QSC K12 and it goes high gain very well with the right impulses. I use the Catharsis impulses for my high gain patches. Nothing else I've tried compares with the low end umph I get from them. My band does kind of a Still Remains/Throw the Fight kind of thing and it works very well. It's...
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    Nasal quality to all my overdriven amp sounds - See video (Pearl Jam Alive)

    Catharsis Studios - He is a user on the Andy Sneap Ultimate Metal forums. He created those impulses. I don't remember what cab he used, but I do know they went through the power section of the 5150 when creating them. Do a search for "catharsis impulses" and you should be able to find the small...
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    Nasal quality to all my overdriven amp sounds - See video (Pearl Jam Alive)

    The 2off-preshigh IR is a Catharsis IR BTW.
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    Quick FRFR Questions

    The axe-fx has two inputs, I run both L & R from the axe into mine. If you were running the backing track into the K12 that will take one of the inputs though so you wouldn't be able to run L & R from the axe. You won't need a seperate power amp. As long as you low-pass the signal (I do at about...
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    QSC K12 - Initial Thoughts

    I just got in my QSC K12 today. I have absolutely no complaints about it so far. I didn't quite find anything harsh about the highs like others have said. It definitely can produce the low end very well. It gets plenty loud enough for band practice. I have nothing to compare it to other than my...
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    Impulse 48k Conversion Problem

    I tried converting once again to 24 bit 48khz and it worked this time. I had tried that many times before and had no luck. Thanks!
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    Impulse 48k Conversion Problem

    I'm getting a Bad Checksum message when the cab tries to load to any user slot except for 1 or 2.
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    Impulse 48k Conversion Problem

    So, I converted it to 48k 16bit and I was able to get them to work. However when I send them over with Axe-Edit only the first two user cabs work.
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    Impulse 48k Conversion Problem

    I was trying to convert the following impulses to 48k using R8Brain, and then converting them to .syx using IR to SYX and the Axe-FX IR Converter. I was able to go through the process and I got a .syx of the cab, but when I upload it to the axe and select the user cab with the impulse, I get no...
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    Ordered a QSC KW12

    Its not a KW12. It's a KW122. http://www.google.com/products/catalog?q=qsc+kw122&um=1&ie=UTF-8&cid=12616033541400579588&ei=5V9gTZf7Asmgtge0zPHzCw&sa=X&oi=product_catalog_result&ct=result&resnum=4&ved=0CEgQ8wIwAw#
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    So what interfaces are you guys using?

    I use a Focusrite Sapphire Pro 40 and like it alot. Many people like the M-Audio Profire 2626 alot too. Both units have great pre's. I wanna say I got mine for around $360 new.
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    Axe-FX Ultra Arrival!!!

    There's some links to my music at the bottom of my post. I'm using a 7 string, and we play some heavier stuff (no crazy breakdowns or djenty stuff though), then we also can get into a little bit lighter, more radio friendly sound. I'll definitely try the free stuff I've acquired before buying...
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    Best IR Plugin for Mac?

    +1 for Mellowmuse IR1A LAConvolver is a free AU plugin that many people like Cubase has Reverence Logic has Space Designer SIR2 will load impulses
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    Axe-FX Ultra Arrival!!!

    So, I got my axe-fx in right before band practice yesterday. I only had about 15 minutes to hook it up and go through and find a quick dirty and clean patch to use for practice. I hooked the Axe-FX into my PA with two EV Force i15's. I plugged up my rocktron midi mate which worked right away. I...
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    QSC K12 = Win!!!

    Well the $880 is the speaker with cover/case. The speaker is $799.99. Click the "hook-up price" chat box at the bottom and ask whoever is there for a better price.
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    QSC K12 = Win!!!

    I searched around for some coupons for guitar center and found that most of the 10-15% off stuff excluded QSC. I went to ProAudioStar.com, as I've dealt with them for PA equipment in the past and they're more than willing to offer me discounted pricing. I was able to get a QSC K12 for $699 new...
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    QSC K12 = Win!!!

    How do I get in on that 15% discount at guitar center? I might pick me up one too!
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    I'm almost in the same situation as you. I should have my ultra on Wednesday. My other guitarist uses a 6505. We are still in the rehearsal phase, and will be playing live next month. And I too will be ordering a verve 12ma as soon as one of my cabs sell. I will try these patches out when my axe...
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    Just ordered an ultra!

    I ordered mine on Friday and it shipped the same day. An hour or two after my order, they sent me a tracking number. The order ships from NH. It shows that it should arrive in Texas here on Wednesday if that helps any. I've noticed that a little too often too with some really good patches. I...
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