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    Help with a CLR repair

    I have no ill will towards the company and am not trying to cause them issues but just want my CLR back in working order. I have seen other posts about escalating repairs with Atomic CLR and wondered if anyone had any advice. My CLR needed work done on the internal power amp and I sent it to be...
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    Help with Control Switches

    A question for anyone that may have this figured out. I have looked through the manual and searched the forum but so far have not seen this addressed. Here is what I would like to do: When playing live, I use the Control Switches to add Boost, Cut Bass or whatever using assigned switches on...
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    CLR Neo clip lights are solid red

    Looking for any help with this. Came home tonight ready to play and no sound from the CLR Neo. Had a look and this pic is what I see (in case you can't see the pic, the 3 clip lights are all solid red). It was fine last night when I played and it hasn't been moved or touched since. I am...
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    Need some help using the FX8 in the effects loop of my Mesa Mark V 25

    I am new to using an effects loop and have some questions about getting the levels set. The issue is that the amp doesn't have a separate Send control and uses the master controls to adjust the sends. From the manual: "Use the Front Panel MASTER controls to adjust the SEND Level of the two...
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    Scene revert mode - can't find it

    Has anyone found this in the menu system of the FX8? The manual says TO ENABLE/DISABLE SCENE REVERT: 1. Press the SETUP button. 2. Use the NAV knob to select “SCENE REVERT”. 3. Use the VALUE knob to select “OFF” or “ON”. 4. Press the EXIT button twice to return to Stompbox Mode. (You do...
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    Moving columns around in layout

    I don't know if this is a bug, I am doing something wrong or my patch has an issue. I searched around the forum but if there, didn't use the right search string. I am editing a patch and want to move an empty column to the end to add a Looper. When I do this, the links between just about...
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    Question about MFC firmware update

    May be nothing, but... I updated my MFC using midi-ox and it it appeared to be successful. Re-booted and it came up as 2.15 and looks OK. However, all the IA assignments are changed to something unusual. I can understand if this is expected behavior but a bit concerned this may be an...
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    At gig - MFC-101 issue I think?

    Hoping someone may have seen this. My MFC-101 is acting strange and I can not change patches. I figured out it seems like it is switching to Reveal mode somehow and will not switch back. I try turning on and off the unit and nothing. All I seem to be able to do is incr the bank as that is not...
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    Need MFC help ASAP ...

    I have a gig in 2 hours, setup as usual and the MFC 101 is not working. Just bought a new Ethernet cable and no go. I know this may be in the wrong area but I need ideas fast. Has anyone had this? Is there a setting in the axe fx 2 I missed? Anything??
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    Using headphones to get a good live tone?

    First, thanks for all the great information you all provide. I have been reading and absorbing as much as I can. I am a new user and struggling to get the tones I want for live use. The truth be told, I am not a good tweaker and want to improve that. Part of my problem is that I am currently...
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