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  1. Strumzilla

    When recording, are you guys using effects or adding effects later with plugin (or reamp with Fractal effects)?

    I typically record output 1 with my planned sound wet with all AxeFx amp/cab/effects being recorded, but I always have a dry DI signal as well in case I want to reamp or just use VSTs to achieve a different sound later. Sometimes my patch will have separate clean and dirty or similar outputs...
  2. Strumzilla

    Back from Afghanistan!

    Welcome back, and thank you for your service!
  3. Strumzilla

    *FREE* Far-Field Session #2 Cab Pack for Axe-Fx Users

    Thank you very, very much.
  4. Strumzilla

    New Mac Pro coming in the fall

    One sobering fact with all of Apple's high end products in the past few years (iMac Pro and now new Mac Pro), is thinking of the guitars and outboard gear that I could buy with that money, knowing they will never be outdated. You could outfit a fully configured studio with a great mixing desk...
  5. Strumzilla

    "A Really Good Price"

    I'm assuming there, was; some, comma...confusion, there;.
  6. Strumzilla

    About to see Greta Van Fleet live in Rochester NY!

    Hope it was a great time. I like their vibe, I just can't get into the singer. But, more power to them and I'm glad there are young bands pursuing a more classic sound.
  7. Strumzilla

    FAS Amp Models Gallery - Axe-Fx III

    This is awesome! Thanks for all the hard work.
  8. Strumzilla

    Greatest band of all time?

    I don't have a single band, but for me the "Big 4" are Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Rush, and Yes. I don't think they're the best bands of all time, just the bands which have been most important to me.
  9. Strumzilla

    RIP “Chewie”

    RIP Chewie. He was a big part of my life and he'll always be that iconic character in my eyes.
  10. Strumzilla

    Rock and Roll HOF Inductions

    Lol. I'm also a long time Cure fan and I've had the same thought for the past several years. Goth doesn't age well.
  11. Strumzilla

    Windows 10 Sucks!

    Shots fired...lol. Yeah, I hear ya. I'm currently on an iMac Pro running Mojave, but I still have a WinPC running 10. It's a big reason I went back to OSX after trying to make do with Windows after Apple abandoned creative users. I've used WinPCs since DOS 5.0 and Win 3.1, so I'm no stranger to...
  12. Strumzilla

    Game of Thrones Theme on 16 guitars

    Love this! I wish I had thought of this, very geekily cool. I'm only disappointed that while your GOT t-shirt collection is impressive, I think your Star Wars collection is still in the lead?
  13. Strumzilla

    Quality of everything is getting worse

    I'm with you. I had switched back to WinPC a few years ago around the time they announced those silly strip Macbooks with still no update to the desktop Mac Pro line. I buckled last year and bought an iMac Pro (and paid dearly) just because a few years of WinPC recurrent shenanigans (drivers...
  14. Strumzilla

    Does anyone else not gel at all with acoustic guitars?

    My experience with acoustics is that they generally take quite a bit longer to break in (whether that's mostly mental I don't know) than electrics. I've had a great Taylor for a few years now and it's slowly feeling easier to play as time passes. It's definitely heavier lifting to get a pleasing...
  15. Strumzilla

    Porcupine Tree cover - firmware 3.0

    Fantastic job Fremen and ShatteredSquare. It's great that Fremen has been flying the PT and prog flag for such a long time. Love your PF presets. This is a great version, true to the original but putting your own spin on it. Loved it.
  16. Strumzilla

    What are forum "Trophy Points"?

    No, but you can live with the super galactic spiritual oneness that they bestow. So, you got that going for you.
  17. Strumzilla

    In the Bleak Midwinter

    Awesome sound and performance! Really enjoyed that.
  18. Strumzilla

    FC Controllers Invite List

    9/25/18 @ 5:03 AM
  19. Strumzilla

    It's a bargain...

    If I get the royalties for all the songs this guitar was played on, I'm in.
  20. Strumzilla

    Fall is over, where are FCs?

    This made me imagine a cartoon sequence where suddenly three feet of snow was spontaneously dumped on the landscape outside your windows, and suddenly everyone in FAS was wearing Santa hats and sleigh bells. I need to get out more.
  21. Strumzilla

    ZenRigs.com is going live again ... now! KickTags Labels, GloRisers for MFC and pedals and more...

    Any plans for the upcoming FC pedals? A different paradigm with the digital scribble strips, but assume you might be cooking up something.
  22. Strumzilla

    The Complete Axe-Fx III Master Class with Cooper Carter - Available NOW!

    Syllabus looks tasty. Looking forward to it.
  23. Strumzilla

    The Complete Axe-Fx III Master Class with Cooper Carter - Available NOW!

    tick tock tick tock... all kidding aside, ready for the deep dive! I've managed my normal basic functionality but I love learning the advanced functions that tweakers like CC employ with ease.
  24. Strumzilla

    How many Axe-Fx processors do you own?

    Presently 2. The III and a II Mark I. But I have plans to sell the II and the MFC shortly.
  25. Strumzilla

    New to Fractal - What studio monitors are people using for home use?

    Love my Focals. I’ll occasionally fire up the Matrix GT1000 and Port City OS212 if I want to rattle the walls. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/Alpha80--focal-alpha-80-8-inch-powered-studio-monitor
  26. Strumzilla

    Axe-Fx II in Action: Yes - Live at the Apollo

    Long time Trevor fan. I saw him on the 90125 tour and I've been a fan of his solo music since Can't Look Away (which is fantastic). Jacaranda is great and of course he's been very successful as a composer. I even like some of the Rabbit stuff, his "Live in LA" album features a great cross...
  27. Strumzilla

    Thoughts on future Axe-Fx being able to used used as plugin in DAW

    I think many of us are not asking for a plugin that tries to replace the hardware. This is even more impossible with the Axe III. For people that do a lot of recording, it would be nice to have everything controllable from within the DAW. If I could have Axe Edit in a plugin version that could...
  28. Strumzilla

    Eric Johnson Sound

    Love the Koto sound! Also loved the EJ quotes you sprinkle in. I think your fingers are the most EJ thing about your sound.
  29. Strumzilla

    'Stairway To Heaven' - Led Zeppelin Guitar Solo

    Great job. Your vibrato and bends are spot on, and for me that's what makes or breaks it. I like how you stayed close to the original but still made it your own.
  30. Strumzilla

    The Complete Axe-Fx III Master Class with Cooper Carter - Available NOW!

    Looking forward to it. I understand and endorse your desire to make the tutorials have lasting value.
  31. Strumzilla

    Met Ozzy and Zakk Wylde at the Houston show.

    Very cool and love that you were able to have that experience as such a hardcore fan! Zakk sounds like a righteous dude.
  32. Strumzilla

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 1.16 Beta

    Recovery mode worked like a charm and I was able to revert to 1.15. AxeEdit is back to its normal smooth self. Thanks Cliff!!
  33. Strumzilla

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 1.16 Beta

    Should have read through the comments first. I also can’t revert to 1.15, I keep getting FBot timeouts, the best I’ve gotten was about 30% complete. Tried going straight from AxeFx to USB port (bypassing the hub) but it just got worse. iMac Pro, OSX 10.13.6. Axe Edit 0.09.21 is painfully slow as...
  34. Strumzilla

    Coming soon...

    Wind Beneath My Wings?
  35. Strumzilla

    Advice needed - MacBook Pro

    Not exactly analogous, but a few years ago my iMac graphics started to flake out and at first it was just occasional flickering which eventually resulted in longer screen black outs for several seconds but eventually culminated in a screen black out with flickering psychedelic colors. It was...
  36. Strumzilla

    Mac OS Mojave and Axe Edit......does it work yet?

    I've learned the hard way to wait for all my major software developers/etc. to announce compatibility. For the AxeFx it wouldn't be as big of deal because of the front panel capability, but for a lot of my DAWs and plugins, it could mean a total loss of functionality until the updates are...
  37. Strumzilla

    Three Amp Blocks?

    I hadn't previously considered it, but given the number of different outputs available and how easy it would be put together a sort of w/d/w rig but using different amp heads would be cool. I don't feel any limitation with the present setup, but I'd definitely give it a try. I can see the...
  38. Strumzilla

    Somebody loves it...

    I just wish the Stormbender was closer to the AxeIII in price. Gorgeous and awesome sounding, but yikes my wallet.
  39. Strumzilla

    Moog Sub 37 and Axe-Fx III

    Grabbin' some brews and snacks, be right there. Fire up the oberhe...wait, just fire up everything.
  40. Strumzilla

    Amp in the Room?

    The amp in the room was never a big deficit for me, but I have really like sending a relatively dry (usually just amp) output to a Matrix GT/Port City OS 212 in addition to the AxeFx output. It sounds huge even at lower volumes.
  41. Strumzilla

    Gettin' Sick Of Your Shit Mr. Pro Tools

    I used Pro Tools for several years, primarily on a WinPC. I got increasingly tired of general WinPC shenanigans and got an iMac Pro a few months ago. While I can say Pro Tools definitely runs better in OSX (in my experience), I've gotten back into Logic and I don't miss PT a bit. I'll probably...
  42. Strumzilla

    Yngwie at Sweetwater

    I've enjoyed the couple of times I've seen him live. I don't listen to his music very often, typically one track per year is about my average, but live he's pretty fun. I can enjoy shred, but only in occasional small doses.
  43. Strumzilla

    Selling the amps?

    My path is a little strange in that I played a bit in my teens (Bandit 65 and an Ibanez strat clone) but had put the guitar down for a long time when I joined the Army. I got back into playing about fourteen years ago and I was drawn to modeling even back then. I had a couple of cheap combo...
  44. Strumzilla

    TUTORIAL: In depth MFC-101 programming guide for the Axe-Fx III

    Thanks for all your hard work, Morphosis. This helped me to get the MFC functional including my expression pedals. It had been gathering dust since I got the III. Enjoy your pizza!
  45. Strumzilla

    Current State - Axe-Edit III

    It's been solid for the last couple of updates for me. Looking forward to future implementations but pretty happy with it right now.
  46. Strumzilla

    Axe-Fx III Flanger?

    There's this sort of hiss (maybe what you're calling a sucked out growl) to the original that feels like a filter or equivalent being applied to whatever the modulation was he used. Maybe it's inherent to the effect he used itself. The fact that so many people have had trouble finding this sound...
  47. Strumzilla

    Axe-Fx III Flanger?

    Those are both really good.
  48. Strumzilla

    Axe-Fx III Flanger?

    There's definitely some sort of filter effect heard, maybe it's the varitone, that's as good a theory as I've heard. For awhile I thought it might be a cocked wah or similar. I've read mixed reports even from the man himself about whether it was the ES 355 for TSOR or one of his newer (at the...
  49. Strumzilla

    Axe-Fx III Flanger?

    I think I would agree in part, although I mostly blame myself for being unable to replicate really specific tones due to my own failings in understanding what created the original tone in the first place. Being able to dial in the nuanced difference between individual units is a layer of...
  50. Strumzilla

    Officially old!

    Happy Birthday! Age is truly a state of mind, I turn 51 in a few weeks but mentally I still feel about 13 years old. I don't think that will ever change. This last year has been a great one, looking forward to many more. I hope it's a great one for you!
  51. Strumzilla

    Axe-Fx III Flanger?

    Thanks M@ and everyone else who contributed. I'm rebuilding a few patches from my AxeII days and I need this for some Alex Lifeson tones.
  52. Strumzilla

    EVH announces 3 new Eruption 78' replica guitars

    VH have been guilty of milking the cash cows for awhile now. When they play live the VIP packages can run over $1000 per ticket. I'm assuming they're confident these will sell, otherwise they might make them a bit more reasonable. I've got my frankenstrat (in spirit) via a Jackson Adrian Smith...
  53. Strumzilla

    The Complete Axe-Fx III Master Class with Cooper Carter - Available NOW!

    I guess that answers the question, "Will I ever get around to finishing those CC AxeFx II videos?". I've got the summer off from school, this will work out nicely.
  54. Strumzilla

    Axe-Edit III Public Beta

    Rebooting the iMac/OSX, sorry. Rebooting the AxeFx hasn't seemed to work.
  55. Strumzilla

    Axe-Edit III Public Beta

    For what it's worth, I have intermittent connectivity issues with OSX High Sierra 10.13.4 on an iMac Pro via USB. At times it connects with no problem, but occasionally it will show it's connected on the top, but none of the patch info is available or modifiable. Sometimes rebooting fixes it...
  56. Strumzilla

    New Alice in Chains

    I'm digging it. They obviously had to change after the loss of Layne, but they've grown as a band and all their post Layne albums have been great. Looking forward to the new album and tour.
  57. Strumzilla

    Anyone tried the new Waves/PRS amp sims?

    I'm not sure I would have been motivated otherwise, but they're part of Mercury so I'm trying to update and give them a whirl.
  58. Strumzilla

    Axe-Edit III Public Beta

    Thought I lost a couple of days based on Matt's posting. No worries, diving in headfirst today.
  59. Strumzilla

    Axe-Edit III Public Beta

    Crikey, this is sexy.
  60. Strumzilla

    Axe-Edit III Public Beta

    How did I miss this for the whole weekend? Thanks Matt & FAS!!
  61. Strumzilla

    Thoughts on future Axe-Fx being able to used used as plugin in DAW

    Everyone has their own workflow. Setting up plugins under the umbrella of one DAW, especially with settings that can be recalled, automated, etc. with minimal fuss helps get the technical out of the way so I can make music. I had said before that I'm not sure that FAS target market is using...
  62. Strumzilla

    Thoughts on future Axe-Fx being able to used used as plugin in DAW

    My basic wish would just be VST/AAX plugin functionality for AxeEdit. This would allow automation, etc. settings per song. I'm thinking there's a way to do this with midi cc functions, but the plugin route would be more straightforward I think. The pipe dream would be if they could create an...
  63. Strumzilla

    Anyone using thunderbolt ?

    I use it with an Apollo Quad on Win10. It was a bit of a pain to find just the right PCI card with a TB2 port and it's a bit temperamental but it's actually been pretty stable for several months. Usually the worst is that Windows doesn't recognize the Apollo and I may have to reboot once or...
  64. Strumzilla

    Axe Edit III - Update

    I don't know if this has been previously discussed, but I'm assuming this is stand alone like the previous versions? It would be a dream come true if we could get a VST/AAX of AxeEdit. Not a plugin version of the AxeFx (although that would be crazy if they could do it like UAD), but just AxeEdit...
  65. Strumzilla

    Axe Edit III - Update

    Speaking from my Irish roots, it's gargeous!
  66. Strumzilla

    Axe Edit III - Update

    I'm looking forward to the eventual release as well although by necessity I'm learning the front panel. I just don't like bending down and sideways to where it's located in the rack, especially with a guitar in my lap.
  67. Strumzilla

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 1.05

    Just unboxed and updated my AxeIII yesterday, let the fun continue!!
  68. Strumzilla

    Thoughts on STP's new singer and album?

    Mostly agree, Robert is the key songwriter by a long stretch but Scott developed through the years and his lyrics are a key element. To be fair I haven't listened to the new album yet, so I'm probably not giving them a fair shake as a separate band. I've been able to do that with AIC. Musical...
  69. Strumzilla

    Thoughts on STP's new singer and album?

    I'm strangely torn with STP. One of my all time favorite rock bands and I was lucky enough to see them with Scott on two occasions. I've been able to make the transition with other bands that replaced the singer but for some reason I'm having a hard time with STP. He sounds great, quite a bit...
  70. Strumzilla

    How you know you're busy...

    Opening the box means taking the AxeFx III out, installing it in the rack, and then falling down the rabbit hole. Typing a sentence takes considerably less time and I'm already at my computer waiting for a file to bounce or some such. But, yes, it has now been unboxed and I can say it is...
  71. Strumzilla

    How you know you're busy...

    I lied. Maybe tomorrow.
  72. Strumzilla

    How you know you're busy...

    I know, I know. It’s getting unboxed today.
  73. Strumzilla

    How you know you're busy...

    12 hours later and I still don't have time to open it. I'm busy with a large song/video project for Berklee and I have an additional arrangement of a Beatles track I haven't started and they're both due Sunday. I'll break it out soon enough, I've got a few ideas where I can use it in these...
  74. Strumzilla

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    Waitlist confirmation 1/29 @ 9:48 am est Invitation to purchase 3/26 @ 3:53 pm est Purchased 3/26/18 @ 3:58 pm est Ordered it 2nd day air so hopefully by Thursday.
  75. Strumzilla

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    9:48 est, no email this weekend. Hoping for today or this week.
  76. Strumzilla

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    My thought as well (also at (9:48), and I don't blame them a bit. Hope they all are safe and get plenty of rest, they're doing great work up there.
  77. Strumzilla

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    9:48 club represent! Maybe this weekend if we’re lucky.
  78. Strumzilla

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    Waiting for confirmation posts like...
  79. Strumzilla

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    By my highly precise (and by that I mean not precise at all) calculations, they've been covering about ten minutes a day? By that measure I'm hoping I'll get an email by early next week (9:48 est).
  80. Strumzilla

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    This is how you post your invite info.
  81. Strumzilla

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    New drinking game, chug one every time we hear a confirmation. That way, even if it takes days/weeks/forever, we'll be too blitzed to care. Thank me later...
  82. Strumzilla

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    C'mon 9:48, daddy needs a new pair of shoes. I'm basically punch drunk at this point...
  83. Strumzilla

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    You have to appreciate the relative level of frenzy (guilty as charged) for a pro level bit of kit.
  84. Strumzilla

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    I'm fantasizing that they are drafting a bunch of confirmations and then will let loose a flood of emails later today. Operative word being fantasizing.
  85. Strumzilla

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not bagging on FAS at all. Totally within their right to offer that option, and if you can afford it, by all means pull that trigger. I'm just hoping most people opt for the waitlist.
  86. Strumzilla

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    I thought you photoshopped that, but it's totally legit on their site. Hope we don't have too many moneybags jumping ahead of us in line. I want one, but I'm willing to wait my turn.
  87. Strumzilla

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    I really appreciate the fact that there are some FASers working this weekend. I wouldn't have ever expected it of them, but it's no less appreciated for us neurotic waitlisters.
  88. Strumzilla

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    You're good. I'm 9:48 est and I invoked the t-shirt clause (see above).
  89. Strumzilla

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    Wearing my FAS t-shirt for good luck. Pretty much guaranteed to get the email now.
  90. Strumzilla

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    9:48 EST on 1/29. Refreshing my email every few minutes but not really expecting anything soon. I'm assuming I'll be a later batch based on the number of posts I've seen ahead of me. And yes, that's a complete guess on my part having no idea of the logistics involved.
  91. Strumzilla

    Presenting... The Axe-Fx III

    I heard nothing after "The container has arrived..."
  92. Strumzilla

    Axe-FX III Goodies suggestion

    I wouldn't object to this. I hope they put most efforts into churning out more units, but swag is never a bad thing.
  93. Strumzilla

    Is FAS prepared for high demand at launch?

    I didn't expect the AxeFx III when it was announced, so I'm just treating the whole scenario as a bonus and when I get it, I get it. Not that I won't be jealous of those in line before me posting pics and vids, but the AxeII is still handling its duties with aplomb.
  94. Strumzilla

    AxeFx «Native» not to be?

    I'd just like a VST/AAX version of AxeEdit that could function within a DAW with automation, patch changes, etc. I'm guessing there's probably a way to do this with midi cc but I'd like the simplicity of a plugin. Plus, it'd be nice to have the full set of AxeFx sounds at your disposal for other...
  95. Strumzilla

    Fixed 48k Sample Rate Impedes Recording Studio Integrations

    I've always had to relegate the AxeFx to non audio interface roles. I send the analog and spdif outs to my UAD Apollo which has full sample rate configurability. It would be nice if the AxeIII included this option.
  96. Strumzilla

    Axe-Fx III Wish List

    VST/AAX plugin like AxeEdit but with more power/options. Something similar to how the UAD environment works where you could monitor but not necessarily record the AxeIII processing and then apply it later during the mixing stage or whenever. Probably my biggest wish list item for years. Not...
  97. Strumzilla

    Does it sound better than the Axe Fx 2 XL+?

    The sound quality has been great for years imo, so I'm more looking forward to greater functionality and speed. And this thing looks like it will have some serious longevity just like the II has had.
  98. Strumzilla

    Cmon people, where the waitlist order thread lol

    8:48 CST, I'm basically hosed based on past history. Or not, I can't remember how it played out with the II and maybe they've really scaled up production this time around.