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  1. djidoe

    Wish : Scene Volume Incr/Decr controls

    Hi, I cannot find this request so I'm asking officially for it. Is it possible to implement Scene Volume Incr/Decr controls for FC6/12 please ?
  2. djidoe

    50's Chuck Berry

    Hi, this a try on a preset from Heizi (made for AxeFX2) here is for AxeFX3 ! Open to comments ! And here is the preset !
  3. djidoe

    Wish Save Combo Amp-CAB blocks

    Would be handy to have combo AMP-CAB blocks saving capability...
  4. djidoe

    Bug ? Looper & MIDI sync

    HI, I'm using Sonar by Bandlab (free !) to automate my patch and scene changes. And also recording some guitar parts in the AxeFX3 Looper that I'm trigging with MIDI CCs (record/play/stop... nothing fancy). When recording a Loop w/ the AxeFX3 Looper it doesn't stay sync with my click track...
  5. djidoe

    Implemented Stop function with looper

    Using a an external sequencer a STOP/CLEAR on the looper block function would be very handy.
  6. djidoe

    Implemented Assign Vol Incr and Vol Decr to external switch

    With per scene volume, we now need to be able to attach the volume control to an external footswitch (or FC6/12)... like "OUT 1 Vol Incr" and "Out 1 Vol decr"... like AxeFX2 and AX8. Thanx
  7. djidoe

    Fixed Tap Tempo make Axe-Edit III crashes

    When I tap tempo 2 times, Axe-Edit III crash... v0.5.11 !
  8. djidoe

    Bug: MIDI Block problem?

    Hi, when I insert a MIDI Block and enter PC information, the AxeFX3 does not send the good MIDI PC to my external unit when I sweep through the patches. But when I press "TEST ROW" in MIDI Block, it sends the good PC to my external unit. Maybe a bug ? Anyone can confirm please ? Thanx
  9. djidoe

    Implemented Per scene volume (like Axe-Fx II)

    In AxeFX2 each scene have its own volume. In AxeFX3 we have to use channels in Output Block (limited to 4) to boost or reduce the volume of a scene. We may also use Volume or Filter blocks... but we must insert blocks... Is per-scene volume is implementable in AxeFX3 with no need to insert...
  10. djidoe

    Scene Volume

    Is per scene volume is the way to go in AxeFX3 ? If so, how ? If not, is there any alternative how to set up the volume for each scene ?
  11. djidoe

    Assign CC# 35 & 36 (vol + and -) to Global switches 7&8

    Hi, I just want to assign midi CC#35 and #36 to Global switches on the AX8. Is it doable and if so, what is the procedure ? It's so easy on the MFC101... But this weekend I have to use my backup AX8 (use not much often) and I can't figure how to assign those CCs to switches... Thanx a lot
  12. djidoe

    Wish Metronome on output 2

    Please, I know I'm not the first one to ask but it would be so usable in live context...
  13. djidoe

    Ex's and Oh's Guitar Tone

    Hi, I cannot replicate the guitar tone on this one. Especially the guitar solo tone. It sounds like fuzz but I cannot find a good match. Someone could help me to get it ? https://www.dropbox.com/s/6nzotr9zvml53fc/Ex%27s%20%26%20Oh%27s%20Guitar%20Solo%20TONE.mp3?dl=0
  14. djidoe

    AxeEdit bug with pitch block custom scales

    With from panel of AxeFX it's easy to set any notes of the custom we want... On AxeEdit, the software do not let us select the note we want. Thanx
  15. djidoe

    Corrupted preset... how to clear ?

    Hi, I have a bad preset #339 on AxeFX2 Mk I, whenever I pass on this preset, the AxeFX freezes. What can I do if I want to clear it up ? I do not want to loose all my existing presets, can I just clear this bad preset ? Thanx
  16. djidoe

    AxeFX2 and MFC

    Hello, is there a way to make the MFC-101 to follow the patch changes I send via USB to AxeFX2 (midi program change) ? The Axe follows the program changes but not the MFC. Thanx
  17. djidoe

    Your tips for less sponginess with RECTO ?

    As title says, what are your tips for less sponginess with RECTO to get a more grainy and agressive tone ? Thanx
  18. djidoe

    Signal to output 1 and 2

    Hi, please take a look at the picture (link above). Is it possible to send the signal coming out from the Looper Block to the output 1 while the signal coming out from the Enhance Block go to the output 1 and output 2 ? If so, could you explain the way to do it ...
  19. djidoe

    In love with Marshall grit

    The new FW is absoltuley astonishing... Try the Plexi100 (or any other Marshall or Freidman) with the Pre-Rola MIX cab (Cab Pak 6). The grit is fabulous with a Les Paul. Right on the spot for this Cliff ! Thank you
  20. djidoe

    Wish 4 slots looper please

    Please add a 4 slots looper to recall any previous played parts in a song... you can blow on those parts... Bring out the needs for a keyboard player or 2nd guitar player to a band.
  21. djidoe

    Wish Main output level using front panel

    Hi Cliff, It would be great if the front panel could display which scene is edited when we change the main output level of a preset. Thanx
  22. djidoe

    Program Change + Axe FX 2 + MFC-101

    Hi, I'm using a computer to send program changes and everything is working great with the AXE FX 2. But my MFC-101 does not follow the changes. If I send a program change patch #42 the MFC do not follow and stay at the last patch it was before I send the program change. I'm connected via RJ-45...
  23. djidoe

    Loop Stop CC#

    Hi, it would be very nice if you could separate PLAY/STOP midi CC into 2 distinct function : 1 midi CC# for PLAY and 1 midi CC# for STOP in the Looper controls. Thank you
  24. djidoe

    Axe Edit Pitch Block Custom scale problem

    Hi, using latest FW (15.03) and Axe Edit (3.00.12), trying to edit a custom scale in pitch block and Axe Edit didn't let me choose the notes I want to edit : I set E as the tonic and want to set F# as Note 2 but Axe Edit always put A# as I select F#... same for notes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. I...
  25. djidoe

    Looper Block Record Beats...

    If possible, please extend the RECORD BEATS to 32 or even 64 in Looper Block ! That would be helpful ! Thanx
  26. djidoe

    Looper mode and scene switching

    Hi, is it possible to quickly change between scenes while in looper mode ? Obviously using MFC-101 and Axe FX 2 ! Thanx
  27. djidoe


    Hi guys, As a starting point, how should I use EQ to boost my mids ? I understand I should use a bell-type EQ but what is the central frequency to boost ? What Q should I use ? How many db to boost the signal ? I know a lot of you will say "Use you ear", but what is is your experience ...
  28. djidoe

    AE to stay on TOP

    Hi, it would be great if AE could stay on top of the windows. Some programs have that option. Thanx
  29. djidoe

    Web page describing all speakers characteristics ?

    Do you know a web page that would decribe all (or many) speakers typical characteristics ? Ex : Greenbacks are typically harsh and with little emphasize at 200hz... or V30 have typically lot of bass I'm a little lost at those characteristics when I try to chose an IR.... Audio exemple...
  30. djidoe

    Volume compensation between single-coil and humbuckers

    Hi guys, How to you compensate the volume loss when switching between single-coils and humbuckers in the same preset ? Let me explain a little, in a song I'm using single-coil and humbuckers in the same preset using a clean amp with no hi-gain. The problem is there is a lot of volume...
  31. djidoe

    Reading and savin block definitions

    Since I installed FW 11.01, AE3 is reading and saving block definitions EVERY TIME I load It... Is that normal ? I thaught AE3 would read and save it once... Not every time I open it...
  32. djidoe

    Amp + Drive combo to use with SSS Strat

    I'm searching for patches to use with my strat (SSS) : An amp + drive pedal combo for rhythm and lead. I want to approximate a Pink Floyd sound (think Comfortably Numb). Everything I tried lack of dynamic. The guitar tone is so compressed it's unusable. With humbuckers (Les Paul + Ibanez...
  33. djidoe

    Digital Distortion ?

    Hi, here as soundcloud file a .mp3 I just record it using SPDIF to my M-Audio Profire 2626. Could you notice the digital distortion at the end of the mp3 file (decay at 4-5 sec) ? Digital Distrtion ? by Jeff Dolan 2 on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free I'm using...
  34. djidoe

    Axe FX 2 + Scenes selection + MFC101

    Hi, I've played live 2 times since I upgrade my AXE to FW 9 beta. I'm enjoying scenes but have some problem live when switching them via my MFC 101. My IA switches (reveal) 1, 2 and 3 switch scenes (IA switch 1 switches between scene 1 and 2, IA switch 2 switches between 1 and 3 and finally IA...
  35. djidoe

    Red channel etc...

    Hi, Please excuse my ignorance but what is RED Channel, or BLUE Channel you are refering about amps channels ? Could someone explain that to me ? Many thanx
  36. djidoe

    Where to find a list of all amps in the Axe FX 2 (firmware 9 beta) ?

    List in wiki is incomplete. Also Where is the FAS Cruch amp ? Has it been replaced or renamed ? Thanx
  37. djidoe

    REQ : ZZ Top "La Grange" preset

    I'm having difficulties to closely match the guitar sounds used in that song. The overdrived sound is pretty hard to copy. Is someone had succes emulate it and willing to share a patch ? Thanx Djidoe
  38. djidoe

    Piece of mind era

    Hi this is my first 2 attempts with Iron Maiden and on the forum, please let me know what you think of it.
  39. djidoe

    Problem with Pitch Harmony

    Could you take a look to my preset of Iron Maiden (The Trooper). On the pitch block (Y) I have an harmony -6. Every time I reload the patch the number -6 is shown on the Axe Edit but I hear a +6 harmony. If I put back -6 in the harmony, the problem go away but if I reload the patch, the problem...
  40. djidoe

    Delayed Channel

    Hi, I'm new to the AXE FX 2 and want to know how to make a preset with a delayed channel. I want the left channel to be delayed for about 15 ms by the right channel (same sound but just delayed). Also, is it possible to pan an harmonized guitar hard right while the original guitar is panned hard...