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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 6.00 Public Beta

    For it to be TGP the debate would have to be about if we were due a partial or full refund for the firmware being "not as described"
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    Axe-Fx III phasing issues?

    Fractool is like any tool.... It can make certain jobs easier, and sometimes it might not prove so useful... Just to drive a screw with a hammer might just be doable, but, trying to pound a nail with a screwdriver is darn near impossible. Just the same, both a hammer and a screwdriver are...
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 6.00 Public Beta

    User prerogative to install beta firmware (and lets face it, there is even a small "risk" updating ANY firmware) and also FAS's prerogative to release, or pull, any firmware they choose. End users really don't need to tell FAS what to pull any more than FAS should be able to force anyone to...
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    Friedman FRFR cab

    Wouldn’t be my first or second (or third) choice, but not a “bad” product either Not sure how much harder it is to get outside the US, but I’d suggest checking out XiTone (Mick probably can ship anywhere) or the tried and true Atomic CLR, which are just exceptional.
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 6.00 Public Beta

    Heck, if anything, this can be a good way to teach people how to use the recovery ability which was built into the III. Now end user can solve many issues which previously would of required support. Useful tool, and good people know how to use it if needed.
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 6.00 Public Beta

    No one is being forced to install it, and no lasting damage is done. It works for many still, and more people using the beta helps find any other issues that need correcting prior to the actual release. This one aspect could be corrected for a 6.01 beta release, but, then we'd still want...
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    Bug? Dotted 1/8th incorrect ms value?

    Why would a dotted 8th have any specific value to it, be it 375 ms, 625 etc ? Its simply a ratio of the tap tempo value you enter for a given preset. If you want to set your delay time at 375ms, then you don't want to use note value for tempo, you want to turn that off, and instead enter the...
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    Great Mike Ness documentary on YouTube

    I don’t fully agree with every opinion he has on gear these days, but still really cool to hear him talking about all his influences growing up etc I thought, and he’s much less of a dick now too lol. Don’t get me wrong, Social D was a huge influence on me and I think he’s an amazing song...
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    effects presets - do they exist?

    When you buy a pedal it doesn’t really come with presets, it has a number of knobs and you adjust those knobs to where you like the sound. I don’t think “presets” really work because who is to say what the correct speed, depth etc is for a given pedal? Is a univibe with a slow rate and high...
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    Great Mike Ness documentary on YouTube

    Just came across this new online series Ernie Ball is doing called "In Pursuit of Tone"..... This episode is about one of my favorite guitar players/song writers, Mike Ness of Social Distortion, one of my favorite bands growing up... Pretty well shot and entertaining 55 minute piece, with some...
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    When recording, are you guys using effects or adding effects later with plugin (or reamp with Fractal effects)?

    I remember when I was starting out and wanted, say a compressor. Well that meant saving up $100 or so and trying to find one of those cheap half rack ones, which sounded good, but you could just process one track, unless you could afford to buy several lol These days it’s crazy how much we can...
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    When recording, are you guys using effects or adding effects later with plugin (or reamp with Fractal effects)?

    Depends on the track, sometimes I like some vst stuff like EchoBoy, other times I like the Axe internal stuff, neither better, just different. I usually just mess about until soemthing sounds cool, no formula really. So many cool ways to make music these days, it’s almost overkill from...
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    Will the factory preset banks ever be updated for Ares v1.03?

    I'd imagine all resources are being directed towards firmware finalization for the FM3, new features for the III, working out production of the FM3, filling orders for the FC6/12's, new presets is probably low on the list....? The current ones still sound great in most cases too, sometimes even...
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    I’m no good - I will never ever be any good

    I play because I enjoy it, not because I’m good, or what to become better. I simply enjoy the act of playing, good nor bad. Doesn’t try to compare myself to anyone, or impress anyone, it’s just a passion I’ve always enjoyed. Guitar is a journey, not a destination
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    Is there a decent weather app for iOS?

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    FC-12 vs FC-6 decision

    The 4 external stand-in switches really make the already versatile Fc6 a whole new unit. Kind of a fc10 of sorts.... obviously the 12 could also benefit, going up to 16, but maybe gets to the point of overkill for many, and with a lot more stage real estate... I have my 6 with a dedicated...
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.09 Public Beta

    I don’t know about this performance page feature guys..... One of the main arguments I see against modelers, from people who prefer amps or analog pedalboards is that they like immediate control... “I want to be able to bend down and turn up my chorus depth, not edit through menus” or “I want...
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    Noisy Fan

    Swap it out with a new fan, takes about 30 seconds
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    Build your own external switch box....How?

    That is a cool and rugged design, never saw one of those before... thanks for the tip. Might be tricky for a DIY, but I do like the concept... Something like 3 wholly rollers in a row though would be really cool across the top of the FC though, really easy to adjust with a toe/foot, great for...
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    FC-6 / FC-12 Waitlist... When?

    FAS will ship in 2 boxes even if you order them together I bet, so likely no real benefit or cost savings of buying them one at a time or both together
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    Build your own external switch box....How?

    Nicely done Larry, like the foot adjustable idea I’m try to out together a similar concept, but I’m trying to come up with a large vertical wheel, ala the UberVibe or the old Maestro phaser with the “balls” control Something with like a 3” diameter, and the edge of the wheel just slightly...
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    Expressing our appreciation to Cliff...

    Cliff has an Audi R8, which I like to think I helped in some small part to provide him with, in exchange for the awesome products and service FAS has offered me. It’s a win/win relationship. He makes awesome gear, I buy it, he gets the fruits of his labors, I get awesome guitar tones.
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    Sustainiac simulation?

    You can find a used FreqOut! for under $100 these days
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.09 Public Beta

    Did you miss the winking emoticon, or just haven’t had your coffee yet, because your taking an innocent joke pretty seriously....
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    Wish Mirror Block

    Pre and post can certainly sound different in some instances, just like reverb, chorus etc. I personally have always liked having slight differences when I'm doing any sort of parallel signal chains, use different delay type etc, while still having them tempo synced. Just like not using two...
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    Wish Mirror Block

    It might be straightforward on the surface, but without knowing how the processing works internally, it could be a huge resource hog, introduce added latency etc, especially if you wanted it to be able to function in realtime
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    Wish Keeley style comp

    I used to have a couple of Keeley comps back in the day, I think they are essentially just a Ross clone, which in itself is basically a Dynacomp variation. Not really much unique stuff has gone on with compressor pedals, other than adding a clean blend knob, or, the stuff like the Cali76 and...
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    FM3 hot questions (and, hopefully, answers)

    Guarantee that if FAS put out a Axe III in a floor board unit, which could do high quality reverb etc, and cost $2499 or whatever the III costs, that SOMEONE would complain how they don't need high quality reverb live, how they don't want to be forced to pay all that money for the extra DSP as...
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    Nektar Pacer as a new foot controller option?

    Glad to hear this unit is still going strong. I since moved to a FC, but the Pacer is some great bang for the buck, like a more versatile and easier to program Behringer FB1010 for just a few bucks more. FC’s are pretty hard to beat though....
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    Swells without an expression pedal?

    Decades worth of classic guitar tracks were done with the age old method of rolling up the volume pot with your pinky finger while picking (works best with a strat of course, or a tele with a flipped control plate works too). Certainly is a different sound that post amp block volume pedal, just...
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    Truck Bed Liner Spray?

    Mine has like 1/4th” gap between the grill and the cabinet, but I don’t know how thick that stuff goes on. Could probably mask off the inner edge of you spray it if you don’t want to worry about fit
  32. L

    Truck Bed Liner Spray?

    Big con could be having to take it all apart to spray it I’d say. Might need to prep it to get good adhesion as well I’m thinking of wrapping mine in tweed and replacing the grill with a brown Fender grill cloth. Certainly won’t be more durable but maybe a bit cooler looking
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    FRFR Project Ideas

    Fun sounding project, but certainly some deals to be had on used FRFR stuff... I got my CLR's for $600 each, shipped, and with free padded covers. I probably couldn't build anything nearly as good for that same money, and it sure would be more work (which can be a fun thing depending on how you...
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    Swells without an expression pedal?

    Always the good old fashioned way of just turning your guitar volume pot too......
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    Fractal device for vocals

    Make no mistake, there is a small market for such a product, but that is essentially the issue when it comes to bringing products to the market, economies of scale. You need to sell a lot of them to make the production viable. Your market is essentially singers who want studio quality channel...
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    Wish Foxx Phaser

    I don’t know... I think it could probably be matched pretty closely. I’ve been able to match most of my phaser collection near identically with a little tweaking. Maestro, Bad Stone, Boss PH2, MXR Phase 100, Jam RetroVibe etc. sold all that stuff when I got the tone in the Axe. Takes a...
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    Wish Foxx Phaser

    did you read this thread ? Some suggestions on matching the effect https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/has-anyone-emulated-brian-may’s-foxx-foot-phaser.136805/
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    Any decent Chorus sounds?

    A lot of the classic Cure chorus sounds were actually a flanger 50% mix is also a lot of chorus, I often back it off to like 20% or so Don’t turn things like depth or rate all the way up, pedals like the CE2 didn’t have nearly the range of control as the Axe, 10 on the pedal could equal like...
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    Acoustic room treatment?

    Always better to first set up the room and see what it needs, opposed to treating a room, then setting up your studio and hoping it sounds good. One had rooms that needed surprisingly little treatment, and I’ve had rooms I selected thinking would be ideal that sounded so bad it wouldn’t be...
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    Fractal Sounds Different in FOH?

    Lucky thing is the audience doesn’t know it sounds different (nor cares if it did), so while you can tell something might sound a bit off, no one else listening is going to. This isn’t to say there isn’t “bad sound”, guys doing a horrible job running the board etc, but too often guitarist sweat...
  41. L

    Fractal device for vocals

    This would be a rather niche product with a pretty small market, IMO. There are already lots of lower end vocal processors on the market, and live most singers are doing outboard processing through the sound board, as well as many digital boards now having their own effects. I just can’t see...
  42. L

    Singers suck!

    There is no doubt some truth to that..... I mean look at how many guitar/gear forums there are for guitarist vs how many there are for drummers, vocalist etc I mean is there a vocalist equivalent to “TGP” ? Probably not..... Says a lot about the mentality of “some” guitarists out there, no?
  43. L

    Wish Horizon precision drive modeling?

    I think we can change the word "apex" to a blank space "________", print the phrase on a t-shirt, and include one free with every new FAS purchase =)
  44. L

    FC/Axe-Fx 3 display basics

    Can’t quite wrap my head around this thread, but if we take everything at face value, what I think the OP actually would be best served by is something like a cheap tablet running fracpad, allowing him to sit in a chair and adjust parameters on the Axe remotely, and without needing a full...
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    Stereo Harmonic Tremolo

    I’ve always found harmonic tremolo to do a pretty good vibe effect. Used to jam with a buddy who used a Flint with the harmonic trem setting for a lot of classic univive tracks and it really sounded great. I don’t know why Fender didn’t continue it on the old brown face amps, guess optical...
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    FED UP with UPS!

    I’ve had UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL et al, make claims “business closed/recipient unavailable” when I was sitting home waiting for a given delivery over the years. Happens with every carrier
  47. L

    FED UP with UPS!

    Surely with this being Memorial Day weekend we can all appreciate that there are far bigger things in life than a silly foot controller showing up a few days late ? For what it’s worth as well, I waited for over a full year to get mine, 365+ days. Will 2 extra days really matter in the grand...
  48. L

    FED UP with UPS!

    Use the next two days to get some chores and grocery shopping etc done because you’ll have very little free time after Tuesday.....
  49. L

    FM3 purchase option

    Simply by having that price ($3500 I think it was) FAS essentially limited the appeal of people buying one just for the sake of resale for profit. If you wanted to spend $3500 for one, you’d surely pay FAS, not a guy on Reverb, so the flipper market is diminished. When the flipper market is...
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    End of new presets for AX8??

    Certainly plenty that are :) Kind of like the guitar pedal business in a way, we have 100’s of different tone benders, tube screamers, fuzz faces etc, all based on the same circuit, but someone says they used a “rare NOS carbon cap that you can’t buy anywhere” and they charge $200 for the...
  51. L

    End of new presets for AX8??

    Not to say the current tones aren’t great, but are there really that many “new” tones out there still ? How many different ways can you tweak a Fender or Marshall that we haven’t already heard ? There are already such a vast assortment of what each and every amp model can do I don’t really see...
  52. L

    colds, flu, and ear canal debris...

    Any recent issues with allergies, sinus pain/pressure, et al.? Sounds like you might have some Eustachian tube dysfunction which is resulting in a bit of a negative pressure building up in your middle ear, then the yawning/jaw movement, tends to stretch the Eustachian tube, which gets it to...
  53. L

    Seeking Inexpensive - Good Sounding Bass for Tracking

    I have one of the short scale squier jaguar basses, think it was $129 on sale at MF Plays nicely and the 30” is easier for be as a guitar player. Great bang for the buck
  54. L

    Expanding on the FC-6

    I think any 10-100k linear taper pot should work well
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    Please make an FM7

    Indeed, could you image the hit to potential FM3 says if Cliff said something like “maybe” to a FM9 or whatever? Folks not buying the 3 and waiting for the bigger unit they were “promised” to be coming soon, then if doesn’t happen soon enough folks are pissed they didn’t get the FM3 from the...
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    WISH: More outputs blocks (SPDIF)

    Given the limited cpu power, only one amp block etc (not complaining mind you), I’m kind of wondering how many applications there would be for a 6 mono output unit ? Like what applications would that serve ? On my III I’ve done stuff like run dual guitars through two amp blocks, and also a...
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    Fuzz Crazy Horse Pedal from Durham Electronics......

    I suppose in fairness though, one probably wouldn’t be using a shimmer type P&W reverb along with a really filthy heavy fuzz tone in most situations. Electric Wizard meets Hillsong?... might be cool though lol
  58. L

    Tone Match Presets!!

    What sounds great for one persons guitar, pickups, taste etc, might not work for another. TM for one person might not sound great when I use my rig, so it’s not really soemthing that has a ton of value in sharing, IMO
  59. L

    Fuzz Crazy Horse Pedal from Durham Electronics......

    Good point. Certainly can do some cool stuff with things like a parallel block running an octave fuzz, mixed to taste, to get a closer tone to the SuperFuzz or Foxx Tone Machine type of sound with that subtle but important hint of octave up mixed in with the distortion. Takes a good bit of...
  60. L

    Fuzz Crazy Horse Pedal from Durham Electronics......

    I’m not saying it’s not possible to produce some pleasing tones, but, there certainly isn’t the same level of circuit level tweaking possible in the drive block as you find in the amp block. There is a decent amount of tone shaping, but not like the amp block where you can dive in and change...
  61. L

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.08

    I think we have Justin York to thank for that great idea See kids, wish list items do come true (sometimes)
  62. L

    When did the guitar became a pariah instrument?

    Part of it isn’t opinion though, it’s a known fact that sound exposure results in hearing loss, tinnitus, reduced frequency resolution etc. If Joe wants to crank his amp, more power to him, just as if Joe wants to play American Football with a leather helmet, go for it, but I’d sure hate to see...
  63. L

    Fuzz Crazy Horse Pedal from Durham Electronics......

    There are no parameters for starving the transistors of voltage to get those really Velcro and horn sounds, the bias control works to an extent, but depends on the circuit to a large extent. Kind of the beauty of fuzz, $1.50 worth of parts soldered together in a certain manner, with a...
  64. L

    When did the guitar became a pariah instrument?

    Usually the exact opposite is true.... ever let each member of the band dial in a mix ? 95% of the time their own instrument is louder... go figure Good of an engineer is to mix a band as a whole, not just make the guitar twice as loud as the keys, etc, even though they guitar player or...
  65. L

    Wish FREQOUT pedal

    Also worth mentioning that the pedals are going for next to nothing used, places were doing them for $100 new, so the value in selling one may be less that it initially was, kind of just worth keeping it these days
  66. L

    Wish FREQOUT pedal

    I do it with an expression pedal, but a switch could work as well, I use the expression pedal to adjust the level going to the FreqOut in the loop, with the pedal always on. When the pedal has the audio routed to it it is affected by its onboard controls, swell time etc, and I can get that...
  67. L

    When did the guitar became a pariah instrument?

    Isn't this essentially so many of us are now using the Axe=Fx instead of hauling multiple amps, huge boards, and needing tons of volume to not sound 'subpar' ??? With a modeler we can achieve ideal amp tone at any level we want, not to mention not needing to freight a bunch of different amps...
  68. L

    Wish FREQOUT pedal

    The Freqout could be a patentable application of a feedback reduction algorithm which can’t just be copied in the same way a fuzz circuit could... same as you can’t just duplicate the Kemper profiling concept etc That said, you don’t need to run a bunch of log cables, just put it into a loop...
  69. L

    When did the guitar became a pariah instrument?

    Yep, I don’t want second hand smoke these days, just like I don’t want to drive a car without seatbelts and an unpadded dashboard, nor do I want my plumbing made with lead pipes etc... We’ve learned the dangers of these things just like we’ve seen the lasting damage of loud noises on our...
  70. L

    iPad with Peterson tuner set up

    I think you need to have one of those custom TSSR style 1/8"th mini plugs for the Peterson app to be to receive the incoming audio signal. I've got one where the other end is a 1/4th" female, and I can plug my guitar cable right into it. Works really well I thought about using the app with an...
  71. L

    FM3: When?

    I think the II value has likely stabilized to an extent, though they certainly aren't going for what they used too (as most things don't) I sold my first one years ago for like $1800, and was lucky to get $1200 shipped for my last one, although, compared to lots of electronic items, getting...
  72. L

    "FM3 and other products in development".....curious, what are those others ?

    FAS espresso maker than can rival any machine made in Italy for 1/3rd the price ?
  73. L

    Wish Vinyl/LoFi Effect

    I think there is already a preset with that very effect, at least there used to be on the II
  74. L

    Electric Mistress Emulation - Axe-Fx III

    I figure since I’ve been able to sell off so many modulation and drive pedals I have plenty of extra cash to put into my hobby of building DIY fuzz boxes, which really are the one thing that it may never be possible to fully emulate in any buffered digital audio device lol
  75. L

    Crowd pleasers like "Rocky mountain way" or "Roadhouse blues"?

    Depends largely on the crowd.... songs that are going on what, nearly 50 years old, probably aren’t too popular with a demographic who is all under 30 years of age, but are timeless classics for folks who remember hearing them when they were new songs.
  76. L

    Anyone run into this when ordering an Axe-Fx III ?

    See, simple personal exchange gets it all worked out... Heck, that is how all business used to be done, and we had a lot less issues than we do today when anyone can claim to be anyone else, buying stuff without having to talk to another person. Sure it’s great to buy stuff at 3am on a whim...
  77. L

    Anyone run into this when ordering an Axe-Fx III ?

    I’d love to see how Doug reacts if he ever gets a fraudulent charge on his account.... “why don’t companies do more to protect the customer?” I’m sure he’d be screaming.....
  78. L

    Anyone run into this when ordering an Axe-Fx III ?

    I know I have to get new cards like every 6 months because sooner or later I get some fraudulent charges popping up. Like $500 and $800 to some retailer I’ve never dealt with, and it’s basically just crooks getting your info and trying it, along with probably a 100 other numbers an hour til...
  79. L

    A new pedal modeled after Abasi Axe-modeled sounds?

    It’s not specifically stating that, but I think it kind of implies that, even though a more informed reader knows the fallacy of that assumption. The article states that the key to his tone is the “complex” Axe-Fx II, then talks about how the pedal is designed to get his tone. That does not...
  80. L

    Who listens to music with their Axe-Fx?

    When I’m using it as an audio interface and want to play something I do, but it’s not my always on interface. I can’t say I hear a difference either, BUT, I’m usually listening to YouTube, mp3’s Etc, so probably the weak link in the chain lol
  81. L

    Drive blocks: Stacking drives

    Many hardware drive pedals have unity gain pretty low on the level dial, I often would run many of mine set quite low, like 9o'clock, especially when stacking them, or using another pedal with a lot of gain. Most of the drive blocks in the III tend to have levels up pretty high, so just like if...
  82. L

    A new pedal modeled after Abasi Axe-modeled sounds?

    If guess if you can say a pedal costing, what, $199???, sounds like a processor costing $2000, you make the pedal seem like quite a great value by some stretch of the imagination lol
  83. L

    A new pedal modeled after Abasi Axe-modeled sounds?

    That is certainly kind of a mind blowing paradox.... The Axe is supposed to sound just like an amp, but then you have a pedal that isn’t supposed to be the typical amp in the box, but a guitar modeler in the box.....
  84. L

    Implemented Front panel encoders programmable

    Certainly would be cool as an option to have a layout bring up certain knob parameters. Certainly cases where one wouldn’t want that as well, but I think it would be cool if you had, say a layout with amp and drive channels, where you also had parameters come up for drive, input gain etc, and...
  85. L

    Implemented Front panel encoders programmable

    I’m sure it’s difficult, but, I think part of the point of the FM3, is the shared UI and modeling, which should allow development to be transferred across the product platforms. The FM3 would be an ideal form factor/usage for assignable performance knobs, and said development should easily...
  86. L

    Any new FM3 videos coming?

    Should sound pretty darn similar to any of the III videos I’d wager
  87. L

    New Fractal and Axe-Fx III owner - Where to start from scratch?

    I enjoy my CLR’s more than my desktop monitors, but both sound good. CLR’s are essentially studio monitors that can just get really really loud if you want, BUT, they also sound great at lower home volumes too, and amazing in stereo.
  88. L

    Wish Gilmour PULSE amp model

    I wouldn’t sweat the details too much, the amp really isn’t a big part of his tone IMO, more in the compression, drives, and obviously his unique phrasing and touch. I think Gilmour would sound exactly like himself using the existing Hiwatt, BF etc models, as do the guys from Brit Floyd get...
  89. L

    New Fractal and Axe-Fx III owner - Where to start from scratch?

    Don’t really have to do too much honestly, some great tones from the stock presets already. Just turn the dial to the deluxe reverb, the Friedman HBE, the 100 watt Plexi and jam. Those things are pretty perfectly dialed in with no real need to tweak anything. Obviously tons you can edit and...
  90. L

    Electric Mistress Emulation - Axe-Fx III

    Master Fuzz, turn the bias all the way down to get that gated/voltage starved tone, roll the tone pot way back on your guitar, neck pickup, ideally a tele, and finger pick. Will get you 95% there
  91. L

    Too Much Gear?

    Playing guitar is as much a hobby as is playing with gear, tweaking sounds, building pedals etc. I don't really view one as a mean to the other, nor do I honestly have any aspirations as a guitar player these days. By that, I mean its something I do just for fun; I don't expect to become a rock...
  92. L

    Electric Mistress Emulation - Axe-Fx III

    I don't find there is any real secret, just have to pretty much twist knobs, take a listen, swap back to the real pedal, take a listen, and repeat til it sound about right. I don't know what half the parameters technically do, but I can get an idea of sonically what is happening, and if its in...
  93. L

    Electric Mistress Emulation - Axe-Fx III

    The flanger block certainly takes some tweaking but I agree that very nice results can be obtained. I previously had an e-lady and Hartman flanger which I felt I could really reproduce when I owned my II, always kept the hardware flanger in a loop. With the III, and maybe some enhancements to...
  94. L

    Ares modeling in Axe-Fx 2 vs FM3 (I know Ares for Axe-Fx 3)?

    Ax8 sounded great but it was a pain to navigate from the front panel, though the amp control knobs are handy The III, and now the fm3, interface is a lot easier to use, navigate pages, big color display etc. I felt I needed to use the computer editor for the Ax8, but on my III I’m happy to use...
  95. L

    Wish for Factory presets

    Leon already shares lots of presets and videos, Burgs gives all his presets away freely, Austin sells a very reasobably priced bundle with tons of presets and said be willing offer the same for the III, Marco probably will offer his as well... etc etc Essentially most everything your after...
  96. L

    Wish Export Option in Cab block

    Given that FAS seemingly already doesn't allow the user to export any of the factory IR's, I guess due to licensing reasons?, I don't know if such a feature that allowed custom mixes utilizing the factory IR's would be implemented
  97. L

    SPL levels when playing out?

    155db acoustic test for the new Orion capsule.... basically seeing if it will shake apart if they turn up dat bass.... Wonder if that test system is FRFR lol https://www.spaceflightinsider.com/missions/human-spaceflight/acoustic-testing-begins-on-aa-2-orion-capsule-at-nasa-plum-brook-station/
  98. L

    3rd Party IRs a solution for stemming off "obsolescence"?

    There are already a bunch of 3rd party IR’s from Redwirez, Ownhammer, ML etc in the factory IR list
  99. L

    FC: which external switches?

    Just use momentary switches for functions such as changing layouts, bank etc, and the FC will reflect the change, so you don’t need LED’s. For things like turning a given effect on/off your better with an internal switch as it’s always going to reflect the correct status upon loading et al, not...