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  1. unix-guy

    Backup Faster!

    Somehow even though I've been here and pretty active for a long time, I hated never heard this tip for speeding up backups. Here's a section of quotes for reference:
  2. unix-guy

    “For the Love of God” ISO track

    Just saw this courtesy of Guitar World magazine: This is my all time favorite instrumental track. Amazing how much high end there is... To the point of being a bit fatiguing. Never really noticed that in the mix.
  3. unix-guy

    Singers suck!

    So my band has a gig at the Sacramento County Fair tonight. We're an originals only band and we have a 45 minute set at 8:30. Our singer texts this morning to cancel because she doesn't feel well... Apparently, she never heard the expression "the show must go on"! Fortunately, I was able to...
  4. unix-guy

    The RCB Boost is great!

    Lately I'm finding that RCB Boost is really doing it for me. Feeding it with mostly default settings into a clean-ish amp provides a nice edge of breakup tone, and moving the Drive up to 10 and bumping the level a bit gets some really organic lead tones, especially with a neck single coil, or...
  5. unix-guy

    Looper noodling

    Last night I was messing around and came up with a fun little loop. Thought I would share just for fun, but this is definitely a low grade affair: out of my Xitones into Voice Recorder via the iPhone mic. https://www.dropbox.com/s/mas8y2lpmsjfqwg/New Recording 19.mp3?dl=0
  6. unix-guy

    Tedeschi Trucks Band - Fox Theater

    I saw Tedeschi Trucks band last night (5/10) at the Fox Theater in Oakland, California. They were great - highly recommend you see them! Susan Tedeschi has a voice that is... Damn! Cut through the sometimes dense mix like a hot knife thru butter... Derek Trucks is soooo good. Amazing tones. I...
  7. unix-guy

    Sonny Landreth: Fractal Artist and very under rated!

    Here's a cool video of Fractal artist and slide guitar wizard Sonny Landreth... Oh, and some dude named Derek Trucks is there, too ;)
  8. unix-guy

    Wish: allow Control Switch as modifier source for Channel Select

    I would really love it if there was a way to use a Control Switch as a modifier or "trigger" for block channel Select. I'm not exactly how it would work, but even if it were limited to a "toggle" type of behavior where it could be used to change between 2 channels it would be really useful...
  9. unix-guy

    Bug: Channel Toggle not retaining Upper Limit

    I have a button defined on 2 separate layouts that has the exact same function: Channel Toggle on the MUX block. In both cases, I want Lower Limit "A" and Upper Limit "C". I've had odd behavior with the Upper Limit reverting back to "F" but didn't make the connection until just now as to a...
  10. unix-guy

    Example preset for running 2 guitars and a bass simultaneously?

    Hey folks, my band has been booked for a gig where we need a quick setup and breakdown. They normally have bands use their (poor) backline and stage monitors (we are 100% direct with IEMs normally). Last year we ran 3 Axe Fx II units, each in mono instead... And it worked, but felt like it...
  11. unix-guy

    No Global blocks for Input/Output/MUX?

    So I've finally decided to start back into using Global blocks like I did on the Axe Fx II. I created a template preset with my "common" blocks all linked to Global blocks. However, I was wondering why there are no Global blocks for Input/Output/MUX? I can't think of a logical reason to...
  12. unix-guy

    10,000th post!

    Wow... I can't believe that since 2013 I've posted 10,000 messages here! I would like to thank Fractal for providing me with the amazing gear that inspires me to play more, tweak more, learn more and enjoy guitar more every single day! And thanks to you bunch of knuckle heads for sharing the...
  13. unix-guy

    Distorted vs Clean tones when comparing IRs

    Why do distorted sounds seem to highlight the differences between IRs more than clean sounds do? I play clean-ish stuff about 80% of the time. I also tend to stick with the same few IRs on all of my presets. Every once in a while, I decide to try different IRs again to see if I can find a new...
  14. unix-guy

    Snarky Puppy Dunlop Sessions

    Stumbled on this last night. Really enjoyed the whole thing. Thought I would share :)
  15. unix-guy

    Emulating Tech 21 Double Drive?

    I want to try and emulate the Tech21 Double Drive pedal using the Drive blocks in the Axe Fx. Trying to figure out a good starting point. Some relative info on the pedal, which has a "Class A" drive and a "Class A/B" drive. The Class A drive is cascaded into the Class A/B drive. I'm...
  16. unix-guy

    Wish Assign default button Category colors

    Just finished playing around with the latest Axe Edit to update layouts. I was in the mood to try assigning different colors (compared to factory defaults) to the various button functions (categories). I see that I can assign non-default colors per button but could not find where I can change...
  17. unix-guy

    Bug: Effect Bypass with auto engage?

    I finally decided to go beyond the 2 basic layouts I've been using (modified versions of the Scenes and Presets layouts). I wanted to have a layout for controlling effects - either on/off or channel selection. In any event, I started with the factory Effects layout and changed a few things for...
  18. unix-guy

    Friendly reminder: tell your loved ones you love them

    I got a call out of the blue today that my mother-in-law was in the hospital, unresponsive. My wife was at an appointment and not able to be disturbed. An hour later, she was on life support but brain dead. Now, she's gone. :( She was living in another state. We last saw her several months...
  19. unix-guy

    Suhr vs PRS vs ??

    I know some of you fine folks own some exquisite axes. I have some nice guitars, but almost all of them are mid-late eighties MIJ Ibanez (the golden age of Ibanez, IMO) and were bought used (or assembled my me from vintage parts) for less than $500. These were top of the line when new, so they...
  20. unix-guy

    Peter Frampton farewell tour...

    Sad news for any guitarist to get this kind of diagnosis: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/peter-frampton-farewell-tour-will-be-his-last-singer-reveals-inclusion-body-myositis-diagnosis-in-cbs-this-morning-interview-2019-02-23/
  21. unix-guy

    I am a Fan Boy!

    You know what I love? Being called a Fractal Fan Boy! It's a badge of honor to have this name bestowed upon me by another forum member because I don't agree with their assessment of a Fractal product. Therefore, I must be a Fan Boy. Some people seem to think I am incapable of making a...
  22. unix-guy

    D'OH moment!

    So I was just jamming on a little preset I'm experimenting with trying to get a Timmons vibe (Tx Star Clean + BB Pre set low + ACB for a mild boost + dual delay, sounds sweet!). I was using headphones and felt like the shorter delay needed a bit more feedback to feel balanced with the longer...
  23. unix-guy

    Axe Fx II Final Update - Breaking News!

    I just thought I would share this quote from Cliff as it might easily be missed in the middle of the beta firmware thread
  24. unix-guy

    You like me... You really do!

    I was just notified by the forum software that I've received 5000 likes... Yay me! That is all :)
  25. unix-guy

    Bug: FC-12 default layout 1 (presets) not right

    I just updated to FW 3.0 and was playing around with using Layout 1 (I reset all layouts for FC-12 sitting initial setup). I was trying to figure out what the heck was going on as Layout 1 seemed to be showing duplicate presets. I checked the global bank size was set to 10 because I remember...
  26. unix-guy

    FS Budda SuperDrive II 18w 2x12

    Hi folks, I have a nice Budda SuperDrive II 18w 2x12 that I've decided should be owned by somebody that puts it to use and I'm just totally Axe Fx for these days. This is a fairly early model with hand-written serial number (but not hand-wired). It's got a full complement of JJ tubes... Nice...
  27. unix-guy

    Implemented: Wish: Channel select Smart bypass ring color change follows bypass

    I've set up a button on my FC-12 to select Channel B on my Drive 2 block, and set Smart Bypass to ON. I plan to use to occasionally turn on that drive and also select channel B. This functions great... However, suppose I'm in a scene where Drive 2 is not on channel B and is also bypassed...
  28. unix-guy

    Bug: Channel Select custom label incorrect -FIXED

    Ok, so I think I've found a bug. When setting up a button with Channel Select as in the image below, the mini LCD does NOT show the custom label. What it shows is "2B"... After it sits for a while then it starts "stuttering" between showing "2B" and "B" very quickly. It functions correctly...
  29. unix-guy

    Big Wreck War Baby lead tone

    Anyone have thoughts on how to achieve the lead tone on Big Wreck's War Baby? It's got a very distinct character to my ears....
  30. unix-guy

    NOT A BUG: Input EQ not flat by default on some Amp models?

    I don't know if this is by design, but I was playing around this morning and accidentally discovered that Input EQ is not flat by default on some Amp models. I have not used the Input EQ much other than occasionally experimenting as I was today. On the Bludojai Lead I the low cut is quite...
  31. unix-guy

    What are forum "Trophy Points"?

    I was bored and decided to look at the forum "Notable Members" which shows top ranking forum users by Posts, Likes and Trophy Points. I obviously know what posts and likes are, but what are forum "Trophy Points"?
  32. unix-guy

    Isn't She Lovely

    Just stumbled on this on YouTube: Tom Quayle and Martin Miller. Minor appearance of an AX8 (I think). Great tune and lovely playing.
  33. unix-guy

    Why do I like Drive + Amp more than Amp drive?

    This has been bugging me lately... Because I feel like there are more amp models I could be using for solo tones. Why do I like Drive + Amp more than Amp drive? Is it because most of my use of tube amps prior to the Axe Fx was with a "pedal platform" setup where I used a Budda SuperDrive II...
  34. unix-guy

    Control Switch documentation?

    Ok... Where is the Control Switch documentation for the Axe Fx III? There is no mention of the phrase "control switch" that I can find while searching the PDF manual. I haven't worried about this until now because the FCs were not shipping, but now that they are I want to do some reading and...
  35. unix-guy

    It's a bargain...

    1979 Rick Turner Model 1 Original Lindsey Buckingham Guitar https://reverb.com/item/17790181-1979-rick-turner-model-1-original-lindsey-buckingham-guitar?utm_source=ios-app&utm_medium=share
  36. unix-guy

    Weird trivia moment

    This morning I was listening to the Steven Wilson album The Raven That Refused to Sing. I noted (not for the first time) how much I really liked the opening bass line from the opening track, Luminol. I decided that I should really find out who was the bassist on the album, since I didn't...
  37. unix-guy

    Dallas / Fort Worth

    I'm going to be in Fort Worth for about 10 days starting next week to visit my new grandson. My son in law is also a guitarist and I was thinking it might be fun to spend some time at the local guitar shops. I recently read about The Guitar Sanctuary and definitely want to visit. Any other...
  38. unix-guy

    Useful tools

    Whenever I discover a new music-related tool that proves useful I like to share it with others. I first heard about the String Stretcha from Thomas Nordegg (Steve Vai's guitar tech) at Vai Academy in January. I ordered one from Amazon, but had yet to use it until today. I'm very impressed with...
  39. unix-guy

    Black November sale!

    Didn't see anything posted here but just saw it on Facebook! Axe Fx III for $2249! You're welcome :)
  40. unix-guy

    Oli Herbert - R.I.P.

    Just saw this in my daily email from Guitar World: https://www.guitarworld.com/news/all-that-remains-guitarist-oli-herbert-has-died I only know of Oli from some columns and a story or two, but I'm sure there are some fans here.
  41. unix-guy

    Stereo Cab block question

    Yesterday I was playing around with the ML Legends cab pack (great, by the way!). I normally use a stereo Cab block with a different IR panned hard left and hard right. When trying the new IRs using the same preset, I didn't want to change both the left and right slots to the same IR, so I...
  42. unix-guy

    When you get requested to play Tender Surrender

    Stumbled across this on YouTube. ;)
  43. unix-guy

    Vai Jamathon live stream... Now!

    www.jamathon.org is live streaming now. At the moment Dweezil is on stage. Enjoy :) @iaresee @bradlake
  44. unix-guy

    Delay into Reverb?

    So historically I've not been much of a Reverb user. Instead, I've tended to be a "delay always on" kind of guitarist. However, over recent years of using the Axe Fx I have incorporated a mild reverb into my presets in addition to (currently) a dual delay similar to Andy Timmons. The reverb has...
  45. unix-guy

    Bug: What the hell is happening here? Wah weirdness

    Playing around with setting up a wah controlled by the envelope, and got things where I was liking them. Played a nice maj7 chord and noticed some weird behavior. You can see a short video here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/oh67ld41pu3ah99/IMG_3301.MOV?dl=0
  46. unix-guy

    Game Changer Plasma?

    Just stumbled across this... Interesting sound: https://www.gamechangeraudio.com/plasma/ Anyone have any experience with one?
  47. unix-guy

    Midi Guitar 2 + iPad + Axe-Fx III?

    Is anyone here using Midi Guitar 2 + iPad + Axe Fx III? I had played around a bit before with Midi Guitar 2 and now I have a need to use it. I would like to be able to use it with a preset on the Axe Fx III so that I can have both a guitar signal chain and a synth signal chain BUT it appears I...
  48. unix-guy

    NGD - PRS content

    I've been an Ibanez guy for a long time, and was about to pull the trigger on the new AZ242 in Tequila Sunrise Gradient (which looks and sounds amazing) but the neck thickness is just too chunky for someone who plays original Wizard necks for two decades+. The other day my buddy from work went...
  49. unix-guy

    No longer an Axe-Fx III gig virgin...

    Today was my first gig with the Axe Fx III. It went off without a hitch and performed well, just as solid as my Axe Fx II and XL+ have proven since 2013 when I hopped on the Fractal train. I would have preferred to already have the FC-12, but I have the MFC working well enough to use for now.
  50. unix-guy

    Soundslice? Mark Lettiere content

    Anyone here familiar with Soundslice? I was looking for Mark Lettieri tabs and came across this: https://www.soundslice.com/store/teachers/mark-lettieri/ Mark's web site links here, too, so I assume it's pretty legit. The free sample under the the Spark and Echo offering appears to be very...
  51. unix-guy

    String recommendation

    So today I was changing strings on a couple guitars and noted that I have only a couple sets left. I decided to go place a bulk order like I do every 18 months or so, only to discover that apparently Fender 150xl strings are no longer for sale anywhere. I'm pretty particular about the gauges I...
  52. unix-guy

    Bandhelper + Axe-Fx III - send tempo

    Hi folks, so I got my lightning to USB B cable (no need for "adapter") and have Bandhelper on my iPhone or iPad sending midi beat clock to the Axe Fx III. It works, BUT watching the tempo screen the tempo seems to "bounce". I set my devices to send tempo and stop after 4 bars (no need to run...
  53. unix-guy

    Officially old!

    Today I turn 50! Damn, I'm old... Although I know there are plenty of you ahead of me. On a related note, I share my birthday with one of my guitar heroes, Joe Satriani. :) That is all.
  54. unix-guy

    Hear 'n Aid / Stars - behind the scenes

    Wow... Totally just stumbled across this awesome video. The pinnacle of 80's hard rock and metal. Very cool! I really loved this tune... Had a full size vinyl LP! Standouts vocally: Ronnie James Dio (of course!) Geoff Tate Rob Halford Dave Meniketti Standouts on guitar: Buck Dharma Vivian...
  55. unix-guy

    Barrel connector specs?

    So... I've waited for the new FCs and still plan on getting an FC-12 as soon as possible. But in the meantime, I want to start using the Axe Fx III live which means I need to setup phantom power over 7 pin midi... I'm planning to solder a female barrel connector into my front of rack panel so...
  56. unix-guy

    Sending tempo from 1 source to multiple Axe Fx units... Wirelessly?

    So, I am interested in having our drummer use some sort of midi device (bandhelper, e-drum brain, etc) to send tempo (midi clock?) to the 3 Axe Fx in use by myself, the other guitarist and the bassist so that we can have our time-based effects in-sync. I'm sure that we could link that source...
  57. unix-guy

    Ever seen one of these?

    Bizarre! https://reverb.com/item/1203663-roberts-roto-neck-12
  58. unix-guy

    Multi channel wireless headset mic systems?

    Does anyone have any experience with Multi channel wireless headset mic systems? My band is fully direct and all in-ear. Mostly we don't sing (aside from the lead vocalist who has a nice wireless mic already, but we need mics to communicate with each other during gigs and rehearsals. I've been...
  59. unix-guy

    Woojer Strap?

    So about a year or so back I was lamenting (to myself) about the lack of "feeling the music" when using IEMs with a "silent stage" setup. I had the idea that you might be able to steal some bits from a gaming haptic feedback system to get some "kick" and generate some feeling. Seemed plausible...
  60. unix-guy

    Bug: Weird knob behavior

    So last night while tweaking around on tones, this glitchy knob thing happened multiple times. Moving from the bottom row to the top row or vice versa would make it stop for a while. https://www.dropbox.com/s/7prsm0c89ys2vw6/IMG_3137.MOV?dl=0 It had no effect on the sound... Just a bit...
  61. unix-guy

    Holy pedalboards, Batman!

    With the FC dimensions now available, it's apparent that my trusty old NYC Pedalboards case is going to be retired. Googling for "custom pedal board" brought me here: https://www.schmidtarray.com/custom O M G!! These things look amazing! Eye candy for sure... Too bad they're in Germany AND...
  62. unix-guy

    The 2nd Annual NorCal Fractal FAStival!

    Hey fellow California Fractal users, I've been thinking about organizing another Fractal meet up this summer. We had a great at the last one! The turnout wasn't the best but the company and experience was great :) See this thread for details on last year's event...
  63. unix-guy


  64. unix-guy

    Speaker Compression volume compensation?

    So, I've mostly not used Speaker Compression with the Axe Fx II, but since getting the Axe Fx III I decided it's time to put a little effort into revisiting some of my usual setup (IR choice, effect settings, etc). My primary presets have been built around a clean-ish Amp using Drive blocks to...
  65. unix-guy

    [FIXED] Axe Fx III manual error?

    I was just looking in the Axe Fx III manual and my eyes happened to graze across this: Should that not be +4 and -10?
  66. unix-guy

    Block Meters

    I've only had a short amount of time to play around on my Axe Fx III so far, but I noticed this in one of the factory presets the first day I got it, and also on a preset I created starting from a blank grid. If I am in layout view and page over to the Meters tab, the Drive block shows the left...
  67. unix-guy

    It Might Get Loud - now on Netflix

    FYI - It Might Get Loud is now on Netflix. Just watched it and thoroughly enjoyed it. None of the guitarists is really an idol for me, but I recognize all of them have something unique and in some cases legendary influence.
  68. unix-guy

    SNIPS - cool fusion trio

    My friend just shared this video with me. I've seen another video from this group before - probably here - they are quite good! The guitarist has a very different right hand approach, sort of classically influenced.
  69. unix-guy

    Ready Player One - go see it!

    Excellent! That is all...
  70. unix-guy

    Hey... I'm an Axe-Master!

    Just realized that I've crossed the 5000 post threshold... And I've earned the forum title of Axe-Master! I'm also #16 in the forum's list of Notable Members. I think that means I spend way too much time here:) Hopefully my posts are helpful and/or humorous. I'm proud that my like-to-post...
  71. unix-guy

    Joe Satriani: Beyond the Supernova

    The movie Joe Satriani: Beyond the Supernova was on Axs.TV the other day, so I recorded and I'm just now watching. It's very good, and lots of quick glimpses of the glowing green screen in both Joe and Mike Kenneally's rigs. Just finished the section where Joe, Vai and Guthrie play Little Wing...
  72. unix-guy

    Bandhelper Bluetooth midi control?

    Anyone using Bandhelper Bluetooth midi control? Looking into it for sending changes to a Voice Live since our singer uses both but has challenges (apparently) stepping on buttons:) If it works ok, we would consider also going to a rack based processor for her vocals. We don't play to a click...
  73. unix-guy

    Seismic Audio XLR splitter vs ART S-8

    I know some of you here are using the Seismic Audio splitter snakes (rack or floor). We're using two ART S-8 rack mount splitters with our digital mixer rack (DL32R) and they work fine, but I have a few things I don't like: They have only XLR input - would like Combi jacks They are splitters...
  74. unix-guy

    Van Halen covering Rainbow's Man on a Silver Mountain from 1976

    For your listening pleasure... Van Halen covering Rainbow's Man on a Silver Mountain from 1976:
  75. unix-guy

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    So I don't worry that I somehow missed it, can somebody please post when you get an actual purchase notification?
  76. unix-guy

    Some fun with Hendrix!

    Just stumbled across this video. Dig it! EDIT: Direct link to YouTube:
  77. unix-guy

    Larry Mitchell live stream now on Facebook

    Larry Mitchell live stream now on Facebook! @Larry Mitchell - you mentioned that the preset for Tears of a Woman is posted here somewhere. Can you tell me where? I really like that filtered reverb!
  78. unix-guy

    Kid Charlemagne analysis

    Stumbled across this yesterday... Pretty cool! Aside from the overall analysis, the breakdown of Larry Carlton's solo is great!
  79. unix-guy

    Jerry Reed & BB King. Nice!

    Enjoy and thank me later. This'll put a smile on your face!
  80. unix-guy

    Fractal Facebook page

    Is it just me or are the vast majority of people on the Fractal Facebook page way less informed and way more judgemental and argumentative? I recognize the people that are both here and there, and for the most part the folks from the forum seem to be the only ones that can interact decently...
  81. unix-guy

    Cranberries singer Dolores O'Riordan dead

    Way too young... http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/dolores-oriordan-dead-dies_us_5a5ce22ce4b0fcbc3a12797b ;(
  82. unix-guy

    Vai Rig Rundown from Vai Academy

    I just saw this posted on Facebook. This was from Vai Academy a couple weeks back. I didn't see it live, but there is some cool info on how Vai uses his rig and Axe Fx. Thomas Nordegg is such a cool dude!
  83. unix-guy

    Visual MFC popping up when switching tabs - version 7.5

    I just fired up MFC-Edit to look at something and was prompted to load the new version (7.5), which I did. I then opened a sysx file and when I tried to change tabs to the "IA Switches" tab, it didn't seem to do anything so I tried another tab and that worked. I then tried to change to the...
  84. unix-guy

    Vai Academy 2018

    So... I just registered! Anyone here going? The G4 Experience a couple years was fantastic. I would love to share a room with a fellow Fractal family member than a random stranger :) https://vaiacademy.com/ Let me know if you're going.
  85. unix-guy

    Anyone ever try a "high tuned" 7-string?

    I've had an idea bouncing around my noggin for years, but have never acted in it: I want to use a 7-string that uses an additional top string rather than one on the bottom. Tuned like a standard guitar but adding an additional high B string... I'd even be ok with dropping it a whole step and...
  86. unix-guy

    For the bassists...

    Check it out... Pretty cool!
  87. unix-guy


  88. unix-guy

    To boost or not to boost...

    So, I'm a big fan of edge of breakup cleans and having the Axe Fx allows me to take most clean amps into that area quite nicely since it's easy to balance the level versus the drive and master volume. What I have had a bit of a challenge with is getting a lot of the drives to work well for me...
  89. unix-guy

    Strandberg + Boss?

    Check out the link and discuss: https://www.boss.info/global/products/v-bdn/ I could not get the video to play from the Boss page above but this is a direct link: Kevin
  90. unix-guy

    EH Hot Wax OD pedal

    I just stumbled across this video... I dig the vibe of this pedal: The bass example they showed was cool, too. What do you guys think? I'm sure there are two drive blocks in the Fractal units that could be combined to achieve similar results. Assuming the FET Boost is similar to a CMOS boost?
  91. unix-guy

    New Guitar Day... Incoming!

    I just pulled the trigger on this bad boy tonight... Never saw this model before, but it called my name as soon as I saw it. Great deal, too! IBANEZ RG2620CBL 2005 Cobalt Blue https://reverb.com/item/4725421-ibanez-rg2620cbl-2005-cobalt-blue
  92. unix-guy

    USB Audio to Output 2?

    Is there any way to get USB audio to Output 2? I use Output 1 for sending to my IEM rig or FOH and Output 2 feeds my Matrix amp and Xitone wedges. I'd like to be able to playback audio from my computer over USB and play along on my wedges... I can get it working on Output 1 with no problem...
  93. unix-guy

    Interesting Reverb trick

    I've never been a big user of reverb, but since going to IEMs it's become a necessity. I was running the Reverb block in parallel, but then I found a tip in the wiki for putting the block in series while having the effect be the same as parallel. When doing this, you set Mix to 50%, Level to...
  94. unix-guy

    Fractal has some new competition...

    The latest Fractal competitor, now with Smart Tube Technology: I'll post a sound clip as soon as I can figure out how to hook it up!;)
  95. unix-guy

    Mix IRs for live use?

    Just curious if people are tending towards single mic IRs for live tones or using mix IRs? My current global Cab block is actually using 1 mix IR and one single mic (sm57) IR. I use it for everything.
  96. unix-guy

    Stupid Effects tricks, part II

    i'm sure in the past I posted a thread on some other "unusual" techniques with various effects when I've gone off the beaten path with weirdness... Today I was messing around with the delay block doing weird stuff like assigning the Envelope controller to the delay time in the Tape Delay with a...
  97. unix-guy

    Motor Drive: school me!

    Ok, I've been mucking around with Motor Drive (in amp block using FRFR) since 7.02 was released. I am not really hearing much difference. Please explain to me what I should be hearing/feeling? I play mostly edge of breakup sounds on the AC20 EF86 Bass, Deluxe Verb, a few others. I've tried...
  98. unix-guy

    The 1st Annual NorCal Fractal FAStival

    Ok - I am starting to organize The 1st Annual NorCal Fractal FAStival I need to get the venue booked ASAP, and that means a decision is needed on the best date of those available ASAP. See these posts for some reference...
  99. unix-guy

    Transition from Axe Fx II to XL+

    So yesterday I took advantage of the awesome B-stock sale and purchased an Axe Fx II XL+ for a great price. I've owned my MkII for about 3 1/2 years now, so I'm very comfortable with most aspects of using it. I also am hoping to just transfer the bulk of my setup directly over. Is that...
  100. unix-guy

    Low Res Freq?

    Curiosity question for you all: when using FRFR what are you all doing with the Low Res Freq setting? In my case, I use a global stereo UR Cab in all my presets. The "main" IR that I am using is one from CabIR.eu where they published the resonant frequency of the cab (108Hz) and I pair it with...