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  1. jpelzel

    Is MFC edit of use to someone that just uses MFC with AFX?

    Or is it mostly for those that use it for other controlling other MIDI devices? Does it provide useful functionality if I only use the MFC with the AFX? Or is it sort of redundant? Sorry if this would be obvious to most. I'm just not sure. ;)
  2. jpelzel

    I'm a midi fail.

    Hi all, I am trying to hook up a VG99 to my Axefx2/MFC. Just for simple patch changes for now. I have the out on the Axe going into the in on the VG but I can't figure our the secret code setting on either to get the to speak on the same channel or whatnot. Any tips?
  3. jpelzel

    Cab pre-amp...I'm derping here.

    I'm not familiar with this technique or real life counterpart so pardon. Is this supposed to be like a pre-amp for the microphone that's being used type of thing? Is it some sort of pre-amp that some people use between the amp in cab? Never heard of that but what do I know? Or maybe just...
  4. jpelzel

    Need help with cleans.

    Hi all, Need some help getting some good Fendery cleans. I am pretty new to the II but have been using modelers for years so not too unfamiliar with how to go about it. However the axe is, or it seems, far more, I don't know, rubbery(?) than anything else that I have used. And with that I am...
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