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  1. Galen Cane

    Wah used to auto-disengage but now stays on

    The Wah still auto engages when I move the pedal but no longer disengages. Has something changed or an I being a muppet?
  2. Galen Cane

    Brit Floyd Presets

    Courtesy of Bobby Harrison Axe Change -The Official Site for Fractal Audio Presets, Cabs and More
  3. Galen Cane

    On top or underneath?

    My buddy asked why I have my Axe on top and my amp underneath on my rig.. He has his amp on top and says that's the right way round..
  4. Galen Cane

    Which hole for DI FOH?

    Playing a well equipped venue on Saturday with a decent system and good crew so thought I'd try going out to FOH rather than having the sound guys mic up the front of the Matrix FR212. Which output should I run to the stage DI? Sorry for the dumbness of this question, I'm sure the answer...
  5. Galen Cane

    I'd like to change my username..

    Is this something MOD can do for me?
  6. Galen Cane

    Can I create my own preset bank?

    My main present bank is a bit of a mess. It's essentially the factory presets with my own creations in the first 10 slots so my MFC can access them easily and a mixture experiments at the other end. What I'd like is a blank one with only my 10 patches which I can load before a gig. I'm...
  7. Galen Cane

    Matrix FR212

    Hopefully my Matrix FR212 sould arrive via UPS today. This is the final part of my 'fully digital' rig. This will mean I'll get to play with the Cabs/IR half of the Axe-fx which until now has remained bypassed as I was going through a Marshall 4x12 It struck me that I know next to nothing...
  8. Galen Cane

    Changing presets between banks

    Is there a way to change banks but keep the current used preset running? If I'm using preset 6 but need to change to preset 1, the moment I change bank the preset changes. Can I stop this?
  9. Galen Cane

    FOH + using a cab

    If I'm running my Axe-FX through a Marshall 4x12 I've got the cab sim bypassed but if I'm going through the PA I'll need it switched on. How do I do both at the same time?
  10. Galen Cane

    2nd Live Outing with the Axe-FX rig

    Now with the full set-up Axe-FXII XL - GT100FX - MFC-101 running into a Marshall 4 x 12 Outdoor event, crew supplied, reasonable PA, clueless sound guy. The stage sound was mush but FOH was awesome and I was louder than Allah. Finally, via the MFC, I have control of my sound and settings...
  11. Galen Cane

    Auditioning Presets

    Fremen / thibderob who I believe posts here seems to be trying the presets without actually loading them. 16sec onwards Why can't I do this?
  12. Galen Cane

    Axe-edit is superb... but

    It is superb, I honestly would've struggles with setting and tweaking my Axe-fx without it. So why doesn't it work with the MFC-101?
  13. Galen Cane

    Surely this has to be easy..

    I've got 5 patches I've written which I use with my band. They're saved as 0393 0394...etc I want to save them to the 1....5 preset buttons on the MFC. Help a guy out here cos I can seem to find a simple explanation :-|
  14. Galen Cane

    MFC-101 For Dummies

    Please tell me there is one :-| I need a kind of ELI5, step by step thing with pictures and arrows to get me started. -- This is a new trick, and I am an old dog.
  15. Galen Cane

    It's too big!

    The MFC-101 III doesn't fit in my Diago case. I think it might if I take the feet off the bottom. Can I take the feet off the bottom?
  16. Galen Cane

    First gig with the Axe-FX

    Okay, so no foot controller (due next week) and I've only written one patch but I was desperate to take the new rig into battle and see how it performed. I used the volume of the guitar to clean things up for quieter sections of songs and simply cranked it up for solos. The guy on the desk...
  17. Galen Cane

    Expression pedals

    What's everyone using?
  18. Galen Cane

    I think Marshall are getting nervous..

  19. Galen Cane


    Whilst loving the Axe-FX through studio monitors, DAW and headphones I've been anxious about taking my new rig outside to use live. I was worried that I'd spent all that money but might never get to use it in a live situation without further expense of an FRFR cab. Despite these concerns I took...
  20. Galen Cane

    Taking the next step - Axe-FXII XL + GT1000FX + Marshall 4x12

    My Rig now looks like this.. Whilst I deliberate the pros and cons of buying an FRFR cab, what tips and advice could you guys give me on getting the best out of hooking this up to one of my Marshall cabs?
  21. Galen Cane

    Axe-FXII XL - Looper question

    How do I use the looper? :mad: I've searched all over and can't find the sort of simple/ELI5 explanation I need. Everything tutorial I've found uses the MFC-101 but I don't have a foot controller. Help a guy out, which buttons do I press?
  22. Galen Cane

    FW14 Preset: Savageness

    Am I missing something with this patch? It's certainly not Savage
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