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    FS Atomic CLR Active Wedge

    Selling to downsize my rig, always worked great and to me was the best FrFr monitoring solution i've personally owned. Its been gigged and has some scuffs and tears but works great. I've owned a Friedman ASM and also a Matrix Fr212 while i had this. I sold those and used this. This is one of...
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    FS Matrix FR212

    In Fair condition with some basic wear from gigging. Asking 600 obo plus shipping. Shipping from Venice FL, 34292 so you can get an idea on your shipping costs.
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    JST Jason Richardson Plugin!

    Anyone out there have it? If so what do you think? Even though we have everything to get all these tones at our disposal..... It's still so tempting. I've always liked Jason's tones and almost feel guilty for wanting something outside of my Axe Fx. Lol gear addiction syndrome is real. I figure i...
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    Questioning the flatness of my Frfr Cab

    Hi all, so i've been playing my Matrix fr212 for about 3 months now. I love the way it sounds and im talking loud, quiet and in many different rooms and settings. The issue is whenever i reference my tone through any other monitors, mains or go direct its super bright and sounds crazy scooped...
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    First time in a "metal" setting

    So last night i used my XL+ for our band practice. I recently played an Evh 5153 through a Mesa OS 4x12 cab. I sold that rig and have gone full frfr. I've been using a Matrix Fr212 and tweaking for awhile. I play praise and worship at church every week and love the way everything sounds. However...
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    Frfr first impressions!

    Hey all! Been playing my axe through a Matrix Nl12 and gt1000fx poweramp since i got it. I loved the tone, but i don't trust the sound guys mic placement ever. So i decided to give it a shot. I've read so many mixed reviews and was a bit nervous tbh. So i took a leap of faith and bought a matrix...
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    Where do YOU "stand" when dialing in tones?

    When i dial in my tones, i try and get them sounding good in the room. I also move around the room and will stand dead in front of the cone of the speaker. I find that with my Matrix NL12 its different than most cabs. I find that with this cab i hear more midrange and harshness there than i do...
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    Matrix NL12 users

    Hey all, recently got my Axe Fx 2 XL, Matrix GT1000fx, and im running through an NL12. When playing at lower to medium volumes this thing sounds awesome and im loving the tones im getting with my setup. It seems however once i start playing at a loud level it gets a little 'mushy' and lacks low...
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    Finally took the plunge

    Hello all! First post here. I just wanted to share my excitement. I just ordered what used to only be a dream of mine. I'm patiently awaiting an Axe fx II XL+ a Matrix GT1000fx, a Furman Conditioner, an SKB 4u rack case and a Matrix NL12 cab. You could say that dreams come true. Lolol, i loved...
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