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    New brand extended and flat response Active Neodymium pickups. Perfect for axe fx?

    Cycfi XR "21st Century Pickups for the Modern Guitar Player" These look really interesting. They have are super clean and they have an array of their own active electronics. These pickups are designed very unconventionally. like. The geometry of the pickup their magnets(neodymium) and...
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    Slammerhead Shark ultra br00tal slamming djenting death metal band(parody) Sample

    Update. Last brainstorm before I start posting real tracks with guitars and Sub Contrabass. I'll keep updates flowing in until I'm ready to actually record this atrocity of an album i'm creating. LOL!!!! https://soundcloud.com/the-grindcorps/slamerhead-shark-abyssal-plain-brutality Proud...
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    POSTHUMOUS Blasphemer

    As the new tour drummer for Posthumous Blasphemer after we finish our fall/ winter tour and spring tour coming up we will be re recording their current release via opposite sides of the globe and hopefully coming up with a new album to record by 2017. Here is a video of guitarist alexander...
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    Midi pedal Comparison MFC-101 MKIII vs gordius big little giant vs Rjm mastermind GT

    I Have been using the FCB1010 with uno I got for $90 and it has been nothing but hell for me and my band. Programming it manually is abominable. Using uno editing software has been nothing but glitches. While I am able to get by with it, a major concern is that my band is not adept at midi as...
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    Sectarian Collapse Dig Deep Demo Track

    Here is a song the guitarist in my band made with our Axe FX MkII unit. He recorded the guitars, programmed the drums(Drumkit from hell), recorded our bass player and mixed it using some free DAW since I didn't have time to do drum tracks or do a proper recording/mix in pro tools. Sounds not...
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    How to buy Liittle Big Giant controller or how long is mfciii backordered?

    I've been looking into getting a better foot controller that offers more seamless integration, ease of use and good organizational capabilities live. I've looked into a bunch of floor boards and It seems the little big giant is the best option for me at this point considering it has all the...
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