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  1. Radley

    Just a minor heads up...

    I just received a message from Zentman about coming to hear Neil Diamond in Fresno tonight, wondering if I'll be using my Axe-FX for the concert. I gave my notice to Neil 6 months ago, so I could get back to recording all the songs I've been writing over the last 30+ years. I left on the best of...
  2. Radley

    Help ~ Volume Pedal Control Problem

    Hello Axers: I need some experienced advice for a volume control problem I’ve been experiencing. I am using a standard vol. pedal to send volume info using the Axe’s first common controller bus? to control the volume block. I can achieve *basic* control of my volume, but every time I try to make...
  3. Radley

    Hell Night at the Arena (Cologne Germany)

    I have been having some reliability issues with my AFX II/MFC setup lately, but last night was just awful ~ My Fractal rig just went a-wall and started rapidly changing patches on its own! It literally looked like a testing sequence (the lights were entertaining but the resulting sound was an...
  4. Radley

    Level adjustments for the FX Loop...

    I am using a special effect unit that wants to see EG level at it's input, and has a much stronger output. Is there a way to adjust the AFX Loop send so it doesn't overdrive the special effect's sensitive input, and is there a level control for the AFX Loop's output? Mucho Thanks!
  5. Radley

    'Silent Presets' ~ What's happening?

    At random intervals, my MFC/AFX II setup is calling up silent/dead presets ~ no sound at all until I change presets, regardless of volume pedal settings. Needless to say, this is not good for a very fast-paced show like ours! Has anyone out there ever had such a problem? I'm using AFX II mode...
  6. Radley

    Ambient Presets

    Has anyone got some smooth ambient presets to share? I am looking for 'smooth background wash'-type sounds that aren't obviously crystal-verbed or harmonized, and I haven't come up with much on my own at this point... Thanks to All!
  7. Radley

    Is there a way to have custom bank sizes?

    Is there a way to have custom bank sizes, like 12 or 13 presets per bank, using the rest of the available switches for scenes?
  8. Radley

    'Cloud' effects patches needed!

    Does anyone out there have some 'cloud' effects patches AFX II (auto-swell/slow gear effect with a nice, sustained wash of reverb, delay, etc) ~ I am needing something quickly for rehearsals tomorrow! Thanks for any help you can offer :)
  9. Radley

    A Crazy Question for the 'power users'...

    Is it possible to accomplish the following using an AFX II and an original MFC-101? The Scenario: The MFC is set to 15 preset per bank mode and the AFX has 15 EG presets (bank 1) and 15 AG presets (bank 2). Can I program my main MFC volume pedal so that 50% (middle pos.) is 0 level for all...
  10. Radley

    Sending controller#7 (volume pedal) whenever changing patches

    Sending controller #7 (volume pedal) value whenever changing patches ~ can the MFC-101 be programmed to do this? Some modelers need this to keep levels steady.
  11. Radley

    Has anyone tried the new Mastermind GT 22 controller?

    Has anyone tried the new Mastermind GT 22 controller? I love the number of IA switches that can be made available ~ any downsides?
  12. Radley

    Fractal Alert ~ Dirty Loops ~ Henrik's Bass rig

    Fractal Alert ~ Dirty Loops ~ Henrik's Bass rig. This cropped photo is from a video'd live performance of 'Hit Me' at the 2014 Montreux Jazz Festival. As you might expect, Henrik was playing his tail off...
  13. Radley

    Help ~ Just updated my MFC-101 to firmware 3.5 and the Edit menu isn't working

    Help ~ Just updated my MFC-101 v2 to firmware 3.5, and the Edit menu is no longer responding (nothing happens when I page left or right). Haven't dealt with updating/programming my MFCs for a long time, but I've got an immediately upcoming tour (very little notice) :o, and I will be forced to...
  14. Radley

    The 'Best' use of Scenes - Discuss :o)

    I have yet to really delve into the use of Scenes, but I am starting to become interested in the possibilities, and I would love to get some real world input from those who are effectively using them: The idea that got me interested is this - rather than having whole banks dedicated to...
  15. Radley

    Why is this board suddenly making me log in every time?

    Why is this board suddenly making me log in every dang time, even tho I have checked the 'remember me' box, ad nauseum?
  16. Radley

    Mesa Mark-based Amp models

    It seems to my ears that the Mesa Mark-based Amps sound/feel better and have less of that 'midsy honk' to EQ out - anyone else noticing this?
  17. Radley

    Radley's FW 10.0 early impressions:

    Upgraded without a hitch, and yes, things sound very different.... yet with a moderate amount of tweaking, my presets sound much more amplike and alive. It will take a few more days for me to totally wrap my head around this new technology, but I have a *very* good feeling right now, and I tend...
  18. Radley

    ToneStack Frequency - An Embarrassment of Riches! ;)

    I am loving 9.0 plus, and one of the biggest keys for me is the ToneStack Frequency parameter - give it a try! Many amp models that sound a bit coarse or lo-fi can be made uber-useful by simply changing their ToneStack Frequency - usually, raising it higher equates to more boutique type tones...
  19. Radley

    Radley's Axe-Fest Report

    Wow! What a great day I shared with Cliff, Matt, Scott, Mark, Dweezil & many others! I learned many new/important things about the AFX II, and I got to hear the amazing musical prowess of some of the great players who have chosen this unit as their *sole sound source*! I consider the LA...
  20. Radley

    Getting 8.01a to sound like....???

    'I like 7.0 sometimes, but then again I like 5.03 really late at night. Sometimes 2.0 feels best when I've had a bit to drink', but the bottom line is: *8.01a Rocks*, and is the most flexible and sonically satisfying platform we have ever had on the AFX II - I will always welcome Cliff's...
  21. Radley

    Updating to 8.0

    I have had bad luck so far updating to 8.0 - the first time I tried I was greeted with a flashing 'not enough resources' message at the end of the update, so I tried it again. Everything looked fine and the message said I had successfully installed 8.0, but every time I restart my unit I get...
  22. Radley

    Well I've got a fevah...

    Well I've got a fevah... and the only prescription is.... AFX software 8.0!!!
  23. Radley

    '64 Super-Reverb amp

    '64 Super-Reverb - There has been a lot of talk about the magic of this particular Fender amp, and I certainly agree. Cliff is correct however in stating that most of the amp's magic is in the Cab, not the amp - I say this because I own this amp and have run it into many various Fender Cabs for...
  24. Radley

    Am I one of the few Fractal Artists who uses the AFX II for Everyhing?

    If so, this is ridiculous. I have found the AFX II to be *great* for all my Amp modeling, Stomp OD modeling, Cab modeling, Acoustic Guitar IR modeling, Effects, etc. I tend to believe that many amp/cab users have a hard time 'letting go', but I have let go big-time, and it sounds great...
  25. Radley

    The Tour is over - Now I'm digging into 7.0!

    Thanks for the encouragement during my first tour using all Fractal equipment for all guitars acoustic and electric. After I sorted a few details out, the system worked flawlessly! Although I used 7.0 for the last few shows, I didn't really have time to delve into all the new features & amps...
  26. Radley

    Radley's ND Tour Update:

    Well guys, it's been about a month now, and my AFX II/MFC-101 rig has never let me down - not even one glitch to date :) I am using the latest firmware for both units, and am doing all of my programming using Axe-Edit (latest version). I'm still finding new ways to tweak the AFX II to get new...
  27. Radley

    Why & When do we do a System Reset on the AFX?

    Why/When do we do a System Reset on the AFX, and what exactly does it 'reset'?
  28. Radley

    Banks Question:

    Is there a way to limit the selectable banks in the MFC. I am wanting only two banks selectable for my gig with Neil D. Basically, the ideal setup would be for banks 1 and 2 to 'rollover' whether you hit the up or down bank buttons (making the whole process rather failsafe!) Thanks in...
  29. Radley

    Fractal all the way!!!

    Tour Update: We performed our opening show of Neil's summer tour last night here in Ft. Lauderdale, FL (beautiful place), and it was my first show using all Fractal gear for both my Acoustic and Electric processing. The mighty AFX II and MFC-101 performed flawlessly, and I received numerous...
  30. Radley

    Solved: MFC not putting out any midi signal when I do a sysex dump

    HELP - Neither of my MFCs is putting out any midi signal when I initiate a sysex dump! I have tried many different midi cables, usb cables, usb interfaces but there appears to be no midi activity indicated by my midisport 2x2 or sysex librarian. Any timely help would be much appreciated...
  31. Radley


    QUESTION: How do I set the MFC-101 to nullify any/all engaged IA switches when I switch to a new preset? Thanks! Perhaps it is because my two IA switches are set to Global instead of per preset?
  32. Radley

    Integration between AFXII, MFC-101 and AxeEdit

    Integration between AFXII , MFC-101 and AxeEdit seems a bit loose at the moment... Or is it my new medication??? :)
  33. Radley

    Progress report :o)

    Hey Everyone - Just a little progress report on my new AFX II/MFC-101 touring setup: I've 'conferenced' with Matt a number of times now, and he continues to be a 'fountain' of information - so glad he's working for Fractal!! :) Still getting the hang of how AxeEdit, the MFC-101 and the AFX II...
  34. Radley

    AFX II Leslie simulation

    Am I the only one who feels sad that the AFX II Leslie simulation is so inferior to the Kemper's? I hope this will cease to be the case soon, since so many people love the sound of a great Leslie cabinet.
  35. Radley

    Post-Amp Volume pedal?

    What have you power users found to be the best way to insert a Volume pedal between the Amp & the stereo effects? I need something that takes the volume all the way to Off (0), and has a reasonably good taper.... any suggestions? Thanks!
  36. Radley

    'Axe-FX Name Timeout!'

    'Axe-FX Name Timeout!' I keep seeing this on my MFC since I updated to the latest firmware, and the preset names are no longer shown on the MFC readout - any ideas what could be causing this? Thanks!
  37. Radley

    X/Y Switching

    X/Y Switching - Who is using it successfully and what are you doing with it? I've heard it can 'open a can of worms', but I'm not sure what that is.... pray tell... :)
  38. Radley

    CCs for the Axe II

    Haven't been able to connect with Matt yet, so here's a question: How do I set my CC#7 pedal to control volume levels in the AFX from the MFC 101 in *this particular fashion*? The level control must happen somewhere after the Amp block, but before the Stereo Effects. It must always reflect...
  39. Radley

    High gain presets using a stomp OD as the sole source of distortion ;o)

    Hey guys & gals - I have just made a couple of high gain presets using only a Stomp OD Block as the sole source of distortion into a totally clean Amp. They sound *excellent*, and provide a different texture of sound than the overdriven Amps - the cool thing is that you can still use all of the...
  40. Radley

    A Decision has been Made! :o)

    Well folks, the time of indecision and second-guessing my own instincts is over - I am proceeding confidently into the next Neil Diamond touring season using only Fractal equipment! I will be using an AFX II for ALL Electric and Acoustic processing (zero additional pedals or outboard gear) along...
  41. Radley

    Can I reduce/convert cab IRs in the AFXII format to AFX Ultra...

    Can I reduce/convert cab IRs in the AFXII format to AFX Ultra and maintain reasonable audio quality? If so, what is the best app to use on a Mac? Thanks in advance! :) Radley
  42. Radley

    My first experience with 6.0 tone matching tonight = no joy.

    Edit: This thread no longer has any meaning except to thank some VERY thoughtful people on this board that helped me get my head around Tone Match (for a somewhat unusual usage). What was 'no joy' is now 'Mega Joy' because the final result was as great as I had hoped! I'm already thinking...
  43. Radley

    Need some fat STEREO ambiance from a single mono Cab block? - Try this!

    Go to your Mono Cab and start with these settings: Room Level = 0 Room Size = 5 Mic spacing = 10 Now slowly turn up the Room Level control and you will start to hear a fat, STEREO ambiance that can really fill up a dry, lifeless preset. The Mic spacing is the key to the stereo image...
  44. Radley

    A new player in the profiling scene - more to come....

    Brainworx bx_rockrack - Preview EN (2012-04-05) on Vimeo
  45. Radley

    National Enquirer: Fractal Fatswitch Fiasco!

    I was very happy to see the implementation of a 'Fat' switch on the new 6.0 amp models. My delight was somewhat diminished when I actually heard the effect on tone - it seems the fuller mids are boosted post distortion, instead of pre distortion (a la Mesa, Dumble, and others) - the effect is...
  46. Radley

    My 2¢ concerning the 6.0 update

    Just wanted to add my 2¢ concerning the 6.0 update: This is an *excellent update* of new features and technology which make it *easier than ever* to coax great sounds out of the AFX II. Mucho thanks to Cliff and the whole Fractal Team for this monumental achievement! I have already programmed...
  47. Radley

    Having trouble uploading my saved custom presets back into the AFX :(

    Having trouble uploading my saved custom presets back into the AFX :( I saved them to Sysex Librarian (Mac) via midi, and am now trying to re-load them the same way, but I hear no difference - the midi in light does come on briefly when sending the preset. Any help would be much appreciated...
  48. Radley

    Stop the Madness - How do we load the v6 presets without using AxeEdit?

    And again I ask - How do we load the v6 presets without using AxeEdit?
  49. Radley

    Help! My personal IRs - Will they still be there after updating to 6.0?

    Help! My personal IRs - Will they still be there after updating to 6.0?
  50. Radley

    AFX II OS 6.0

    I am a bit saddened (but not forlorn) that OS 6.0 did not happen for Easter weekend. I figure there are good reasons, so I'll just 'keep a steady groove' until Cliff feels everything is right and 'unloads this beast upon the watching world'....
  51. Radley

    Baked Potato gig in LA area!

    If any of you guys in the LA area are interested: I will be playing two sets at the infamous Baked Potato with some of my Koinonia bandmates, and some special guests including Tony Maiden (guitarist with Rufus & Chaka Khan), and Bill Cantos - singer and keyboardist extraordinaire. I believe...
  52. Radley

    'Siesta time'? :o)

    Things are very calm and still here at Fractalville - is it 'Siesta time', or 'the calm before the storm'??? Only Cliff knows.... :)
  53. Radley

    You Folks in the LA area:

    Probably off topic, but I'll post it anyway: I will be performing live at the infamous 'Baked Potato' club in N. Hollywood on Saturday, March 17th with Abe Laboriel Sr. on Bass, Bill Maxwell on Drums, Bill Cantos on Keyboards and Vocals, and Tony Maiden (of Rufus fame) also on Guitar - What a...
  54. Radley

    Cab Emulation

    From the experience I have had with the AFXll for the last 3 weeks, I would say this: I believe the Cab Emulation is a key factor in how the AFXll ultimately sounds. The Cab emulation is hugely important for great tone, tightness, and fizzless highs - I believe we have been at somewhat a...
  55. Radley

    Attention acoustic musicians: Great News!

    Thanks to 'Mr. Java', we now have a whole slew of acoustic guitar IRs ready to be loaded into the AFXll Cab blocks! (I believe they are usable in earlier models also). By using the various parameters in the ll's Cab blocks, we can actually achieve a *better* sound than with the Aura hardware...
  56. Radley

    Excuse me while I BRAG....

    On Cliff and the excellent improvements he has made on AFX ll! I am still in awe of the depth of modeling he is making available to us with this new platform, and I believe it will only snowball from here. The subtleties and nuance of fine tube amps are finally at our fingertips, and infinitely...
  57. Radley

    Chorus Question (applies to flanger & phaser too)

    Is there any way to totally stop the chorus rate (make it zero)? Hope so, because I sometimes do this to fatten the tone without adding any modulation. My EHX Stereo Electric Mistress has a very cool feature where as you turn the rate down it totally stops and allows you to manually sweep...
  58. Radley

    After One Day of programming with my AFX ll....

    And I am *stoked*! Just the new parameters (EQ, resonance & advanced) in the Amp block are more than enough to justify the price of admission, and there are many other improvements of major significance! Did I mention I'm stoked??? Congratulations to Cliff and the Fractal Team for such a...
  59. Radley

    Acoustic Guitar IRs for the AFX ll - Has anyone done it successfully?

    Hello Axoids! (been a while since I've been on the boards) I am interested in putting some quality Acoustic Guitar IRs in my AFX ll so I can use it to enhance my piezo acoustics (a la Fishman Aura etc). I already have some in my Ultra but the AFX ll needs longer 'samples', no? Any info would...
  60. Radley

    Lincoln Brewster patches?

    Just wondering if our AFX endorsee Lincoln Brewster has posted any of his concert patches? He's a guy with ears I trust, so it would be interesting to see how he programs the mighty Axe-FX.
  61. Radley

    A Common Axe-FX complaint:

    A common Axe-FX complaint? Although the sounds are very hi fidelity, they tend to be rather thin, lacking 'real amp' balls (this comes from my fellow guitarist in the Neil Diamond band). Do you believe this is accurate, or possibly an example of not knowing the unit well enough?
  62. Radley


    Just wanted to say that I am both delighted and proud that my longtime 'boss' and friend NEIL DIAMOND is being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! Neil is one of the hardest working people I know (both on and off the stage) and he is certainly deserving of this high honor... ~...
  63. Radley

    Happiest of Thanksgivings to All! :o)

    Happiest of Thanksgivings to All, including the mighty Fractal Team! 8-) Haven't posted here in a while (been rather busy with my Boss-Man and rotator cuff surgery/recovery), but I am excited about trying the new 10.03 update. Since it is Thanksgiving, I must say I am very thankful that Cliff...
  64. Radley

    Have you tried your other modelers lately???

    Have you tried your other modelers lately??? If & when you do, please pay attention to the 'flying saucer' sounds in the backgound, especially when playing high gain, high-pitched, sustained bends. This is called digital aliasing, and it is anything but musical! Now try the same thing with...
  65. Radley

    OT: AFX Compression Tips on Wiki

    I just noticed the AFX Compression Tips I posted are not showing up in the Wiki - it's no biggy to me, but I thought someone said they were there. It would be rather sad if all of that work was lost, but if it was not considered that useful, maybe it's best.... ~Rad~
  66. Radley

    AFX Compression Tips (including the new 9.02 features)

    AFX Compression Tips including the new (9.02) features Compression is a very deep & complex topic to tackle, and so I am taking liberties to omit much of the technical/non-essential stuff, and trying to focus on the easiest explanations & techniques to achieve great sounding compression without...
  67. Radley

    AFX clean tones

    I have a good friend who recently tried the AFX. He said he liked the overdriven tones a lot, but was less impressed with the clean sounds. He also said the AFX was too complex for him to deal with. What are your impressions of the clean tones you are getting from your AFX? Edit: Note that I...
  68. Radley

    Question: Am I the only one? AFX Drive models

    QUESTION: Am I the only one who feels the AFX Drive models sound rather flat compared to their analog counterparts? Don't get me wrong, I am not an '808 snob' or 'Big Muff patsy', and yet I DO miss a certain liveliness from the original pedals. I have found the AFX Drive emulations to be both...
  69. Radley

    Parametric EQ tip - 'Contouring your sound'

    Hello again, fellow Axers - Here’s another technique I’ve been using lately to get the most out of the AFX’s Parametric EQ - Cliff’s version of the classic 5-band parametric EQ is QUITE versatile, but some aspects of it’s versatility may not be so obvious, and hence this thread. How many times...
  70. Radley

    Reverb Tweak Tip - "best of both worlds" :o)

    Hello fellow 'Axers' - here is a simple technique I use to get 'the best of both worlds' when recording direct - both microphone ambience/air, and rich verb - all by using only one AFX reverb block. The reason this is possible (and so flexible) is because of the recent improvements Cliff has...
  71. Radley

    Firmware 9.00 - Let me count the ways...

    Firmware 9.00 - Let me count the ways... Like most musicians, I am fairly opinionated in my feelings about equipment & tone. About 6 months ago I bought a new digital effects system called the AxeFX Ultra - I was immediately impressed with the quality and tone of the unit, but the journey had...
  72. Radley

    AFX through Fender tube amps....

    Finally tried my AFX thru some of my Fender tube amps (power amp sections only). Simply bypassed the Cab block and did some minor AFX tonal tweaks & there it was, just as I expected.... VERY convincing tube tones from low gain to super-high gain without any aliasing or unnatural artifacts...
  73. Radley

    The Cab block's AIR parameter

    The Cab's AIR parameter - did we ever get an exact description of what it is doing? It obviously is not a short ambient reverb like Line6 uses. It seems like I read somewhere that it's like a frequency-selective mix of some dry (non-cabbed) signal, but I would like to know for sure - if you...
  74. Radley

    Series Compression - Good News!

    Series Compression - Good News! :P I am very particular about compression - for me, it is every bit as important as a good overdriven amp sound. Up until now, I have not been able to nail the clean, expressive compression I love for clean solos & lines with my beloved AFX Ultra, but today I...
  75. Radley

    Rich, Sensitive, Ethereal effects patches

    I can't remember the kind soul I talked to on this board a couple of months ago, but I was asking for some rich/sensitive/ethereal effects patches & pads, and he kindly offered to send me a bunch of his favorites (but at the time I wasn't set up to load them) - if you read this now (or anyone...
  76. Radley

    Gotta love the Ultra!

    I realize I'm somewhat behind the curve, but I have been listening to the newest Ultra presets, and they really sound excellent. The Verb patches are deep & majestic, and the various pitch effects sound very fat with huge stereo images. I noticed that the Verb's chorus parameter is being...
  77. Radley

    My second Axe-Ultra freeze-up...feeling a bit more concerned

    My second Axe-Ultra freeze-up, and I'm feeling a bit more concerned. Again all I had to do was restart, but that would not be acceptable during a studio tracking session or a show. Could it be a low-level bug in the latest update, or something else? ~Rad~
  78. Radley

    Question about Cab IR potential for AG processing

    Dear experienced AFXers: Is it feasable that an Acoustic guitar IR (ie: Fishman Aura, etc) could be loaded into the AFX Cab block and used to make a piezo-acoustic guitar sound more like a real miked acoustic? If so, this could make the AFX a prime contender for my live AG processing as well...
  79. Radley

    First Ultra Freeze up

    I had my first freeze up with my Ultra this morning (it had been on for about a week). No big deal, I just turned it off & back on and everything was fine. Is this normal, or should I be concerned? I have been tweaking a lot so I can see how it might have 'messed with the system' over time...
  80. Radley

    For those who love Mk 2, 3 & 4 Boogie sounds! :o)

    For those who love the Mk 2, 3 & 4 Boogie sounds as much as me, check this out: I may have found an easy way to get great sounds out of the USA llC+ Amp *without* needing to duplicate the 5-Band graphic post-EQ. All you do is move the Amp's tonestack from pre to post position - I still hear...
  81. Radley

    Suggestion for Stereo Delays, etc....

    Suggestion for all Stereo Delays, and other applicable stereo effects: That there be an additional parameter, called 'Crossfield Feedback', or whatever... This parameter would control the L & R feedback sent to the *opposite* sides/inputs of the stereo delay/effect. This parameter can add an...
  82. Radley

    'Custom Compressor'?

    I have heard you can build your own NR within the AFX by using the Envelope follower signal - does this mean you could also use this signal to create your own 'custom compressor'? ~Rad~
  83. Radley

    'Wraparound' behavior

    Is there a particular reason why some parameter edit pages 'wrap around' but some don't? Also, is there a reason why when you get to the last edit page of a block it doesn't wrap around to the first & vice versa - seems like it could be a time saver? ~Rad~
  84. Radley

    Dual Amps - Worth the CPU?

    Having a lot of experience with the GT & Pod XT modelers, I am wondering if most folks here consider using 2 amp models at once a big plus, or even a must. I ask this because I very seldom used the feature in my other modelers (even though there was no CPU penalty for doing so) because I didn't...
  85. Radley

    Question about Resonators

    Does anyone know how to use the resonator block to accomplish a similar effect as the GT8/GT10 resonators? The Boss effect is less 'processed-sounding' and basically uses only one resonator at a time to achieve some very realistic Cab resonances which can be adjusted stronger or weaker. Thanks...
  86. Radley

    Reverb 'Emphasis' feature

    I feel it would be an excellent addition to the Reverb block to have two new advanced parameters: Emphasis Frequency (50z up to 8k?) Emphasis Boost/Cut (plus or minus 12db) This would provide a very basic, fairly wide EQ Boost or Cut (applied only the wet signal), to facilitate adding a...
  87. Radley

    Oh Yes......OH YES........

    Dear AFXrs, I know you all will think I'm crazy, but today is the first day I actually went through and listened to all the presets (Ultra). Up until now I was just working on a few factory presets I had customized, and trying out the various effects within those patches. Well today I really...
  88. Radley

    Updated 'Navigation Enhancement' *option*

    Having since learned that the AFX does not support simultaneous button usage, I am re-posting a modified version of the 'Navigation Enhancement' option idea: This would be a selectable option where when using the L & R Navigation keys, instead of continually recycling through the same page...
  89. Radley

    Question for Cliff

    Cliff, Just wondering: Have you ever considered giving all resonance and feedback parameters in the various blocks negative (-) settings as well as the existing positive settings? It seems to me this could add more flexibility & dimension to the AFX, especially in heavily effected/ethereal...
  90. Radley

    List of the Effect blocks and their typical CPU drain?

    Has Cliff or anyone else ever put together a list of the effect blocks and their typical CPU drain? I wonder if this would be useful when planning the most efficient effects chain for a new preset? ~Rad~
  91. Radley

    Where dat ol' 7.10 update?

    Where dat ol' 7.10 update? :o ;) :o ;) :o Actually, I know Cliff will take whatever time is needed to make it beautiful (and that's the way we like it), but these updates are habit-forming, ya know! ~Rad~
  92. Radley

    Amp Bright Circuit option

    It seems to me that it would be nice to have the option of the Amp's Bright circuit having maximum effect all the way up to full gain (it normally becomes less effective as you raise the gain setting) - between this option and tweaking of the Bright cap size, a lot of new 'edgy/glassy' tones...
  93. Radley

    'Scalable' Graphic EQ

    This post is to propose that one extra parameter be added to the Graphic EQ enabling simultaneous tuning/scaling of all frequency bands, which would equate to the 'tuning' feature (advanced parameter) for the Amp tonestack. This parameter could be represented either as a center frequency or a...
  94. Radley

    Streamlined Navigation Key behavior

    Part 1: When using the L & R Navigation keys, instead of continually recycling through the same page, they would automatically take you to the next/previous page when you go past the last/first parameter, thereby eliminating the need to alternate between the Navigation and Page switches. When...
  95. Radley

    More suggestions

    • Please consider changing the chorus waveshape in the Reverb block to triangle - I'm hearing the modulation 'turn the corners' and it detracts from the smoothness IMHO (when using long, heavy Verb). • It would be nice if the flashing bypass feature for effects could be 'sped up' significantly...
  96. Radley

    "Let the Journey Begin!" :o)

    After trying the UltraFX for 3 weeks, today I have made a decision: The Ultra is my new main modeler! :geek: I was very careful to go slow (I almost sent it back during the first week), but gradually I began to realize all I could achieve with the AFX, and it also seemed to help me with that...
  97. Radley

    Ooops - I forgot TWO... :o)

    Ooops - I forgot one... ;) This is a suggestion that (IMHO) could really make the AFX stand out from the competition: • Pitch-Shifting & Harmonizer algorithms - Add switchable resonant low pass filters for each shifted voice (or maybe one control for all voices). This could finally be the...
  98. Radley

    AxeFX New Feature Suggestions

    AxeFX New Feature Suggestions (I promise to study harder before I post again!) • Filter block - Add selectable 6, 12, & 18 db slope options. Add direct mix control for additional ‘finesse’ • Drive block - Add direct mix (attack enhancement & articulation) • Amp block - Add direct mix...
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