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  1. mixministermike

    FM3 Firmware Version 4.00 beta 5

    You may wish to perform RESET SYSTEM PARAMETERS after installing this version if you are upgrading from a version prior to 4.00 beta 4. Remember: You can back up the complete set of FC layouts using FM3-Edit and re-import it after the reset.
  2. mixministermike

    FM3 Firmware Version 4.00 beta 5

    Reset your system parameters so that the new additions get initialized correctly. It's bullet point #3 of important things to be aware of in the initial post.
  3. mixministermike

    FM3 Firmware Version 4.00 beta 5

    The chirping when Tap Tempo is on an active layout is gone with Beta 5. I never had "unusual" fan ramping behavior (well, with the FM3 fans - real life band "fans" is an entirely different story...)
  4. mixministermike

    4cm lots of noise

    Hum-x took the hiss and him away with 4cm for me. Humbuster cables helped a bit, but the Hum-x made it silent like my pedalboards are, even with my normal non-humbuster 4cm snakes.
  5. mixministermike

    Wish Revv Generator 120 Red and Purple Channels

    Love my Generator 100P Mk3 and my G20. I run 4CM with my FM3. Obviously I'd love to see the Green/Purple/Red channels with all aggression/drive modes modeled!
  6. mixministermike

    Wish EDIT Button Cycle Order setting

    Hello, I'd like the ability to switch the on-device EDIT button behavior for repeated taps to step through all blocks in a left-to-right, top-to-bottom order as an alternative to the existing top-to-bottom, left-to-right order. This alternative order more closely maps to how blocks are laid...
  7. mixministermike

    John Cordy: Is the FM3 under powered?

    The crazy baiting titles, the dumb thumbnails - Youtube MAKES you do those if you want the algorithm to work. Otherwise it literally won't promote your videos, including to your own subscribers.
  8. mixministermike

    FM3 Firmware Version 4.00 beta 3

    I've got the faint clicking too, when tap tempo is one of the footswitches. When I roll back to 3.0x it goes away. Roll forward and it's back. I am not experiencing unusual fan behavior
  9. mixministermike

    Online Jamming

    I use Jam Kazam a couple times a month, but don't use the FM3 as part of the system. We bring our singer in from about 350 miles away, the rest of us are in my rehearsal space. We have two room mics set up so our singer can hear us, and we route his vocals through the rehearsal PA. Then we throw...
  10. mixministermike

    New FM3 - Different Screen?

    Yes, exactly. The blue tint is not there, and the colors pop! It really looks great.
  11. mixministermike

    New FM3 - Different Screen?

    Hi Greg! If you look at the second pic of this post (with the FM3 turned on) you should be able to see some blue "tint" or backlight wash on the right side (well, bottom the way the pic is oriented) of the screen- that I'm referring to. That's the way my previous two FM3s looked. It would...
  12. mixministermike

    New FM3 - Different Screen?

    I just purchased and took receipt of a new FM3. I've owned two FM3s in the past, both with and without headphone jacks, that were sold to bandmates that I haven't seen in quite a while so I can't directly compare. The one I just received seems to have a different screen, with less/no backlight...
  13. mixministermike

    What power amp do you use with your FM3?

    When all the clubs open back up in my state, most will have new owners. Seymour Duncan Powerstage 170, QSC K10.2, or Sennheiser IEM system if I'm not plugging my FM-3 in as an FX-only unit with my tube amps.
  14. mixministermike

    [Solved] How Do I Propagate MIDI Block Scene w Program Change?

    I'm not seeing that behavior between my FM3 > MIDI > Revv G20 amp. It consistently sends the PC upon patch change.
  15. mixministermike

    CEBA Covers and Barefoot Buttons

    These work great on my FM3, no trimming required (edit: sorry didn't see that you were trimming to use CEBA's guard, happy to measure their clearance if you're interested):
  16. mixministermike

    FM3 Firmware Release 1.04 Public Beta

    I can confirm the 1.04 resolves my issue with the FC Switch Advanced Settings page going blank. Thanks Bryant!
  17. mixministermike

    Factory Layout?

    Can you try resetting System Parameters to see if that rebuilds them?
  18. mixministermike

    Edit Switch screen causes Blank Screen

    Thank you very much! I appreciate your work!
  19. mixministermike

    Edit Switch screen causes Blank Screen

    Ok thank you! I do not have an FC or FM-3 edit connected when this happens. I loaded the stock layouts by resetting all system parameters on the device via Settings. I can get this to happen on any preset, I just tested on factory 000, factory 005 and factory 008. Steps to repro: Turn on FM-3...
  20. mixministermike

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    I also bought a Bumblebee, but I'm using it for my FC-6 and EV-2, because sometimes I will be using my FM-3 solo, and other times it will be back at my on-stage cab while the FC-6/EV-2 on Bumblebee will be up at the front of stage. Thanks Leon for the tip!
  21. mixministermike

    Edit Switch screen causes Blank Screen

    I have a problem where the screen blanks out when using Footswitches when on EDIT Layout/Switch Screen (on-device) FM3 1.03, Stock FC Layouts loaded For the sake of this example, let's assume I want to change the switches assigned to the Effects view of the PERFORM Layout (7) so that Switch 2...
  22. mixministermike

    Fixed FM3 freezing

    Correct. I have not been able to repro.
  23. mixministermike

    Fixed FM3 freezing

    I experienced a freeze this morning. I was switching between the two JVM factory presets when the screen faded to white and the device was unresponsive until after a power cycle.
  24. mixministermike

    Great Music Movies To Stream?

  25. mixministermike

    FM3 Now Shipping

    April 23rd 1:34 EDT, received my invite this morning.
  26. mixministermike

    FM3 FC Switch Travel Cases?

    Gator 1110 fits it perfectly (albeit without tons of room for cables).
  27. mixministermike

    Wish Polyphonic Tuner

    So did Boss license the patent for their GT-1000 and SY-1000 (assuming it's TCE that holds it?)?
  28. mixministermike

    Axe-Fx III tone/feel vs. Kemper?

    I've owned a few Kempers (head > rack > powerrack) and one thing that annoyed me for Live use is that one profile doesn't work through all the gain levels I wanted unless I wanted to rely upon pedals for gain. So for a five-part song, Verse would be one profile, Crunch the same profile with a...
  29. mixministermike

    Axe-Fx III tone/feel vs. Kemper?

    This guy gets it
  30. mixministermike

    Any wireless users out there?

    It's pretty obvious based on reviews that for whatever reason, there's a high failure/bad-on-arrival with every digital wireless out there. For every person for whom it's been rock solid, there's someone else that has had nothing but problems even in non-congested situations. I've had systems...
  31. mixministermike

    What amp, if did not have the Axe Fx III?

    Mesa TA-30. Jack of all trades amp.
  32. mixministermike

    Not much love for bass regarding amps and effects?

    I've used the Axe-FX 3 for my last two gigs on bass, both of them I got several compliments about my tone, from other bassists, the sound guys, the venue owners ("why can't the bass sound like this every night?"), and by fans (playing in bass-heavy tribute so the fans are usually particular...
  33. mixministermike

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.09 Public Beta

    You can tell the Mac users who don't use Pro Tools here :p
  34. mixministermike

    Gator Carry Case for the FC-12

    FYI, The G-MULTIFX-1110 fits the FC-6 perfectly
  35. mixministermike

    Your thoughts on the new SVT model

    Praise the Porta-bass!
  36. mixministermike

    Your thoughts on the new SVT model

    Well I was having a blast with the new SVT today (got my Axe-3 and FC-6 today!), but then I stumbled over to the Porta-bass model and fell in love. Used it tonight at rehearsal, everyone loved the tone and agreed it made my Lull P4 sit perfectly in the mix and pop up with great tone for the...
  37. mixministermike

    Using a tablet with the Axe-Fx 3 questions

    Windows Tablet: 1st Party app Axe-Edit III, also 3rd Party Fracpad and FracTools iPad/Android Tablet: 3rd Party app Fracpad
  38. mixministermike

    Lag between scenes, anyone?

    This has been addressed already:Silence between scene switching/channel switching
  39. mixministermike

    AX8 Discontinued?

    I'm not devaluing your stance, because your situation is your situation, and I'm right there that 22" might be too wide when they are side-to-side. I certainly like the AX-8 footprint much, much better than the 22" Helix or the even wider aircraft-carrier-sized Headrush. But for me, as I'm...
  40. mixministermike

    Your thoughts on the new SVT model

    I've got a 3 on the way, in the meantime I thought I'd kick this forum back up with a question: What is the difference in your words between the new SVT and the older SVT model. How do you describe how the two models sound, feel, and react? With the older model and my previous units, I...
  41. mixministermike

    Axe-Fx III Running Temp?

    It makes more sense on the Ox since its attenuation results in heat, which you might want to monitor if you are pushing the max wattage into it. That’s not apples:apples with the 3 reporting a Core temperature. It would only be useful when troubleshooting a potential heat problem, and that...
  42. mixministermike

    Heads up - Axe Edit III won't run on a Compute Stick

    That looks really slick. What brand monitor is that? There are 64bit compute sticks available now, but as you say most of the cheaper ones are 32bit, and that doesn’t help you now. :(
  43. mixministermike

    My new recording studio

    That looks great Marco! I can’t wait to hear what that space inspires you to create.
  44. mixministermike

    Axe-Fx III Running Temp?

    I stated "The Ox Top Box app reports its temperatures, so it’s not like this is an unprecedented request." Unprecedented, type it in google, and it will tell you right at the top: "never done or known before." My definition and usage are accurate whether you want to accept it or not.
  45. mixministermike

    Axe-Fx III Running Temp?

    Yup, which was my point. Another popular MI product reports its temperature, so it’s not like the OP’s request is a new idea. It’s been done before. I wasn’t saying every MI product should therefore report its temperatures because the Ox does.
  46. mixministermike

    Axe-Fx III Running Temp?

    Dictionary.com: Precendent; adjective pre·ce·dent [pri-seed-nt, pres-i-duh nt] /prɪˈsid nt, ˈprɛs ɪ dənt/ going or coming before; preceding; anterior. Vocabulary.com: Precedent: a subject mentioned earlier (preceding in time) Cambridge DIctionary: Precedent: [ C ] an action, situation, or...
  47. mixministermike

    Axe-Fx III Running Temp?

    now you're just being argumentative, Chris
  48. mixministermike

    Axe-Fx III Running Temp?

    Precedence: the fact of coming or occurring earlier in time. If there is precedence for something it means it’s happened before. Not that it has to happen every time.
  49. mixministermike

    Axe-Fx III Running Temp?

    Are you being condescending?
  50. mixministermike

    Axe-Fx III Running Temp?

    The Ox Top Box app reports its temperatures, so it’s not like this is an unprecedented request.
  51. mixministermike

    Not much love for bass regarding amps and effects?

    I strongly disagree that there is entitlement going on with this issue and the people involved. More bass amps is a feature request, and one that many people who have been long-time evangelists for Fractal have made - to associate this with the Klon drama is insulting on many levels. It's one of...
  52. mixministermike

    Axe-Fx III in Music Radar

    I can get a good Super Bassman sound going with Fender guitar amps, sure. I haven't seen a single person in my years of being around Fractal bassists ever say you can't get great bass tones out of the products. The new bass IRs included in the 3 are fantastic! But I still haven't found a way to...
  53. mixministermike

    Wish A skin to darken the pop-up windows for Preset/Amp/Cab pickers

    Mac OS Mojave has a dark theme, and the AXE-Edit interface looks PERFECT in it... except for the blinding white pop-ups OP mentioned. +1 for this suggestion! Windows is expanding their dark theme as well.
  54. mixministermike

    AES/EBU Crackling Issue with Line 6 Powercab +

    Looks like it was a bad cable.
  55. mixministermike

    AES/EBU Crackling Issue with Line 6 Powercab +

    When my AXE-III is connected to my Line 6 Powercab+ via AES, I'm getting popping/crackling when I'm not playing. I have the AXE-III set for Word Clock>Internal, SPDIF/AES Select>AES, Source>Output 1. The Powercab+ is 48k sample rate according to the manual. I do not have this problem hooking up...
  56. mixministermike

    Vendor AustinBuddy's 1400+ Naked Amps TonePack - firmware 15.x TonePack Update now Available

    Looking forward to trying out the Bass presets once my firmware updates! :sunglasses: Thanks for the "upgrade" discount as well!
  57. mixministermike

    Not much love for bass regarding amps and effects?

    I've been pretty vocal about asking for more bass amps over the past few years. For studio and "pro" work, the Axe-FX platform delivers pretty much everything needed. With studio bass you're often just laying down dry tracks via DI. As others have said, there are plenty of great tones to be had...
  58. mixministermike

    How loud should the fan be?

    It has been brought up several times including what you're responding to, in the USA this statement may not be honored in a court as it may go against the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. The American Federal Trade Commission recently clarified that manufacturers cannot require consumers to go only...
  59. mixministermike

    AustinBuddy possible Bass Presets for the Axe-Fx III - what do you want to see?

    Also we really need some Aguilar love - DB751, AG, and Tonehammer!
  60. mixministermike

    AustinBuddy possible Bass Presets for the Axe-Fx III - what do you want to see?

    GK tones for sure. I really wish Fractal would add an RB. Peter Hook, Flea, Eric Avery please. Super Bassman as well, both channels!
  61. mixministermike

    Post Your Axe-Fx III Rigs Here!

    My 1Us had the loudest fans I've had in an electronic device. Louder than any amp fan I've had for sure. Of course at band volume I couldn't hear them, but at normal "studio" volume they sounded awful. My 2U is extremely quiet.
  62. mixministermike

    Post Your Axe-Fx III Rigs Here!

    Nice! How loud is that GT1000FX-1U? I have a 2U, when I tried the 1U a few years back the fans were very noisy, even after Andy swapped one out for me. Not "wooshy" or "airy" but whiney and resonant throughout the case.
  63. mixministermike

    AXE3 Channel switching, audio dropout?

    I do find it interesting that my Gt-1000 offers truly seamless switching... absolutely no dropout... but even switching scenes on my Uber powerful Axe3 there is a signal interruption.
  64. mixministermike

    My Axe FX III is back at the factory :(

    In general, shipping ground from coast to coast in this country sucks.
  65. mixministermike

    Any FC release time info ?

    I am expecting it in the mid-summer to fall timeframe, but I have no insider information and should not be considered a reliable source.:p
  66. mixministermike

    If the III was 2U (or 1U!!!) I would have ordered one by now

    Any pedalboard runs a cable back to the amp - this is just a speaker cable instead of a normal TS. I have several 25'+ speaker cables, so other than the fact that the gauge might be different it seems to be normal operating procedure.
  67. mixministermike

    If the III was 2U (or 1U!!!) I would have ordered one by now

    SD would ... strongly...disagree that it's not a floor pedal. "PowerStage 170 is a revolutionary pedal-board power amp designed for guitarists using pedals, modelers and effects processors to create their tone." "...the perfect complement to pedalboards..." "You can even adjust the big Master...
  68. mixministermike


    It scales but keeps its aspect ratio.
  69. mixministermike

    Axe-Edit III Public Beta

    Hey Admins, would it make sense to create a "Beta FAQ" thread to help organize new bugs from identified bugs/known issues?
  70. mixministermike

    Axe-Fx III: Carry Case / Gig Bag Options and Ideas

    Using the 3U SKB Shallow and it looks and functions great. Very convenient having the side handles. There's about a 1.5" clearance in the back with the cover off.
  71. mixministermike

    Placeholder MIDI Controller w/Scenes

    I'm gonna try configuring my Line 6 HX Effects tonight to control my Axe-FX III. Scribble strips! :cool:
  72. mixministermike

    Axe FX III for modern church music without strymon pedals?

    I think there's like 12 delays available per preset, with 4 channels each. :p
  73. mixministermike

    How loud should the fan be?

    I measure 34-35db for my environment based on a 2nd gen iPad Mini sitting two inches to the side of the III with the mic facing the III. When I turn on the III, I measure 35-36db. The noise floor from my QSC or DXRs completely drown out the III. It's far quieter and less noticeable than my...
  74. mixministermike

    Implemented ABCDE Knob Programming

    Resurrecting - I'm wondering if this would accomplish the same thing as my wish - that I could replace the "Bright" switch on the top row of the Tone page for Amp block with Master Volume. I use Master Volume all the time when dialing in patches, and I hardly ever touch Bright except maybe once...
  75. mixministermike

    Axe-Fx III is now supported on AxeChange

    The drop-down is fixed. Still getting HTTP500 on password change request or new user signup. Also on new user form: "Choose a userame"
  76. mixministermike

    How loud should the fan be?

    After being in a band and seeing everyone's in-ear molds and how different they all were - it suddenly clicked with me that we really do all hear differently; why our lead singer was always wanting more bass, why our drummer seemed to always want less.
  77. mixministermike

    Axe-Fx III is now supported on AxeChange

    huh. it's happening here on Chrome and Edge. maybe it's just deployment pains - I can't reset password or make a new account either. EDIT: There are two AXE-FX IIIs in the menu. One works, the one at the top of the list. The other one (in alphabetical order later in the list) switches back to IIXL+
  78. mixministermike

    Axe-Fx III is now supported on AxeChange

    Thank you @Admin M@! When I search on AXEIII as the filter type, it reverts to IIXL+ - is that because there aren't any patches uploaded yet?
  79. mixministermike

    How loud should the fan be?

    When switching between different rack cases to see which one I liked best, I noticed that the fan noise was much more prominent with my Mission Engineering head rack. Almost like a resonant response from case and rack, not blowing air/air movement noise.
  80. mixministermike

    Amp in the room simulation

    The "tweeter" sits behind the "woofer" and is only activated when the FLAT setting is invoked - it's not used by any of the on-board speaker sims. Because of the speaker placements, they've said don't expect it to be a truly FRFR solution when in FLAT as it's still meant to invoke guitar cab...
  81. mixministermike

    So far I'm not entirely sold on the Axe Fx 3....

    Or a parallel forum to the Preset Exchange for Block Exchange - then we could have conversations around the block presets easier. But right now the 3's Preset Exchange forum is pretty bare, and Axe-Change isn't doing the 3 yet.
  82. mixministermike

    So far I'm not entirely sold on the Axe Fx 3....

    Axe3 makes a good compromise with the "Basic" and "Expert" or "Advanced" pages available for most of the blocks. But block presets would be really great to allow people to get closer to "that tone" without compromising tweak-ability. Why isn't there a Klon model? Because you can get there with...
  83. mixministermike

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    And everyone, that's simply not the way manufacturing works. Nobody stockpiles inventory and then "releases" outside of entertainment/media, and that's usually because only one or two production runs may ever be ordered for a book, a Blu-Ray, or a video game, and the whole distribution model...
  84. mixministermike

    FCs for multiple band members

    I love everything you just said!
  85. mixministermike

    FCs for multiple band members

    Separate paths, one for bass, one for guitar, or two for guitar, or with the full unit you have vox as well with the mic in.
  86. mixministermike

    FCs for multiple band members

    People do it with Helix all the time.
  87. mixministermike

    FCs for multiple band members

    I'm curious how much mileage Fractal is interested in getting out of the multiple instrument scenario. I hope it's taken seriously, as a band could buy three Helix LTs for the cost of one Axe3.
  88. mixministermike

    FCs for multiple band members

    Has it been announced whether we can run two FCs each configured for a different set of functions? Scenario: lead and rhythm guitars both running through the Axe3 in separate paths but sharing patches, with an FC6 for the lead guitarist and an FC6 for the rhythm guitarist, but each being...
  89. mixministermike

    ARES has landed!

    Oh as a package, you're right. I'm only speaking to the amp models themselves - not the fx or cabs, where Helix is objectively more capable. Also in the US the 11R is about $300 - quite a bit cheaper than the Helix. Even though the models themselves are getting up there in age, many of the amps...
  90. mixministermike

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    They're only at 8:30am Pacific Time. I wouldn't count on any slowdown because there's no concentration of guitarists on the east coast.
  91. mixministermike

    AxeFX III on top of amp?

    I would think Fractal would be embarrassed if they shipped a "road-ready" product that couldn't survive under conditions that ANY amp head is designed to survive under.
  92. mixministermike

    Why can't we be beta tester for the Axe 3 editor.

    Do you want to test the product, or use the product? Because there's a difference. Just using a product and finding random bugs isn't testing.
  93. mixministermike

    ARES has landed!

    11rack is still the best sounding modeler in it's price range. The amp modeling itself is better than Helix IMO, but its cabs and effects are pretty limited.
  94. mixministermike

    Welp...today’s the day...

    I scheduled mine to arrive the day after my next gig. Otherwise I'd do something stupid like try to use it without a rehearsal. :p So Friday is the day for it to arrive here in the Pacific Northwest.
  95. mixministermike

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    It's only Wednesday, and they have already gone through at least 45 minutes of the waitlist this week. I think that's the fastest pace they have gone so far. And that's just now just hitting 8am on the west coast of the states for sign up time.
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