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  1. Galen Cane

    Vendor FracPad III - iOS/Android/Mac/Win Editor for the Axe-Fx II/XL/XL+, AX8/FX8, Axe-Fx III and FM3

    This is great. AxeFX II XL - MD-BT01 - iPad - FracPad I gig loads so this is a great help :D
  2. Galen Cane

    Rhythm to Lead Live - What's your setup?

    I ride the guitar volume control to vary the dynamics constantly. My patches are quite simple so the vol at 5 is almost clean gradually overdriving as I increase it. To get a bigger volume boost I use a Filter Block in the patch to add 5db
  3. Galen Cane


    I only use a couple of patches. I might add an effect via the MFC101 but most of the time I use the volume on the guitar. For me the AXE-FX is about convenience. I'm far more focussed on my playing to be sniffing corks.
  4. Galen Cane

    Wah used to auto-disengage but now stays on

    The Count, always The Count.
  5. Galen Cane

    Wah used to auto-disengage but now stays on

    Al Almost tempted to get out of bed and go check that right now!
  6. Galen Cane

    Wah used to auto-disengage but now stays on

    The Wah still auto engages when I move the pedal but no longer disengages. Has something changed or an I being a muppet?
  7. Galen Cane

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.00 Public Beta

    Excellent, thank you :-)
  8. Galen Cane

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.00 Public Beta

    Okay, stupid question. I'm running FW19. Do I need to update to FW20 before going Quantum or can I dive straight in with the newest thing?
  9. Galen Cane

    adjusting tone in a band mix

    I have a specific set of presets for playing live/high volume. They are very different and don't sound at all great at low volumes.
  10. Galen Cane

    Thank you Chris@AxeFxTutorials

    Totally agree, Chris has been a great help and saved me loads of time when I got started.
  11. Galen Cane

    Brit Floyd Presets

    Why Bobby left Brit Floyd Bobby Harrison – top UK session guitarist – based in London and Brighton | News
  12. Galen Cane

    Brit Floyd Presets

    Courtesy of Bobby Harrison Axe Change -The Official Site for Fractal Audio Presets, Cabs and More
  13. Galen Cane

    Axe II passed my blind Brit Floyd challenge

    Bobby's presets Axe Change -The Official Site for Fractal Audio Presets, Cabs and More
  14. Galen Cane

    How many presets do you use?

    1: Cleanish 2: Boost That's it.
  15. Galen Cane

    Getting a sound that will cut through the mix? I'm struggling!

    I had precisely the same problem. Sounded great in my home studio, vanished at rehearsals and gigs. Is was a recording engineer who pointed out what others have suggested above. My live patches are completely different to my "home/studio" ones. Far simpler, less gain, fewer effects, a GEQ...
  16. Galen Cane

    AxeEdit from iPad

  17. Galen Cane

    Struggling with dynamic and punchy cleans

    Thanks but I'm going with Man Vagina
  18. Galen Cane

    Amp settings for "The Edge"

    Yes, those dotted 1/8th echo fingers are quite something!
  19. Galen Cane

    On top or underneath?

    My buddy asked why I have my Axe on top and my amp underneath on my rig.. He has his amp on top and says that's the right way round..
  20. Galen Cane

    Looking for a free OSX alternative to the Orban Loudness Meter

    Which would be the best setting within a preset to adjust the overall level shown in the horizontal VU?
  21. Galen Cane

    Looking for a free OSX alternative to the Orban Loudness Meter

    There are two VU metres?! Where's this horizontal one? Oh yeah, found them :-)
  22. Galen Cane

    Noob, Les Paul Question

    Aha, you confused me by quoting my post. Threw me a little.
  23. Galen Cane

    Noob, Les Paul Question

    Thank you, although I'm not the OP and don't have any trouble handling this issue ;-)
  24. Galen Cane

    Please, please no more daily Updates!!!

    I have no set rules on updates but as a gigging guitarist don't have the time to install every update that comes along. I also can't risk making major changes to my own patches just before a show. I read the details of the update carefully, if it's going to improve what I use or fix something I...
  25. Galen Cane

    Noob, Les Paul Question

    My Les Paul's have always sounded a bit "boomy" in comparison with other guitars, but that's regardless of whether I'm playing through tubes or digital.
  26. Galen Cane

    What's Your NON-FRACTAL Rig?

    Shit the bed!!
  27. Galen Cane

    speaker resonance with frfr speakers

    That's interesting. Where would I find that setting?
  28. Galen Cane

    FRFR SOLUTION (opinions?)

    I use a Matrix FR212 to 'move some air' on stage and act as a monitor and run the Axe-FX to FOH house.
  29. Galen Cane

    Misha Mansoor Presets and mini-review

    I love Periphery and listen to them a lot. Strangely enough (or not) the music I write and play is nothing like what they do so these presets are a kind of personal fun thing I'll mess about with in my home studio. I have a special down tuned, heavy gauge guitar I use from this exact purpose...
  30. Galen Cane

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.08 Released

    Every time I log in there's another FW Update :-)
  31. Galen Cane

    Which hole for DI FOH?

    I'm never going to mic up another cab :-)
  32. Galen Cane

    Which hole for DI FOH?

    Just back from sound check. Ran an XLR from the Axe-FX direct into the desk, using the Matrix on the stage as an air moving monitor. I sound fucking huge!!!
  33. Galen Cane

    Which hole for DI FOH?

    Any hole's a goal ;-)
  34. Galen Cane

    Which hole for DI FOH?

    That's the simple answer I was hoping for :-)
  35. Galen Cane

    Which hole for DI FOH?

    I use these two 1/4 Jacks to the Matrix Amp. Was hoping I could just run a lead from one of the other outs on the back to the stage DI
  36. Galen Cane

    Which hole for DI FOH?

    Playing a well equipped venue on Saturday with a decent system and good crew so thought I'd try going out to FOH rather than having the sound guys mic up the front of the Matrix FR212. Which output should I run to the stage DI? Sorry for the dumbness of this question, I'm sure the answer...
  37. Galen Cane

    I'd like to change my username..

    It would be a lot easier than creating a new profile and deleting this one.
  38. Galen Cane

    I'd like to change my username..

    Is this something MOD can do for me?
  39. Galen Cane

    Seems the Tube Snobs Have Been Right All Along

    Initially I spent time creating a preset to replicate my Marshall Tube setup but then I thought, why bother recreating tones that are already out there. With the Axe-Fx I can invent new combinations, my own sound, something I could never do before.
  40. Galen Cane


    I did mention it, then kinda forgot. I'll chase him up.
  41. Galen Cane

    Cab Pack 8 Now Available!

    I got a picture of a dude in a dress!
  42. Galen Cane

    Cooper Carter

    I'll second Chris' tutorials. Saved me a ton of time when I started out with this rig.
  43. Galen Cane

    ANNOUNCING PART 2: Axe-Fx Streaming Class with Cooper Carter

    This has been far more useful than I expected and a real bargain considering the amount of stuff I learned. My learning style has always been "show me" rather than "RTFM"
  44. Galen Cane

    Preset advice needed for studio vs live

    I too discovered this quite early on. 95% of my Axe-FX use is live so my setting are geared towards that setup. What I've also noticed is a significant difference when the volume is high. My default "dirty" tone cleans up at hi volume yet has more distortion at low volume.
  45. Galen Cane

    Matrix FR212

    I've been testing my tweaked patches at a reasonable volume today but I won't know for sure until I crank it up with the whole band.
  46. Galen Cane

    Can I create my own preset bank?

    Thank you. After all this time I'd never noticed that facility, makes things much easier :-)
  47. Galen Cane

    Can I create my own preset bank?

    Ok, that's something I've not come across in Axe-Edit. Thanks, I'll have a look.
  48. Galen Cane

    Can I create my own preset bank?

    My main present bank is a bit of a mess. It's essentially the factory presets with my own creations in the first 10 slots so my MFC can access them easily and a mixture experiments at the other end. What I'd like is a blank one with only my 10 patches which I can load before a gig. I'm...
  49. Galen Cane

    Matrix FR212

    Currently re-ŵriting my patches for live use. They already sound awesome :-)
  50. Galen Cane

    Matrix FR212

  51. Galen Cane

    Matrix FR212

    I'm looking forward to tapping into the other half of the Axe-RX which I feel I'm not using.
  52. Galen Cane

    Matrix FR212

    Are these are better than the stock ones which come with the FW? Or just different?
  53. Galen Cane

    Matrix FR212

    Hopefully my Matrix FR212 sould arrive via UPS today. This is the final part of my 'fully digital' rig. This will mean I'll get to play with the Cabs/IR half of the Axe-fx which until now has remained bypassed as I was going through a Marshall 4x12 It struck me that I know next to nothing...
  54. Galen Cane


    He's touring at the moment but I'll drop him message. I'm sure he'd be happy to share.
  55. Galen Cane


    Bobby is a mate of mine. Chat most days on Facebook.
  56. Galen Cane

    MFC-101 Firmware version 3.06 need Help

    Okay, reinstalled 3.05 - cured it. Back you presets.
  57. Galen Cane

    MFC-101 Firmware version 3.06 need Help

    Not just me then. Currently experiencing exactly the same problem.
  58. Galen Cane

    Announcing MFC-Edit - Official editor for the MFC-101

    Okay, paid and downloaded but where's this licence key? Oops! Ignore me, just read the instructions. Emailed :-)
  59. Galen Cane

    Presets, XY Switching, and Scenes in the Axe-Fx II - In-Depth 1 hour Premium Tutorial

    I'll happily pay $10.00 for that, it's a bargain. Thanks Chris.
  60. Galen Cane

    Resources for a total beginner?

    This was me but a few months ago. Whilst by no means an expert I'm pretty comfortable with the unit both live and in the studio. How do you have it set up? What do you have it hooked up to.
  61. Galen Cane

    Sweatshirts and Hoodies

    Will they be available in Europe?
  62. Galen Cane

    Using your guitar volume knob?

    Constantly use the Volume pots when playing live. One of the best things about the Axe-FX is how nicely an overdriven tone cleans up with a little volume control. Just like a real amp :-)
  63. Galen Cane

    Guitar Cab or FRFR?

    I use Axe-FX II XL - Matrix GT1000FX - Marshall 4 x 12 and I love the tones I get. I'd love to try a Matrix FRFR 2x12 but it's rather a lot of cash just to see if I like it.
  64. Galen Cane

    Request: Worship Presets Please

    Had no idea this was a thing! Every day's a school day.
  65. Galen Cane

    output level knob setting with Matrix Amp?

    I'm amazed at how much 'extra loud' things start getting once you're beyond 12:00 Certainly goes to eleven!
  66. Galen Cane

    output level knob setting with Matrix Amp?

    Aha, I'm glad this has come up as I've never really known. IIRC the YouTube "How to set up your Matrix amplifier" suggests you turn the amp volume to 12:00 and do everything else on the Axe-FX. I've been doing this but have found myself having to turn the Axe-FX output up very high. I have a...
  67. Galen Cane

    Yek's preset collection (Q9.04, Axe-Fx II XL)

    Thanks Yek. I have a great deal of fun with these.
  68. Galen Cane

    Here is an odd situation..

    My 2p He's a control freak who's envious of your gear. He's a going to be a problem.
  69. Galen Cane

    Please help:Not enjoying my Axe through a poweramp and into a cab

    Exactly my set up. Simply brilliant tone.
  70. Galen Cane

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 15.06 Released

    Lol, I think this is the 3rd update since I've been on holiday :-)
  71. Galen Cane

    Welcome MARK DAY!

    Yep, he played a major role in my decision too.
  72. Galen Cane

    What is the 'Cool News Coming Tomorrow'? (Today)

    I'm pretty sure it's already tomorrow, here in Spain.
  73. Galen Cane

    How do you boost? (Humorous comments are encouraged!)

    I sick a filter at the end and bang the db up!
  74. Galen Cane

    Changing presets between banks

    Thanks Chris, I assumed it would be straight forward, just didn't know what to look for.
  75. Galen Cane

    Changing presets between banks

    Is there a way to change banks but keep the current used preset running? If I'm using preset 6 but need to change to preset 1, the moment I change bank the preset changes. Can I stop this?
  76. Galen Cane

    FOH + using a cab

    Brilliant, thank you :-)
  77. Galen Cane

    FOH + using a cab

    If I'm running my Axe-FX through a Marshall 4x12 I've got the cab sim bypassed but if I'm going through the PA I'll need it switched on. How do I do both at the same time?
  78. Galen Cane

    Rig Rundown with Ken Andrews/Failure

    I read the title and automatically assumed something went wrong during the rig rundown :-)
  79. Galen Cane

    The Aristocrats - Guthrie Govan - Bad Asteroid

    First thing I noticed, I'd like to try one of those.
  80. Galen Cane

    New age of gigging!

    I'll be happy once I can get all my gear on my R1
  81. Galen Cane

    Does anyone here started on a diff. Box before using axefx? Is it too much at first?

    I've been looking for something like the Axe-FX all my life.
  82. Galen Cane

    Live tone

    Sounds sublime!
  83. Galen Cane

    2nd Live Outing with the Axe-FX rig

    Now with the full set-up Axe-FXII XL - GT100FX - MFC-101 running into a Marshall 4 x 12 Outdoor event, crew supplied, reasonable PA, clueless sound guy. The stage sound was mush but FOH was awesome and I was louder than Allah. Finally, via the MFC, I have control of my sound and settings...
  84. Galen Cane

    Auditioning Presets

    Eureka!! Thank you :-)
  85. Galen Cane

    Auditioning Presets

    Oh hang on... not for XL :sorrow:
  86. Galen Cane

    Auditioning Presets

    I love you :)
  87. Galen Cane

    Auditioning Presets

    Fremen / thibderob who I believe posts here seems to be trying the presets without actually loading them. 16sec onwards Why can't I do this?
  88. Galen Cane

    Shredding or songwritting?

  89. Galen Cane

    Shredding or songwritting?

    There's a big line between song writing and impressing other guitarists, because that's all the YouTube, backing track shredders are doing.
  90. Galen Cane

    5 Artists that are you

    Scott Gorham EVH Alex Lifeson Robert Fripp Robin Guthrie
  91. Galen Cane

    Axe-edit is superb... but

    It is superb, I honestly would've struggles with setting and tweaking my Axe-fx without it. So why doesn't it work with the MFC-101?
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