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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 16.03

    geting better and better....it's been a decade i am on fractal boat and the progress did not even slow down for a moment. i own great products in my studio which i love to use, from other great companies but literaly no other brand can compete with fractal with the way they show their love to...
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    Out to FOH & Tube Amp - Impedance Curve...

    a typo? you would NOT want the impedance curve applied to out put going to tube amp since it takes care of it and you would want imp curve for FOH.
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    mini game : JP2C VS axe fx 3

    since you said "you get extra low end with the real thing"....the 2nd one is the amp! though i think it's a minor adjustment in the amp block or with an EQ and you can get the same. and with your recordings the difference is not only the low end.
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    mini game : JP2C VS axe fx 3

    sounds like the 1st one has more harmonics going on when you let the chords ring. but could be also just my perception cause the 2nd one is litle darker. As if the IR has a lower hicut. This might be the reason also why i think the first one sounds as if it has better string separation. In any...
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    axe edit freezes and...

    I changed the usb port and cable. Since couple of hours the issue did not happen. Could have been on my end!
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    Ken Fisher Amps

    much appreciated, been on fractal boat for longer than a decade and think i know the box in and out...but there is allways smth new to learn about. add on: out of curiosity i tried bunch of other amp models and also different tone stacks in rocket model. I could not replicate this with any amp...
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    axe edit freezes and...

    i just found out this problem only happens if my rjm mastermind gt16 is connected to axe fx and when i run the axe edit in the same time. How about others having the same issue? Do you have an RJM or another midi contoller connected to axe fx? posted also on RJM forum, maybe it is related to...
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    Ken Fisher Amps

    The rocket makes a zipper type of noise when you turn up and down the bass knob. Happens also with middle knob under ideal tab. regardless if you adjust via axe edit or on the unit. @FractalAudio i assume this is a bug?
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    Tips for IEM and what you hear vs FOH send???

    when i was touring with inears and the big big rig (axe fx+2 ua apollo interfaces) i was using room reverb (universal audio, ocean way) for my inear (not for FOH) which you can replicate with room/studio reverb in Axe FX. I think a little bit of room reverb is the key for a good inear sound. So...
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    axe edit freezes and...

    here is a screen shot of the situation. and this is what happens/where it hangs when i close and reopen axe edit. only solution is restarting axe fx. this pops up after a time:
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    axe edit freezes and...

    with the latest FW and axe edit i am having weird issues. axe edit freezes every couple of hours, or all of a sudden shows blank layout/all empty blocks with weird/random shunts...in the mean time axe fx is fine, sounds and works as it should. but closing axe edit and reopening does not work. it...
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    Midi controller except fc6 for axe fx 3

    depens on budget and what features you want.....if you want all (scribble strips and almost any midi function you can imagine) and ready to pay more, i think there is nothing out there even coming close to RJM Mastermind.
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    Axefx iii dsp fried

    almost 10 years all my presets are over %80 CPU...frying anything on side i did even not experience axe fx freez 1 time. And my rack has/had other units like power conditioner, ua apollo interface, matrix power amp etc... i played 3-4 week tours with it, night after night in humid/hot clubs...
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    A few sounds I'm wondering if anyone has modeled?

    it’s not volume -3dB +3dB =0dB equation. Compression changes the transient/attack etc...means your tone also, and how you play/feel etc etc. So even though i have never tried these settings mentioned above with 2 compressors in series...i am sure it does what it should.
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    Never got the love for the Divided by 13 amps. What am I missing?

    why do you bother with these type of responses? Do you think you are so much smarter and he could not think of just moving on to another amp....obviously he thinks there might be smth to understand, figure out !!!
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    Amp model shootout

    @yek feel like we have kinda similar taste, expectation with our tone. I try every once in a while different amps (will look at some of the ones you mentioned in this post) and than allways go back to Hiwatt jumpered paired with some ev12l/dumble IRs. The key to me is cranking the master. This...
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    Burg's HIPOWER FW:16 - video demo and download

    sounds great, though i think it sounds better when you crank the master.
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    How does the AXE FX3 sound compare to UA/Apollo amp/FX plugins?

    I don't think the difference can be described as more real, less real. If you were to compare the authencity to real amp, than you need to compare it to the real amp (and probably the modelled one) and play them either through the same IR or through the same cabinet to get an honest idea. This...
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    Possible to turn off mains speaker output from software while leaving headphone output on?

    You have an apollo x4 right? On “Console” (Software mixer of UA) use the Cue outs and mute the monitor output. Check the manual for details.
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    Ideal vs Authentic

    Authentic is my ideal, ideal might still be authentic enough to you:) I would start with Authentic just to keep it simple (is more) and if you miss smth in your tone which you can’t fix with authentic amp controls, dive deeper into ideal page. Probably you are getting 10th time the same advice...
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    Could someone help me achieve that wide stereo sound?

    Panning identical signal one L the other one R won’t make it stereo. If this is the case, use different IRs/cabs or that there is something changing the signal or delaying one before the cab block or output.
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    Tap Tempo Reverb?

    I think almost in 10 years for the first time i will disagrea with you. Yes predelay is as important as reverb time...and it’s smth most people learn about at a very late stage (ie myself) but still you would not want/try to adjust predelay lets say to 1/16, 1/8 or 1/4 etc and you would stay...
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    How accurate is Fractal's amp modeling?

    more accurate than the reissue or new models of big brands trying to catch the mojo of their own vintage amps.
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    Headphone correction EQ curves

    When it comes to speakers, it’s more about the room they are placed in. There for there is room correction eq software out there like sonarworks reference 4 or some speakers have onboard DSP solutions which again measure the room with a calibrated mic and apply a correction EQ. (like neumann or...
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    Dual amps Mute/unmute vs Multiplexer block

    I never had an issue/gab with bypassing 1 amp and activating the other but technically seen, lets say if you were using a midi controller and sending midi messages to bypass/activate amp blocks you might have a gap if you were sending bunch of other midi messages simultaneously. But even in that...
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    Hiwatt, SMH

    My favorite amp model(almost). Crank the master (must IMHO) and it can do all from chimey cleans, edge of break up to nice driven tones...no drive block or else needed. Ofcourse should be paired with the right IR/speaker (fane crescendo, evm 12L or similar). With celestions or else it looses...
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    I'll never understand what makes it so difficult...

    presets were all unusuable for me also...i dont even try them anymore and delete them right away when i get a new fractal unit. this doesnt mean axe fx is unusable. So people have to like axe fx and on top they have to love the presets...so you can understand them? :))) anyways i am opting out...
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    I'll never understand what makes it so difficult...

    i am not able to follow, who said “its unusuable” ?! neither your own post nor my response mentions anything about people saying “axe is unusable.” I thought you were trying to understand why some people are having a hard time with axe fx and are not happy with results.
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    I'll never understand what makes it so difficult...

    what if you sound terrible? and the ones who tried but werent happy sound even better than you? Alone the fact that how advanced this gear is...should help you understand, for many reasons it can be too complicated, hard to use for some people. ...If your post is about “understanding”. There...
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    Best location for Looper block?

    If your reverbs and delays are the last on the chain right before output block than consider/try also putting the looper right before delay/reverb block. This way your delay repeats and reverb tail stays/sounds natural cause you don’t loop those and the looper signal keeps on going into the...
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    Expression Pedal

    all the pedals mentioned are at least double the price of moog ep-3. and they dont do anything better! go with the ep-3. built well, does what it’s supposed to do, nothing more-nothing less. note: i should add i have a rjm mastermind, not a fractal fc...so i would still double check the specs...
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    af3 to iPhone

    Is there anything this blackbox can NOT do? Yesterday at late late night recording session i asked him “can you make me some coffee....” believe it or not, he did, try🤣🤣🤪😊
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    EVH Plate Reverb

    Axe Fx VI will have convolution reverb, till that day you gotta stick to plate reverb :)))
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    Power Amp Advice, Please? - Updated, 4/21

    Matrix gt1000fx...either 1u or 2u. both are same, 2 unit one has a quieter fan. solid state, incredibly light weight, 2 channels so full fills your stereo wish. doesnt color the sound and lets axe fx do the whole job beside powering the speakers. and it’s loud...loud enough for any situation...
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    Amp Block Compression

    it adds latency, i think that’s inevitable for any MBC even as plugins for DAWs. I am sure Cliff would find a way to solve it (like it’s off in the amp block when not used) but what i am trying to say is...it’s probably way more complicated than adding a parameter to amp block.
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    Do you use your III as a mixing tool?

    IMHO it would only complicate stuff, make recall harder and slow you down. and all the effects eq, compression etc, use them if it makes you perform better and change your tone drastically in the direction you want. if not, keep them off later for mixing stage. this way you have more options...
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    Share Your Favorite Tips for an SS Power Amp w/ Real Cab Setup

    Volume...just like a real amp/cab, there is a threshold and right there or above it starts sounding good where as with frfr you can get satisfying results at lower levels (IMHO, though the level difference for a good tone/feel between the two senarious is not that huge) If you want the...
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    Want to speed up boot time? Delete all your presets!

    the time you spent on this video, post....you need to stay with 9 presets the next 5 years so you can recover the lost time :) just kidding!
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    Advice is needed for classic lead tone

    Cool, for lead tones i would suggest G12M instead of G12H and the 75hz version. Will help you with the low end.
  40. unFILTERed

    Advice is needed for classic lead tone

    Don't know much about Shawbucker but your description sounds almost like a PAF and that's the right pickup! Try 100w plexi, jumpered. Put trim to 0.5 (put it back to 1 if you don't get enough gain for your tastes but with too much you would have less usable volume pot range (part about volume...
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    Fractal vs UAD Amp Emulation - Friedman DIRTY SHIRLEY

    i know i am late but....B/Fractal has so much more detail/complex harmonics. How it breaks...
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    Why still a Drive pedal and so many Amp models? (it’s not about the nr of Amp or Drive models)

    well i know, if the consumer didn't ask for it, you would kill the drive block since you are also an amp guy in that matter :)
  43. unFILTERed

    Why still a Drive pedal and so many Amp models? (it’s not about the nr of Amp or Drive models)

    thx, tried long long long time ago...cool way of tone shaping but for my tones, i didnt feel like it offers anymore than the amp block alone.
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    Why still a Drive pedal and so many Amp models? (it’s not about the nr of Amp or Drive models)

    move on...else where if you got nothing to say or get from this post!
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    Why still a Drive pedal and so many Amp models? (it’s not about the nr of Amp or Drive models)

    if it didn’t feel right but just sounded the same...i would not change an amp! I try to pay attention to many details about sound...not only the tone/distortion/break up etc but also how the amp compresses, reacts and most importantly recovers after a hit/note...the latter is the reason i moved...
  46. unFILTERed

    Why still a Drive pedal and so many Amp models? (it’s not about the nr of Amp or Drive models)

    read again maybe you will get what my post is about...no one is trying to justify anything. it is about ex-changing thoughts/experiences to make things easier for others or to learn new stuff from others.
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    Why still a Drive pedal and so many Amp models? (it’s not about the nr of Amp or Drive models)

    totaly agree of IRs/Cabinets impact...i am one of those who say IRs are %51 of your tone.
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    Why still a Drive pedal and so many Amp models? (it’s not about the nr of Amp or Drive models)

    what i mean is there 3-4 types of amps... ones in same category sound almost the same (with same IR and Speaker settings) like a JTM45 and Dirty Shirley or most fenders, class a amps etc. I did these comparisons for days at different times/years. In my case for example...matchless dc30 covers...
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    Why still a Drive pedal and so many Amp models? (it’s not about the nr of Amp or Drive models)

    definitely a magic box and one of the most loved piece in my studio.
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    Why still a Drive pedal and so many Amp models? (it’s not about the nr of Amp or Drive models)

    i can relate to it since i was using the drive block also mostly for edge of break up tones...Drives definitely got better and they sound just as good as a pedal. Still i think you should be able to get there just with the JTM45. That was the moment for me where i decided not to use the drive...
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    Why still a Drive pedal and so many Amp models? (it’s not about the nr of Amp or Drive models)

    no worries, i don’t feel like we are arguing...thx for sharing your thoughts.
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    Why still a Drive pedal and so many Amp models? (it’s not about the nr of Amp or Drive models)

    as also mentioned in my post :) I would be actually really interested in what you think about this. Just giving as an example: with 1 of the drive types beside fuzzes and an amp block...that sound you would come up with. Did you try achieving that tone just with an amp block? Do you think you...
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    Why still a Drive pedal and so many Amp models? (it’s not about the nr of Amp or Drive models)

    this is exactly the point where i don’t agree. In my experience/for my taste...that tube screamer infront of plexi (just as an example) is degrading the amps natural sound. I can almost always get better drive tones just using the amp and maybe the boost in amp block. Try it, set your...
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    Why still a Drive pedal and so many Amp models? (it’s not about the nr of Amp or Drive models)

    another good point, which i should have also mentioned...this is all about in the box and also FRFR. With traditional guitar cab or through a tube amp, it’s a different story.
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    Why still a Drive pedal and so many Amp models? (it’s not about the nr of Amp or Drive models)

    i got you, in my case i am almost never ever in the high gain/mesa territory (should have mentioned) so i am mostly talking about vox, plexi, dumble, matchless or similar.
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    Why still a Drive pedal and so many Amp models? (it’s not about the nr of Amp or Drive models)

    ofcourse, but i still also have 9 :) though with guitars it’s maybe a different story since it’s not only about the sound, its also about how it feels in your hand and how it inspires you. Don’t get me wrong i am not saying there should not be so many drive types, amp types etc. What i am...
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    Why still a Drive pedal and so many Amp models? (it’s not about the nr of Amp or Drive models)

    if you need more than 2 channels/amps than yes you are right. But if you can go with 2 amps than...you know it can be done seamlessly. But i kinda agree with you, i have for most my guitars 3-4 different sounds per amp...like clean/edge of break up/crunch/lead...and in this case with my way...
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    Why still a Drive pedal and so many Amp models? (it’s not about the nr of Amp or Drive models)

    you can also change to second amp block or to another amp channel with one button.
  59. unFILTERed

    Why still a Drive pedal and so many Amp models? (it’s not about the nr of Amp or Drive models)

    Sure but you don’t need the drive block for it. Amp boost selections gives you most of the pedal eq options and without the extra compression and distortion of the pedal.
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    Why still a Drive pedal and so many Amp models? (it’s not about the nr of Amp or Drive models)

    After almost 10 years of using Axe FX in studio and on stage lately i came to this, sharing my thoughts to see how others approach this... 1) I don’t need more than 2-3 amps. If you give a shot and use the same IR and Speaker setting, i think most will agree most amps sound almost the same...
  61. unFILTERed

    Drive Pedal Heaven

    just turning on most of the drives makes me not think but hear/feel it. Push the amp input drive (in amp block, lets say ACB boost) and do same amount of volume push with a drive block / ACB).
  62. unFILTERed

    Drive Pedal Heaven

    ok, obviously:) it’s a drastic eq/low cut etc and (for me unpleasant) compression where with the right amp block i have the freedom to shape the tone, amount of comp and dist. I can understand it yields much faster to a mix ready tone that cuts through which is consistant/mid heavy. But still...
  63. unFILTERed

    Drive Pedal Heaven

    what is it that you guys get from a pedal+amp drive tone that you can’t get from an amp? I understand fuzzes or extreme/weird settings etc...but lately i feel more and more the (right) amp distortion/crunch/lead tone is almost allways better than the (over) compressed pedal tone. Not...
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    Ola's "In The Room" series and how to apply it to the AxeFx?

    The Amp was in my room, than i captured the room and put it in my speakers...to play my captured room through my speakers in my room than some others played my room through their speakers in their room to listen how in the room was my amp in their room to make my room sound more like their room...
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    Axe-Fx 3 better through Apollo Twin Mk2?

    when you talk about nuances like axe fx3 direct vs through apollo's unison plugins or compressors...people with trained ears, with the right gear, environment can hear it. If you listen through cheap headphones or in a room with bad acoustics or speakers altering/coloring the sound way too...
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    Axe-Fx III and Matrix GT800FX Low Volume

    but...but....i love running my 2x12 stereo with the matrix :) i think it works great for stereo delays and reverbs.
  67. unFILTERed

    Axe-Edit III 1.04.01 (Preview)

    i think i found a bug. I am on latest beta for both Axe Edit and Axe Fx 3. In my presets i have over 25 modifiers, they work but in Axe Edit when i go to modifiers tab under Controllers it shows all 32 as "Not Used". I tried "Refresh after new FW". Didn't help.
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    Line in versus Mic & Pad on Apollo Twin?

    Chris, i don’t wanna bug people with personal or these kind of stuff but this is the way sometimes you react to other peoples responses or mine (been a while but it was similar situation just we changed positions). If it came across too harsh, than i am sorry...no one here is to say anyone what...
  69. unFILTERed

    Line in versus Mic & Pad on Apollo Twin?

    the original post is about the xlr vs trs input of apollo twin. than it moved to spdif cause of other reason but not sound comparison. check above.
  70. unFILTERed

    Line in versus Mic & Pad on Apollo Twin?

    was there a question about analog vs digital in this thread? to my understanding all these posts and suggestions are bout the convenience of spdif especially if you have an interface like twin which has small amount of inputs and preamps.
  71. unFILTERed

    Line in versus Mic & Pad on Apollo Twin?

    XLR input in conjunction with a Unison Plugin inserted in the first slot will emulate the changing input impedance of the preamp and hence it changes the response of the mic connected.(which doesn’t exist in your case). Yes, there will be a change in the frequency response if you use XLR...
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    IR use in a rig?

    you shouldn’t need/use IRs through a traditional cab. With your setup, you would use IR/Cab block with one of the unused outputs and send it to FOH or to interface/board to play live/record. This way you would not need to Mic up your cab and you could use it for as your own monitor and set the...
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    How to Solve This Problem?

    way less options and knobs. This is maybe one of the biggest issues of modern day musicians with gear like axe fx, DAWs, plugins...easy to say “keep it simple” to those who struggle with this....though looper would help him alot.
  74. unFILTERed

    How many separate AXE FX III parameters can be controlled via midi? 16?

    on top of the 16 external controllers available, you can link outputs/inputs to midi cc and than also there are someother tricks via sysex etc if you have programmable midi controller to send sysex messages.
  75. unFILTERed

    How many separate AXE FX III parameters can be controlled via midi? 16?

    16 external controllers is limit but you can add more midi controllers to some other parameters like outputs...so, yes you have more than 16 available parameters to control via midi. his question was not “how many external controllers are available in axe fx?”
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    BUG: Block turns on by itself when using Wah

    if you upload both your rjm and fractal presets/settings files we might be able to help, (though i won’t be at my studio before mondsy) i feel like it’s about the mastermind, the latest editor have some bugs which i reported to RJM, they are fast on fixing issues.
  77. unFILTERed

    Closest impedance curve for 2x12 pulsonic greenbacks/twin reverb cab

    I don’t know for sure but i can’t imagine those graph/values being completely independent from the frequency response of the speakers. For now i am using the 2x12 doubeverb curve, i like the results but i wish i had/could measure the curve of my own cabinet to cure my OCD and have one less...
  78. unFILTERed

    Closest impedance curve for 2x12 pulsonic greenbacks/twin reverb cab

    i have two pulsonic greenbacks. one is 55hz and the other 75hz. both 16ohm. they are loaded in an empty fender twin reverb cabinet and wired stereo. wondering what would be the closest impedance curve for this setup?
  79. unFILTERed

    Who all is running out of CPU?

    you could maybe consider staying mono before the Cab Block and keeping it stereo afterwards. you could than use a single IR which would drop down your CPU usage.
  80. unFILTERed

    Custom Zilla 2x12 cabs

    May i ask, do you hear a difference between the 2?
  81. unFILTERed

    Sysex messages for Delay/Reverb "Hold" and Amp "Boost" etc for controllers like Mastermind GT

    Yes you can but, as i mentioned in my post, this would avoid running out of external controllers (there are 16 of them), and also you would not need to worry about attaching a modifier. Having sysex numbers/messages for Axe FX 3 for people who own controllers which can send sysex messages opens...
  82. unFILTERed

    Sysex messages for Delay/Reverb "Hold" and Amp "Boost" etc for controllers like Mastermind GT

    Is there a list or program/excel sheet to calculate sysex messages for Axe FX 3? To control bunch of stuff and to not run out of external controllers. Back in time i got a sheet from Fractal for similar stuff (delay block tempo division sysex sheet) which i shared on the forum and got also...
  83. unFILTERed

    IR Length

    Would it make sense, is it possible to add a knob to turn down and adjust the IR length by ear instead of fixed length? This way for each IR we could tune the length by ear not only for the best result/sound also to save CPU.
  84. unFILTERed

    Using a PEQ with a real cab

    You should maybe consider using FRFR speakers (like matrix or atomic ones) instead of traditional cab. And to suggestions above: If he uses farfied IRs or with tweaks makes the PA/Output 1/IR tone sound like his Cab...that will make it for the engineer harder to sit his guitars in the mix. The...
  85. unFILTERed

    Axe 3 with LiveLoop

    Just a suggestion, for all you are doing(i do a lot of live looping, loop even other instruments/players on stage beside my self(guitar&vst instruments) industry standard is Ableton Live. It’s made for these type of things on stage. Looping, playing - start/stop backing tracks via midi...
  86. unFILTERed

    I had a Sobering Experience Last Night

    be happy, this is a great experience if you get the right message out of it. we have all been there...part of the game, best way of learning.
  87. unFILTERed

    Using USB as an effects loop

    Would you mind sending me your preset? As i said response to your message: i didnt exactly understand your preset routing the way you described it. Will be way easier to wrap my head around it if i see it. Thx
  88. unFILTERed

    Using USB as an effects loop

    And feedback loop doesn’t mean it will allways feedback/scream. You can have a feedback loop, if its lets say only the delay/reverb (which are most cases low volume)feeding back and coming out again it will cause phasing issues.
  89. unFILTERed

    Using USB as an effects loop

    you are miximg up terms. Axe FX is an interface/preamp/amp modeller/convertor all that but its not a DAW :) DAW stands for the software you use (cubase, prools, logic erc). Anyways, this is not the topic. I have highly complex system in my Studio. 3x UA apollo’s, another digital monitor...
  90. unFILTERed

    Recognition and respect to Cliff and his Morgan AC20

    Ac-20 sounds also great with the pulsonic g12m, it’s been a while i wanna make IRs of that cabinet/speaker i own....hope soon, i will share than.
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    Bluesy guitar solo on rooftop in Istanbul...love the tone and guess what?

    Here is solo of mine on a track i have written, arranged and produced. And this was actually not even with Axe Fx 3, i recorded this 4 years ago with the 2!!! And i played the bass also through the Axe Fx 2. Love the tone&feel...and with the 3 it's even better. Can't be happier with the Fractal...
  92. unFILTERed

    Using USB as an effects loop

    Am i getting it right, it works and you don’t get feedback loop? Your last message is little bit confusing, Axe can’t be used as a DAW :)...i know you don’t mean this probably but i also didn’t understand the routing. You might have found a way which might simplfy my routing also...hence i am...
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    FS FAMC Liquid Foot Pro + I suggest not to buy any FAMC products!

    Depending on your needs Fractal FC or RJM Mastermind is the right choice. I have a lot of gear in my Studio, i never had such a bad experience as i had with FAMC.
  94. unFILTERed

    FS FAMC Liquid Foot Pro + I suggest not to buy any FAMC products!

    I have listed this but i seriously suggest to stay away from FAMC! here is my partial experience with FAMC and the owner: He sent me the LF+ in a random box, wrapped in news paper it was supposed to come with silent switches, but did not and asked for 250$ to change them updates for axe fx 3...
  95. unFILTERed

    Using USB as an effects loop

    One way would be (though it would add latency) you could use "feedback send and feedback return" block a certain part in your preset, signal chain and send the audio to DAW and than back to Axe Fx. You need than cables to patch lets sat out 3 and input 3. I know you asked to use USB but...
  96. unFILTERed

    Using USB as an effects loop

    To help you out on this we need to know if you are using another audio interface or just the axe fx 3. and also what DAW you use. i do similar things with Ableton Live. To start with, if you send the the VST effects back to Axe on your signal chain, and if all goes out to same output again...
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    Output 4 Level (probably also 3) vs Out 1---21.5dB difference

    X was for it could be 1,2,3,4,5 or 6 depending on how the preset is. Thx for response i looked in the manual, and knew they are for effects loop but wasn't sure if i am doing/have set all the right way cause of the appr. 21.5 dB difference.
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    Output 4 Level (probably also 3) vs Out 1---21.5dB difference

    I am going from Axe FX 3 to UAD Apollo via S/pdif. To get the same level i need to turn the Out 4 Block Level 20dB and also add another 1.5dB in "Raw X(1,2,3 or 4)". Is this normal behaviour or am missing smth? The Physical knobs of Out 3 and 4 are maxed on Axe FX 3 (at unity gain, according to...
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