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  1. NaturalScience

    Possible Tuner Bug (related to Sample Rate)

    So here's a weird one. I don't know if this is intended behavior or not, seems like a bug. Using fw 2.04. I have my Axe Fx III hooked up to a Presonus Studio 192 via SPDIF. I keep it hooked up this way but normally monitor through a poweramp/cab. So the Presonus is free to switch sample...
  2. NaturalScience

    Wish: "Friendly" External Names

    Would it be possible to allow custom naming of Ext 1-8 in the Axe Edit dropdown menus? It's minor, but as someone who uses all eight external inputs, sometimes I forget which one is which. It would be nice to know at a glance whether I'm assigning a parameter to my left rotary knob or my right...
  3. NaturalScience

    Bug? Rotary Bypass Bug [FIXED]

    Mark I: Firmware 18.08, MFC: 3.08 This is NOT the rotary bug that comes from upgrading to FW 18 and forgetting to turn off the "new" rotary block in scenes. If I use Rotary Y on Scene 3 and Rotary X on Scene 2, switching from Scene 3 to Scene 2 engages the Rotary block in Scene 2. It is...
  4. NaturalScience

    Wish External Switch & Pedal Display

    I know I've seen this in a thread somewhere (probably a long time ago) but I figured I'd bring it up again. It would really be nice if the MFC could display a state change on the external switches. Some of mine are set up to do some subtle stuff, and sometimes it's hard to tell immediately...
  5. NaturalScience

    Bug? Laggy expression pedals (10.02 + 2.16)

    Has there been some kind of change in priority for the modifiers/expression pedals? Since upgrading to 10.* my expression pedals have been really laggy when they previously worked great on the exact same patch. If I cut something out of the patch to reduce CPU usage, it seems to help. But...
  6. NaturalScience

    Bug? Switch Links + Scenes Bug

    Axe Fx II: 9.0 MFC: 2.15 I have IA's 8, 9, 13, 14, and 16 all on a switch link with the "send switch link off messages" option turned on. These are for my modulation blocks, which I only engage one at a time. When I switch to Scene 1, which is a dry amp with no effects, the switch links work...
  7. NaturalScience

    Switch Links Bug

    Axe Fx II 6.02 MFC 2.02 in Axe Fx II mode with ethernet cable connection Here's a weird bug I found. I've had the same switch links saved in my MFC forever and decided to change them up last week. I configured one set to switch between IA's 6 and 7 (delays). I then configured the second to...
  8. NaturalScience

    For anyone using the "reverse modifier" start/end trick

    Just upgraded to v6 tonight and first thing I noticed was I had no sound coming out of my patches. I am using the trick where you use the same External switch with reversed modifier start/end values to use the same pedal for wah and volume. There are new modifier parameters (I think, I...
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