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  1. Justmc

    Wish Internal text in preset description

    Posted this a few days ago in the main discussion forum. It appears more appropriate in this section . Not sure if this is a topic that has been discussed. I did snoop around before posting. Has there ever been any thoughts on having a description type file included in a preset that could be...
  2. Justmc

    Internal text in preset description

    Not sure if this is a topic that has been discussed. I did snoop around before posting. Has there ever been any thoughts on having a description type file included in a preset that could be visible via Axe-edit . I am thinking of something like in Axe change where a description of the preset is...
  3. Justmc

    Control Switches on RJM Mastermind GT Yes or No ?

    I'm thinking of going with the RJM route since my eyes can't handle the FC displays while standing . I thought I read somewhere that the Masterminds don't support internal CS's ( Control Switches ). I use them for various things on my FC-12 . Can anybody confirm or deny that capability ?
  4. Justmc

    New Matrix GT1000FX 1 space different from older models ?

    I bought a new GT1000fx to amplify my FM3 into a Xitone passive 1x12 . I have a 6 yr old model of the same setup that I use with my AxeFx 3 and it works flawlessly . At first I noticed the new Matrix was about 1/2 the weight of my original unit but I also noticed that with the same settings the...
  5. Justmc

    SOLD Xitone Active 12" FRFR Wedge

    Excellent condition monitor . No scuffs, works perfectly . Dayton power amp with Bluetooth functionality . Comes with power cord . See link for details - https://xitonecabs.com/product/12-active-wedge/ $675 plus actual shipping .. Local pick up available in Long Island , NY .
  6. Justmc

    SOLD Morningstar MC6 MKII Midi Controller

    Excellent condition . $189 . Was using with my AxeFx III but have switched over to a FC12 . Sorry , no trades.
  7. Justmc

    Question on using AxeFx as audio interface

    Up until now I was using a small Behringer mixer to route my analog signals from Output 2 to mix in my Windows PC sound card audio to my desktop monitors and use the headphone jack on the mixer when required . Output 2 was set up to " Copy " Output 1 in the set up menu. Experimenting using USB...
  8. Justmc

    SOLD Matrix Neolight NL12 - $325

    Mint condition . Original owner 16 ohm . Never left my smoke free home studio . http://usa.matrixamplification.com/nl12-16r.html
  9. Justmc

    Trouble with Dual Shift - Pitch Block

    I was very impressed with the Dual Shift Pitch Block when I first received my III . Not sure what happened but now the block is not just dropping the pitch a fixed amount it also appears to be inserting some sort of harmony ?? Use factory preset # 329 Scene 5 for sample . Not sure if something...
  10. Justmc

    Looking to bite bullet for Morningstar MC6 mkII to control Axe-Fx III

    Sold my MFC101 and was hoping that the FC's would be announced by now. Looking at an alternative solution that will still be viable even after purchasing an FC. Been reading through the forum and seems to be some confusion on my behalf regarding feasibility. Have 2 EV-2 pedals and a minimum...
  11. Justmc

    Loading and sending Dump file to MFC Mark III via AxeFxIII- Trouble

    Trying to get familiar with using the MFC as a basic midi controller and the AxeFx III until the FC's are released . Never had any trouble communicating via my AxeFx II, but for some reason after following all the directions with Fractal Bot and MFC Edit I am unable to load or receive a .syx...
  12. Justmc

    Great new pitch shifter- Dual Shift- Eruption Patch #329

    Test drove patch # 329 - Eruption, and checked out the Scenes . Scene 5 has the dual shift pitch block set for Eb . The sound and latency were impressive . Tried it out on a few other shift changes . This is a real door opener for me regarding using different guitars for different tuning's ...
  13. Justmc

    Using mini tuner for other than standard tuning

    Does anyone know if the built in tuner can be set up for other than standard tuning ? What I'm thinking about is would I be able to set up the onscreen mini-tuners for tuning in say Eb-Ab-Db-Gb-Bb-Eb . I know on the main tuner screen I can , was more curious about the new mini tuner. Thanks
  14. Justmc

    Weird issue with Wah block on Preset 117

    Just got my unit and was fooling with the factory presets . Not sure if this happens on other presets but on 117 it does . When I shut down unit with # 117 running and reboot the wah block is engaged and I am unable to bypass it from front panel . If I use value knob to go to another preset and...
  15. Justmc

    Disengaging wah when removing pedal from MFC

    Hope someone can point me in the right direction . I have 2 expression pedals . One on XP1 and one on XP2 . XP1 is volume and XP2 is a Wah . Sometimes I don't want or need the pedals but when I disconnect them the Wah block goes to full toe down position. I tried the I/O Midi page and set the...
  16. Justmc

    CSV Export Values

    Love the updates on Axedit and the Firmware upgrades . Can't think of another company that has made me more satisfied . Trying to export my existing presets in a CSV file so that I can compare amp settings after a firmware refresh and make modifications to suit . My only complaint is that the...
  17. Justmc

    Rehearsal space 4 x 12 cabinet dilemma

    Was curious if anybody had some thoughts on this subject. I use my Axefx 2 mostly at home through FRFR speakers via a Matrix GT1000 amp. Very happy with the tones especially with the Quantum firmware. Sometimes I meet with other musicians in commercial rehearsal rooms and plug my equipment into...
  18. Justmc

    When MFC is not connected there is no output volume

    I am having some trouble that I hope can be solved by someone's experience . I have my Axefx 2 controlled via my MFC controller with a Mission engineering pedal to control various functions . Sometimes I need to use the Axefx without the controllers . Unfortunately when I do there is no volume...
  19. Justmc

    Xitone passive 1 x 12 = Awesome

    Just want to give a little review of my experience with Xitone and their owner Mick . I have been an Axefx user for about 4 years now ( a standard and now a II ) and have been scouring these and other forums for others experience's with Xitone products . I have never heard of them, but their...
  20. Justmc

    FAS Modern Saturation Switch

    This amp was always one of my favorites in past firmwares . The saturation switch drops the volume and fizzles out the sound . Is this normal ? I don't remember that happening before . Did a clean install of 15.02 and all new presets > Thanks
  21. Justmc

    Need help on possible XiTone Passive 1x12 Wedge purchase

    I am looking to go the FRFR route in addition to my standard guitar cabs . I am using the AxeFx 2 to feed a Matrix GT 10000FX . Right now my speaker configuration is a Matrix NL12 and a Buzzbomb 2x12 with V30's installed . No cabinet emulation just power amp sims. I am happy with the results but...
  22. Justmc

    Tremolo activated upon preset change

    I just received my MFC-101 . I installed it via a CAT 5 patch cord . My Axe-Fx 2 is running the newest firmware 12.03 . I am getting this weird condition . Whenever I switch between patches on the MFC there is a tremolo effect coming through for about 2 seconds and then dies out. This happens...
  23. Justmc

    Previous Firmware versions

    I was wondering if there is a link or any info on where I can get access to previous firmwares . I just updated to Ver 8.0 and want to go back and verify a few items with in particular 7.0 Thanks for an awesome tool FAS !!!!
  24. Justmc

    Steel Panther type Harmonizing with pitch shifter

    I originally owned the Axe-fx 1 and a few months ago got the 2 . I love the thing to death but have been having trouble getting a believable harmonizing effect . Searched the forum and found Cliff and others giving tips but still I'm still not satisfied. I'm trying to get a high gain double...
  25. Justmc

    Using AxeFx in rehearsal studio

    I love my Axefx which I use at home through some powered monitors. Where I normally rehearse with a band I use an SLA-2 to power some EV SX300 FRFR speakers with great results. I am now going to a rehearsal studio to play with a different band. Not recording . I told some of the members...
  26. Justmc

    Mission Engineering around ?

    Hope someone can shed some light for me on the status of the company. I'm looking to get one of their pedals . I sent an email via their website for some info. No reply yet and it's been a couple of weeks. I saw that the owner frequents this forum and sent a PM via the forum a couple of days ago...
  27. Justmc

    Getting Volume/ Pan block to work

    I've been using my ernie ball jr. pedal for volume control via an FX1 midi controller . It's been set up as "global " to send CC's to the input volume parameter. Works good . I tried setting it up as a patch instead to control the Vol /Pan effect block. Not sure what I'm doing wrong but the...
  28. Justmc

    Atomic Reactor Passive Wedges -- Not What I Expected

    I don't want to bash the product , but I bought 2 and will be sending them back . Should have bought one but I was on waiting list for a while and did not want to get shut out again. Now I'll have to pay for shipping for 2 . :( I've been using EV SX300's for a while and thought that I would...
  29. Justmc

    FBT Verve 12m or Atomic Reactor Passive Wedge

    I'm on the waiting list for the Reactor series that seems to be ready for shipping. Should I go that route verses waiting 2 month's for the Verve 12M's to be available. I would appreciate any comments or better yet if someone has had both and what their findings were.... Thanks in...
  30. Justmc

    Dealer for FBT Verve 12M

    I'm looking to get a set of these speakers and they appear to be a little difficult to get in my area " NYC " Can anybody recommend a dealer that they had success with in North America, preferably the east coast. Thanks
  31. Justmc

    Using Axess Electronics FX-1 ?

    Hello All, I'm quite impressed with my Axe-Fx Standard . I have not tried programming any midi controllers to yet, but would like to start. I have an Axess electronics FX-1 that I love. I had it controlling my previous midi rig that I just dismantled for my new rig :mrgreen: Has anyone had...
  32. Justmc

    Thinking of Electro Voice SX300 's

    I have an Axefx standard that I was using through some Rokit 5 studio monitors and it sounded awesome. When I tried hooking it up with an Sla-2 power amp to my guitar amp with 2 v30's in it I was less than satisfied. Over the past couple of days I've been using a Electro Voice SX300 passive...
  33. Justmc

    Help with Sla 2 and Guitar Cab. Sound NG !

    I've been using my Axefx standard with my guitar plugged into input one and using the 1/4 inch output one to some Rokit 5 computer monitors with great results. I purchased a SLA2 power amp and tried using the XLR out on the the Axefx to the input of the SLA2. From there I have the amp output...
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