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  1. Axe 335

    Wish Extra row like....

    Like the Voes MC-5jr but by Fractal.
  2. Axe 335

    Bass sound?

    Hi, With the Ax8, is it possible to create a good bass sound (using a guitar) that would be close to a real bass? Someone ever tried that? Thanks
  3. Axe 335

    Freeze pedal

    I'd like to know if someone had any success in reproducing what the Freeze pedal can do? Thanks
  4. Axe 335

    Switch 3 stopped working today.

    Switch number 3 worked fine yesterday but today it does not. The 3 lights are working fine but I can't turn it off or on with the footswitch. I reinstalled the latest firmware, reset all parameters and still, it doesn't work. I am very careful with it and it stayed on my desk and I am still...
  5. Axe 335

    What are these ?

    I have a couple of these marks on my brand new Ax8, someone knows what they are? I remember that my MFC-101 had many ot those too.
  6. Axe 335

    Ax8 price for Canadians

    I just received my Ax8, here are the details with taxes and shipping for Quebec City All prices in US dollars 1399.95 : Ax8 70.00 : GST (5%) 139.64 : QST (9.5% 122.52 : Shipping Cost (only choice: UPS - very fast but not cheap) 1732.12 : Grand Total Cheers
  7. Axe 335

    Fair price?

    Hi, I am thinking of selling my AxeII and MFC to get the AX8 which will be enough for my needs. What would be a fair price to ask for a used Axe II, with the MFC-101 (first generation) Thanks!
  8. Axe 335

    Axe-Fx Timeout!

    Hi everyone! Can't seem to connect correctly my MFC-101 original with my Axe II It is getting power with the Cat5 but can't see the names of the presets. Still, I have access to the parameters of the MFC-101 Everything works fine via midi with the power supply but not through Cat5 cable. More...
  9. Axe 335

    Best Axe demo?

    Hi everyone, Which one would be the best Axe-Fx demo on the internet? Is there a studio demo of the Axe somewhere (recent one) ? Thanks
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