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  1. slinky005

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.00

    I agree. I think the mods are on vacation.
  2. slinky005

    Dirty Strat pot

    Yes it’s a Fender. I never heard about the guarantee. Thx And I’m Canadian.
  3. slinky005

    Dirty Strat pot

    Do I need to replace it or is there a sure fire way to clean it?
  4. slinky005

    FC-12 to send MIDI Note values

    I would love this functionality as well. I trigger samples during performance with an MC6. It's an extra pedal and cost, but it does work. I personally could not go back to a generic midi controller for the Axe after using the FC6, nothing else will be as elegant.
  5. slinky005

    What laptop to buy

    I have an Asus transformer book. About as low specs as you can get for win machine. USB was never an issue. Was using an old Dell running vista. No USB issues. Don’t get me wrong I love Mac and use them as my main desktop but win machines can be had for much cheaper than used macs.
  6. slinky005

    Reaper to Axe-Fx III

    Not that I know of. Others may chime in with ideas.
  7. slinky005

    Reaper to Axe-Fx III

    Above is how it is configured. I have USB block assigned to all patches where I will have tracks playing.
  8. slinky005

    Reaper to Axe-Fx III

    It is to play tracks live on stage while sending a click to the drummer.
  9. slinky005

    Guitarists and triggering samples

    I use a Win10 tablet/laptop for the samples. I run Reaper to send a click with stereo tracks to the board. Cantible (free) for one shot samples. My controller for both is the MC6. I can start / stop Reaper or send CC note data for the one shots with the MC6. I wish I didn't need the MC6 as the...
  10. slinky005

    Got my first exp pedal

    EHX dual expression. Would have gone Fractal but my needs and cost dictated the EHX. Seems ok for the price but have a concern: I can feel the zipper effect during a sweep. It doesn’t have an audible effect but feels a bit cheap. I know you get what you pay for and have no doubt an Ev-1 must...
  11. slinky005

    My Axe-Fx III stopped working! What to do ? :( [SOLVED]

    I've only heard good things about G66. You should be fine.
  12. slinky005

    Need some quick help...

    My FC-6 upper limit goes to 85
  13. slinky005

    Axe III and Midi

    Couldn't figure out how to get it to work after hooking it up. Plugged into my MC6 and it works.
  14. slinky005

    Axe III and Midi

    I have my Axe connected to a Win 10 machine via USB. Running Reaper. Can I plug my midi keyboard into the Axe midi in and control Reaper thru the Axe?
  15. slinky005

    Reaper to Axe-Fx III

    Thx. Way too complicated. I'll mix my wires.
  16. slinky005

    Reaper to Axe-Fx III

    All great info except it doesn't adress my desire to use outs 5-6 Ideally I want to route my tracks thru 5-6 and click on 7 because my snake (patch) is 1/4" going to the patch bay. This is why I'm trying to find out if I can do it this way. If it's not possible I can rig it to use output 3 - 4...
  17. slinky005

    Reaper to Axe-Fx III

    I have to say this part of the manual baffles me. Just want to mention that I am using input one for guitar while I want to play tracks going out of the other outs.
  18. slinky005

    Reaper to Axe-Fx III

    Trying to get audio from Reaper to go out of outputs 5-6 and 7-8. Is this possible? Using the USB block I can get it to work with one pair or the other but can't figure out how to get audio to go out of both simultaneously using USB block for one pair and non USB for another.
  19. slinky005

    Own an MC6 MkII. Do I need an FC-6 and why?

    I use both. FC-6 as my main board. MC6 as a trigger for samples, and start / stop for sequencer. If you had purchased the FC-6 you would wonder how you managed without it. But in your situation probably a lot of money just for the luxury of the unit.
  20. slinky005

    Have you ever been embarrassed for an artist?

    Ritchie Blackmore when he had a Rainbow re-union a few years ago.
  21. slinky005

    Reaper to Axe-Fx III

    You da man Bakerman. A picture is worth a thousand hours.
  22. slinky005

    Reaper to Axe-Fx III

    Appreciate the help. Is there a way to bypass the "hardwired" status of a USB input? I've got a stereo track going into the USB block and assigning to out 4 only - all good. My problem is that it goes out of output 2 as well. It is only assigned to the single output in Reaper. If I turn down...
  23. slinky005

    Reaper to Axe-Fx III

    So with the help from the kind Fractal community I have the audio going out of outputs 3 -4. Now I need to be able to send a second set of tracks from Reaper to Axe output 5-6. Is this possible? The idea is to be able to play stereo tracks at a gig with a click track, all coming from the Axe...
  24. slinky005

    Reaper to Axe-Fx III

    So hardwired means I cannot route it to any other outputs other than 1-2, and 3-4?
  25. slinky005

    Reaper to Axe-Fx III

    Trying to feed audio thru USB to Axe III. All working if I send audio to USB 1-2 Set it up in Reaper to go to UBS 3-4 Showing up on the meters in the Axe but no audio, Something need to be setup on the grid? What I'm trying to do is get the USB audio to go to outputs 3-4 while guitar is going...
  26. slinky005

    JVM 410H value

    Bought mine (stock) in 2010 for around $1600 CDN Considering selling and looked on Sweetwater. $2600 US Are the newer ones any different or have they just increased in value? https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/JVM410H--marshall-jvm410h-100-watt-4-channel-tube-head
  27. slinky005

    Fan Noise coming from Axe?

    Can barely hear my fan.
  28. slinky005

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 9.00

    Even though there is no instruction to reset the amp block with the new FW, will all presets sound as intended after updating? Since I got my Axe III over a year ago I never reset the amp block over the course of many FW updates including presets ported from the Axe II.
  29. slinky005

    Remove Front Handles?

    My Gator cover didn't fit over the handles. I just trimmed the inner lip with a electric cutting tool.
  30. slinky005

    PRS SE Custom

    Sounds like having the Floyd would be great. Never saw any locally.
  31. slinky005

    Headrush FRFR-108 vs Studio monitors. Please help me choose!

    In the same situation here in Montreal. Looking at the Headrush 112 and of all the stores I contacted, there is one 108 in the city it seems. I tried it out and was somewhat impressed but I plan on getting 2 12s because I need stereo. So now I need to base my decision on playing one 108 to buy...
  32. slinky005

    PRS SE Custom

    I am a PRS virgin. Played around with a few SE's but never owned one. Looking at the SE Custom 22. Are the SE's known to to have tuning issues or is it because of the floating bridge? I've played a couple of SE's and both would not stay in tune for long.
  33. slinky005

    Any Headrush FRFR 112 Users?

    Wondering how a low cost unit is faring. Will it complete with live drums? Sound decent ? Looking at getting a pair for my Axe III but local store does not have them in stock.
  34. slinky005

    [Video] - Firmware 6.02 - A few new things

    Just checked Chris's video. As soon as he turned on the shimmer, it jumped 10%. That's a lot of juice for one effect. 20% is off the charts.
  35. slinky005

    Mac newbie with Cubase 9.5

    Problem solved. Note to self: Always update to latest version.
  36. slinky005

    Mac newbie with Cubase 9.5

    I am coming from over 20 years of working with Cubase on a PC. Recently bought a 2018 Mac mini. I have my Axe setup in Asio setup as my device - all good with Axe edit so I know the connection is good. Recording via USB. Input levels are showing in Cubase on the transport bar. Nothing showing on...
  37. slinky005

    Process for transfering presets

    Fractool is your friend.
  38. slinky005

    Axe-Fx III phasing issues?

    Have you tried any presets that were not converted? I had some issues as well when I converted. Are headphones plugged direct into the Axe? Have you tried creating a preset from scratch? Amp > Cab > Output?
  39. slinky005

    Axe-Fx III phasing issues?

    My guess is that if you listen with headphones the issue will not be there. Something external un-related to the Axe directly.
  40. slinky005

    FC-12 vs FC-6 decision

    If you're not playing live, what's the problem with an extra stomp to access another layout?
  41. slinky005

    FC6 vs Morningstar MC6

    Try setting the midi channel on the MC6 to a different one than the Axe. I have it setup this way so it won't send PCs to the MC. I only use it thru USB midi - the DIN ports have nothing plugged.
  42. slinky005

    FC6 vs Morningstar MC6

    I have both MC 6 and FC-6. MC 6 is great little unit. Pretty easy to program. Works good with Axe III but: Pros: - can do just about anything - very versatile - cheap - doesn't use wall wart - has an editor Cons: - no handshake sync for pedal states - not crazy about the size - too high and...
  43. slinky005

    Vendor The Complete Axe-Fx III Master Class with Cooper Carter - v3.0 AVAILABLE NOW!

    Anyone know of it's possible to do this if not using midi DIN port? I use a tablet that uses midi thru the USB port. Samples reside on tablet using Cantible. Right now I trigger my samples using an MC 6. MC 6 usb plugged into tablet. Tablet USB-C to Axe USB for midi. Would be cool if I could do...
  44. slinky005

    Expanding on the FC-6

    Nevertheless, very cool bringing in the analog world to further expand this amazing piece of gear's flexibility.
  45. slinky005

    Expanding on the FC-6

    Hey Leon, Great vids as always. What do you do when you go to another preset and want to make a small adjustment to the potentiometer? I assume it doesn't know where your feedback delay is set for example. So if the knob was at 12:00 for preset A and your feedback is set to 5% for preset B, what...
  46. slinky005

    Resetting Amp blocks

    Having updated to 5.07 from 3.xx I am in the process of resetting amp blocks, Is it only the BMT page settings that initialize?
  47. slinky005

    Axe-Fx 3 Amp Block Valve Configurations?

    I agree. The difference is so subtle I just don't go there for any adjustment.
  48. slinky005

    FC-12 freeze

    I will sleep uninterrupted tonight.
  49. slinky005

    FC-12 freeze

    I used my FC-6 first time at a gig last week. It froze after running for several hours a couple of times. I was running an older FW (3.xx) I am now on 5.7 - should I expect the new FW to have resolved the issue?
  50. slinky005

    FC: which external switches?

    Using a Boss FS-6. One TRS wire for two switches. Works great.
  51. slinky005

    Post Your FC-12 and FC-6 Pedalboards Here

    Very Nice. What are you using for the case?
  52. slinky005

    MIDI Scene Selection issue

    What controller are you using? I used the MC 6 to change scenes using CC with no issues, so it does work.
  53. slinky005

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the questions

    Depends on your budget and how much functionality you need from a controller pedal. Low end of the budget: Morningstar MC 6 High end of the budget: Liquid Foot Pro If you can wait the Fractal FC6 and FC12 are obviously the ideal choice for the Axe Fx III Google is your friend.
  54. slinky005

    Preset Banks selected by number

    I believe what you're trying to accomplish would require many layouts. Layout A - 12 presets Layout B - 12 presets, etc. So if you need switches to select specific presets it seems you're limited to the number of layouts you can afford to re-program for this purpose.
  55. slinky005

    Cutting to the Chase

    The 410 H has both serial and parallel.
  56. slinky005

    Layouts of Banks won't allow a "none" for preset engage

    Tried it here, it works. Great work Laresee. This right here is a great example of how flexible the FC is. It's a very specific setup most people will not need / use and actually very simple to setup.
  57. slinky005

    Layouts of Banks won't allow a "none" for preset engage

    If I understand correctly I think the unit is really designed to function where you select your bank on the same layout as the preset selections. The whole idea of jumping to different layouts to select banks and then jump back to your preset layout is not functional. Totally agree with using...
  58. slinky005

    Layouts of Banks won't allow a "none" for preset engage

    Probably not fully understanding your description. When I bank up or down I can see all the presets in that bank but I need to select a preset for it to load. Is this not the case for you?
  59. slinky005

    I can admit when I'm wrong. (Virtual Capo content)

    Using the VC instead of a capo for one of our tunes (half a step up). Great because tuning is always a bit wonky when I use a real capo. Works great.
  60. slinky005

    Block Library - Cabs

    Solved. Didn't realize you can't paste the blocks into a different channel you saved them on.
  61. slinky005

    Block Library - Cabs

    Created a mix of two cabs, levels etc. Saved to the block library. Tried to load into another preset and it defaults to the pig cabs when I load the block. Doing something wrong?
  62. slinky005

    Per Preset Placeholder Layout

    Does anyone use this layout? Not a complaint, just curious. Obviously I can re-program this layout to do anything. I don't get its application or purpose.
  63. slinky005

    Question: Can you do this?

    Got it to work. Usually a pretty technical guy but this one was boggling my head. The concept needed to be clarified as you said. In my head I kept thinking I had to turn off Layout link somewhere. Many thx to you guys.
  64. slinky005

    Question: Can you do this?

    Still not happening for me. If anyone can chime in and let me know how to do this?
  65. slinky005

    Question: Can you do this?

    Ok so I misunderstood your original instruction. I was looking for a way to assign the layout link globally and then override on a per preset basis. Now I understand that you're saying I would need to go into each preset and assign or not assign the layout link on a preset by preset basis. Thx.
  66. slinky005

    Question: Can you do this?

    Global switch = Preset Preset switch is assigned to layout link (go to layout 2 scenes) On the per preset page, where do I go to configure a per-preset switch without layout link set?
  67. slinky005

    Question: Can you do this?

    Layout link cannot be overridden independently You can override it but.... I don't understand.
  68. slinky005

    Question: Can you do this?

    You can't override it per preset.
  69. slinky005

    Canadians - Axe-Fx III Price

  70. slinky005

    Question: Can you do this?

    No complaints here. There's always another way to things in the Fractal world. I will just override unused scenes for presets to solve my issue. In other words for the odd preset that I need to have quick access to another preset in the scenes layout. May sound convoluted but pretty easy fix for me.
  71. slinky005

    Question: Can you do this?

    Been playing around with this on my FC-6. It seems to me that you can't override this function on a per preset basis because it's a global function. I would be happy to be wrong but I did the following: All songs on a different preset. Preset layout setup is 6 preset switches and two bank...
  72. slinky005

    Question: Can you do this?

    I stomp corrected.
  73. slinky005

    Canadians - Axe-Fx III Price

    Bought mine in June 2018 - 4k to the door. The dollar is worse now. Good news is it's still a bargain considering what you get.
  74. slinky005

    Question: Can you do this?

    Not talking about assigning a button - this is a function that may live outside the normal overrides.
  75. slinky005

    Question: Can you do this?

    Is this feature over-ride able per preset?
  76. slinky005

    You guys are the best.... We just need a little help with PITCH!

    To me noticeably better before the amp. Been having great results with mid gain stuff. Tracking setting way down.
  77. slinky005

    Channels versus scenes

    Once work with it for a bit, it really is an amazing system.
  78. slinky005

    Hope the FC's get some update love soon....

    What specifically do you find lacking? Just had a rehearsal and I’m doing so much with the fc-6. I find that working with it every day and tailoring it to my needs is amazing. Just takes time and prep.
  79. slinky005

    Is it possible to use/overwrite factory IR

    Factory cabs are useless??? That's a first. Why do you need 8 cabs to get a good sound? The Axe sounds great out of the box and while the IR is a huge ingredient in getting a sound, there are so many things you can do to hone your sound. You are over complicating things for no reason.
  80. slinky005

    New AXE 3 no sound...help!

    Who said Disney is the happiest place on earth?
  81. slinky005

    MIDI mystery - Output 1 Vol Inc and Dec

    I have tried it a few times. As far as I know there is no indication. Others will confirm.
  82. slinky005

    Problem Solved: Massively confused and need help

    Your bank button should look like this: Maybe your upper / lower limit needs adjustment?
  83. slinky005

    Problem Solved: Massively confused and need help

    I have it setup this exact same way. As said previously: Make sure your bank size is set to 6 (In my case bank inc / dec buttons are 3 and 6) Set them respectively to bank inc and dec for the hold function. You're done.
  84. slinky005

    5 Minute Tones

    Wow! Thx Leon. Just discovered the Matchless as I always used the the AC-20 for my Vox tones. Adding the SDD drive in front is brilliant.
  85. slinky005

    Latency Using Virtual Capo

    Been using virtual capo recently. Surprised at how usable it is. Half step. Turning tracking very low seems to help.
  86. slinky005

    Axe-Fx III waitlist march 12, 2019

    Good luck. It really isn't overhyped. Best piece of gear I ever bought, bar none.
  87. slinky005

    The elusive Pitch Block

  88. slinky005

    The elusive Pitch Block

    Many thanks guys for all the pointers.
  89. slinky005

    The elusive Pitch Block

    My band is doing Hotel California. I'm the only electric player. For me to be able to do some (if not all) of the harmony parts, (verses and solo), would this require constant switching of scenes to accommodate different scales etc? I've played around with the learn function and it just won't...
  90. slinky005

    Wish : Scene Volume Incr/Decr controls

    Was talking about doing it in the Axe and changing scenes to change volume. But it's probably not what you're after.
  91. slinky005

    Wish : Scene Volume Incr/Decr controls

    You can possibly accomplish this using the Scene Control controller function. Have you tried using it?
  92. slinky005

    Got my FC-6 Today - After using FC-12 for a Few Weeks

    I agree. Some pretty fine brains working for us Fractalites.
  93. slinky005

    Got my FC-6 Today - After using FC-12 for a Few Weeks

    Can't find "layout link". Can someone help? I keep reading about it but cannot implement. *Edit: Figured it out - read the manual under "Layout Links"
  94. slinky005

    Wish: Access Preset by Number from FC12

    Sounds like more work that its' worth. First you have to activate this function, then you have to tap in the digits. A lot of tapping. I arrange my presets to be close to each other now to keep tapping to a minimum.
  95. slinky005

    [solved] New Mac mini - Axe Edit not working

    Thank you sir. A blatant rookie mistake.
  96. slinky005

    [solved] New Mac mini - Axe Edit not working

    Just updated my Axe to 3.1 Installed Axe Edit on my new Mac - OS Mojave. Confirmed on the Axe that 3.1 is indeed installed. Who I launch AE it is not "connected" - I need to select the Axe III "This connected Device is not compatible with Axe Edit 3.14.03" Just to be sure I updated on my Win...
  97. slinky005

    Using the "second page" of a layout in the FC-6

    I’ve been using the hold function to bounce around layouts. Haven’t used it live yet but once I remember where the holds are I think it will work for me.
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