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  1. bvaughn0402

    Thinking of giving away my XL+ ... Any Ideas?

    Hey, I have a possibly strange request. I'm debating giving away my XL+ as I replace it with a III. While I could sell it, I would love to give it to some 15-17 year old kid who can't afford an Axe. I only worry about getting burned by someone lying to me if I didn't find someone local. And...
  2. bvaughn0402

    Best Collaboration Sites

    Hey everyone, Does anyone have recommendations for some of the best places online to do music collaboration? I would love to do a couple of projects finding various people to work with (vocalist, bass, drums, maybe lead guitar). I've looked a few years ago with no luck, but realize things...
  3. bvaughn0402

    Twelve Foot Ninja

    Really been enjoying this group lately. Was fascinated that they use all Line6 stuff, but makes sense to be able to change sounds so much. But, saw this interview: "Have you considered switching to a Kemper or a Fractal or are you sticking with Line6? I have just signed an...
  4. bvaughn0402

    Steve Vai in Austin, TX (11-21-13)

    Saw Steve Vai in Austin last night, and the Fractal front and center! Eric Johnson stopped by as well! Not great pictures, but thought some people might enjoy.
  5. bvaughn0402

    Assigning Volume (Exp Pedal) to just just one chain

    I'm running a piezo/electric signal. I'm trying to setup my expression pedal (Mission) so that it controls only the electric signal, not the acoustic one. Can someone point me in the right direction for that? Right now, it just controls all of the volume. I've tried inserting a...
  6. bvaughn0402

    Can someone help with dotted eighth notes?

    I'm trying to wrap my mind around this. I've seen different YouTube videos in an attempt to get this. They seem to contradict each other. Is there any audio or video example to hear the accenting? I'm trying to do a tap tempo in the Axe. Thanks Brandon
  7. bvaughn0402

    Looking for Personal Monitor Mixer (rack)

    Hey guys, I'm trying to build a rig that will enable me to create my own personal monitor mix. I have three signals: 1) my mic 2) my electric guitar through Axe-FX 3) my piezo guitar through Axe-FX Ideally, I would love a 1U rackmount mixer that I could split my mic and Axe-FX into...
  8. bvaughn0402

    Aura IR's or Aura for dual guitar split

    I'm trying to figure out if I want to try using the Axe for a dual guitar setup with Acoustic IR for the piezo signal of the guitar ... or take the acoustic piezo out separately into something like the Fishman Aura. I know there is a thread about the creation of the IR's for the Fishman Aura...
  9. bvaughn0402

    Looking for good Music Man dealer

    Does anyone know a good, reputable Music Man dealer in the US? I am looking to buy a JPX-6 guitar soon. I know that American Musical carries it, as does Musician's Friend. Sweetwater does not. But for this high priced of an item, I would rather have an individual who might go the...
  10. bvaughn0402

    Noise Gate settings in 4.01 to 5

    Hi everyone, I got my Axe-FX II last week, and really have loved it. I upgraded to 5 yesterday, and it seems to me that high gain patches are noisier. Not in terms of ground loops, but just the background noise of the amp. When I mess around with the noise gate, I can get it to disappear...
  11. bvaughn0402

    Does anyone use the Ultra and FX-II together?

    I just got a new FX-II. I have an Ultra, and I really don't want to part with it. It has a sound I love as well, and obviously it is nice to have around for all of the Ultra patches that aren't directly pulled up in the II. So ... does anyone else have both? And if you do, does anyone...
  12. bvaughn0402

    Will there be an Ultra II?

    Hey everyone, Has anyone seen any postings if there will be an Ultra II? Or is the Standard/Ultra versions being done away with in II? I am going to start saving up for a II, and curious if I should wait for an Ultra II or if Fractal has changed their product to be all inclusive now...
  13. bvaughn0402

    Want to buy ... can't get in touch with anyone

    Hi everyone, Is Fractal Audio a small company? I've been trying for over a month to email them to inquire about purchasing the Ultra system. I am mostly wanting to see if there are any alternatives to buy this beside credit. I have the money to buy the system, and if I can do a money order...
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